*a cackle is heard in the distance*


“Eye Study” ~1hr sketch timelapse by Sam Spratt

This is my very first video…ever and I suppose there is a bit of “stage fright” that goes along with that. I realized that the general public are not my old professors, family, or friends, and haven’t seen the process behind my many portraits, creatures, rage faces, and other illustrations–thus, I’m opening up the inner circle to you so that you can see how I make the odd things that I do. I figured I would begin with realism and graduate to weirder and more complex things in future videos. Oh and that mind-blowingly amazing cover of Kanye you’re hearing? That’s by the amazing, Sarah Winters

Was there going to be a background for this?

Probably not lol.

Anywho, so this wasn’t supposed to be hijack, but it ended up becoming it by a magical process without a name. HAHAHAHAaaaaa………

Them’s The Works.