On that Asami scene

I really like this scene because it’s always great to see Asami kick ass but it also got me thinking a little about her development. Maybe it’s just me but in Book 4 she seems a little more… I don’t wanna use the word aggressive but she definitely seems a little more guarded than before? Like with Wu in episode one or here with Varrick she takes on a more hostile demeanour that I’m not sure she would’ve in previous books.

And I mean obviously she’s so aggressive towards Varrick because of what he did to her in Book 2 but I think that’s just it - she’s been betrayed so many times by her father and Varrick and Mako twice and hell she might even feel a little abandoned by Korra (although she’d never say it) and that’s probably given her some real trust issues. She’s so strong now and she was never a pushover before but at the same time she’s lost some of that softness she used to carry over these 3 years. Even after what Varrick did I think the most 18 year old Asami would’ve done is given him glares and harsh words, not grab him like that.

It’s interesting to contrast Asami’s scenes with others to her scenes with Korra because she’s so much more gentle around her and I think it speaks a lot to how much she trusts and cares about her.

Or maybe I’m reading way too much into it, but it’s a thought.


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I didnt even think about it before but yeah, that really does look like it was broken to pieces and then soldered back together

I wonder how and why tho. It already had the new look when the Outsider picks it up in the trailer, but that was made over a year ago and it’s just a trailer so it might not be canon or mean anything anymore