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(part 1) ok i REALLY love sylvie and her story and all, and this is NOT hate, just a different perspective. so it's obvious sylvie has some issues with social anxiety, but as a teen with social anxiety i just find it a bit strange how she's out and about all the time with a lot of others?? like for example, if elf invited me to sleepover, i would go, but i do not think i would be as willing to go to fox's as sylvie was... nor would i feel comfortable with people smoking and all.

hi angel!!! it was nice reading your thoughts and i definitely see where you’re coming from. to be honest the extent of sylvies anxiety is really only portrayed of my own experience’s dealing with it. i’m just going 2 talk under the cut tho bc like this is my second time writing a response and ya ok

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Guys, don’t freak out about Brits statement and Chicago!

So I felt like annoying you guys with my opinion once more:

This article seems to make people think of Chloe and Chicago being a thing, but I personally highly doubt that.

“I can tell you that I have a love interest this time, I think, weirdly enough, that Chloe is even more weird in this movie. They let me do a lot of improvisation and let me do what I really wanted to do, so I just ran with it.”

So basically:

  1. Chloe has a love interest.
  2. Chloe is even weirder.
  3. Lots of improv by Brit.

Only #1 hints a little at Chicago. But that wouldn’t make Chloe (#2) weirder and I doubt Brit would (#3) improv THAT.

While if you think about Beca as love interest: #1 wouldn’t be news tbh, #2 would kinda make sense (more to that below) and #3 would also make sense because Brit also loves Bechloe, right? I can still remember that old interview: “And i love women…and Bechloe … and you”, so there is that…

Regarding Chloe being weird: Think about Chloe finally realizing she wants, she NEEDS Beca. Maybe they lost touch after finishing collage and worlds together. That made her realize how much she needs her and it makes her crazy! And now she is seriously fighting for her, but carefully because we all know Beca. So to “hide” her insane love and desire for Beca, she lets it out in some “weird” behavior… I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE A FANFIC BASED ON THIS!

Completely different theory: What if that person really is Chicago? What if Chloe really hooks up with him? Like she did with Tom, which was 100% canon and still didn’t prevent all of us from shipping Bechloe like crazy!!

We already had the theory that, after Kommissar and Beca PP2, Chloe will have someone in PP3 to make Beca jealous. Because we all know it takes something like that for Beca to realize her feelings for Chloe. And that’s how Bechloe will become canon. No matter if they actually show the scene in the actual movie, apart from bonus clips and deleted scenes, or not. They will have another fight, Beca will admit she’s jealous of them, and Bechloe will be canon.

THAT might be the scene Kendrick was talking about. Or at least one variation of it. The one in the actual movie might be just all friendship and all “Bellas before Fellas“ but we know the truth…

Things I love about the Gorillaz fandom

Some things I appreciate about the Gorillaz fandom are:

1.) The amount of love that goes into all the fan art; and the attention to detail it often has.

2.) The amount of imagine blogs and fic writers it contains (and how well they understand the personalities of the band members!)

3.) The silly memes and humour is always on point

4.) The way everyone posts every screenshot they can of new music videos and other film content, its always so thorough!

5.) All the amazing shots of the band live, so that those who cannot see them live can get a taste of the feeling

6.) The love and time poured into listening to a new album, and how everyone interprets it differently and shares their experiences

7.) How everyone seems to appreciate something about each new album; even if it isn’t their favorite.

8.) How everyone has a different story about why they like the band

9.) Those who rock with the ‘rillaz often have fantastic taste in other bands, too!

10.) Gorillaz fans are very dedicated to cosplay, its almost always top notch in quality, whether that be in overall costume construction, acting, or both!

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things to do today

1. love n support jongdae ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔
2. make a post about jongdae ✔️
3. scream ur love for jongdae ✔️✔️✔✔️
4. think all day about jongdae ✔️✔️✔
5. hope for the best for jongdae ✔️✔️✔✔️
6. cry because of jongdae ✔️✔️


Joy to watch
Anti’s host
Cute little jellybean
Killer outfits
Septic Sam’s gaurdian/parent
Energetic as a electron
Perfect personality
Too sweet to be bitter
Incredible sense of humor
Contagious laughter
Excellent company
You’ll feel happier after 1 video
Everyone love him

hope you like this @therealjacksepticeye

Steggy Fic: The Amazing True Story of Two Assholes In Love (1/1)

AUTHOR: indiefic  
SERIES: Dark Ways
CHARACTERS: Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Michael Carter (their kid)
PAIRINGS: Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter
FANDOMS: Captain America
RATING: Mature
SUMMARY:  A continuation of Dark Ways.  The serum made Steve evil (and honestly it fucked Peggy up too).  Both he and Peggy ended up in modern day New York.  They have an adult son.  They’re involved.
AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Set in the very end bits of the last installment.  They go from being friendly to moving in together.  A whole lot was glossed over.  This is what happened.

Read story at AO3

Read entire Dark Ways series at AO3


1. I’d also love to be able to sleep anytime anywhere like some Sim.
2. Shiro didn’t even move a muscle all this time.
3. Keith left first (I’d also do that) while Lance left last.
4. Lance also seems to be the most concerned about Shiro here.
5. And last, but not least: damn, Lance, you’re ¾ made of legs aren’t you.

Only Love: Dean x Reader

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

––The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Title: Only Love

Chapter 1: Just a little light stalking.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: CUTIE PIE THAT IS DEAN. Mention of vomiting.

Word Count: 1900

Rating: T

AN: This is Part 1 of ?.  I have no idea as of how many chapters there will be right now, but I know that I am going to try to take this plot from season 8 to season 12.  So this chapter and the first several will be set in a slight AU season 8.  Dean has just returned from purgatory and is traveling across Texas to get to Sam. I will have a bi-weekly or weekly update depending on work.  Please, please, please leave feedback as it is good for the soul.  Thank you.


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The muggy august air flushed your skin as you stepped onto your front porch a little before six a.m.  The sun was just beginning to rise and you could hear the cooing of mourning doves in the distance.  You sigh as you sit down on the old rickety porch swing and sip your morning coffee.  It was a Tuesday and your day to open at the diner in town.  Big Joe, who the diner was name after, would soon be calling your cell phone in all manner of a panic.  He would ask you three hundred questions and you would scold him for being lax as the owner of the place.  It was your daily routine- you chuckle to yourself as the phone begins to ring.  

Thirty minutes later, you’re out the door and on the road.  It’s a little dirt road that winds and winds until you pull on to the main road into town.  May Springs was the sleepy East Texas town where you had been born and raised.  It wasn’t much, but it was home.  You hum to your favorite song on the radio as you pull into the lot at Big Joe’s.  Tapping your fingers on the dashboard- you take notice of an unfamiliar car in the lot.  You click your tongue and make a “um” in the back of your throat.  That didn’t belong to any of your regulars. Just as your mind began to wonder as to who it could be- the ringing of your phone caught your attention.

You pull the phone from your pocket to check the caller id and mentally groan when it reads Jean.  With a heavy sigh, you hit the talk button and prepare yourself for the worst.

“Hello?” You greet as you press the phone to your ear.  You cringe when you can hear someone clearing expelling their breakfast into a toilet.  “Don’t worry Jean, I’ll cover your tables until Brandy comes in for the afternoon.”  There is a profuse string of thank you’s as your morning waitress hangs ups and you hang your head.  You really didn’t want to have to do the job of three people this morning, but you would be a suck it up buttercup.

You quickly make your way to the back and through the kitchen.  While grabbing an apron, you let Joe know what is going on and then make your way out to the customers.  You glance around the room to find Mr. Henry sitting at his usual table and a mystery man in the corner booth.  The car from earlier enters your mind and you note that you get to meet a stranger today.  That was often a rare and exciting treat.  The mystery man seemed absorbed in his laptop so you made your way to Mr. Henry first.  You smiled as he predictably orders his usual and you quickly put it in with Sal, the cook, before making your way over to your new customer.  

Your heart seems to jump into your throat as he looks up from his laptop as you approach.  His olive green eyes seem to glint as they meet yours and a grin sweeps over his features. You swallow dryly as you try to speak, but luckily he speaks before you can.

“So sweetheart.  What’s nice and greasy here?”  The man rumbled lowly.  

You again smile broadly- it was always nice when you got a chance to make a recommendation.  You walk behind the man so that you are able to stare down at the menu as you mull over what to suggest.  Your arm reaches over his shoulder as you tap the item. This gesture doesn’t go unnoticed and the man turns his head to look at you.  You see another grin creep across his features as he reaches out to the menu and his fingers lightly brush yours.

You feel yourself go to goo inside, but ignore the feeling the best you can as you give the words another tap.

“Big Mama’s breakfast.  Comes with all the grease you can eat.”  You say with a chuckle as you move back to take his order.  His eye filt from you to the menu and then back.  You watch as he nods and gives you a nice little smile.

“Sounds like a winner.  I’ll have that, Sweetcheeks.”  He says as he winks while he places the menu in your outstretched hand. You feel your cheeks flush as you take it from him.

“Coming right up then sir.”  You reply as you spend on your heels to put in the order.  Your eyes widen when you feel a hand gently grab yours.  You glance back in surprise.  

“Name’s Dean.”  He says as he smiles up at you.  You press your lips together and look at him shyly before nodding.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Dean.”  You murmur as you move quickly to the back.  You can’t hear the next thing he says to you as your beating heart drowns out the sound.   


Five hours later, two throbbing feet, and a splitting headache later- you finally are able to sit down for lunch. Grunting as you pour over the paperwork from the morning rush and you pressing your fingers to your forehead. Feeling your eyes cross, you push the paperwork to the side and take a swig from your soda.

“YO, _______.!”  You hear Joe call as he rounds the corner. You look up at the short squat balding man as he approaches you. “Honey. You’ve done plenty.  Time for you to go home.” He says as he gently claps you on the shoulder. You grin at him and give a grateful nod.

Thirty minutes later you’re standing in the little general store as you stare at the frozen burritos.  Humming the song that blares into your earbuds, you reach out to snag a bean burrito but stop when a familiar arm reaches out in front of you.  You turn around slowly to see Dean staring back at you with his same grin from that morning.  You look at him and it felt like you might swallow your tongue.

“Hey there.”  He said cheekily as he moves a little closer to you.  You make a choking noise and move away from him and feel yourself back into the freezers.  Dean chuckles at you as he shifts backward and out of your path.  Feeling flustered, you frown up at him as you rip an earbud away from your ear.

“Are you stalking me?” You accuse as you feel your heart pound in your chest.  His harty laugh is bright and loud- it makes your heart skip a few beats.  You try to look at him mensently but it doesn’t really work well.

“You bet I am sweetheart.”  He says with that bright charming smile that made you feel goopy.  

“Wh-What?”  You mumble in surprise.

“You heard me.  I am stalking you.”  He replies with a wink. You stare at him in bewilderment and he once again chuckles at your expense.

“You can’t be serious…  You’re stalking me?”  You sputter in surprise.  The dirty blonde before you lets out a short “um” as he searches your face.

“You know…. You shouldn’t sell yourself so short.  I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about that smile of yours since this morning.”  He mumbles as he moves closer to you.  When he’s close enough to almost touch you- he stops short.   You stare up into his eyes in complete confusion.  

Why was a complete stranger suddenly make moves on you?

“Look…  Um.  Dean…  I don’t know what you’re getting at here, but….”  

You watch him shake his head as his eyes flit around you.  People have begun to stare and you can tell they are concerned.  Ms. Milly, who runs the general store, has reached under the counter for the rifle you know she keeps there.  She locks eyes with you and you waved her off.  She nods her head and returns to observing.

“Look I’m really not looking for trouble….  It’s…. Just…..  It’s been awhile since I felt something that genuine is all…  You’re smile.  You just seem kind and well I haven’t seen kind in a long while.”  He said with a heavy sigh.  You feel a pang in your chest when you see a fleeting moment of sadness. “I guess I’ve got rusty cause normally, I’d have you back at my room with your…”

“Hey… Watch yourself now.”  You say with a warning as you point a finger.  

Dean chuckles again as some of the tension between you dissipates.  You see Ms. Milly go back to working the counter and you smile at him.

“So I take it…  You’re asking me out?”  You ask as you try not to let the way your stomach is doing somersaults show on your face.

“Maybe even more…”  He says with a cocky smile as you raise an eyebrow at him.

You let the comment roll off your back  and study his features closely for the first time.  The freckles that are splashed across his face make the gooey feeling slip through you again.  You lose yourself for a moment in him but are quickly snapped back into reality when you hear a high pitched wail of your name.  

Your eyes widen in horror when you recognize the voice. Your nosey nextdoor neighbour, Mrs. Cooper is standing in the doorway and is quickly making a beeline for you.  Dean looks at you in confusion when you sudden launch yourself at him and start dragging him towards the  bathroom.  As you push him inside and lock the door, he turns to look at you with a different kind of look in his eyes.

Your hand comes up automatically to cover his mouth when you see him bend down to kiss you.  You shake your head wildly as he pulls away to look at you in bewilderment.  He begins to protest your lack of kissing but you motion for him to keep quiet. You press your ear against the door and breath a sigh of relief as you hear ,a rather upset sounding, Mrs. Cooper’s voice fading.  You would so pay for this next time you saw her.  

Shaking your head, you glance at Dean who is now looking down on you like you’ve lost every brain cell.  

“If it makes you feel any better. This will be the talk of the town for months.”  You mumbled as a laugh rumbles through you.  Your soft bell like laugh causes a true smile to spread across Dean’s lips and you can’t help but notice how beautiful it is.


A few hour later, you and Dean have now had a proper introduction and even a proper asking out of a date.  You sit across from him as you nervously drum your fingers on the table.  For his part, Dean is staring at you like you hung the moon and you can’t help but wonder if he’s motives are pure.

“So….  Where are you from anyway?  We don’t get many visitors to May Springs.”  You say as you reach for a fry.  You nibble on the end as you wait for the answer.

“Kansas… On my way to visit my brother In Kermit.” Dean says in a low rumbly voice as he watches you eat.  You avert your eyes from his as you feel a heat creep into your cheeks.

“So just passing through then?”  You ask as you take great interest in the empty wrapper of your burger.  

“Well…  I thought I would be… But I think I might have found a reason to stick around for awhile.”

Akasaku recs for anon

*Not all of these are romance btw