1.01: pilot


Steven Universe Pilot (1080p)

This is really cool to rewatch. 


Okay so, Trill League really has a change to be picked up by Adult Swim! Creator Anthony Piper has a meeting with them on the 23th and need ALOT of fans support at that day! So if you have instagram I suggest you go follow @ trillleague for more, and be on the outlook on the 23rd to help get Trill League to be a animated series!!!

You know what I’m genuinely – no snark, no qualifications – grateful to Chris Carter for? 

That we got to see Mulder and Scully’s first meeting. 

We were denied a lot of pivotal emotional scenes over the years. We’ve talked about them so I won’t rehash it. But we have this. 

The peek around the door. The snarky deflection before he’s even laid eyes on her. The weirdo handshake. Her perkily pointed politeness. Their first slideshow. Their first eye contact. Their first (kinda) argument. Their first

and their first

and their first

Thank you for that, Chris. Sincerely. 


Drone acrobats over the Tulip Fields of the Netherlands