Happy Valentine’s Day (very early), fellow simmers! :) I bring a gift for ALL sims games/sims players - yes, all of them! (Though I suppose sims 1 players will already have at least some of it, heh) That’s because it’s not custom content… it’s the music from the sims 1 complete collection! Some of it has been released on soundtracks or in other games, but I don’t think all of it has been released anywhere other than the original sims 1 and its expansion packs. I’m sure you can find this all over the internet, but not everybody would even think to go looking for it. So I zipped it all up - all the radio stations, all the build/buy mode, EVERYTHING - and uploaded it (and it’s over 400 mb, yikes!) For the few tracks that had official titles and composer information, I added that to the mp3s, but every track has its original filename. Some of the tracks are in weird places, so if you don’t find something in one folder, keep looking! :) I hope EA doesn’t get TOO mad at me, but anyway…


It should be obvious, but these don’t go in your downloads folder - they go wherever your particular game allows you to add custom music. Or they can go on your mp3 player or in your iTunes or something. Whatever you like. :)


And Chi’s here too! Somehow coming before the list of people with a bigger plot relevance than her, but let’s not question it. On the plus side: zero moons in sight. We’re safe. We’re finally safe. 

While I don’t have much to say about Chi herself just yet, the artwork here is gorgeous without question. The dress she wears is shaped like wings, not that she needs them, and if this was Sakura that would be very serious imagery. But it’s not. This is Chi. And maybe it’s just meant to be pretty. Unless there is a link between Sakura’s “wings” from the main plotline and the idea of artificial creation that I am unaware of just yet. Chi is, after all, (potential Chobits spoilers btw) the poster child for artificial human life that defies its purpose of creation. Maybe this is a thing that happens later in the series, but if it is I don’t know about it yet.

What I DO know is that the image is filled with visual reminders of where she is and what she’s doing. The pillar of ice behind her is shaped like a tree (more artificial life?) and is a link to the ice that Fai sits on in his own Deluxe Art Cover. There is no mystery to the relation between Fai and Chi - he created her - so the link is self-explanatory. But more than that, the water all around her is representative of the pool around the sleeping Ashura. Because she is a literal seal on this water right now. It makes sense that this is her backdrop, that it surrounds her on all sides, because this is her life for the moment. 

But at least she dressed warm. 

Let me just be cheesy for a moment. 

This is SDM. This man radiates pure joy throughout my life. This joy reaches me daily after traveling through the 1,748 miles that separate us. 

This beautiful man is my encourager, best friend, adventure buddy, collaborator, fellow space traveler and one great love. He has taught me more about love in the past 15 months than any other human being has in 21 years. 

This picture was taken on a hike during our last Colorado visit together. Looking at it makes every ugly thing in the world disappear. 


🌸 I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair 🌸