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top 5 ray toro facts

this is what im hERE FOR

1. ray was once arrested for stealing batteries so they could record

2. he’s broken his nose 3 times

3. one time mikey straightened ray’s hair and everyone liked it but him

4. he studied film in college

5. one time to impress a girl he shoved candy up his nose but it got stuck and he had to go to the nurse

send me top 5s

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hi do you have a download for all the midnight special songs/performances? thanks! :)

They’re on YouTube and you can download the video from there easily enough, I would assume. 

Over My Head / Why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4oec-I2Vl0
Over My Head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3p-AHX0ml0
Rhiannon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT1q7L4QA0A
World Turning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcsYa6jFRoY

I believe songs from the Rosebud documentary were also shown on the programme in 1977 though the songs were recorded as promotional pieces and are associated firstly with the Old Grey Whistle Test, I believe, and that helps explains the following….

This is the audio bootleg I have: https://mega.nz/#F!IBBxCYBB!q1l0vohNepm0vtGgTXRdxg

This is the tracklist that came with it:

“Midnight Special” May 29, 1976
1: Rhiannon  6:57
2: Why  4:28
3: Over my head  3:12

“Midnight Special” April 28, 1976
4: Go Your Own Way  3:33
5: You Make Lovin’ Fun 5:05

“Midnight Special” February 28, 1976
6: Over My Head  3:07
7: Rhiannon  6:41

“Midnight Special”, Univ. of Cal. @ Santa Barbara (UCSB) May 1976
8: World Turning  3:21
9: Rhiannon  6:56
10: Say You Love Me  4:54
11: Go Your Own Way  3:44

Favorite Record - Road Trip AU Playlist

They have an old beat up Thunderbird convertible, twelve thousand dollars between them, and no destination in mind. This could very much be the worst decision both of them have ever made. (ffn) (ao3)


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“she is art. what the fuck do you expect from her, other than confusion, beauty and goddamn soul?’‘ 

 1. Make You Feel - Alina Baraz & Galimatias // 2. Love Me Again - John Newman // 3. I Need My Girl - The National // 4. Blue Dream - Jhené Aiko // 5. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie // 6. West Coast - Coconut Records // 7. Gold - Chet Faker // 8. Will You Be By Me - Wallpaper Airplanes // 9. New Americana - Halsey // 10. Unbreakable - Jamie Scott // 11. On Our Way - The Royal Concept // 12. You’ve Got Something - The Jungle Giants // 13. D-D-Dance - The Royal Concept // 14. No Angels - Bastille feat. Ella // 15. Undo - The 1975

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The “Run The Club” series is back!! Mixing together the biggest HipHop & RnB records with some afro beats for good measure. Take a listen and enjoy.

1. Peter Jackson ft YG & Mazze - Hold Up
2. Tech N9ne - Hood Go Crazy (feat. 2 Chainz & BoB)
3. Tyga - Hollywood
3. DJ Khaled Ft Chris Brown & Lil Wayne & Big Sean - How Many Times
4. Juicy J Ft Rae Sremmurd - Already
5. The Weeknd - The Hills
6. Fetty Wap Ft Drake - My Way
7. Ty Dolla $ign - Only Right ft. YG, Joe Moses & TeeCee4800 - Only Right
8. Chris Brown, Tyga ft. ScHoolboy Q - Bitches N Marijuana
9. Omarion ft. Dej Loaf, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign & Rick Ross
- Post To Be (Remix)
10. RJ Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Joe Moses - Your Money
11. T-Pain ft Juicy J - Make That Shit Work
12. Krept & Konan Ft Jeremih - Freak Of The Week
13. Jamie XX Ft Young Thug & Popcaan - Good Times
14. Busy Signal - Text Message
15. Dem Man Der - E45
16. J Hus - Lean & Bop


1) @JackAndJackReal: Dream it. Achieve it. Thanks Pennsylvania.
2) @DigiTour: This pic of @jackgilinsky 😍😍😍 He looks so happy! (Come see him @ #DigiFestSD! –> http://theDigitour.com ) RT!
3) @GraysonDolan: The white girl selfie😂 @JackDail @AaronCarpenter
4) @LilWhitesides: Jsquared Ssquared
5) @EthanDolan: mirror guy
6) @DigiTour: When @HayesGrier touches hands in the crowd = YAAAAASSS!!! ✋✋✋ See him @ #DigiFestCLV! ➡ http://theDigitour.com  💘🌙
7) laafamilia: Spins are cool but record sales on another level!!
8) shawnmendes: Insane show tonight at Hershey Park ! So fun! Thankyou so much ❤️
9) nashgrier: New vine is up… Go laugh https://vine.co/v/eJHnE0mAmD0
10) jackgilinsky: Tonight rocked! Thank you to everyone who came out & made noise for us :)

a shy love.

Hitoka likes stars, she likes the way they look on Yamaguchi’s face, and she likes Yamaguchi.

Inspired by the story Raise your prayer to a shout by Veto_power_over_clocks.

1. Bells and Whistle // Spring Standard 2. Everything is Embarrassing // Sky Ferreira 3. Is This Sound Okay // Coconut Records 4. An Encounter // The 1975 5. Always For You // The Album Leaf 6. I Would Do Anything For You // Foster The People 7. Folding Chair // Regina Specktor 8. Birdhouse In Your Soul // They Might Be Giant 9. Little Bit // Lykke Li 10. Slow Dance // STRFKR 11. Cherry Blossom Girl // Hope Sandoval 12. I Believe // Basic Vacation 13. Gotta Have You // The Weepies 14. Hazy // Rosi Golan

L i s t e n  H e r e 

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 1.Lupe, Lupita, and pita but it’s normally my brother and sister and younger kids who call me that


3.Currently blonde with some blue

4.My favorite pass time is sketching and writing

5.Purple but also black

6.Downtown Atlanta but I love going where it has the retro but modern look with the old style theater record shop and everything.

7.Jake Bugg


9. Doubt by Twenty One Pilots

10. The Harry Potter series 

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The State of the Podficcery

So, for anyone who is interested and would like to know, here’s what is coming next:

1. 221b-hound‘s Star-Crossed series. This starts posting on Wednesday. One part posting per week.

2. fuckyeahfightlock‘s Dawn Before the Rest of the World series. This will start posting in August. One part posting per week.

3. cathedral_carver - Swoon (coming next week)

4. chryse - Observe, Control, Delete (coming soon!)

5. missselenewrites - On The Losing Side (coming soon!)

All of the above are recorded and ready to go, apart from the last two, which still need their music.

6. My next co-project with consultingsmartarse - which shall remain under wraps for the time being :-) . We start recording in about a week and will post towards the end of the summer. It’s a great fic and we are very excited to be doing it.

7. @theartofforensics (serpentynka) - Sketchy Part 1. This is my next major project and I am still in the preparation stage for it. Don’t look for this one until at least September! There may be the odd small fic posted whilst I am working on this wee beastie. Luckily I am getting some help with all the foreign languages in this fic - shout out to sincerely-chaos for help already with the Swedish!

Also, I have just posted ‘Picnic’ by chryse yesterday on my AO3.

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Ok,since u like Neymessi here is one: top 10 Neymessi moments?

Oh my god, hahhaha, I thought you were going to ask about top 10 food or something like that. I’ll try to answer properly but this is hard.

1. Rolling on the ground vs Bayern

2. Messi giving the penalty to Neymar and Neymar scoring vs Cordoba

3. The entire treble celebration

4. Neymar assisting Messi vs Valencia and then hugging on the ground

5. The celebration of Mathieu’s El Clásico header

6. Neymar’s goal celebration vs PSG away in the quarters

7. Neymar giving a goal to Leo so he breaks Telmo Zarra’s record

8. Leo and his hand after the CL final

9. Busquets goal celebration vs Valencia

10. Neymar two goals assisted by Leo vs Athletic club back in September

+1 This is rather funny than cute, but when Neymar pulled his mat closer to Leo during training.


Urban Outfitters Clueless Album on Vinyl

$35.98 USD

1. Kids In America - The Muffs
2. Shake Some Action - Cracker
3. The Ghost In You (Live) - Counting Crows
4. Here (Squirmel Mix) - Luscious Jackson
5. All The Young Dudes - World Party
6. Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version) - Radiohead
7. Change - Lightning Seeds
8. Need You Around - Smoking Popes
9. Mullet Head - The Beastie Boys
10. Where’d You Go? - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
11. Rollin’ With My Homies - Coolio
12. Alright - Supergrass
13. My Forgotten Favorite - Velocity Girl
14. Supermodel - Jill Sobule

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Top 10 favorite pieces go. I want more pieces to listen to and I'm pretty sure your taste in music is good?

Aight lets see. I’ll try to add in non tchaikovsky.
1. Dvorak 7 or 8 (really all his symphonies are rad, not just 9)
2. Tchaikovskys tempest overture
3. Shostakovich 10
4. Rachmaninoff symphony 2
5. Rachmaninoff prelude in C sharp minor (ooohhhh my god it’s gr8)
6. Shostakovich 5 (the finale is 😍😍😍 in bernsteins recording and the piano is fuckin cool)
7. Tchaikovsky 2 (really underrated tbh)
8. Tchaiks the seasons
9. Mahler 1
10. Saint-Saëns- Danse bacchanale (aka my jam)
11. Bizet- Farendole (I probs spelled that wrong but it’s my shit)
12. Verdi- Overture to Nabucco
13. Handel- Largo from Xerxes
14. THE WITCH AND THE SAINT!!! (It’s a band piece and idk the composer but it’s like literally the best band piece I have ever played besides maybe Ticheli’s American elegy)

That’s more than 10 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Nicholas Lea recording lines from the “Resist or Serve” X-Files video game. There are so many things to love about this video:

1. lipstick

2. you can hear him go back and forth between his normal voice and his seductive-whisper Krycek voice

3. him making the sound effects of the sound of being slapped

4. I know that in fact EVERY time Nicholas Lea is beat up on-screen he is faking the impact but watching him do it with no one there pretending to punch him is simultaneously unnerving and very sexy

5. these LINES. Oh Krycek, never change!

6. His little off-screen giggle at the end.

“Step up your game, Andrew. Mari’s never going to like an old man like you, who keeps wrecking her house and messing things up.”

“At least I’m not a free loader!”

1. shut up and dance - walk the moon // 2. counting stars - onerepublic // 3. favorite record - fallout boy // 4. immortals - fallout boy // 5. i won’t say i’m in love - susan egan // 6. american beauty/american psycho - fallout boy // 7. i will wait - diego luna // 8. dear future husband - meghan trainor // 9. honey, i’m good - andy grammer // 10. try - colbie caillat // 11. credens justitiam - kajiura yuki