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Clipse - Hello New World

Hell Hath No Fury (2006) is undoubtedly one of the best and most innovative Hip Hop albums of the past decade.  The album flows flawlessly from track one to twelve.  

Free your heart and show your greatness
I like you had to come from up under the basement
Just like you had Satan tryin’ my patience

Hell Hath No Fury

My first fic in a long time! It felt really good to be writing again :) This one goes out to all those women scorned out there that would like nothing more than a pair of brass knuckles. And to the best friends that stick by them through thick and thin. You know, girl power and all that bullshit :)

Note: Italic sections are flashbacks :)

Warnings: violence, angst, alcohol.

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It would not suffice to say that your blood was boiling. That stage had come and gone hours ago. All that was left now was steam and it hissed out of every pore in your body. If there existed a device to measure one’s white hot fury, it would have red-lined, caught on fire and then exploded. You white-knuckled the steering wheel and pushed the gas pedal down like you were trying to put your foot through the floor. Not exactly sure where you were headed, you let the roar of the engine attempt to soothe you on the road to nowhere. Hot, angry tears seared your eyes. No, you thought defiantly, like Hell am I going to cry. Balling up part of your shirt, you pressed it against your eyes, half wiping the rebellious tears and half trying to push them back into your head. Looking back up at the road you swerved violently, managing to miss a deer by only inches as it stood stock-still staring right at you. You ran off the road, bumping down the shoulder and slamming on the brakes with both feet. The car came to a halt just before hitting a big old tree. Relief flooded your veins, mixing with the adrenaline and anger and breaking your resolve. The dam burst and tears poured from your eyes as you rested your head and arms on the steering wheel. You indulged for a moment, allowing yourself to feel every emotion without restraint but not for long. Slumping back in your seat, you looked up at the hood lining and stared at it as you tried not to feel anything at all. After a few minutes, when everything had reduced to a gentle simmer, you pulled back onto the road and continued on with a newly reinforced determination to to not give a shit. Obviously you weren’t in the best condition to be driving, but you were in the perfect condition to drink. Luckily, you knew just the right place.

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