romans 1:18-22

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

i hate school it makes me feel terrible and uneasy this whole year sucked and i missed like 2 months when i was too unstable and sad to even go this whole year has been shit and im detached from everyone here i dont care i cant do work i cant do anything i want this to be over already

Victoire had never been one who enjoyed listening to the welcome back speeches by the Headmistress. That is not to say that she didn’t respect her — in fact, Victoire considered herself to be one of McGoogles biggest admirers — but she was far more interested in catching up with her friends than she was in listening to the new rules & regulations. The sound of loud chatter spreading through the Great Hall, however, managed to catch Victoire’s attention long enough that she opened her eyes from the short nap she was taking. She just managed to decipher what was going on when the doors burst open, and students from both Durmstrang & Beauxbatons entered the Great Hall. Her lips curled up in an pleased smile.

“Now, THIS is what I call a proper welcome back,” Victoire mused, an excited gleam in her eyes. 

goodbye-to-a-world so about the game………………………..i redesigned a bunch of stuff and then kinda forgot about it for a while and then got super distracted drawing this guy. One of many planned hockey player templates (if all goes well i want to try and actually draw my own animated skating sprite. but then that would probably lead to tons more animation for fights, goal celebrations, hits, etc etc and everything’s already so out of hand as is).

To my followers:

I’m really digging Earth 2 Dick Grayson right now (could you tell?). I’m wondering what you guys would be interested in seeing:

1) I can read through the previous Earth 2 / World’s End comics and live blog the Dick Grayson (& Babs & son) moments until we’re up to date

2) I can start at Convergence #1 and live blog the Dick Grayson moments from there (since the previous Earth 2 comics have a slight reputation of not making sense. (What’s their son’s name again?))

3) I can start with the upcoming Earth 2: Society #1 coming out on June 10th and live blog the (yes) Dick Grayson moments

4) “Shelly shut up please we don’t care”

Either way, you’ll be getting Dick Grayson moments (unless you chose option 4, in which case: ow); If you happen to hate Earth 2, everything will conveniently be tagged with ‘Earth 2′ for your tag blocking convenience

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Is there a Tyrra for Inquisition!Rose?

Sort of!

Rose Trevelyan has an older (biological, not adopted) sister, Calla (a name I chose 1) because I wanted them both to have flower names and 2) because the consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant-vowel pattern is the same as Tyrra’s–if y stands in as a vowel.). She hasn’t appeared physically in any fic so far, though she’s mentioned in Letters Home. She’s about four years older, married, toddler and a baby, stable and dedicated and will one day make a marvelous Bann. Her parents are baffled at how someone so responsible and law-abiding came from them, but of course they love her beyond words. 

Rose idolized her sister, growing up. She’d tell anyone she met how smart and funny and nice and perfect her big sister was. She’d crawl in bed with Calla when she had bad dreams before she’d go to her parents. For a while, she named all her dolls ‘Calla’ because Calla was the best everything. Why name a doll anything else?

Calla likes to make order from disorder. She and Josephine, I think, would get on like houses on fire. She takes the responsibility of her position very seriously. She’s not a stick in the mud, though. She’d never admit it, but she gets a thrill from Rose’s practical jokes, and some of the best ones started as ideas she casually planted and let Rose believe were her own. When it came time to do weapons training (every Trevelyan does weapons training), her parents expected their tall, willowy daughter to make a half-hearted effort at archery before wheedling out of practice altogether.

They were wrong. Oh, Calla can use a bow, but she’s such an accomplished sword-and-shield warrior that Rose still insists she ought to compete in tourneys. Calla smiles and shakes her head. (She doesn’t tell them–any of them–that she did compete the year after her sister was taken to the Circle, and could have gone all the way, but didn’t want to risk being recognized. Didn’t want to answer for herself. Wanted to stay anonymous. It was a hard year, that year.) 

Calla rides alone often. She says she likes the solitude to think. Perhaps coincidentally, her lands are never plagued by banditry. Ever. (She’s more the child of her parents than they even realize.)

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I am watching Arrow again from season 1 and all I want to ask what do some see in Lauriver that I can't? Maybe my true love detecting skills are faulty because I can't see any love or chemistry between them. I swear I tried to see it for onces with Lauriver Fans point of view but I can't see any romantic relationship! I mean I can bear/see Olicity break up (maybe?) but Lauriver happening? Nope. Never. Not even if there are 10, 15 or 100 seasons. Oliver can endup dead or alone but not with Laurel

I honestly never saw it either babe. When I did my summer re-watch last year, I just couldn’t believe that these two people had some sort of “epic lovestory” when he was constantly cheating on her. I even remember saying this last year that I honestly, to this day, still believe that the only reason why Oliver wanted to get back to Laurel was because he thought LianYu was his purgatory for all his sins. He had this beautiful and loving woman that he didn’t deserve and being on that island opened his eyes to the asshole that he was to her.

so in my honest opinion: I honestly don’t believe he was in love with her BEFORE the island. (how many times do you cheat on a woman before you realize you’re in love with her?) I still don’t believe he was in love with her AFTER the island either. I think he was in love with the idea of going back to her and making things ok but as he came back, they were two VERY different people.

I can’t see the writers going back to lauriver. God, if you thought lauriver were toxic in Season 2… Season 3 shitted on everything they had. Like the man teamed up with the man that KILLED YOUR BABY SISTER. YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD. He didn’t even bother telling Laurel anything, even when she came to him first and cried on his shoulders. I’ve said this before and I’m not exaggerating when I say this guys. I’ve NEVER EVER EVER HAD A NOTP. EVER. I ship Spuffy (still loved Bangel). I ship DIley (still loved Biley). I ship Stydia (still love Stalia). Lauriver is the NOTP of ALL NOTPS in the world. It’s disgusting, humiliating (I get so embarrassed for LAUREL between their scenes), and just toxic ALL AROUND. Why would the writers think it’s EVER ok to get back to this? Hint: they know they can’t :)

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What would your 3 wishes when you meet a Genie? ///

1. I want my parents to be together again. I miss having a complete and happy family. 2. I want to achieve my goals in life 3. A good and healthy family in the future

I haven’t done this in a while...

I find that you can learn a lot about people by the music they own. Not just the stuff they listen to regularly, everything they have on their chosen media device.

So, in order for you to all know me a bit better, I have my media player open, and I’m going to list the first 10 songs it plays when set to random, with all music available.

Feel free to reblog this, and put your own 10 songs, the same way, if you want.

1: “Black or White” - Michael Jackson
2: “Defy You” - The Offspring
3: “Khe Sanh” - Cold Chisel
4: “The Damage Done” - Alter Bridge
5: “Overkill” - Men at Work
6: “Seek and Destroy” Metallica
7: “Legal Assassin” - Repo Soundtrack
8: “The Bottom” - Sick Puppies
9: “Cry Little Sister” - Gerard McMann
10: “You give love a bad name” - Bon Jovi


You complete me completely.. No matter how many headaches you give me I’ll always love you unconditionally.. We’ve been together for so long I can’t even sleep without you by my side I’ve grown so attached to you.. We’re 1 and I wouldn’t want it any other way.. I’m happy to be spending the rest of my life with you.!! Oute alofa ia te oe 😍😘💍💏👪💟💙 #ManyYearsStrong And #ManyMoreYearsToCome steven-urias

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for your june fic a day challenge: 12, 27, 46

Prompt: Suddenly able to hear others’ thoughts, an injured alien plays Russian roulette.

Read it on AO3

I’m doing a fic-a-day challenge in June. Send me three numbers between 1 and 60 if you want to give me a prompt!

END of day 1 of PinkJune

I posted all the intro posts of the day, but please if you wanna join the challenge throughout this week just post all the things since day one or just join on the day you are adding your goals and starting points! 

I’ve read all of your posts and tried to answer to all of your questions! and you don’t have an idea of how much it means to me that people are actually doing this, so far around 30 beautiful humans are on this challenge and it’s so incredibly uplifting to see you talking about it and sharing it with friends! You have no idea how much I appreciate this, and sincerely how much this means! 

As my main goal is to pass the rest of my finals I’ll go ahead and study the rest of the night, probably going to bed around 3 am or something! I’ll be posting and rebblogging all of your posts from day 2 and day 1 (whoever wants to join a little late!) tomorrow morning, my exam is around 5pm and then I have a study group for a next exam so I’ll be kind of busy, bu I promise I’ll check out on all of you asap!. 

Seriously thank you so much for participating in this, while I was doing the quests and preparing the posts for each week plus the calendar I didn’t actually thought people would want to join! and it just means so much when I see that throughout some quests that will motivate me I can help motivate others! 

Keep on being pretty, nice, motivated, and overall pink! ;)