Mutant Escalation

By Zach Scott, Artist, Washington DC

Instructions: for maximum pop-edutainment value, assume that each of the 64 frames represents the passage of 1 million years and that the mutant birds are getting exponentially larger and more powerful with each cycle.

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A message from David S. Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States:

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Dr. Allen Weinstein, Ninth Archivist of the United States, who died yesterday.

Professor Weinstein was sworn in as Archivist on February 16, 2005. The National Archives saw many major accomplishments under Weinstein’s leadership, including:

An increase in the annual appropriated budget for the National Archives from $318.7 million for fiscal year 2005 to $411.1 million for fiscal year 2008;

  • Restoration of public trust through the declassification and release of interagency agreements, an audit of purported reclassification activity, the return of previously withdrawn materials to public access, and the implementation of stringent new procedures to stem withdrawal of previously declassified and released records;
  • Establishment of the National Declassification Initiative to begin to address the very serious challenges regarding the policies, procedures, structure, and resources needed to create a more responsive and reliable executive branch-wide declassification program, particularly with respect to referrals of classified equities between executive branch agencies;
  • Inclusion of the once-private Nixon library into the National Archives system of Presidential libraries;
  • Expanding public outreach of the National Archives, in partnership with the Foundation for the National Archives, through the creation of the Digital Vaults and the Boeing Learning Center;
  • Creating, in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the “First Preservers” program which offers support and guidance to state archives and local records repositories to preserve vital records;
  • Continued growth of the Federal Records Center program.

Citing health reasons, Weinstein announced his resignation as Archivist in December 2008. Among numerous awards and fellowships, Weinstein has held two Senior Fulbright Lectureships; served as a Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the American Council of Learned Societies; and was a Commonwealth Fund Lecturer at the University of London.

In 1987, he delivered the Bicentennial Fourth of July Oration at Boston’s Faneuil Hall. Recognition for his international contributions include the United Nations Peace Medal in 1986; The Council of Europe’s Silver Medal in 1990 and 1996; and awards from the Presidents of Nicaragua and Romania for his efforts on behalf of democratization in those countries.

We offer our condolences to Professor Weinstein’s family and will forever remember with gratitude his dedication to the mission and employees of the National Archives.

Saint George Basin

Out in the far north of Western Australia and only accessible by air or boat lies this beautiful blue harbour carved by the rising sea at the end of the last ice age out of the ancient rocks. The dark green areas are tidal flats filled with mangrove forests that are submerged by the twice daily high tides, while the rest of the bay is bounded by steep cliffs. At the lower right, the Prince Regent River joins the basin, and the whole area is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Preserve of the same name, now incorporated into a larger national park encompassing the whole Mitchell plateau.

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badatphotography asked:

*shyly waves again* do you get to dig up dinosaws?


Just kidding, here’s a real answer: Archaeology is a sub-field of anthropology, and ‘anthro’ means people, so we dig up things that are associated in some way with human beings. The people who dig up dinosaws are actually paleontologists, because technically, dino bones are rocks since they’re fossilized. The oldest things archaeologists dig up are very early human ancestors, like Miocene apes and Australopithecenes, which are also fossils now that I think about, but WAY more recent than dinosaurs (like 1 to 7 million years old vs. 65 to 230 million years old).

Real talk though, Jurassic Park is one of my all time favourite movies, because dinosaurs are fucking cool shit. 

Marijuana Industry Could Create 1 Million California Jobs

According to California Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Nate Bradley, an estimated 100,000 people in the state work in positions related to medical marijuana. With recreational marijuana expected to go on the ballot in 2016, the industry is primed for rapid expansion. Bradley said the market could produce as many as 1 million jobs in eight years.

A Nova Scotia agri-tech firm is “at the doorstep” of commercialization now that construction of its indoor multi-level growing operation is in full swing.

Renovations began an old vacant school in the AgriTech Park in Bible Hill about a month ago into what will be “one of the largest vertical farms in North America,” Gregg Curwin, president and CEO of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture Ltd., said in an interview Tuesday.

The gymnasium of the former school “just so happens to be the ideal size, good ceiling height (with) 24-foot ceilings,” and will house a 10-level completely automated farm.

With the latest in LED technology, the company will grow row upon row of leafy greens using recirculated water, no pesticides or fertilizer runoff.

“We’ll be cropping fresh product every day, 12 months a year,” Curwin said.

This project, expected to cost slightly more than $1.5 million, will see year-round production on a larger scale.

“Without weather, you become remarkably efficient,” Curwin said.

The firm will first focus on what he called the “consumer interests of today” of baby spinach, romaine, basil, argula and lettuce blends, moving into “new emerging greens” such as watercress and mustard greens.

The plan is to introduce mushrooms and strawberries next year, and the company will pursuing other products at its research and development site housed in another building within the park.

The move toward commercial-scale production means the company, which has about 12 employees, is hiring to bring staffing to about 20 people, Curwin said.

Visit Truleaf’s website to learn more. Founding members of the Association for Vertical Farming in Canada. 

anonymous asked:

If you could give people only 1 or 2 statistics about how terrible animal agriculture is for the planet, what would they be? aka what do you think is the most important or most convincing piece of information that's easily digestible by the average person?

Depending on the type and number of animals in the farm, manure production can range between 2,800 tons and 1.6 million tons a year (Government Accountability Office [GAO], 2008). Large farms can produce more waste than some U.S. cities—a feeding operation with 800,000 pigs could produce over 1.6 million tons of waste a year. That amount is one and a half times more than the annual sanitary waste produced by the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (GAO, 2008). Annually, it is estimated that livestock animals in the U.S. produce each year somewhere between 3 and 20 times more manure than people in the U.S. produce, or as much as 1.2–1.37 billion tons of waste (EPA, 2005).”

And pretty much anything from Livestock’s Long Shadow, a comprehensive report by the UN on environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry. 

I got tagged to do the thing by my sibling caligeno

so here goes


- Always post the rules

- Answer the questions the people that tagged you wrote, then add 11 more

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1. Is there a trip you’ve always wanted to go on, or a country you’ve always wanted to visit?

yeah, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and/or Korea.

2. Favorite food?

I don’t really have one ?? it’s hard to pick idk I hate this question fight me

honestly anything sweet ?

3. Do you participate in any extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs? If so, what one(s)? If not, are there any you would like to participate in?

well, I’m in my school’s art club (though I never show up), and i’m doing cross country in the fall and volleyball in the winter.

4. What’s your biggest fear?

I don’t know uhh

some of my fears:

- bugs

- heights

- drowning

- abandonment

- ghosts/demons slay me oh god

- tbh the dark

5. What is your favorite novel or book series?

no way you did not just ask me that,,,,,

idk one series I read recently read is the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide series. I loved it all the way through and fell in love with the characters almost instantly

6. What is your aesthetic?

I find a lot of things aesthetically pleasing, so it’s hard to just identify my aesthetic as one thing. (shameless plug go to this blog for some of my aesthetics: volatileforests)

7. Do you have a favorite music artist or band? Who is it?

no not really but currently I’m really digging Keaton Henson, twenty one pilots are also great, and fall out boy, honestly so many ?????

8. Have you ever been crowd surfing? Was it fun?


9. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I dunno I don’t really get up to that crazy of stuff /shrug/

10. Name a song that makes you think of the beach and sunny blue skies with fluffy clouds?

maybe ‘Emotion’ from some video game I forgot the name of oops)? Or 'You’ (by Keaton Henson)

11. What relaxes you most?

maybe just laying down in my room, listening to music and staring at the ceiling, slowly falling asleep or drifting off into my dreamworld

12. (extra) If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?

sleep idk

New questions:

1. If you had to learn any language you don’t already fluently speak, what would it be?

2. What’s the song you currently keep finding yourself humming and playing on repeat?

3. Shows/Movies/Series you’re currently obsessing over?

4. Someone on tumblr you want to be friends with?

5. Ethnicity/gender/sexuality?

6. Nervous habits/weird tendencies?

7. Pet peeve(s)?

8. Any hobbies?

9. Something you really want to do but are too nervous/afraid to or don’t know how?

10. Closest/best friends/mutuals on tumblr?

11. Do you burn or tan?


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noz chtot’s six summer albums!!

tbh idk what it means to be a summer album but….these are just albums i really enjoy and listen to year round tbh bc theyre really great!!

but tbh i have a lot of scattered music like most if the time i have like 1 song from each artist IDK!!! anyway…

1. In A Million Years // Last Dinosaurs
2. Under Pressure // Logic
3. Avalanche // Quadron
4. Primary // Primary and the Messengers
5. Lost Decade // tofubeats
6. Channel Orange // Frank Ocean

s/o to my #1 fave forever LAST DINOSAURS who coincidentally has the best summer music imho so get on it everyone!!!

thx nostalgianmemories for taggin me :-)
i tag foq teensprout pkto iexis creamwitch tr-ashtan my faves as well 😍💖👌🏽 do it if ya want!!!!!!! i love knowing what yall listen to!

EDIT: i tag everyone tbh please @ ME OK!!!! THANK YOU