Operation N.U.G.G.E.T.
  • Nigel:"Alright, I'll greet the guests and run the actual business."
  • Hoagie:"Can I serve the ketchup and mustard?"
  • Nigel:"Sure, Numbuh 2. Numbuh 3?"
  • Kuki:"I got entertainment!"
  • Nigel, nodding:"Alright. You'll do great with entertainment, with how creative you are. We'll assign Numbuh 4 someplace once he's gotten a bit of chow. Numbuh 5?"
  • Abby:
  • Abby:
  • Abby:"Numbuh 5'll be the announcer."
  • Nigel:"B-But, Abby."
  • Kuki:"You're a great singer."
  • Nigel:"And you've got a good head for numbers."
  • Hoagie:"You don't have to-"
  • Abby:"Numbuh 5 wants the suit."
The Scientific Discoveries of Mars and Pluto: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I Don’t Want to Talk, I Just Want to Dance.

Word Count: 3,631

Playlist (here are some songs I listened to while writing/editing so if you want to give them a listen feel free): 
18 Years - Daughtry 
Lights Down Low - MAX
Armor - Landon Austin
Fools - Lauren Aquilina 
High Hopes - Kodaline
The Scientist - Boyce Avenue 
Favorite Colour - Carly Rae Jepsen
Blue - Troye Sivan
Crawling Back to You - Daughtry

Summary: Riley, Maya, and Farkle have spent their entire lives as best friends, never leaving each other’s side, but moving in together after high school is a different story, especially when Riley starts to fall in love with Farkle. Will Riley and Farkle’s paths intertwine? Or will the obstacles of jobs, other relationships, and friendships tear them apart?

Riley and Farkle are about to realize just how much living together changes everything, and how much they mean to each other when other people come into the picture.

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          She’s watching Alana and Kira. Their heads are together not over Kira’s schoolwork this time but over one of her drawings, and they look good together, natural–which is dangerous thinking. It would be safer by far to keep Alana Bloom on the outside of the life Siobhán and Kira share; to let her look as through a glass partition, but never move to join them.

          Funny that she doesn’t want to. That inch by inch Alana has squirmed in and Siobhán has let her. She never thought of herself as soft, before.

          “Don’t you two look cozy,” Siobhán says, and smiles when Kira’s head pops up. “Kira, love, do you think I could borrow Dr. Bloom? Some things to talk about, that’s all.”

          Kira nods. “Okay.” She looks at Alana. “I’ll finish the dragon by myself.” It’s a castle with a knight and a dragon on the page, in expressive stick-figure.

b-is-always-for-blu  asked:

Hi! I love your Trans hc for Gamzee, and I know requests are closed right now, but I wanted to say that your drawings of him are honestly amazing and are my favorite to look at. They make me feel so happy inside and I don't really know why!

aaaaa gosh thank you so much!! :’0 <3<3 im really glad you like my gamzee drawings,,

heres a quick 1 i made bc i wanted to draw this HC again anyway :’^)

Three Reasons it’s OK to Love (or hate) Kent Parson
  1. We know very little about him.  We know that he was close with Jack, even slept with him a few times.  We know that he still misses Jack, or at least says he does.  We know that the first time we actually see him in the comic, he is behaving terribly.  We know very little else.  We don’t know his background, his relationships with other people, how much he knew about Jack’s anxiety, or even his sexuality.  Whether you think Kent is the bee’s knees or a terrible abuser, your idea of him is more related to your personal experience of the world and how that interacts with the information we have than anything we actually know about him.
  2. Fandom has created a personality for Kent Parson.  It is in no way homogenous, and may swing wildly depending on the person writing him and their personal feelings on him, but there are definitely groupings of thought.  It is entirely possible to love fanon Kent while being indifferent, or even hating what is presented to us in canon.  It is equally possible for the opposite to be true.
  3. Regardless of who Kent Parson turns out to be, it is OK if you still like him.  We have problematic faves for a reason, whether it’s because we identify with them or because we just irrationally like them.  It is also OK if you still hate him, or if you start hating him.  You can feel whatever you want about any character, and as long as you keep in mind their faults (there is no such thing as a unproblematic fave) that is OK.  I wouldn’t say this if Kent were a real person, but he’s not.  As long as you are polite to people who disagree with you, whatever you think is perfectly fine.
INDG GDC Scholarships Year 2
Support 'INDG GDC Scholarships Year 2' by donating or sharing today!

So we will be opening our applications for GDC Scholarships on 1 October, but we wanted to start fundraising a bit early and here’s why.

1 - It’s only our second year in the GDC Scholarship program and we don’t have a lot of money to spare to keep operating, let alone grants

2 - We’re still a wee non-profit organization. What comes into our Patreon IS our operating budget & no sponsorships yet.

3 - We’re looking into grants but that’s not guaranteed nor do we know when any grants would pay out if we got them.

4 - Last year we tried to fundraise way too late to be of much help to our scholars. We want to get this out earlier this year. 

5 - A week in SF ain’t cheap, so any kind of funding we can grant would be welcome by whoever is granted a pass. 

6 - It’s part of our mission to assist with conference attendance, but we still need help to make that happen. 

7 - So TL;DR we’re opening fundraising a few days ahead of GDC Scholarship apps to get the ball rolling. Help and/or boost please? 

            Help get our Scholars to GDC in 2017

So this is the second year that I Need Diverse Games has been part of the GDC Scholarship program! We got 25 all access passes to the Game Developer Conference February 27 - March 3, 2017 in San Francisco, US.

While we’re ecstatic to be a part of this program, we are a small organization that cannot give monetary support to our All Access Pass recipients to travel to and from the conference.  Ideally we’d like to offer $500 - $1000 per recipient travel stipends to ease the cost burden going to San Francisco for a week long conference will entail.

All funds raised will go to our recipients based upon need stated on the scholarship application. We’re doing this fundraiser since we don’t yet have sponsorships for our organization and don’t want pass recipients to miss out if travel funding is a deal breaker.

So we humbly ask you to help us to help our community by making sure all of our recipients get a chance to attend the Game Developers Conference. We’ve added a bit of a cushion to account for fees that IndieGoGo will take out to process the funding etc. We’re now a 501©(3) non-profit foundation, but we’re still growing.

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1 (Anything you want)

1. First kiss  

(You dare say ANYTHING. I am going to fix all this saddness on my nerdy boys. This is longer then the others because this is a fic that I wasn’t planning on publishing that you all get an exclusive (unedited) look at. So congrads anon you get a 3 thousand + word Relativity Falls fic because I had one on hand!!!! )

The kiss had not been planned at all, one second they were just having a conversation over the recent plans Fiddleford had made for a robot the next their lips were connected. It was an awkward angle, their noses pushed together thus causing their glasses to skew to the side. Both of them had wide eyes staring at the other, a pink blush dusting over their cheeks.

The thought process of analyzing what was happening had occurred in a manner of seconds before Fiddleford moved back as if he had been burned, the southerner’s face getting even more red so his ears were painted in the color.

“I-I…” he began to stutter, looking away from his best friend, “I-I didn’ mean ta’ do that… i-it just…I am so sorry, Stanford! I-I would neva’ I-“

Fiddleford shakily stood up, his face now a perfect imitation of the red shirt he was wearing. He grabbed his still open school bag and hurried from the room, papers falling out of it. The slamming of the attic door woke the teen from his shocked timing of not being able to comprehend what had just happened.

Clumsily, Stanford pushed himself from the bed; the blue print that had been sitting between them falling to the ground as he ran out of the attic room and hurried down the stairs. A hand on his shoulder stopped his hot pursuit of his friend and he turned to face the person who dared stop him.

His twin giving him a look that combined a concerned one and a glare, “What happened?”

“I don’t have time for your questions, Stanley I have to-“ Ford began, trying to pull himself free of his twin’s grasp only for it to tighten.

“He said he was going to stay at his dad’s so I think I deserve a small clue in on why my friend and roommate are suddenly going back to a house they moved out of two years ago,” Stanley said, his voice firm.

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@kodoyuuko wanted a starter

He wasn’t feeling well at all, his hands trembling as he sat against his podium, the blanket Rise gave him wrapped around his shoulders. His necklace sat underneath his tank top, the chain glinting a little.


Whatever he had been given was reacting badly with his system now, but was likely still in effect. He promptly flinched when someone touched his shoulder, then he looked up and relaxed a little.

“Y-Yuuko-san… s-sorry… m’not feelin’ w-well…”

Thank you to @studyworkshop for tagging me to answer 11 questions

1. What languages do you want to learn, and why?

I have learnt french/spanish/latin in school (not fluently) and I know a bit of Italian, but I would like to learn Italian fully because I am from Italy and it’s weird not knowing my own language

2. What are your long/short term goals for studying and in life?

My short term goal is to do really well in my A Levels, and long term is to go to University and get some sort of degree!

3. What are your biggest fears?

Bees/wasps and the unknown…

4. Do you have a significant other/role model you wish to be like?

I’d love to be the best version of myself that I can be to be honest 

5. What motivates you every day?

Thinking about the long term, so asking myself ‘What will happen if I don’t study in my free time now? for example. Or thinking about something exciting that’s happening soon, idk that just helps me 

6. Do you have a certain place for winding down?

My room or the sofa, but I have to be alone

7. What is your favourite memory?

The one direction concerts I’ve been to and Niall following me on twitter!!!!

8. What type of song makes you feel better when you’re sad?

One that’s really upbeat with inspiring/uplifting lyrics

9. What profession would you aspire towards in a parallel universe?

I’m honestly not entirely sure what a parallel universe is but famous

10. What is your favourite thing you possess?

My life.

11. What concept (sci-fi, magic) do you wish was real?

Unicorns would be lovely

I tag the following accounts…

@thecaffeinatednerd @athenasstudies @psyched-for-psych @studygroove @way-to-study @panicstudies @sleepstudyrepeatx @idkstudyblr @uglystudies @studyingon @peachsstudy @get-studying @bellestudy @justagirltryingtostudy @cmstudy

to answer the following questions:

1. What is your best achievement?
2. Would you rather travel into the future or into the past?
3. Favourite memory from childhood?
4. Do you think your life would be different if you didn’t meet the people you did today?
5. If you could move to any country where would you live?
6. Celebrity crush/role model?
7. What makes you bored?
8. One food you couldn’t live without?
9. Favourite holiday you’ve had?
10. Are you a night or daytime person?
11. What do you think is the best/worst thing about your blog?

anonymous asked:

hi, i didn't know what would be less creepy, writing this on anon or personal as i've never really talked to you before, but i hope you don't mind. i just wanted to say that maybe you should give your rant a shot. you generally seem like such a genuine nice person that is really trying to make this fandom a nicer place. i've just had tumblr for 2 months or so and we NEED people like you. maybe we all really need THIS. like a bit of a kick to find a way back to be a better more positive fandom.

hi anon! oh no I don’t mind, don’t worry, and there’s absolutely nothing creepy about sending an ask - anonymously or not - to someone you’ve never talked to before, I’ve made a lot of friends on here this way ^^

That’s the #1 reason I want to rant actually; making this fandom a nicer place. But I’m not a good writer nor a good speaker, English is not my mothertongue, I’m awkward with words, and I’m afraid I might unintentionally offend someone because of it… well anyways I will probably because what I have in mind concerns at least 80% of the fandom. It’s not all criticism really, but things I wish would be different. And since I’ve been in this fandom for more than 4 years now (and 3 and a half on tumblr^^), I have a lot to say about the differences, then and now; some are good, and some are bad, in my opinion…

but yeah again, it will probably be super long so I don’t think that a lot of people will read it. I’m thinking about posting it to let it out once and for all and for those of you who are curious :)

thank you so much for the kind words anon ♥ there still are true gems in this fandom and I still love this family with my whole heart c’: