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How can I become a bird?

Option 1: Several million years of highly selective breeding

Pros: Low demand, high return.

Cons: …Eventually. 

Conclusion: Very worth it, for your (great)800  grandchild. The real deal. Possibility of ending up with mammalian scansoriopterygids along the way. 10/10 would recommend. 

Option 2: Several thousand dollars worth of gear and training

Pros: Immediate returns. 

Cons: Possibility of death. Even worse, people take you for some kind of winged mammal instead. Horrible

Conclusion: Totally worth being poor as heck and dead. Won’t survive long enough to further your species, so who cares what your offspring might think. 10/10 would definitely.

Option 3: 

Pros: Well

Cons: Yikes

Conclusion: Maybe………………………………. don’t.

Never Forget

There might be a man who makes 1 million a year, but is willing to shower you with gifts, fund your education, open up the world for you to travel. There might be a man who makes 10 million a year but is so stingy with his money that he barely enjoys it himself.

Don’t just go for the wealthiest, go for generosity.



Pronounced: meg-a-THEE-ree-um
Literally, “great beast”

Megatherium was the largest of the ground sloths, and although apparently very awkward and slow-witted, his great size and strength protected him from the large meat-eaters of his time. He lived during the Pleistocene epoch which began 1 million years ago.

Thunderbeast Park - Hiway 97 - Chiloquin, Ore.

Interstitial cystitis affects between 700000 to 1 million Americans a year

Interstitial cystitis is a bladder and pelvic floor condition. It’s painful, exhausting, embarrassing, and complicated. It makes peeing painful. Makes sex painful. Even makes just sitting or laying down painful. You have frequent urination and utis, urinary retention, bladder spasms, and so many more horrible symptoms. I.C. patients are 90% women, 10% men.

Doctors can literally feel your pelvic muscles twitching and spasming all the time. Often the treatment is physical therapy where a therapist has to stick their fingers inside your vagina and press on the painful muscles until they release. The medicines prescribed for it are expensive and barely work.

Some women have it mild enough it barely affects their life once they make diet changes, for others nothing works and they have to insert catheters in them multiple times a day.

No one talks about interstitial cystitis. Many urologists don’t even know how to diagnose or treat it. I went to 4 urologists over 3 years and not one could diagnose it or spend more than 10 minutes on me. I was told to catheterize myself daily, to take pills constantly, I even was told that if I told my body to relax, it would fix my bladder spasms. Mind over matter. But it took a urogynocologist minutes to diagnose me by feeling the tense overly thickened muscles in my pelvic floor.

Even with a diagnosis, i.c. is still hard to live with and I struggle every day. Sex sets it into a flare. Not drinking enough sets it into a flare. Not peeing every three hours sets it into a flare. Sometimes nothing at all causes spasms and infections.

I just want people to be more aware how serious interstitial cystitis is in women’s health and to recognize the struggles we go through. I want doctors to be educated on the condition and take the scared women in pain that go to them for help. I want people to not be afraid to talk about it even though it involves “bathroom stuff.” It’s something many women suffer from and we need to treat them better.

Die Bastei is a rock formation towering above the Elbe river in the Sandstone Mountains of Sachsen, Eastern Germany. Reaching 305 m above sea level, its jagged rocks were formed by water erosion over 1 million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna near Dresden, and are the main landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the border into the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. The spa town of Rathen is the main base for visiting; the town can be reached from Dresden by paddle steamer on the river Elbe.

Last year it took a whole Month of streaming to get ‘Love Paint’ to 1 million views, this year ‘Where You At’ reached 1 million in 12 hours. I’m in shock right now.