August 12, 2016

The Awa Dance Festival is held as part of the Obon Festival in Japan. Awa Dance is the largest dance festival in Japan, attracting over 1.3 million tourists every year.

Groups of choreographed dancers and musicians known as ren dance through the streets, typically accompanied by the shamisen lute, taiko drums, shinobue flute and the kane bell. Performers wear traditional obon dance costumes, and chant and sing as they parade through the streets.

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There were days that Hex was feeling good about himself, where he could just go up in front of his students and give him their lessons without so much as a slip-up. There were days where he… Struggled just getting through the first lesson… Today was one of those days. He was finally done, and it was hell getting through every second of it. All the wanted to do was curl up in a blanket and just forget about the world, but well… There were papers to grade. 

He wondered how much more of this he’d be able to take before he fell apart. 


The battle to save Langston Hughes’ $3 million home

Ivy still grows on the front of Langston Hughes’ home in Harlem. There aren’t many houses like it left in New York City. Real estate agents estimate it’s worth over $3 million.

And that’s before anyone talks about the fact that one of America’s great writers – a hero of the Harlem Renaissance – lived there for much of the 1950s and 60s, until he passed away. His typerwriter is still on a shelf.
Pressure to sell “Hughes House” is escalating. The current owner listed it for a mere $1 million a few years ago, but it didn’t sell. For now, the home sits empty. The owner doesn’t live there. No one does. Paint is chipping off the front steps.

Renee Watson thinks it’s a tragedy. That’s why she started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 to rent the home and turn it into a cultural center honoring Hughes.

“The more Harlem changes, the more I’m motivated to do something,” says Watson, a writer who lives nearby, and has watched gentrification flood in.

“We – the community – must hold on to the space,” says Watson. “I feel a sense of urgency.”

The Initiative has about 7 days to raise at least $40,000 to secure a rental agreement. They are at the half-way mark. So, if you can spare it, please donate!


negroinwhiteamerica  asked:

Why are you so confident that there is absolutely nothing that'll occur in the afterlife? Are you really that close-minded that there couldn't possibly be other possibilities that something may occur once we die? You know or you HOPE that nothing will occur after death?

I prefer to believe in things which have substantial evidence supporting it. When you give up reason and believe that which you are told as opposed that which can be witnessed or backed up by evidence, then you’re letting your emotions take control. Science deals with observable reality. If it cannot be verified with evidence then it’s most likely nonsense. Let me give you a few examples of how science has disproved the Bible: Using genealogy, the Bible stated the earth is estimated to be at 6500 years old. Science has proven the earth is closer to 4.5 billion years. Human beings were supposedly created 6500 years ago, yet the oldest human fossil is approximately 1.3 millions years old. So does that mean that humans lived on earth before god created humans or the earth? Evolution proves that a higher being is not needed for the advancement or creation of life and that says enough for me.

I don’t care if you believe in god or an afterlife and you shouldn’t care if I don’t. I respect other’s beliefs and only state mine when asked on my own personal blog. I don’t seek out opposing beliefs and question or berate them. The same cannot be said for you because here you are, questioning me and calling me “close-minded” for not believing in something that has no evidence to indicate otherwise. Pretty wild.

“Dreadful lizard”
Late Cretaceous, 76.6-75.1 million years ago

Gorgosaurus was a large tyrannosaurid that lived in what is now Alberta, Canada. Like its tyrannosaur relatives, it was a carnivore, meaning it ate the flesh of other dinosaurs, because none of us can truly go through life without causing pain to others.

It is the favorite dinosaur of 50 Cent.

Title X: America's Family Planning Program
Since 1970, the Title X (ten) Family Planning Program has helped millions of low-income people afford much-needed health care. But each year, backwards politicians threaten to cut funding for this critical health care safety net.

Most people who rely on Title X-funded services are low-income and cannot afford this care on their own:

Nearly 90% have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level.

The Title X program disproportionately serves people of color, populations that face significant reproductive health disparities. In fact, 21% of Title X patients identify as black or African American and 30% identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Title X also helps people who are uninsured. Although the Affordable Care Act has helped more people than ever before get insured, states that have not expanded Medicaid can leave low- and middle-income folks without insurance and with a greater need for publicly funded family planning services.

In fact, 4.7 million low-income women of reproductive age will continue to lack coverage for family planning care in 2016.

Title X offers preventive health care to those most in need and has great results. For one thing, the affordable birth control that Title X provides helps prevent 1 million unintended pregnancies each year. It has even saved women’s lives through its affordable Pap tests and breast exams.

Seagull Nebula

The Seagull Nebula is an emission nebula located about 3,800 light years away towards the star Sirius, the primary star of the constellation Canis Major. The entire nebula reaches almost 240 light years across.

The Seagull Nebula consists of two designated nebulae: NGC 2327, the “head” of the “seagull”, and IC 2177, the “wings.” NGC 2327 contains a star cluster about 1.5 million years old. The “eye” is the hottest and brightest star of the cluster and the whole nebula, heating surrounding dust.

Image from NASA, information from NASA.

With how hot and humid it is, an icy treat is an absolute necessity. Here’s a #Throwbackfact for you Snow cones were debuted at a state fair. In 1919 East Dallas resident Samuel Bert, began selling the icy treats at the Texas State Fair. The following year, he patented his ice crushing machine, and by the early 1950s his was selling around 1 million snow cones a year. Unlike snow cones, which are made with crushed ice and syrup, “snowballs” or piragua are made with shaved ice, giving them a fluffy, snow-like texture. They are also doused in syrup and usually served in a cup rather than a cone. No matter which ice treat is your favorite, stay cool out there NYC!

Photograph Information:
John Albok (1894-1982)
Ices-man on East 110th Street
DATE:ca. 1938


Discovery of a time-resolved supernova signal in Earth’s microfossils
Interaction of Earth with supernova remnants lasting for 1 million years

Physicists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have succeeded in detecting a time-resolved supernova signal in the Earth’s microfossil record. As the group of Prof. Shawn Bishop could show, the supernova signal was first detectable at a time starting about 2.7 Million years ago. According to the researcher’s analyses, our solar system spent one Million years to transit trough the remnants of a supernova.

When massive stars with more than ten solar masses have, at the end of their evolution, consumed all of their nuclear fuel supply, they collapse under their gravity and terminate in so-called core-collapse supernovae. Thereby they eject huge amounts of matter into their surroundings. If a supernova occurs sufficiently close to our solar system, it should leave traces of supernova debris on Earth, in the form of specific radioisotopes.

Supernova-iron on the Earth

Among the elemental species known to be produced in these stars, the radioisotope Fe-60 stands out: This radioisotope has no natural, terrestrial production mechanisms; thus, a detection of Fe-60 atoms within terrestrial reservoirs is proof for the direct deposition of supernova material within our solar system.

Increased concentration also found in lunar samples

An excess of Fe-60 was already observed in around two million year old layers of a ferromanganese (FeMn) crust retrieved from the Pacific Ocean and, most recently, in lunar samples. These Fe-60 signals have been attributed to depositions of supernova ejecta. However, due to the slow growth rate of the FeMn crust, the Fe-60 signal had a poor temporal resolution; while lunar regolith cannot record time information because sedimentation does not occur on the moon.

Now for the first time, physicists of the group of Shawn Bishop, TUM Professor on Nuclear Astrophysics, succeeded in discovering a time-resolved supernova signal in the Earth’s microfossil record, residing in biogenically produced crystals from two Pacific Ocean sediment drill cores. The onset of the Fe-60 signal occurs at around 2.7 Million years and is centered at around 2.2 Million years. The signal significantly ends around 1.7 Million years.

“Obviously, the solar system spent on Million years to transit through the debris of a supernova,” says Shawn Bishop, who is also a principal investigator at the Excellence Cluster Universe.

Samples with excellent stratigraphic resolution

To analyse the entire temporal structure of the Fe-60 signal in terrestrial samples, a geological reservoir with an excellent stratigraphic resolution and high Fe-60 sequestration and low Fe mobility is required, which preserves the Fe-60 fluxes nearly so as they were at the time of deposition, apart from Fe-60 radioactive decay.

Analyses at the Tandem accelerator in Garching

These conditions are fulfilled in the marine sediments from the Pacific Ocean used in this study. At the time of the Fe-60 deposition, iron-sequestering bacteria that live in the ocean sediments incorporated the Fe-60 within their intracellularly-grown chains of magnetite nanocrystals (Fe3O4). After cell death they have fossilized into microfossils. These sediments have grown with a constant sedimentation rate, preserving the intrinsic temporal shape of the supernova signal.

“Nevertheless, the Fe-60 concentration in these fossils is so low that it is detectable only by means of ultrasensitive accelerator mass spectroscopy (AMS)”, says Dr. Peter Ludwig, researcher in the group of Shawn Bishop. At the tandem accelerator at the Maier-Leibnitz Laboratory in Garching the physicists could refine the sensitivity of the method so that this discovery was possible the first time ever.

Supernova event at a distance of at least 300 light years

The most plausible progenitor star that gave rise to this supernova likely originated in the Scorpius-Centaurus OB association, as analyses of its relative motion have shown. Around 2.3 million years ago it was located at a minimum distance of about 300 light years to the solar system. Over the course of the last 10 to 15 million years, a succession of 15 to 20 supernovae has occurred in this star association. This series of massive stellar explosions has produced a largely matter-free cavity in the interstellar medium of a galactic arm of the Milky Way. Astronomers call this cavity, in which our solar system is located, the Local Bubble.

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If I made you art would u see it if I tagged u in it? I'm wondering if I should submit or post on my art blog as I usually do, and I definitely want u to see it cause you're one of my fav tumblr users and this piece was inspired by u, egg-senpai :)

oh!! iT’S Probs best if you tag it with eggsx8 or eggseggseggseggseggseggseggseggs?? then i can probs see it, bc otherwise ??? i probably wont. like i never check my mentions bc it takes 1 million years for that shit to load when i try and filteR AND i cant find anything either in my notifs dpfgjdpfgjdfg

At the request of Gannett, the Journal Sentinel’s new owner, the newspaper asked Google to hand over the keys to the archives to NewsBank, and Google acquiesced.

Then, in spring, a salesperson from NewsBank came calling to Kiely, offering on May 3rd to sell the rights to the database to the library, this same database which had gotten 30 percent of its materials from the library. The offer would expire on May 30th.

“The price they were asking for the database was a surprise, so we chose not to act on it,” Kiely said.

For the Journal archives alone from 1841-1960, the company was asking for a $1.5 million payment! — with an additional one per cent assessment for the next three years. “We would own the database,” Kiely said.

However, the entire materials budget for the library system is $1.8 million for the year. And the $1.5 million was only for about half of the original archive, the other half being the Milwaukee Sentinel stories. The economics were impossible for the library.

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World Cup of Hockey to have jersey ads, tech features for TV - Read all about it here http://goo.gl/yNFhOH

Penguins re-sign Matt Cullen to 1-year, $1 million deal - Read all about it here http://goo.gl/HlCUjH

World Cup of Hockey jerseys to feature advertisements - Read all about it here http://goo.gl/ffWcU8

Agent: Vesey set to take patient approach as NHL free agent - Read all about it here http://goo.gl/xYImbL

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The light spoke to me, so I ate to listen to it forever inside myself(part 2)

A demon, with pure intentions
      But everyone else seem to only be pretending,
Corruption; death; hunger and genocide
           On the only planet we reside.

   When people only live to hate someone
        Blowing up civilians - including children
Under maniacal laughter, because it is fun to slaughter

     And it’s only okay when it is backed - by your country’s name.

                   15 years,
           1 million tears
   All of these resources and gear.

 Holding the technology,
                  To find some kid utilizing an international proxy.

  Yet your “enemies”,
            The ones you claim to try so hard to defeat.

Because they run away,
    And you can’t find them night or day;

                     Is this true or is this……..



Hugh Hefner will pay $1 million a year to live in the Playboy Mansion

(Jeff Minton)
The Playboy Mansion has officially sold for $100 million to its next-door neighbor, Daren Metropoulos, but that doesn’t mean Hugh Hefner will be moving out anytime soon.

As part of the terms of the sale, the Playboy founder must be allowed to stay as long as he desires. A source familiar with the transaction told Business Insider that Hefner still has to pay rent: to the tune of $1 million a year. 

Hefner never technically owned the Los Angeles estate. Metropoulos purchased the home from Playboy Enterprises, which had leased it to Hefner. Under that arrangement, Hefner had reportedly paid a shockingly low $100 a year to live there. Playboy bought the mansion 45 years ago for just over $1 million, which was a historically high price for the area at the time.

The 20,000-square-foot home had originally listed for sale for $200 million in January, which made it the most expensive home for sale in America for much of 2016. The five-acre property includes the main 29-room mansion and a four-bedroom guesthouse.

Gary Gold and Drew Fenton of Hilton & Hyland had the listing, along with Mauricio Umansky of The Agency. Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker Previews International represented Metropoulos.

NOW WATCH: Hugh Hefner’s son reveals what it was like growing up in the Playboy Mansion

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