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How long have you been making art?

I think around 9 years? 
I started drawing more everyday when I was 13
I would still doodle and stuff before that too, but it was more spread out like a few times a month and I also wasn’t quite actively interested in like improving and stuff. So I just count from age 13 and onward for questions like these.

Calling all Green Witches for some much needed advice!

I have had an African Violet for a few months now and for the life of me I can NOT get this thing happy. I have done a lot of reading, but nothing seems to please this little bastard. I have tried watering (with warm water) from the bottom, avoiding getting water on the leaves, etc. Any suggestions?

Imagine all the Persona protagonists living in one house together (NOW WITH FEMALE PROTAGS!):
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Naoya/P1:</b> Literaly the most chill protagonist. Is fine with all the other protags, but gets along with Tatsuya the most. Naoya ends up paying the rent the most. He's on good terms with P5/Kaito/Chair, Minako/Hamuko/P3P, Maya, and Makoto/Minato/P3, but Yu/Soji/P4 barley seems to remember him.<p/><b>Tatsuya/P2IS:</b> Is just always angry at Makoto/Minato and Yu/Soji. Calls them "Cash cows" and "dating sims" quite frequently. Usually hangs out with Naoya and Maya, and he's rather nice with them. He's still unsure about Kaito/Chair- but Tatsuya can stand him. Forgets about Hamuko frequently.<p/><b>Maya/P2EP:</b> Is literally the team mom of the group. Ends up ending every argument- no matter the stakes. Maya frequently drags Makoto/Minato out of his room to get sunlight. She's great friends with Naoya, and views Tasuya as a brother-like figure. She simply gets along with everyone else.<p/><b>Makoto/Minato/P3:</b> The memer/antisocial internet addict. Keeps track of every meme anyone ever had ever. Is usually stoic 99% of the time. He's usually stuck on cleaning duty. Makoto/Minato gets along with Naoya and Kaito the most, and views Yu/Soji as a rival. Literally ignores Tatsuya, but can have a normal conversation with him. He's pretty much the overprotective older brother to Minako/Hamuko.<p/><b>Minako/Hamuko/P3P:</b> The feisty teenager. Is usually energetic and compassionate to everyone, and tends to eat out the food first. Can get along with everyone, views Makoto/Minato as the annoying older brother, and Yu/Soji as the cool cousin.<p/><b>Yu/Soji/P4:</b> The most optimistic of the bunch. He's not proud of the decision to make all of those spin-offs, but looks on the bright side- at least he looks good in that DAN outfit. He's usually stuck on cooking duty. Yu's a bit distrusting of Kaito, friends with Makoto/Minato, forgets who Naoya is, and any conversation with Tatsuya ends with various insults.<p/><b>Kaito/Chair/P5:</b> The shadiest of them all. He usually provides for the whole group with money he "found", and occasionally steals them gifts, to gain their trust. Kaito/Chair tries to be nice to everyone, Makoto in particular, but sends Yu occasional "My city now" grins, or steals his not-glasses. Occasionally flirts with Minako and Maya.<p/></p><p/></p>