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here it show ji don't use his phone for games or yt, at least not in the airport: i(.)imgur(.)com/bGabtRQ(.)jpg It obv he is chatting with someone (prob. krystal bc she is stuck to her phone too) The image is kinda blurry but one can make out the chat site. I don't know why people denied the idea that he might stay stuck to his phone to talk to her... it doesn't make sense in any other way honestly, even his fansites always said how he is looking for connection when he is in the airport

Omg it must be true that he texted krys bcoz i can see the word k (or s if he used real name lol). like it’s so obvious there EVEN THOUGH IT IS KINDA BLURRY. I don’t know y everyone denied it too coz ji only know one person in his whole life which is krys. He only texts krys, like duhh obviously. You must be a freaking genius anon. Like y wouldn’t he text krys bcoz sm already confirmed them right? It’s common sense. Sm confirmed kxk > ji is texting krys. Omg. People is so blind.



The Traveling Cart - Interior

At both entrances a glowing plumbob etched in chalk wards off impish spirits causing mischief. Although Calista does not possess magical powers she does use… unusual… methods to enhance her psychic abilities. Using her knowledge of divination Calista can see into the futures of her customers. Most sims only want to find their special somesim, but others are looking for answers to deeper questions…