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Can I request two? 30+ Taehyun & 5 + Mino? Thank you!

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A/N: yes of course you can :’) here’s one for Tae, I will post the one for Mino soon!

(30) Too quick, mumbled into your scarf.

Send me a prompt: The way you said “I love you.”

It wasn’t the usual beeping of her alarm, or the classic, blues rock tune of his that would greet the mornings they shared.

Instead it’s his voice, urgent yet soft, murmured over her as she slowly and quite reluctantly, recollects her consciousness.

“Babehey, wake up” Taehyun’s face comes into view, bed ridden hair framing his worried face as he bends down to her, standing over her side of the bed.  

She couldn’t muster the strength to protest, yanking the covers up to her face only to have him tug it back down, earning him a disgruntled whine.

“Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s half past six!”

Taehyun’s hurried footsteps against the carpeted floor bolts her to a sitting position, the sudden rush dizzies her making the room spin for a brief moment before she realizes what was going on.

They both slept past the alarm and she groans into her lap, regretting last night’s shenanigans for saying to hell with Mondays, I’m going to win this twentieth round of Jenga whether you like it or not, Nam.

It sure does feel like hell.

She curses under her breath, flinging the covers away and flinching when the colder air hits her sleep drunk skin. Her legs take a disorientated stumble forward, miraculously making way into the steam downed bathroom while shaking off her mismatched PJ’s like it’s on fire.

Taehyun’s no longer fazed when she hops into the shower, with him already squeezing out the strawberry body wash onto her shoulder with shampoo in his eyes. It’s probably the quickest shower to ever happen in the history of shower taking together, thoughts of going past that stuffed away, at least until they’re back in here after work which they’re already late for in the first place.

They’ve got different places to be, but the mornings are the same only this time it’s on fast forward. Times ten.

She’s ducking in from under his arm, his bare back pressed to the bathroom wall with a toothbrush hanging from his mouth, mumbling something about her clothes already laid out on the bed. A quick thank you leaves her lips and she’s suddenly smiling over the small yet thoughtful thought. Jenga pieces scattered the leaving room, her feet hopping past the mess like it’s a warzone as she darts into the kitchen, flipping down the toaster for two.  

The scrunch on his face tells her that she must have forgotten the sugar to his coffee, but Taehyun chugs down the thing anywayshe skipped her hair just to make him breakfast for god’s sake. Their elbows and hips knock against each other as he squeezes through towards the kitchen sink, twisting around to pop in the buttered toast into his mouth. His arms hang in midair when she rushes to tuck in his shirt that he missed, not forgetting to playfully tap his butt when she’s done and he’s laughing a little too bright for someone so late.

“C’mere you!” He muffles through the piece of bread still in his mouth, her stifled giggles waking up parts of him better than the coffee still bitter in his tongue.

She’s by the door, shrugging into her coat that hung next to his in a hurry.

“We don’t have time for this, Tae!”

Taehyun rakes his hand through his damp hair, grinning foolishly at her from the distance as he toes in his shoes.

“Will you get on it?” She blows out her cheeks, striding towards him to wrap the scarf he almost forgot over and around his neck, “What did I say about staying warm?”

His brows droop to a frown when she continues to wrap the knitted material until his face sinks into it, and she’s pursing her lips to fight a rising laugh. You are so cute.

I love you.” He mutters quickly, the confession silenced by the thick scarf even more so when he dashes out the door, but she’s memorized every syllable of his breath to not miss a single thing.

Funny how three words could leave her in such a daze.


When They Settle 'Neath Your Skin

Description: Teen/Fantasy ish AU: If someone has a descriptive thought about you, the word(s) appear on your wrist and trail up your arms, depending how many thoughts are happening. They’ll linger for an hour or so per thought. If they’re thinking/speaking full sentences, only the adjectival words will show up, meaning you’ll see scattered and incomplete phrases if someone is thinking or talking about you a lot.

Sherlock attends a prep school where he is considered an oddity by some, a freak by others, or just not to be bothered with. He’s used to “freak,” “creep,” or “arsehole" appearing on his arms…the nicest it gets is when Mike amusedly thinks “funny,” or Greg drily remarks “different.” He was definitely not prepared for the day a transfer student glanced at him across the hallway, and the word “beautiful” blazed across his wrist.

Review: I’ve never read an au like this before and I very much enjoyed it. John is so sweet and loving and I will always melt at John being extra kind and gentle towards Sherlock.

Rating: General


Rwby feels all dem feels

volume one went like this:

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volume two went like this:

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volume three went like this:

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the middle was like:

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the end was like:

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and i was like:

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And also like:

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and i really want to watch rwby volume four nowwww 

thank you rooster teeth for all your hard work

this is about to sound so cheesy….but i’m so glad that i have Simon Lewis in my life like he’s the one character that I know will never die, be written badly by writers, or do something ooc that’ll disappoint me. and like he’s been my favorite character since i was so young and it was a really impressionable time in my life and it’s like he’s my comfort blanket character and i think it’s important that everyone have one

The way you said “I love you.”

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Please don’t hate me, I know I’ve got other things up my sleeve but I couldn’t resist! Feel free to send me a number along with a WINNER member, I will reserve one name for one number. I may incorporate it with a prompt I already have, I’ll try my best to not to though. I guess I just need a little inspiration :)

Edit: I’ll keep this updated along the way (add links to finished ones and tick off ones that are already requested!) I would love to write all these up, so please don’t hesitate :’) Thank youuu! <3

  1. As a hello Seungyoon
  2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets Mino
  3. A scream
  4. Over a cup of tea Taehyun
  5. Over a beer bottle Mino
  6. On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair
  7. As a thank you
  8. As an apology
  9. When baking chocolate chip cookies Mino
  10. Not said to me Taehyun
  11. With a shuddering gasp
  12. When we lay together on the fresh spring grass Seungyoon
  13. In a letter Taehyun
  14. A whisper in the ear Mino
  15. Loud, so everyone can hear Seunghoon
  16. Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble
  17. When the broken grass litters the floor
  18. From very far away
  19. With no space left between us Mino
  20. As we huddle together, the storm raging outside Mino
  21. Over your shoulder
  22. Muffled, from the other side of the door Jinwoo
  23. Through a song Taehyun
  24. Without really meaning it
  25. In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep Mino
  26. Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave Mino
  27. A taunt, with one eyebrow raised and a grin bubbling at your lips Seungyoon
  28. When I am dead Jinwoo
  29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey Seungyoon
  30. Too quick, mumbled into your scarf Taehyun
  31. In awe, the first time you realised it Seunghoon
  32. In a way I can’t return Jinwoo
  33. On a post-it note Seunghoon
  34. Before we jump
  35. As a goodbye Seungyoon
The Passion of Taylor Swift

It was incredible.
Everything. Absolutely breathtaking.
And I’m still getting butterflies thinking about it.
@taylorswift in concert.
Live, right in front of me, I almost could of touched her. She was that close
An unbelievable human being, with a passion for what she does that goes so deep that a cold couldn’t keep her off that stage
She wanted to be there as much as the 80 000 people in front of her.
Every single one of them mean the world to her.
That’s what makes Taylor different, she loves back.

As soon as we arrived at the track Saturday night you could feel the passion.
Blankets of people waiting to get to the stage, to get a good view of their everything.
I’ve been to see Taylor before but this was different.
This was a whole new level of love.

When they let the line move forward it was like a dam was bursting.
Trying their hardest not to run, wanting to remain calm but being unable to.
Knowing that Taylor was in the vicinity was too much.
Everyone wanting to get a glimpse of the woman who changed their life. Who IS their life.

Emotions were high. Of course there was some pushing, yelling and ugly words, but it was nothing compared to the kindness and compassion that I also witnessed. And when Taylor came on stage, all you could feel was love.

The love was palpable.
It was in the 11 year old next to me, who had seen every show since SpeakNow but had never been so close, who wearing her RED shirt proudly had tears streaming down her face, singing every song with passion.
It was in the college boy who pressed up against the barricade, front row centre wearing his mermaid sequin jacket and dancing like no one was watching
It was in the woman who was in her 50s, there without kids, just loving every second and telling Taylor that she was wonderful and to never stop what she is doing.
It was there in the girl, dressed head to to in Taylor Swift, including custom made leggings, walking slowly with her walker to the front of the pit after the show just so she could experience being close to where Taylor had been.

For over 90 minutes Taylor opened her heart
She spoke like every single person there was her best friend.
She sang, played guitar and piano, joked and blew her nose.
And it was amazing

When the night was over, it was hard to leave.
Taylor had been here, her presence was still here.
I wanted more than anything to be able to say Thank you.
For everything.

Taylor you mean so much to so many people. Your passion and love for what you do and who you do it for is incredible.
I will be there for you every step of the way, no matter what you decide to do in life.
I will always have your back.
Just like you always have ours.

Love you to the moon Taylor.
Thank you so much