1. that fili and kili are his nephews

Adventure Awaits (DISCONTINUED)

Summary: A year had passed since Erebor had been reclaimed and everything seemed to be going well until you are forced to go on another adventure, but not only with dwarves, but elves and men as well.

Pairings: Surprise :)

Notes: Elf!Reader: Daughter of Lord Elrond (again); Bain is his actual age in this; I will try to update The Elf and Dwarf Later and fix the formatting.

Strike Through = Current Chapter

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You laughed with Fili, watching as Kili and Bain sparred metal clanging against metal

The war for Erebor was over. Thorin had became King Under the Mountain about a year ago, but just barely. If it hadn’t been for you, neither he nor his nephews would be alive, but that’s not something you’d tell them.

Thorin had kept his word and gave a share of the gold to Dale to help rebuild and he had a close relationship with Bard, which is why you, Kili and Fili were currently in an empty courtyard teaching Bain how to fight. For a 17 year old, he did not know much fighting but that’s because it wasn’t necessary for Lake Town.

“Aim for gut. That’s always the best place to start and the largest place,” Kili says, blocking another attack.

“Swipe at the feet. Throws um off balance,” you say, swinging your legs from the stone wall you’re sitting on.

Bain listens and Kili, not expecting it, falls on his back and Bain stands over him, pointing his sword at his chest.

“Alright. Yield,” Kili states holding up his arms in defeat.

You and Fili both laugh as Bain helps him up.

“That’s enough training for today,” a voice calls out.

You all turn to find Bard leaning on the doorway, arms crossed and smiling.

He looks proud.

“Alright da,” Bain says, putting his sword away.

No one uses the courtyard so it has become a training ground.

Bain leaves after giving his father a hug.

“I still don’t know how to repay you,” Bard states as you three make your way over to him.

“You can start by going on a date with y/n,” Fili states and you tug on his mustache braids.

Both he and Kili knew about your infatuation with the King of Dale. Not only did they spot it when you first met him, but you also talked about it to them an a boring night.

He wasn’t an elf which made it 100x times better. He was rugged and mysterious and he made your heart flutter every time he looked at you. He made you feel important and loved and it made you want to see him constantly.

Fili winces and glares up at you.

“I would rather not,” Bard replies and your heart kind of just breaks.

It’s not like you weren’t expecting it. He was a king. A very handsome king who is a widower with three kids. You knew deep down he would never love you, but you kept hoping he did. Turns out, he didn’t.

“It was only a joke. Both Fili and Kili know my heart lies elsewhere,” you reply trying to reign in your composure.

Bard frowns but it’s only for a second.

“Aye? Well, you and that prince do make a fine couple,” Bard states as you four make your way down the hall.

“That pompous elf? I wouldn’t marry him if our fathers arranged it,” you scoff.

Kili and Fili both laugh and Bard just looks confused.

“Then where does your heart lie?” He asks again. “No where important. Come now, fili Kili, we must be going. We will come by in a few days to continue our training,” you tell him as you reach the entrance he nods and you all walk away.

Once out of eyesight, you yank on Fili’s braids again, this time his hair braids.

“Mahal, elf! What was that for?” He asks, rubbing his now throbbing head.

“That’s for making me look like a fool. I knew he would never return my feelings. I never should’ve told you,” you state, tears gathering in your eyes.

“Aw come on y/n! You can do better then him! Now is the chance to move on,” Kili states, squeezing your hand.

“I’m an elf, Kili. An elf living with dwarves. I’m frowned upon by dwarves, not even looked at by men, and shunned by elves. There is no one for me,” you reply.

Although your father didn’t approve of you living with the dwarves, he still treated you the same along with your siblings. Other elves, like Thranduil, weren’t too happy with your choice. He mentioned something about regretting it later, but you zoned out after the first two minutes of the lecture. You did not want to hear it after he called you stupid and reckless.

“Everyone in Erebor loves you! I’ve seen men checking you out! You have a wide variety of choices,” Fili states.

“Enough,” you say sternly,“I will no longer have this conversation with you.”

He nods as you walk out of Dale.

“Okay so if you could pick any dwarf, who would you pick?” Fili asks.

“I thought we weren’t going to speak of this,” you groan.

“No it’s totally irrelevant,” Fili states. You sigh and think.

“Definitely Thorin or Dwalin and maybe even Bifur,” you state. “Bifur? I understand Thorin and Dwalin, but Bifur? The dwarf that hardly talks?” Kili asks, confused.

“Hey! He talks now. He didn’t talk because he had that ruddy ax in his head,” you mutter, defending your choice of men.

You stop as you see snow start to fall. You smile, but stop as you notice three horse getting closer. You recognize the armor as Elven armor, but the hair. The hair is definitely that of Lothlorien. Kili and Fili unsheathe their swords as the elves stop in front of you.

They unmount their horses and you smile as the leader takes his helmet off and reveals himself to be Haldir, Marchwarden of Lothlorien. You pull him into a hug and he flinches, slowly wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Sometimes, I wish I could be that emotional. Other times, I’m happy just the way I am,” Haldir states, letting go.

You pout and he lets out a little smile.

“Still as childish as ever,” he states. “Still older than you,” you reply.

“By one year,” he grumbles and you just smile, pulling him into another hug.

“What are you doing here?” You ask.

“I came to visit you. My brothers came along to make sure we didn’t get up to mischief,” he states and it’s then that you realize it’s his brothers with him. You say hello the elvish way and they say hello back.

“Well where are you staying?” You ask as Rumil and Orophin get off of their horse. “With King Bard. I’ve sent word earlier,” he tells you and you nod.

“I’m going to head back to Erebor and visit you later, if that’s alright?” You ask.

“Of course. I would always love to be visited by a maiden as beautiful as you,” Haldir replies, kissing your hand making you blush and Rumil and Orophin roll their eyes.

Haldir has always had feelings for you, but never had the guts to tell you, which annoyed Rumil and Orophin greatly.

“Come on y/n. Stop the flirting and lets go,” Fili states. You move to pull on his hair again but he avoids your hand, proud of the accomplishment.

You glare at him and turn back to Haldir, blushing madly, making him smirk.

“I’m just going to, uh, go,” you stutter, turning around. You push the two brothers forward as they laugh at your sudden shyness.

“I thought you liked Bard?” Kili asks.

“Sometimes liking just one person is not possible,” you reply, forgetting of the hearing that was blessed upon the elves.

“But if you like one person, then start liking another person while still liking the first person shouldn’t you choose the second person?” Fili asks.

“Not unless the first is always stronger than the second,” you reply, shrugging. You can’t see the smile on Haldir’s face as you continue to trek to Erebor.

“What’s your history with him?” Kili asks, seriously interested.

“What’s it to you?” You ask and frown at yourself.

“Sorry. I did not mean to sound so rude,” you respond.

“Quite alright,” he says, smiling.

“As you all know, my father is Lord Elrond. His wife was the daughter of the rulers of Lothlorien. My grand parents are Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.

One day, while visiting them, I met Haldir. It was possibly in the year 1000. I can’t remember. I was 900 and he had just turned 899.

We accidentally ran into each other. Literally, RAN, into each other. We both knocked each other off of our feet and when I looked up, I couldn’t stop staring.

He was the most beautiful elf I’ve ever met. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. He wasn’t thin like the other elves, but that’s what I loved about him. You could easily differentiate him from female elves which is sometimes hard.

I remember seeing him blush for the first and last time that day. Ever since then we’ve become inseparable. It would pain me to leave him, but he told me that we’d always find our way back to each other,” you relay, smiling at the story.

“But you guys never got together?” Fili asks.

“He doesn’t feel the same. Only sees me like a sister,” you reply as you walk through the gates.

Fili and Kili groan causing you and all of the other dwarves with in the vicinity to look at them weirdly. That includes Thorin.

“What’s wrong? Did you get attacked?” He asks the two worriedly.

“Thorin! She can’t decipher feelings for Mahal’s sake and that is too much pain to think about,” Kili replies, leaning his head on his Uncle’s shoulder in shame.

“Who is it this time?” Thorin asks, ignoring his nephew.

“This time? What do you mean this time?” Fili asks.

“For a dwarf that hates elves, your uncle is a pretty good listener. Especially when we both had too much ale in our body,” you respond, watching as Kili lightly hits his head repeatedly on his uncles shoulder muttering, “so oblivious.”

“So you know about Haldir?” Fili asks.

“One of the marchwardens of Lothlorien? yes. I also know about you and Dwalin and me and-” but you cut him off with a glare.

“So you’ve harbored a crush on Haldir for 1,942 years, but other feelings have come and gone? Then you know exactly who you should be with,” Fili states, grabbing his brothers hair so he would stopping hitting his face.

“It’s not that simple, Fee! You can’t court a Marchwarden especially if your father is the Lord of another realm,” you respond as you three make your way to the throne room.

“What is a Marchwarden exactly?”

“They’re highly skilled elf rangers who guard the outer boarders of their realms. So basically a captain of the guard. A servant. Haldir, Rumil and Orophin are all Marchwardens,” you explain.

“But your father doesn’t seem like the person to care,” Kili replies, now walking beside you, rubbing his forehead.

“When I said to drop it, I meant drop it for good. Not pick up the same conversation but with a different person. Look guys I love the encouraging words, but I just don’t want to talk about it. I’m going to go back to my room and back to Dale,” you say, leaving them at the throne room.

“Have you met this Haldir person?” Thorin asks as soon as you are out of earshot.

“Yes. We met him today. He came all the way from Lothlorien to visit y/n with his brothers,” Kili relays as they walk into the throne room.

Thorin frowns a bit. “What’s wrong Thorin?” Fili asks, noticing the frown.

“If he is to court her, she will no longer be around,” he replies.

The brothers exchange a look and Fili sighs.

“If we want her to be happy, then that’s the only choice we have. Letting her go,” Fili states.

Thorin nods as he takes a seat.

“Who does she have feelings for now?”

“Bard. I sort of jokingly asked him to take y/n on a date as payment for teaching Bain how to fight and he said that he’d rather not. Very vague but very hurtful to y/n,” fili responds.

“She can do better,” Thorin mutters.

“Are you jealous that she doesn’t like you anymore?” Kili asks, testing waters.

Thorin did not have feelings for you, but he did love you like a sister even if you were an elf. You always treated everyone equally and was never afraid to put him back his place when he was being a complete and utter tosser.

He remembered when you snapped at him for looking out for Kili more than he did Fili. You told him that it didn’t matter that Kili was younger than Fili. He should learn how to love both of his nephews equally or one would revolt against him and the other was sure to follow. After that, he always made sure to look after the both of his nephews and that made Fili feel more loved than ever before.

“I have never had feelings for y/n, but I care for her. Bard is a noble man but she can do better,” Thorin responds.

“So if it came down to Bard and Haldir and she came to you for advice, who would you tell her to go to?”

Thorin sighs. Once his nephews find something interesting, they never stop questioning it.

“Seeing that I have not met Haldir, I would not be fit to make the choice now would I? Now if you two don’t mind, I have a meeting with the King we were just talking about,” Thorin says as the doors open.

Dwalin and Balin walks in with Bard, Bain, and a guard.

“Have fun, brother,” Kili giggles, leaving the throne room.

Fili throws a coin at the back of his head and he winces, flipping the elder off. Thorin sighs at their antics.

Crawl On My Belly Till The Sun Goes Down


Summary: Bilbo is very affectionate and Thorin doesn’t mind it.

A/N: Title taken from this song. Actually the whole fic is based on that one line woops.

Words: 1 011

Thorin could honestly not say if he was an affectionate dwarf or not. Dwarves don’t really hug too often; pressing your foreheads together was enough. Sure, he’d cuddled with Fili and Kili a lot when they were dwarflings, but his nephews weren’t small anymore, so he hadn’t really shared body heat with anyone in ages. He simply had other things on his mind nowadays.

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Day 3 of Salt Lake Comic Con: THORIN(Barrel scene in DoS) Part 1

NO ONE recognized me, but I still had fun.

Story with the other Thorin, I started talking to him, and I told him how I had seen our nephew Fili, but Fili completely ignored me. The other Thorin just shook his head, and smiled as he said, “That little mother f***er” right when my dad took the picture. I would have laughed so hard if I hadn’t been trapped in layers of spirit gum and fake beard.

Cats Day 20

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: You go off on the cats sort of

Bolded Italics are translated to regular ears as animals talking.

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Thorin watches Vali, purring contently.

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