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Inktober 2017 day 1: The Old Hero


Favourite Dishonored locations: Brigmore Manor [1/?]

In the old days, the Brigmores were a rich and powerful family, being one of the largest suppliers of timber in the Isles. However, much of their fortune and influence was lost during the whale oil boom, and the manor was abandoned. Afterwards it became a haven for smugglers, spies and other individuals looking for a place to hide. It now serves as the base of operations for Delilah and her coven.

The Brigmore estate is located in the Mutcherhaven District outside the walls of Dunwall, near the Wrenhaven River. The manor is old and dilapidated, the floors and walls riddled with holes leading to many treacherous drops. River krusts can be found growing in certain areas outside the manor.

To keep you warm

[Day 1: Something old // Something new // Something borrowed]

  • It’s coming close to Christmas and after months of trying to figure out what he should get as a gift for Adam, Ronan still has nothing
  • He drives himself insane trying to find something special to show Adam how much he means to him
  • One night, him and Adam are lying on the couch in the sitting room of the Barns, watching some cheesy Christmas movie Ronan can’t remember the name of because all he can focus on is Adam
  • He notices Adam shivering, despite Ronan’s arm hanging over his shoulder
  • Ronan teases Adam for never wearing anything other than “that goddamn coca cola shirt”
  • but he secretly thinks Adam looks adorable in it
  • “you do realize its the middle of winter, right??”
  • But Adam was ridiculously stubborn; “your point?”
  • “You’re gonna die of hypothermia if you don’t put on a sweater, idiot”
  • And that’s when it hits him
  • He waits until Adam has gone back to college and then, one night, he dreams him the perfect gift
  • It’s not long before Adam comes home for the holidays. The Barns looks beautiful, lit up by fairy lights and the most amazing Christmas tree Adam has ever seen in his life.
  • but the best thing about it is seeing his giant Irish boyfriend standing in the porch, waiting for him
  • They spend most of the holidays together in bed.
  • Neither of them could be happier. Christmas eve is spent with Opal, Declan, Matthew and the rest of the gangsey at the Barns
  • It’s not until everyone else goes home and after they put Opal to bed that Ronan sits down with Adam to give him his gift
  • and they’re super awkward about it, the both of them blushing and nervous
  • and it’s obvious that Ronan wrapped it; there’s tape everywhere
  • “you didn’t have to”
  • “yes I did now shut up and open it”
  • it doesn’t take Adam long to realize what it is. He takes in the feel of it. It’s so soft, it reminds him of holding Ronans hands in his own. He takes it into his hands and lifts it up to look at it, a smile creeping onto his face.
  • Ronan had given him a big, red, coca cola sweater
  • “Ronan… did you dream this?”
  • nodding, he smiles. “to keep you warm”