1. totally called it

me: someone who can regularly cuddle, hold hands and hug friends in a very platonic way without any sexual/romantic implications


Reasons you shouldn’t say “I’m a pagan, not a Satanist”

1. Theistic Satanism is totally a kind of paganism
2. The people calling you a Satanist already think you’re a liar
3. And what the hell is wrong with being a Satanist anyways?  Shut the hell up and stop throwing people under the bus you respectability-politics boot-licking piece of fuck

Akashi's attempt to flirt #8
  • Akashi: Are you butt dialing?
  • Kuroko: ...What?
  • Akashi: Because that ass is totally calling me. *wiggles eyebrows*
  • Kuroko: I'm dialing 1-1-0.

secretcentaur  asked:

Just a FYI not all WWHL episodes are actually live. When they had advertised viewers calling in the night of Gillian's episode, I thought it was going to be for HER episode. But here they were looking for advanced callers for their Anderson Cooper and his mother episode which was scheduled to air the following Thursday. So there's a chance David's ep could be recorded on one day and aired another. (1/2)

P.S. I totally got to call back in that night and ask Gillian a question live (but the question was pre-determined by Andy). Totally didn’t care. It was the highlight of my Sunday night. (2/2)


Wait, you have asked a question to Gillian during that show??? 😱

Phan Realizations 1

Dan and Phil don’t call their videos collabs anymore. They were never collabs in the first place. They’ve made so many videos together that it’s just normal now. So many videos have been made with the other person and if they’re not, 95% of the time the other person is mentioned in the video. Dan and Phil have sorta just, over time, come to a point where the way the talk, the things they do, the thoughts they think are all about each other. Even the Fine Bros ship them (they are named as “Dan and Phil Lester”). They call themselves “we” instead of, “Dan and I” or, “Phil and I”. The radio show, book, gaming channel, it was all together. They tweet about each other soooo much too. They honestly would have been somewhere else if it weren’t for each other. Dan used to hate everything about himself. Now he’s a little ball of sweater paws and the way he smiles around Phil is everything compared to how he smiles at everything else. I don’t know man. It makes me happy. The warm fuzzy feeling happy when stuff like that happens with them. And I think it’s about time for them to come out now. I mean, they should really come out before moving in together. But it’s Dan and Phil, everything about them is different and weird. Take a look at this phandom.

Sorry, but this has to be said. Because I'm just so over everything at this point.

To those who believe that rumor and dirt sheet that is was supposedly Triple H’s idea to have Eva Marie on Team Total Divas and not Bayley, let me ask you this.

First off, what kind of sense would it have made for Bayley, out of all people, to join Team Total Divas when 1) She has yet to be called up to the main roster, and 2) Is NOT even on the show Total Divas? Because I would think it’d make a lot more sense if she was actually on the main roster and on the show, right? Then I could see why she’d be chosen for Team Total Divas. But since she isn’t on either or, then I see no reason at all for why she should’ve been chosen to be on Team Total Divas.

I’m not saying Triple H is perfect or a God. He’s far from it. But to give him crap because he cares about the women in NXT and his NXT kids is just ridiculous. Like so what if he does? How does that make him the bad guy? At least unlike his father-in-law, he actually cares about the new generation of talent and wants them to succeed. That’s more than what I can say about Vince, who clearly doesn’t give a damn and is way out of touch with the roster and fanbase.

I will say for the umpteenth time that I support ALL Divas and want them all to succeed. My bio clearly states that my blog is 100% pro women’s wrestling. That goes for both the main roster and NXT. I shouldn’t even have to explain it, but it seems like people just don’t get it, so it’s obvious I do have to.

I’m just so over all this petty, vicious, and malicious drama concerning women’s wrestling. People keep claiming they want change and for things to be better in the women’s division, but you know what? It’s like I said before, as long as this vicious cycle of trashing female talent continues, there’s never going to be a change. Things are never going to get better.

And I’m not even gonna get started on the controversy concerning the possibility of the title and name brand being changed. All I’m gonna say is nothing has even been confirmed or denied yet, and people are already crying foul and ready to start a shit storm over it. Ridiculous.

I should be happy and excited that I get to see the women who’s careers I’ve been following since their NXT days get to compete in the grandest stage for the first time. But because of everyone else’s anger, bitterness, and saltiness that it’s not their favorites getting the spotlight and their incessant need to shit on the NXT women and treat them as if they’re toxic and poison, it’s become harder for me to be excited about this match. Because I have no doubt that regardless of who wins and walks out with the belt, they’re gonna get vilified for it and treated badly. All because it wasn’t someone else. And no doubt that once Bayley comes up to the main roster, she’ll get treated exactly the same. Well done, fandom. Way to take away the fun and excitement out of everything.

And the sad part about all of this is that if women like Naomi, Tamina, Natalya, and Alicia Fox did get the spotlight, title opportunities, and respect they deserve, the rest of us would never shit on them or vilify them for it. We’d never say, “Oh such and such deserved it more” or “Such and such should’ve gotten it instead”. On the contrary, we’d be happy for them, because yes they do deserve it and we want them to be successful just as much as the NXT women.

End rant.