1.01: whap


I know all of our AP exams are coming up. Just a reminder to study a little bit each day and do not cram for the test. If you stay up late studying you will retain little and be exhausted for the exam. Go to bed early the night before and have a good breakfast before the exam. If your exam requires pen bring an erasable pen. Bring layers incase the room is cold. Bring water. Leave your phone at home because you can’t have it in the room. Dress comfortably. And remember




It’s that time of year again!

Sorry for my absence on this blog lately! Life has just been kicking my butt. However, since the fall semester has just ended, I am now uploading all of my notes for anyone who needs them! Most of these notes are terms and other info that is necessary no matter where you take these classes.

US History I (HIST2111): Terms

US History I (HIST2111): Notes (There are A LOT of these notes as my professor lectured a bunch. Useful for those in APUSH as well as college US History.)

Algebra II: Notes/Terms/Examples

Physics: Notes/Terms (The first few pages are note sheets I created as an easy reference when studying for exams. Personally, I think they’re pretty helpful.)

I’m also reuploading my AP World History notes from last year, as I don’t think many of you saw them the first time I uploaded.

I have some notes from ENGL1101 too, but they are digital notes from Blackboard so I don’t feel comfortable sharing them openly online without permission from my professor. However, I would be happy to share them with anyone who messaged me!

I really hope my notes can help someone! Feel free to message me with any questions about my notes/my study style/literally anything, and also let me know if there are any issues in viewing these documents! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!


Proctor: do not under any circumstances discuss the contents of this exam with anyone
Whole class: screams about it during break, runs up to history teacher’s room the second we were dismissed to tell him about it
AP World History teacher: grabs a paper and pencil and takes notes on all of the questions we told him were on it


may 6, 2017

today I covered my dining room table with a giant sheet of butcher paper and did a brain dump to study for ap world history. I wrote down everything that I knew without looking at my notes, so now I can go back and fill in the gaps and correct the stuff that I got wrong. it took forever, but I’m glad I did it. less than a week until the exam!!