A fine Crowmance

First time DMing, co-dming with a friend. First session of the campaign, mostly intended to establish characters. The players are a human ranger with a wolf companion, a half-elf oracle (alv), and a half-elf wizard (jimbob) with a raven familiar (momo). Jimbob critically failed to recognize Alv’s gender, and thinks the male half elf is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He tells his raven to fly to her room in the inn and tell her a poem.

Jimbob: I tell my raven to find her and tell her a poem. -describes Alv and poem-

The raven lands on his windowsill. Alv approaches the raven.

Momo: My master likes you…

Me: Roll intelligence to see if the bird remembers the poem

Other DM rolls 6, 2 with intelligence penalty for being a bird 

Momo: Roses are red, violets are blue. Do you like juice? Because I like to have sex.


“Never thinks things through,” v “I’ve plotted every move of this day.”

While a general disadvantage for Zuko, Zuko’s inability to properly plan sometimes gives him room to adapat to changing situations. 

Likewise, while it’s generally advantageous for her, Azula’s need to constantly plan out events so that they unfold just as she desired leaves little room for change and flexibility. Thus, when things don’t go as planned, it’s an assault to her perfect record, and Azula can’t just be almost perfect. 


Here’s another take at my vision of ‘Ivan Tsarevich, The Firebird, and the Grey Wolf’ if it were set in US in 1920s. Follow the adventures of Johnny Prince and his quest in finding a giant exotic bird with the help of a dashing, rough around the edges werewolf and a wealthy heiress turned bootlegger! More to come in the future because I’m having so much fun building this world.

This was suppose to be done for Valentines day but kitchen issues came up that prevented me from doing any work.

Art © ramida-r