A stand that donates to the best website, all it needs is crowdfunding, as Google Has dedicated 1 Billion Dollars to giving the world free wifi access through satellites, so soon even in third world countries they will have our refurbished smartphones. All of us need funding for a Website. The Website, will be the most popular website in history. it’s existence is inevitable, and the public needs it. The world needs it. The Website is a list of the world’s and everyone’s problems, that get prioritized to the top of its lists by (basically being voted on) with a star rating system. Imagine if everyone had access directly to our leaders instantly every day. Those in charge would know exactly what’s important to everyone without any doubt whatsoever. We would have a voice that we could point to and say “look, this many people, everyday use this medium and voice their opinion, it’s equal, it’s fair, it’s just, and everyone who wants one gets a voice”. Then our leaders would be able to and dedicate resources to the problems which make it to the top of the lists, and have the best solutions to all the problems already agreed upon, and things would just get done without any red tape, politics, shady backroom deals, or corruption. We would know what the most important issues are, in realtime, and we would know the best solutions for those problems, in realtime.The proprietary features are it’s well traversable categories, search tree, & once a day you are able to vote from 1 to 100 stars on submittable lists of what you think the world, and others most important to solve problems are, only once per day. However you are also able to submit as many problems to the bottom of the lists as you want, and whichever problems have the most stars from the most people, get put at the top of the lists. Also you are able to submit as many solutions to each of the problems as you can think of, and the top solutions to the top world & other problems, with the most stars from the most people are put at the top of the solution list for each of the worlds, and others problems. Also the problems are traversable similar to an eBay search tree, and there are individually categorized & subcategorized priority lists made from the same proprietary star rating system, so that the website is incorruptible, and the data is irrefutable. I don’t know about you, but if I have a problem, I would rather have my entire neighborhood, or rather the entire world helping me solve my problems, than me trying to come up with solutions to all my problems on my own, So that would be why anyone would be allowed to add what they think the best solution, to the solutions list that each problem will have, and everyone gets to rate the solutions on the list with the star rating system. Every minute of every day with the star rating system we will get to change our opinions once a day for each star rating, and have real time prioritized problems of the world and others. Also real time, the most agreed upon solutions, and real time and dedication of resources the most efficient way possible. This, will be, one day inevitably in the information age. There is no, more efficient way. There are also sub-categories besides just the major world issues for example groups that are individualized by categories that are searchable, and traversable similar to the way the eBay search tree is traversable and searchable, and the solutions that other people have submitted for those problems uses the proprietary star rating system making it all function more efficiently than we’ll ever be able accomplish the world and others problems in any other way. The only thing more important than a system of this efficiency being in place, and functioning as the way we do things for the human race is clean free energy. This website will literally be the 2nd most important, and efficient thing our species will ever do. It will organize, and bring an end to so many of the world’s problems, so much more quickly because we will no longer be able to argue were resources should be dedicated. Also, so many individuals problems will be solved with the best solutions possible, in the most efficient way, and it will also bring us together as more of one world rather than separate people, separate towns, separate cities, separate states, and separate countries. We will function as more of one world working together. It will accomplish several unique things in several unique aspects which make it the most efficient thing that we will ever do as a species besides clean free energy, that is possible with our laws of physics, and it will last as an ever more and more encompassing part of the human system, and perpetuate forever. It will become the standard of the way that we do things rather than politics. The information age is how things are being done, and everyone who cares at all about what’s going on in the world will have the ability to impact direct change quickly and efficiently, and the people of the world will be deciding in real time what should be a collaborative effort of the world and our resources, especially with Google giving everyone free wifi with their billion dollar dedication to the effort. What we all need the start-up money for is to start with to get a hosting company to host the website on the first of many “DEDICATED SERVERS”, and the advertizing to bring awareness of the site to the public it will serve, then the website will pay for itself with Google Adwords. Your donation, your Kickstart or Gofundme of this project will go towards increasing the rate at which we evolve our society into a utopian society. Thank you for your time. P.S. please repost, link to, message, email, text, and tell as many people about the Kickstart and the gofundme as possible, because that helps almost as much as donating, thank you again. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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You realize the Trump pays for all his trips out of pocket right. You also realize he's not taking any of the money he's getting from being the president. So how about you take your uninformed liberal ass out of here. Since you hate them so much please move out of the fucking country.

Trump doesn’t pay for all his trips out of pocket. And even if he did, the staggering security costs are entirely covered by the government. Covering security for his wife and son to live in New York city costs $1 million dollars a day. And that’s not even going into how much it costs to jet him down to Mar-a-Lago every weekend, in addition to the cost of security for letting him stay there, as well as the drain on local businesses as a result of him continually disrupting weekend traffic. And yes, he is most definitely accepting the money he makes from being president, considering he’s accepted his second paycheck since he’s started.

And buddy…friend…Roman…countryman…….do we really look like “liberals” to you. Really. Okay then.

- Mod A (who does not live in America)