In what way to trade in stock market profitably?

There are certain fundamentals you need to follow, for being a good investor or a profitable investor :

1. Firstly, understand the market, how is it working? Why ups and downs? What is making that fluctuations? Read News daily! (You can understand through virtual trading at www.aananyastocks.com)

2. Background verification of the company you are investing in - Please please make sure the co u investing in has a nice record(many frauds happen)
3. Start with known Large Cap or mid cap Companies only.
4. Please don’t get into complex products like Options, futures, gain enough experience then you can invest in those
5. Be patient - for a good co.; if the prices go down it will definitely come up - don’t get sad or depressed and make silly moves
6. Make a portfolio, please don’t put in all your money in one co. it’s very risky and make sure your portfolio has not more than 6-8 co’s(max commodity), otherwise it becomes difficult to handle
7. Don’t follow all the experts, it will confuse you because one has the ability to take greater risk and other might be thinking of life time savings
8. Don’t believe all the news flashes, some are just rumours!

I guess these fundamentals are enough to kick start a good investment! And also before opening your Trading a/c please check with the brokerage(makes a a lot of diff in small investments). At present, Aananya Stocks Advisory are the best in terms of daily updates and brokerage.

All The best ;)

Mikkelsen x Mikkelsen

There be some sibling rivalry going on…

1. Look dapper in suits…

2. Own a fancy house…

3. Drink fancy drinks…

4. Keep meticulous records of potential targets people…

 5. Play super villain to curly haired crime-solving protagonists who are absolutely fond of uttering four-worded self-concocted taglines…

and are people-shy but often mistaken for being psychos.


6. Establish intimate connections,

7. Pay visit to friends

8. Share a meal or two

9. Talk dirty once in a while

10. And be given endearing nicknames


Guess who’s hit 500+ followers? As celebration I’m going to do a giveaway!

There will only be one winner, and you will win:
One (1) Azura Necklace
Your choice of *either* a Nohr or Hoshido small pack of cards

1. You must be following me, this is kinda for my followers anyhow. ;3

2. If you live outside of the US I would need help with the shipping. If you’re not willing to do that, then please do not enter.

3. You must be ok with giving me either an address or PO Box I can send your prize to!

4. Entries are recorded via reblogs and the winner shall be chosen through a random number generator!


anonymous asked:

Sorry for being annoying but do you know what they have scheduled the next few days?

Sure! I need this myself anyway ;) Here you go: 

Dec 1 -   Jingle Ball (Dallas, US)

Dec 2 -   Triple Ho Show (San José, US)

Dec 3 -   The Late Late Show, James Corden (Los Angeles, US)

Dec 4 -   Jingle Ball (Los Angeles, US)

Dec 7 -   Royal Variety Performance (London, UK, pre-recorded)

Dec 10 - BBC Music Awards (Birmingham, UK)

Dec 11 - Alan Carr Chatty Man (London, UK) 

Dec 13 - X Factor Live Final (London, UK)

Dec 31 - Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (New York, US, pre-recorded)

Interesting Facts about Pi.

1. Pi is the most recognized mathematical constant in the world. Scholars often consider Pi the most important and intriguing number in all of mathematics.

2. Pi has about 6.4 billion known digits which would take a person roughly 133 years to recite without stopping.  The world record holder for the most memorized digits of Pi took nine hours to recite over 44,000 digits of Pi.

3. We can never truly measure the circumference or the area of a circle because we can never truly know the value of Pi. Pi is an irrational number, meaning its digits go on forever in a seemingly random sequence.

4. The “squaring the circle” method of understanding pi has fascinated mathematicians because traditionally the circle represents the infinite, immeasurable, and even spiritual world while the square represents the manifest, measurable, and comprehensive world.

5. Egyptologists and followers of mysticism have been fascinated for centuries by the fact that the Great Pyramid at Giza seems to approximate pi. The vertical height of the pyramid has the same relationship to the perimeter of its base as the radius of a circle has to its circumference.

6. One of the earliest known records of pi was written by an Egyptian scribe named Ahmes (c. 1650 B.C.) on what is now known as the Rhind Papyrus. He was off by less than 1% of the modern approximation of pi (3.141592).

7. In 2002, a Japanese scientist found 1.24 trillion digits of pi using a powerful computer called the Hitachi SR 8000, breaking all previous records.

8. There are people who believe that Pi contains the answer to the universe, or that information is held in the digits. It has even been suggested it contains the Voice of God. In Carl Sagan’s book ‘Contact’ the places of Pi are found to contain a message from the beings that built the universe.

Reasons Classic Rock Teens Don't Like People

1.) “Why are you obsessed with old people?”

2.) “I’ve heard of them. I think my mom listens to them.”

3.) “You’re so weird. I’ve never even seen a record.”

4.) “Why would you want to go watch old people in concert? Aren’t they all in wheel chairs?”

5.) “How have you not heard *insert popular artist*’s new song!? Are you living under a rock?”

6.) “Oh, I just figured everyone you listened to were dead.”



2) If you’re recording the show with your phone, please turn it horizontally. It turns out way better and the quality will be A+++

3) Make sure your phone (or whatever device you’re bringing) is charged, seriously, try to leave it off beforehand but if you can’t, try not to use it that much.

4) If you have long hair and you’re planning on tying it up, make sure its tied tight so it won’t loosen or fall.

5) Wear light weight clothing! It’s quite obvious because you’re gonna be sitting/standing/jumping around having a gr8 time for a good 2 and a half hours, so wear something you won’t overheat in

6) Don’t be rude please! If someone is in your way, just tell them politely to scooch or move over.

7) Make sure you pee beforehand! And if you get periods, change your pad/tampon! No matter how much blood is on it, please.

8) Have a good time and enjoy yourself! You might even meet a new friend too! Just jam out and have no worries c:

1. Billboard is shit lately and couldn’t even get a rep confirmation before publishing this “exclusive” news.

2. I highly doubt an Azoff or anyone in the know would be giving Billboard this exclusive all things considered (ie. Irving hates Billboard).

3. It’s still Sony??? If I actually believed he was going to record a solo album, I sure as shit think he’d sign with an entirely different label that’s for damn sure. His supposed manager Jeff is way too chummy with Republic for this deal to make any sense.

4. The whole article sounds like pure gossip - no timeline, no idea what the plans are, random sources, blah blah - and they cite Ascap songs that had him listed as a performer but have since been revised to remove him as performer as a basis for thinking he will be signing a solo deal.


This week we meet with experimental musicians Mark Stewart and Julia Wolfe at the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA, an amazing contemporary art museum in North Adams, Massachusetts. They give us the challenge to FIND YOUR BAND:

1. Go through your day and notice all the sounds around you

2. Choose a group of those sounds to be your band

3. Join the band!

4. Record or document what happens and upload to your social media platform of choice with #theartassignment

5. Fame and glory (your work might be in a future episode)

Hello!! I’m laughing too!! Here let me educate you:

1. One Direction has about 3 million fans

2. Kpop has about 35 million fans

3. The Guinness book of world records’ record for the largest fanbase EVER belongs to none other than TVXQ, a *gasp* kpop group!!

4. Kpop is awesome fuck off :)

The Wonder Years Frontman Launches Sideproject: Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties

Soupy Campbell of The Wonder Years will be releasing a new album called We Don’t Have Each Other under the moniker. Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties. The release will come out on July 8th via Hopeless Records and was produced by Ace Enders of The Early November. Check out the artwork and track listing for the release below after the jump.

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Hello! I had some interest in my comic-drawing process so here’s a timelapse video of creating a recent page of BACK.

1. I forgot that I had wanted to record this until partway in, so the sketch and lettering stages aren’t shown. Luckily they aren’t that interesting!

2. I draw the page in Manga Studio, mostly using vector layers with this erasing technique.

3. Once the lineart is done, I export it as a .PSD file and open it up in Photoshop. I hide the lettering and make a merged copy of the drawing layers (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E).

4. I go through and prep the lineart for flatting. I use the BPelt Multifill and Flatting Plugins. These plugins fill each enclosed area (white completely surrounded by black) with a different color. Prepping the lineart involves joining areas that will be the same color, and separating those that won’t. I do and undo the filter a few times to see what I’ve missed, and even then I still miss a thing or two. No biggie. 

5. I run the plugins, then change the flatted layer to more appropriate colors (picking from swatches and previously-colored pages). Then I select and copy the characters to their own layer. 

6. Rendering! I add multiply/screen layers as clipping masks (perhaps the most undervalued feature of Photoshop). In this page, the moon is lighting the scene, so I have a dark blue screen layer with a black layer mask. Whenever I paint white onto the mask, the blue light will become visible. I use the lasso tool to pick out shapes and the airbrush to add rendering where I want it to go. 

7. When it’s done I send it over to KC (who wrote it) and he gets it up on the website all nice and pretty. 

That’s it! It’s so easy. Now that you know all my secrets, you can draw my comics for me and I can retire to an island and drink from coconuts: the cartoonist’s dream.

If Yoruichi posted comments on YouTube cat videos...

As requested by anon. :)

Yoruichi is going on a cat video binge! Here are some of her comments on the videos.

1. “First.”

2. “First.”

3. “First.”

4. “First.”

5. “First.”


Renji: Yeah, plz stop the captains been awake for 17 hours

Byakuya: Delete that.

6. “I speak cat! And just for the record - yes. Yes, your cat IS cussing you out over making him wear that hat.”

7. “Cats and clothes - they just don’t mix.”

8. “Seriously people, stop putting hats on your cats.”

9. “A sweater???? No.”


11. “Well at least the cat revolution I have planned is already pretty well motivated!”

Ichigo: I thought you started that a while ago

Yoruichi: Shhhh!

12. “LOL! I love cat fail compilations!”

13. “Always make me think about Grimmjow.”

14. “Oh man I should upload a Grimmjow fail compilation”

Grimmjow: DO IT AND DIE

15. “Eleven hours of cats purring? Man, humans sure do wish they could purr!”

16. “It’s the best, btw. You guys are missing out big time.”

Soi Fon: I watch this video every night before I go to sleep.

17. “Awwww….I miss the simple pleasure of being in a box when in cat form. It’s just not the same when you’re human. Also people look at you funny.”

Tessai: That might have been because the box was a little too small for you, Yoruichi.


18. “Tch. I can jump WAY higher than that!”

19. “These poor sad kitties!! They hate baths b/c you’re DOING IT WRONG! Try a hot spring, no soap, and maybe a bathing buddy.”


20. “I speak cat. For the record, those cats aren’t crying because you’re in the shower and they’re lonely. They’re singing the Shower Song to encourage you. The Shower Song is a very important part of cat culture.”

Grimmjow: stop spreading misinformation!!!!! that woman keeps asking me to teach her the Shower Song

Yoruichi: Maybe you should!

Grimmjow: IT’S NOT A THING

Jongsuk's Recordings for Alarm Ringtone

I’m not sure if this has been posted before or if has been spreading around, but I just found it and it’s too cute so yeah. It’s probably some alarm recordings that Jongsuk recorded previously (I don’t even know when omg but I think it was last year)

The one where he says “Wake up! Hurry up! You are late!” I died.

1 - Wake up! Hurry up! You are late!

2 - Bbuing Bbuing

3 - You’re not picking up my phone? Pick it up in 3 seconds! 1, 2, 3!

4 - Your phone is ringing~

5 - Hello~ It’s time to wake up~ Bulububu Bulububu

6 - Wake up! I’m going to kiss you if you don’t

7 - Baby, pick up the phone~ Baby!

8 - Baby, baby~

9 - Aigoo, you’re so tired. You’re such a kid. Time to wake up to go to school~

TRACK LIST 1. Tyler Carter (feat. Luke Holland) - “Ain’t It Fun” 2. August Burns Red - “Wrecking Ball” 3. We Came As Romans - “I Knew You Were Trouble” 4. Upon A Burning Body (feat. Ice-T) - “Turn Down For What” 5. Set It Off - “Problem” 6. Crown The Empire - “Burn” 7. Oceans Ate Alaska - “Drunk In Love” 8. Youth In Revolt - “Royals” 9. Volumes - “Hold On, We’re Going Home” 10. Knuckle Puck - “Chocolate” 11. Slaves - “Sweater Weather” 12. State Champs - “Stay The Night” 13. Palisades - “Happy”

Preorder the compilation on iTunes now, right here!

Your Brain Is Just As Busy When You Sleep As When You're Awake

Why do people sleep? — Well, not just people, but all kinds of animals sleep. When you think about it, it’s actually quite a strange idea that for ¼ to 1/3 of each day we go unconscious and are oblivious to the world around us. Scientists for years have wondered and studied what goes on when we sleep and why we do it.

Some of the best research happens through serendipity — Matthew Wilson was studying brain activity in rats as they run mazes. One day he accidentally left the rats hooked up to the equipment he used to record their brain activity. The rats eventually fell asleep, and to Wilson’s surprise, he found that the brain activity while they were asleep was almost the same as the brain activity when the rats were running the maze.

Learning and consolidating – Wilson started a series of experiments to study this more. And through his experiments he has come up with a theory, not just about rats, but about people too: When you sleep and when you dream you are reworking, or consolidating, your experiences from the day. Specifically you are consolidating new memories and making new associations from the information you processed during the day. Your brain is deciding what to remember and what to let go of, or forget.

Sleep don’t cram – Of course we’ve always heard the advice to “get a good night’s sleep” before a big event, or exam. It turns out that that advice was solid. If you want to remember what you have learned the best thing to do is to go to sleep after you learn and before you need to remember it.

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