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11, 33, & 62! :) <3

11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
5? I have 2 winter boots, 2 heels, 1 running shoe lol.. SO FANCI

33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
Whatever is available so leftover, noodles, rice and meat, eggs. Or nothing at all lol

62. Are you a good singer?

Everyone is freaking out about McCree’s incredible heels

but I’m over here like ‘he’s always had a riding heel on his boots because he’s a real cowboy???’

His regular skin is wearing heels that are at least 1.5″ (probably 1 3/4″), given his height and the proportional length of his foot, and the super curvy sole exaggerates his heel height in his Blackwatch skin (his regular boots are more broken in because cowboys on the run probably live in their clothes). But really, his Blackwatch boots can’t be more than about 1/4″ taller than his regular boots.

(The black and tan boots at the top have 2″ heels and less broken-in soles because fashion, and the brown boots below have 1.5″ heels and soles that have been professionally broken in by a cobbler for the website photos.)

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GOT7 -

3. I’ve Missed You (M)* - JB x reader

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1. Head Over Heels (M)* - Kai x reader

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2. Weathervane!Jungkook: Weathervane: Prologue* |

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4. Second Thoughts (M) - Jay Park x reader

Smutty Jifairy’s Work


1. When I Wake: Ch. 1* | - Taehyung x reader

Smutty Woozfairy’s Work

(AS OF 090916: INACTIVE)


1. The Greatest Fan of Your Life (angst)* - Seungcheol x reader

GOT7 -

2. Public Punishment (M)* - JB x reader

3. A Special Day (M)* - Jackson x reader

Smutty Wangfairy’s Work

(AS OF 011517: INACTIVE)


1. Secret Love (angst)* - Taehyung (ft. Jungkook) x reader

2. One Day - Jimin x reader

3. I’m Not the Only One (angst) - Jungkook x reader

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6. Greek God!BTS: Rising of the Gods*


EXO Scenarios

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Xiumin/Minseok - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Suho/Junmyeon - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Lay/Yixing - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Baekhyun - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Chen/Jongdae - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Chanyeol - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

D.O/Kyungsoo - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Kai/Jongin - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Sehun - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

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smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

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smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Huang Zitao Scenarios

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smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

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Jin/Seokjin - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Suga/Yoongi - smut | fluff | angst (explaination here) | AUs/series

J-Hope/Hoseok - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Rapmon/Namjoon - smut || fluff/angst: List #1 | List #2 || AUs/series

Jimin - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

V/Taehyung - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series: List #1 | List #2 (explanation)

Jungkook - smut | fluff | angst | AUs/series: List #1 List #2 (explanation for the 2 lists)

GOT7 Scenarios

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Mark - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

JB/Jaebum - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Jackson - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Junior/Jinyoung - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Youngjae - smut | fluff/angstAUs/series

Bambam - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Yugyeom - smut | fluff/angst | AUs/series

Punk (Chap. 1)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for you’re best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1871

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  So this is what I work on when I get blocked writing Nobody.  It’s supposed to be angsty and funny and fluffy (maybe a tad naughty at some point idk).  I hope you enjoy the first part!

“Morning, sunshine,” Tony greeted you as you slogged into the kitchen with a scowl.  Your (Y/H/C) was sticking up in random, knotted directions from tossing and turning all night, and dark bags hung under your puffy (Y/E/C) eyes.  

“Uhnnngg,” you groaned as you poured yourself a sizeable cup of coffee.  Tony was one of those ‘happy morning people’.  You hated him.  And his stupid face.  But his coffee was good so you let him live.

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Somebody in the Crownsguard or the Kingsglaive tries to pull a prank on Cor and replace his polished black heeled boots with bright red stiletto heels, only for Cor to walk in wearing them anyway. 

He literally doesn’t act any different, he’s not being jokey or embarrassed about it. Nor does he mention his shoes being gone, he goes about his day, he just does his job like normal. 

And that’s when his subordinates realize literally nothing fazes this man, you could’ve replaced his suit with Luna’s fucking Kingsglaive dress, he just does not give a fuck, he’s dead inside.

reasons why seth should have imprinted on renesmee instead of jake:
1. jacob was head over heels for bella and they literally kissed
2. jacob never got to get over bella
3. jacob didn’t want anything to do with the supernatural life, so forcing a half human/ half vampire hybrid on him is just cruel??
4. he absolutely hated vampires lmao
5. he loathed the idea of imprinting
6. seth liked the cullens and was actually quite friendly with them
7. it would have been way more natural and would have fit into the plot better bye

10 Quotes That Give Me Feels Of Dr.Frank-N-Furter

1.) “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.”- Dita Von Teese

2.) “Nobody know’s what anticipation is anymore. Everything is so immediate.”- Joan Jett

3.) “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.”- David Bowie

4.) “Reality is something you rise above.”- Liza Minnelli

5.) “I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.”- Edgar Allen Poe

6.) “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”- Tim Burton

7.) “I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.”- Rose McGowan

8.) “Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.”- Oscar Wilde

9.) “Take me I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic.”- Salvador Dali

10.) “You were wild once, don’t let them tame you.”- Isadora Duncan

Also, isn’t it just SO interesting that Branch spends his first 5 minutes of screen time mocking and insulting Poppy and basically telling her he really doesn’t care what happens to her?

And then when she comes to him after the party, the first thing he does after hearing “Bergen” is grab her and bring her into the safety of his bunker with him?

Isn’t it just so interesting?

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Who Are You? (Alec x Reader) Imagine

A/N: Please go follow my side blog @imaginesofwonder for more imagines from other fandoms.

“Okay please shut up now about this stupid story and get in the house” Alec said to Clary and Simon. Jace made Alec go with the two of them back to Clary’s house so she could get something. They weren’t safe on their own and since Jace was busy he wanted Alec his parabatai the one that he knew he could trust to watch them. Alec was slowly starting to hate Jace the more he spent time with them because he wasn’t a big fan of them to begin with and now he was here listening to them while they were telling him about some stupid engagement they had when they were younger.

 “Don’t be so bossy” Clary huffed and crossed her arms. Alec just did his famous eye roll and spoke

 “Would you prefer to get caught by Valentine and his men?” Alec questioned. Clary just ignored him and walked into the house with Simon.

 “Thought so” Alec said as he went to follow but stopped when he heard a noise from behind him. Alec turned slowly while pulling out his brow and arrow getting ready to shoot someone if needed. He walked around trying to location the sound but he found nothing. Maybe it was just a dog he thought so he ran into the house to get Clary and Simon but they weren’t there.

 “Clary? Simon? Where are you? This isn’t a time for fun and games” Alec yelled as he looked around the house for them. Jace was going to kill him if he had lost the two. He looked in all of the rooms but still couldn’t find them until he heard a girl scream from outside. Clary he thought, Alec quickly ran out of the house to find Clary and Simon being put into a car by man who he assumed to be Valentine’s. Alec started to shoot his arrows at them and at the car,  but he only ended up hitting one of the man in the arm before he got in but that was it before the car drove off at fast pace.

 “Aren’t you supposed to have good aim?” A voice said from behind. Alec turned to see who it was, when he did he became face to face with another person. He could tell that you were a shadowhunters from the visible runes on your body plus, you also had a brow and arrows just like his on your back.

 “I didn’t see you shoot any” He fired back.

 “As you can see I just came from the house so unless I was going to be shooting walls, there was no point in me doing so”

 “Yeah, whatever” Alec said while once again rolling his eyes “Who even are you?”

“I’m Y/N Blackthorn. I was sent here from the LA institute to watch over the shadowhunters from the New York institute.”

 “So me and my friends?” Alec questioned.

 “And the others, No one is really suppose to know but you seem like you could used some help”

 “You have no idea” Alec told you as he was getting something out of his pocket. Finally his hand came out and in it was a cell phone.

 “I have to phone my friend Jace tell him what happened” Alec said as he was dialing a number.

 “Don’t mention I’m here” You demanded.

 “Hello? Yes Jace I’m fine but something happened. No it’s nothing too bad umm only that Clary and Simon got taken by people.” Alec said in to the phone. You could hear the person on the other end yelled “what” into the phone. It took everything you had in you not to burst out laughing. For a bit Alec just listened to the person on the other end but finally said“I’ll find her and bring her home, I promise.” Then he hung up.

 “I don’t think their going to kill them that would get them in a lot of trouble with The Clave” You told him.

 “I don’t think Valentine cares about that” He snapped back. All you could do was laugh. “This isn’t a laughing matter” He said through his teeth.

 “Well sorry Mr. Moody but Valentine didn’t take them.”

 “Who did then?”


 “What do they want with Clary?”

 “That’s a good question”

 “Are you sure their here?” Alec asked with disgust in his voice. You guy were standing in front of a Chinese restaurant down by the harbour. The smell was enough to make you sick and you wondering why a person would put a restaurant here.

 “Positive” You said. You have been watching the wolves for some time now studying their every move to see what was up with them. “Let’s go” With that you took off running towards the entrance with Alec hot on your heel.

  “1..2..3” You both busted into the restaurant. Everyone look at you two while all you and Alec could do was stare at Simon and Clary since they were perfectly fine sitting in one of the booths talking to the alpha of the pack. Alec took his position getting ready to shoot some arrows if needed but Clary quickly stood up to stop him.

 “Don’t shoot, were fine Alec. I actually need you to meet someone”

 “You talking about that alpha werewolf that your sitting down eating with?” Alec suggested trying not to show his confusing.

 “That werewolf happens to be Luke who is like a father to me, thank you very much” Clary told Alec and everyone in the room could sense the angry in her tone. You gasped, finally everything started to make sense to you. Your mission was to get information about how all of these people connect back to Valentine and you finally had the mission puzzle pieces. Clary happened to be one of them. With one last look around the place you met eyes with Alec and reminded him “Remember what I told you earlier? That still stays” Then you quickly took off to go back with information to your own home.

 “Your wondering who I’m what? Why don’t you tell us who that girl was” Clary yelled while getting closer to Alec.

 “Wouldn’t we all want to know” Alec replied back because he truly didn’t know himself who you were. Your name was going to be on his brain now until he could find out what you were really doing here. Plus he had to admit there was just something about you that made his heart race.