so for those who don’t know, my boy friend is a chef, and i’m very into all forms of art. so what happens? we make cakes and desserts, and let me tell you, his stuff is amazing =) no wonder i cant ever lose weight lol Anywho, here’s a Dr. Seuss cake we made for a little girls first birthday =) i did the characters free hand. my hand was shaking like crazy lol you can go check out my boy friend at http://pastrypunk.tumblr.com/


So the mini cycle has finally been done for a couple weeks so i think I’m gonna go get some more cories to up my population tomorrow. I also would like to get an assasin snail cause the possible snail population i thought i may have introduced with plants is now flourishing, which i don’t want it to be. I have so many… grrrrr. :P

Jonnor//Fishing Trip Part 2/2

Part 1

Again, my fishing terminology isn’t the best so. Also, I’m not sure about the exact rules and regulations with fishing in California. Not a lot of Jonnor mb


Adam had spent ten minutes going over everything about fishing with Jude. Teaching him all about the gears, the bait, the rod, what to do in specific situations and how to handle everything. 

Jude cast his line out far and smiled proudly when it hit the water. 

Jude remembered what Adam said about slowly reeling the line in, so he did. He focused on the calm waves out in front of him, watching as the line bopped through the water getting closer and closer.

“Now just remember that fishing is a lot of waiting and sitting around,” Adam reminded, “So don’t be surprised if you don’t get anything right-”

But Adam stopped his sentence when Jude’s line jerked forward drastically.

Jude’s eyes widened, tightening his grip on his fishing rod, afraid it was going to fly right out of his hands. Connor walked over, looking at the bent over rod.

“Reel it in Jude! Reel it in quick!” Connor cheered.

Jude lifted one of his hands from gripping the rod to the reel. He spun it around as fast as he could.

“Keep reeling it Jude!” Adam cheered along amazed. 

Jude scrunched his face in concentration and pain. The squeaks from the line kept getting faster and faster. His knuckles were turning white from gripping the rod so tight. 

“Whoa! Look how huge it is!” Connor exclaimed, pointing to the water. 

Jude finally reeled the fish in close enough to the boat that Adam bent over, helping lift it up into the boat. It was a GIANT shiny silver and blue fish; it was almost the length of the fishing rod!

“I did it!” Jude cheered, not able to contain his excitement.

“Whew! You caught yourself a Albacore Tuna, Jude! And a giant one at that!” Adam laughed.

He and Jude hoisted the giant fish onto the weighing scale. It read 81 pounds. All of their eyes widened and jaws dropped. 

“Dude! You caught this on your first try!? That’s INSANE!” Connor smiled in disbelief, so proud of his boyfriend. He brought him into a hug, kissing the top of Jude’s head.

“Yeah it is! This thing almost weighs as much as you do, Jude!” Adam joked, clamping the hook of the fish’s mouth. 

“Who knew I had the strength!?” Jude chuckled.

“Want a picture with it?” Adam asked. 

Jude nodded, still grinning proudly. Adam helped lift the giant tuna into Jude’s arms. Jude stumbled back a bit but Connor rushed in to help, holding the back fin.

“Alright guys, smile!” Adam said, getting the camera in position. 

Connor and Jude both smiled proudly, holding the squirming tuna as the camera flashed.

“Alright, now since this guy is over 50 pounds we gotta put him back,” Adam huffed disappointed. 

They both nodded and slowly lowered the tuna back into the ocean. As soon as it hit the water, it quickly swam out of their grasp and into the deep out of sight.

“Well THAT will be a story to tell!” Connor grinned, pulling Jude into an embrace.

“How am I going to top that?!” Jude joked, wrapping his arms around Connor’s waist.

Connor laughed, giving him a quick kiss. “Maybe by catching the Loch Ness Monster next.”


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I finally planted my fish tank!!! I used (from left to right) Red Bacopa, Red Rubin Sword (I am aware this will get HUGE), Java Fern, Anubias (in the piece of bogwood), Italian Vallisneria, and a little more Java Fern. I also have some duckweed that the fish store through in floating around.

Hopefully all the plants will take and grow in nicely! Unfortunately I’ve also introduced some pest snails into my tank so I’m going to get an assassin snail or two. Hopefully I can get my first couple fish tomorrow!!!

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I (obviously) am unable to post every day, so I’m gonna change to once or twice a week instead. Sorry! Also sorry for this being so long and not having a read more button, I couldn’t find it on mobile…

Anywho, Fish-Search. Now this can be taken two ways, the search for the perfect fish to have, or a word I made up which’s (is that even a word???) definition is “research” about fish. The reason I put research in quotations is because I’m not learning or discovering anything new that has never been found before. I’m just looking things up on the internet about how to care for fish and such.

I’ve learned about compatibility, min. tank size, the nitrogen cycle, and other must know information about the fish I’m planning on getting. I’ve spent HOURS doing this and I’m not exaggerating one bit. If I wasn’t eating meals, actually spending time with humans, or watching Netflix I was learning how to perfectly set up my first fish tank. I probably spent at least 6 hours a day doing this in the summer, now it’s more like 3 hours every couple days. It turns out I’ve run out of things to learn about.

I guess that’s not completely true, but in theory I’m a fish expert, I just have zero proper experience. And I still have some questions, everyone does, but I’m content with my knowledge and I know I will be starting my first fish tank a lot better than most people do.


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Probably Spanish 

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Being forgotten 

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People sometimes idk

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I have Instagram and snapchat if anyone wants to know them just message me 

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I would take away my depression or my anxiety 

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I can barely even remember my first road trip but it involved me and way too many of my family members in one vehicle driving all the way to Ohio. 

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The Host 

The Song of Achilles 

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 

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Machine Embroidery Design - Tattoo Koi Fish (2 in 1)

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