Our group is fighting a swarm of trolls. Our Barbarian has been fighting a giant troll in the swarm and this was their final attack.

Barbarian: I use my maul on this troll’s dick. *rolls an 18 and a successful damage roll*
DM: You have castrated this troll and he bleeds out to death.
Barbarian OOC: Can I pocket the penis as my free action?
DM: You pocket the penis.

Later, against another giant troll in the same swarm.

Barbarian OOC: Can I throw the dick at the troll as an intimidation tactic?
DM: *laughing so much he decides to allow it* Sure just roll an Intimidation Check.

Sadly it only enraged the troll.

Walking with God is a relationship between creator and His child. Walking is believing moment by moment that God is who He says He is, and that God will meet us at our every point of need.
Vegetta y Willy melosos #1
  • Vegetta:Si el mundo se derrumbara y solo pudieses salvar una cosa, ¿qué sería?
  • Willy:A ti.
  • Vegetta:¿A mí?
  • Willy:Si a ti.
  • Vegetta:No puedes salvarme a mí.
  • Willy:¿Por qué?
  • Vegetta:Porque si tú estás bien, yo también lo estoy, así que no necesito que me rescates.
  • 💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚
You know what?

I think Kodaka tried his best to present a great ending for the series. As DR series itself was a neverending guessing game for about 6 years, so I know that the ending might not satisfy all of you.

But hey, what’s great about the series itself? It leaves you to stay in the series and wanting for more information, and trust me– I had fun in guessing and theorizing all the blanks in this series. It’s fun to see all your memes, cracks, theories, headcanons and many more; we do chat along with each other to discuss our thoughts and it’s fun.

Kodaka gave us a such despairing series but we could made it into meme materials. Way to go, fandom.

So, we’re going to say goodbye to Kibougamine Gakuen’s Arc and we’re off to the new arc. Hard to say, but it’ll be pointless if there’s no end of it, right?

Eventhough the arc itself ends, we must stay together and support the new arc :3

And then,
For all the Class 77 students,
Class 78 students,
Reserve Course students,
Future Foundation members,
Kibougamine Academy staffs,
Warrios of Hope,
And all those people who are also related to the Kibougamine Academy’s Arc