A seriously pissed off clown head cannon scenario part 1

I didn’t want to just jump right in to the middle of the story but this ended up being way too long. I split it in to two parts so all of the gore and smut will be in part 2

You were not known for making great decisions. A series of poor choices led you to try and start over in Derry. Shortly after moving you began to see a co worker named Jerry. Jerry from Derry, what a laugh. The fling came to a sudden stop when you met Pennywise. Continuing your streak of bad luck you managed to peak the clowns interest and you made a deal. You would stay in Derry as his “Honey” for a year. If you broke or tried to leave he would eat you. If you made it the full year you were free to go and live a happy life. So for your own safety Jerry got the boot. It’s been a month and he is still not taking it well

“Meet me by the canal tonight bitch or I’m going to HR and your ass will never work in this town again.” You listened to the voicemail one more time, deleted it and sighed. Penny had been very specific on the fact that you belong to him. “You are my Honey now, if he touches you I will rip him to pieces and eat his entrails.” Even though he was smiling when he said it you didn’t think he was joking… or that he would stop at Jerry. You had three options. Let Jerry ruin your career, let Pennywise eat you both or defy Penny and hope he never found out. You were really bad at making life choices

It was just starting to get dark when you sat on the bench facing the canal. You hoped Penny would be too busy doing whatever it was he did to notice you had snuck out of the house. Jerry arrived and took a seat beside you. “ I’m surprised you were able to get away from your new boyfriend long enough to see me. Maybe I should have threatened you from the begining” “Look Jerry, shut up for a second and listen to me. I need you to leave me alone. Don’t talk to me don’t call me. Nothing. It’s for your own good” That was not the response Jerry was expecting “Do you really think I’m afraid of your boyfriend? I spent money on you, I invested time in you and you suddenly cut me off?”

As the argument continues to heat up neither of you notice the two hands that appear at the edge of the canal. A pair of glowing yellow and red eyes peek over the edge and look around until they zero in on their target. The body starts to shift, trying to take the form of a human male but it’s difficult. The brain screams for teeth and claws

Still involved in a heated discussion you don’t notice the “man” pull himself out of the canal across from you. His limbs occasionally cracking at odd angles he strides across the grass. You both stop talking and look up as he steps in front of you. Your face goes pale as you realize who he is. There is a seriously pissed off clown glaring at you and he is not doing a great job of holding his human visage together


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Are we getting an episode this week???


But it’s gonna be bucklemming and plot heavy so I imagine

1. Annoyed viewers who want more character stuff
2. A dive in viewership cos it’s thanksgiving and last week was very high
3. Please chuck not more rape

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Who is actually *creating* so much of this liberal homophobia? I always see stuff like "you have to date someone you're not attracted to if they identify as a person you're attracted to -> you don't have to have sex w someone you're dating (but have to date someone you don't want sex w even if you'd rather find a partner and not waste time on an empty relationship) -> wanting to find a compatible partner is BAD EXCLUSION" this is such unhealthy logic for anyone pursuing any sort of dating,

Basically, three main groups:
1. Males who want to guilt lesbians into dating/sleeping with them.
2. Heterosexual and bisexual women eager to throw lesbians under the bus to please men.
3. Teenagers with no genuine relationship experience.

Group 1 is pretty much creating and using groups 2 and 3, but I have no sympathy for lesbophobic women either. They have no excuse for what they’re doing. Hopefully, some of the teenagers will learn what they’ve been taught about relationships is unhealthy and unrealistic, but many of them will probably grow up to join the other groups. :/

-Mod Noel

So I’ve recently come to the realization that this “one-shot” I was going to do is probably not going to be just a “one-shot” anymore. Most likely it’s going to be multi-chaptered, so to those who wanted tagged in this “Boots and Heels” head-canon between Roman and Virgil, I’ll tag you in “Chapter 1″ if you still want me to, but after that you’ll need to tell me if you want tagged in the subsequent parts.

@not-so-innocent-bi-sander, @twentyoneparades-to-panic-at, and @kaymischief25, is this system okay for you?

If anybody wants added to the tag list just let me know, same rule applies to my other W.I.P.

On the other hand, if you want un-tagged just sent me a quick message too! I promise I won’t be offended!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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Part 1: I just want you to know before I start that this is NOT HATE. I’m worried I may sound a little harsh, but I’ve been following this blog for awhile, and this is kind of a message to a lot of your followers, y’all need to stop being so obsessed with getting a girlfriend! Are relationships great? Yes of course they are, but most of you are still just kids! Take my advice, dating will not solve all your issues. You will still be depressed with a girlfriend. You’ll still be insecure.

Part 2 You will still be suicidal. You should go into a relationship because of genuine feelings for a person, not because you “just want a girlfriend.” I get it. You’re young. Most of you are just now exploring your sexuality. You want someone to love you for you, but you can’t really love someone if you don’t love yourself. Don’t feel like you need a girlfriend to be happy. Sorry if I hurt anyone, but I used to feel like that and I wanted to give some advice because I know how it feels.


This is really important and I agree with all of it except for the loving yourself thing bc for trauma surviors loving yourself feels near to impossible for a long time and it isn’t easy for everyone.

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Shh: Three things they wouldn't want their parents to know.

1.)    Olivia would not want her parents to know she is not yet married. They had arranged to have her married at 18, but fate had other plans.

2.)    Worse than being a spinster, Olivia’s sole intimate relationship to date was with a Night Elf.

3.)    She plans to get a tattoo of a dagger and mandrake bloom on her hip. Despite its discreet location, her parents would frown upon something so permanent.

((Thanks for the ask, @curiouscodex !))

Jack: He really likes cowboys.
Cas: Yes, he does.

I know that everyone’s excited about how Cas & Dean will interact in the next episode but, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about how Jack will react to 1. not only seeing Cas but mainly to 2. Seeing how Dean’s demeanor has changed since Cas came back.

Think about it: Up until now, Jack has only seen the dark, sad, angry, and generally scarier sides of Dean. In 13x06 he will see the happier and fluffier side of Dean that stands as a complete contrast to the side of Dean that Jack has been exposed to. On top of that, this episode will showcase one of Dean’s likes: Cowboys, so he’s also more excited than he normally would be.

The thing is, Jack isn’t stupid. He’s very observant and he uses his observations to learn how to understand the world he lives in. Then he asks questions in response to those observations. Essentially, he will probably reason that Dean is so excited because the case deals with cowboys but also,

He’s gonna notice that Dean’s happy because Cas is back.

I mean it’s pretty clear that he’s happy because Cas is back. Depressed, suicidal Dean who didn’t care if he lived or died just yesterday probably wouldn’t have gotten that excited over cowboys today. Jack’s used to the reactions Dean has been giving after having lost the people he loved, meaning, that

Jack has never seen Dean when he isn’t depressed.

I mean, it’s no coincidence that the moment Cas comes back Dean’s demeanor suddenly drastically changes. (It may be a bit more subtle than that at first but I believe that the general vibe coming off of Dean when they first return to the bunker will be much happier than Jack’s normally used to seeing)

Another thing I am curious to see is how Jack will respond to Cas’s knowledge about Dean. I mean, that scene from the promo trailer that I copy-and-pasted above just serves to show Jack that Cas, a friendly, warm, protective, trustworthy father figure, knows Dean far better than he does. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack, who, in Sam’s words “wants [Dean] to like him,” would try to understand Dean better through Cas now too.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if:

1. Jack & Dean had small, subtle rivalries over who got to hang out with Cas throughout the case. (ex. Jack saying he’ll go with Cas and Dean saying no, he is going with Cas and Jack can go with Sam [cough, cough graveyard scene])

1.a. Jack, noticing Dean wanting to hang out with his dad and, when Sam & he go to the graveyard in the promo pics, Jack asks about Dean & his love of cowboys, or why Dean’s happy, or if Dean & Cas are close or something in order to understand why Dean is acting strangely happier than usual.

In summation, Pay attention to Jack in the next episode. He’s probably going to watch Cas & Dean closely to understand Dean & his demeanor better. Also, he totally knows that Dean is happy because Cas is back.

Tips for Improving Your life

1. Listen to what you want to do, not what others want you to do.

2. Listen to who you want to be, not who others want you to be.

3. Stop hiding your true thoughts and feelings; start being true to who you really are.

4. Stop criticizing and putting yourself down; start appreciating and loving who you are.

5. Stop saying yes when you’d much rather say no.

6. Start dreaming more, and trying different things.

7. Forget about the past and enjoy what’s happening now.

8. Appreciate the good things and the beauty, and life’s joys.



1- Just wanted to draw my fav boy with his hair down, it was alil experimental because I dont really know how his hair works and just fucked around until it looked half decent~

2- A version of him w/o glasses just for funsies.

3- Chibi Erasermic smooches before they have to go to work

4- MidMic doodle comic. Aizawa isn’t the only one who gets him. I hc that Mic lets his facial hair grow when he is not doing so well and Midnight knows this. (This can be either platonic or romantic, I like both so…)

5- Erasermic filled sketchbook page, how Mic and Aizawa  went from rivals who hate eachother for pety reasons to best friends. 

6- Another Erasermic filled sketchbook page, Platonic gifts that mean the world.


【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】 BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Q1: Which member seems to be suitable to have a heart-to-heart talk with?

1. RAP MONSTER 6323 votes
2. J-HOPE 2728 votes
3. JIMIN 2572 votes
4. SUGA 1525 votes
5. JIN 870 votes
6. JUNGKOOK 189 votes
7. V 163 votes
(RAP MONSTER: I consult with our members.)

JIN: Who do you guys think is #7?
JUNGKOOK: V hyung!
SUGA: Shouldn’t it be Jungkook, since he’s the maknae?
V: No, Jin hyung is definitely in the lower rank.
JIN: Nope,it’s V, right? (laughs)
J-HOPE: The result is… oh oh oh!
SUGA: The difference between #1 and #7’s votes is so big.
V: What does everyone think of me? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: V is a member that we need to talk him about his troubles. (laughs)
JIMIN: The reasons for picking Rap Monster hyung are mainly “because he’s the leader that united the group”, “it seems that he can give the right advice”.
JUNGKOOK: Hyung usually listens to everyone’s worries.
V: The best leader!
RAP MONSTER: I like discussing about the worries that you guys have!
SUGA: I really want to know the reason why V is #7.
J-HOPE: They wrote “it seems that V will give unexpected answers”.
JIN: That’s right. V would unexpectedly give really good answers.
V: Yay! I got 1 vote. (laughs)

Q2: Who do you want to make lunch box for you?

1. JIN 10292 votes
2. JIMIN 1054 votes
3. JK 928 votes
4. SUGA 772 votes
5. V 539 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 421votes
7. J-HOPE 364 votes
(JIN: It has to be me when comes to cooking!)

JIMIN: Suga hyung have made sandwiches before.
SUGA: Very delicious.
V: Hyung cooks often too.
SUGA: Yeah, I’ve made lunch boxes for our members.
RAP MONSTER: It’s just V and I who can’t cook.
JIN: You’ve burnt a pan before! (laughs)
J-HOPE: Do I give people the impression that I don’t cook?
JIN: Hobi’s cooking level is average.
JUNGKOOK: It’s not very delicious and it’s not awful (laughs).

Q3: Who likes to talk for a long time on the phone?

1. V 5548 votes
2. JIMIN 3512 votes
3. J-HOPE 2142 votes
4. JIN 1915 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 542 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 475 votes
7. SUGA 236 votes
(JIMIN: The calls are short but I call often.)

SUGA: A lot of people wrote “V probably can talk incessantly even if he’s alone.”
V: I won’t even notice if the other person isn’t talking (laughs) It’s right that I like to talk on the phone!
RAP MONSTER: #2 is Jimin and the reason is “he updates Twitter often, so it seems that he will call often”, a very good impression.
JIMIN: I think I’m the type that wouldn’t call a long time but I would call often.
JUNGKOOK: I don’t make calls! Sometimes when I think I have been talking for 30 minutes but it has only been 1 minute. I was so surprised.
JIN: I hate phone calls too. I like to contact people by texting. Even when I make calls, I would be like “hey, check your texts” and then end the call. (laughs)
SUGA: Me too, I always try to send texts.
RAP MONSTER: I like to make long calls, so I can talk for 3 hours.
J-HOPE: I often make video calls compared to the normal calls.
V: You follow fashion!
JIN: I completely forgot such function existed. (laughs)

Q4: If you go to the seaside together, who would be the noisiest member?

1. V 5306 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3741 votes
3.J-Hope 3565 votes
4. JIMIN 1009 votes
5. JIN 374 votes
6. SUGA 251 votes
7. RAP MONSTER 124 votes

RAP MONSTER: Although I’m #7, I can be unexpectedly quite noisy.
JIN: Unexpectedly, I can be super noisy!
JUNGKOOK: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. (laughs) 
JIN: Yeah, Jungkook isn’t noisy. I feel like Jimin and I will have fun until we collapse. 
V: Rap Monster hyung unexpectedly is the lively type. 
SUGA: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. 
JIN: That’s not unexpected at all! (laughs) 
J-HOPE: I think I would change depending on the situation. 
JIMIN: The reasons for #1 V are “because he’s like a child”, “if V goes to play on his own, you probably won’t even know where he ran off to.”
RAP MONSTER: That’s right, but Jungkook would go missing if he secretly goes off by himself.
V: Yeah, Rap Monster hyung who’s next to me, you know someone is missing!

Q5: If you had to pick the first alien in BTS, who would you pick?

1. V 9312 votes
2. SUGA 1678 votes
3. RAP MONSTER 1314 votes
4. J-Hope 818 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 637 votes
6. JIN 371 votes
7. JIMIN 240 votes
(V: I’m definitely the leading #1! (laughs))

JIN: This is made for V, right? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: The result… eh, Suga hyung is #2 and I’m #3!? So unexpected.
SUGA: After I had the appendix surgery, I couldn’t go to the space. (laughs)
JUNGKOOK: I want to go~
J-HOPE: The reason for Rap Monster is “it seems that his mind can easily be in sync with the aliens’ minds”.
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIMIN: This means that I give people the impression that I’m the most normal member.
V: What about me then? (laughs)

Q6: The member can do bungee jump without hesitation?  

1. JUNGKOOK 10657 votes
2. SUGA 1143 votes
3. JIMIN  650 votes
4. J-HOPE 590 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 588 votes
6. V 469 votes
7. JIN 273 votes
(JUNGKOOK: Bungee jump is fun!)

RAP MONSTER: #7 Jin hyung got so little votes. (laughs) There isn’t a big difference between #3 – 6.
JIN: Hey, including #7, there isn’t a big difference. When have I left such impression on you guys? (laughs)
J-HOPE: Those who picked Jin hyung wrote, “Jin hyung has broad shoulders, so the air resistance would be really big.”
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIN: Wow, this is very scientific! (laughs)
JIMIN: A lot of people wrote for #1 Jungkook, “it seems that he can jump easily.”
JUNGKOOK: Yes! That’s right.
J-HOPE: For #2 Suga, “Suga has the image that he doesn’t react to scary things.”
SUGA: If it’s for filming, I can jump otherwise I wouldn’t. It’s the occupational disease. (laughs)
V: Actually, everyone is really scared except Jungkook.
J-HOPE: Yeah, everyone can do bungee jump but only Jungkook would enjoy it.
V: I did it once and I thought I was going to die!
RAP MONSTER: I don’t want to do it ever again. (laughs)

Q7: Who do you want to be a comic duo with?

1. J-HOPE 6199 votes
2. JIN 2752 votes
3. SUGA 1677 votes
4. V 1327 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 957 votes
6. JIMIN 950 votes
7. JUNG KOOK 508 votes
(J-HOPE: Let’s make a comic duo with Suga hyung.)

SUGA: Hobi has got to be no.1.
J-HOPE: Many people want to see Suga hyung and I do a comic act.
RAP MONSTER: The silly one (boke) is Hobi and the straight man in comedy (tsukkomi) is Suga hyung.
J-HOPE: Don’t be like that!
ALL: (laughs)
V: Jungkook is #7 so unexpected. Isn’t he funny in Japan?
JUNGKOOK: No, my image in Japan is handsome/ cool.
RAP MONSTER: But Jungkook is the most hilarious, he has the ability to make people laugh.
JIMIN: No, recently Jin hyung is the funniest.
V: Yeah, I think Jin hyung is #1!

Q8: Who can’t get up? (Who’s weak in the morning)?

1. SUGA 6692 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3590 votes
3.V 2623 votes
4.JIMIN 694 votes
5.RAP MONSTER 439 votes
6.J-Hope 229 votes
7. JIN 103 votes

SUGA: Even though I’m #1, I can get up straight away. I produce music so I often stay up at night, I would usually take naps in between the gaps.
JUNGKOOK: The most energetic in the morning is Hobi hyung, hyung always gets up the earliest.
JIN: Even if Jimin gets up early, he takes a long time to prepare.
J-HOPE: But he can’t get up. (laughs)
JIMIN: I’ve been trying recently.
JIN: Huh˜? But I can smell that someone was late today (sniffs)
JIMIN: I got up straight away in the morning. I’m not that slow these days~ 
ALL: (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: #2 Jungkook actually can’t get up, just like it’s written here “Jungkook might get angry if you wake him up.”
V: During the trainee days, I prepared a surprise for Jungkook’s birthday but he didn’t get up no matter how many times I’ve knocked on the door. I had to pull his legs to the living room. (laughs)
J-HOPE: V stop talking about other people (laughs), someone wrote “it seems that V would crawl back to sleep (or have unprotected sleep) 4 times.” This is so on point.
V: Yeah! If I wake up, I’ll fall back to sleep (laughs)

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; JungkookJinJ-Hope
Q: What do you want to challenge yourself this summer?
BTS Biography - Jimin
BTS Biography - V (Vol.3)BTS Biography - Suga (Vol.2)

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

we all know richie is a spicy cocktail of ADHD and child neglect, but can we talk about how the losers came up with a way to let him know he’s going too far without having to be mean about it? “beep beep” is such a nice alternative to “you’re annoying everybody with your hyperactive mouth, calm the fuck down”. especially because i can imagine that’s how he gets spoken to at home. like he has this group of friends who are the only people who 1) want him around and 2) FOUND A WAY TO EXPLAIN TO HIM WHEN HE WAS BEING TOO MUCH WITHOUT SAYING IT LIKE THAT

anyway i love him and i love the losers club and that is all thanks

We did it! Inktober is over and I can proudly say that I draw every day of October and finished one drawing for each day of Inktober. Some days even more than one :D

I’m not going to lie; it has been a very rough month. I set myself a goal I could barely reach, but somehow I feel proud of myself. I’ve been sick for a while now and this has distracted my mind from drowning in its own fears. I honestly think that without Inktober I would have fallen into a huge depression for not being able to go outside and do normal things for 8 weeks.

Some curious facts about this month:

Sketchbook used: Moleskine art plus 13x21 cm
Prompts: 29/30
Pages used: 53
Drawings: 37
Comics: 3
Videos: 7
Broken nibs: 3
Different pens/markers used: 10
Days I cried: 5
Days I enjoyed drawing: every single one of them
Most popular piece: Inktober #15. Glasses.
Less popular piece: Inktober #30. Siblings.
Personal favorite piece: Inktober#14 Rock Band and Inktober#31 Halloween
Hardest piece: Inktober#24 Wings (process video)
Easiest piece: Inktober#1 Selfie

I want to thank @ghost–fox​, @sweetferretxd​, @esselley​ and @reallycorking​ for all the support. Because some times I was gone for a long time only to come back to talk about inktober for a whole month. Because Claudia and Mari decided to gift me with awesome fics to go with my drawings. Because they encouraged me even without saying a word. Thank you so much.

I also want to thank all the people that liked, reblogged and left sweet comments in here, Instagram or Twitter. There were days that I felt so grateful and surprised it was overwhelming.

Right now im working on a compilation zine of some of the ink works I’ve done for this Inktober and I hope that at lot of you will be interested! It’s scary! Not scary in a bad way but in an exciting way!

Thank you guys for your support!!