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Dr pepper stans: Shinsou, sero, satou, tokoyami, mina, jirou, mt lady, inasa (drinks it like once a year), Camie

This is true, but may I offer:

Coke stans: Bakugou, Izuku, Present Mic, All Might, Ochaco, Momo, Mineta, Hadou, Takako

Pepsi Stans: Jirou, Tsuyu, Kirishima, Todoroki,

Sprite stans: Hagakure, Shindo, Ojirou, Aoyama, Iida, Shouji, Kouda, Mirio, Seiji

Disgusting thots that mix all four: Kaminari

you give these kids an almost completely empty room.

there are open desks all over the place. they could literally sit anywhere they want.

and what do they do?

sit in their assigned seats.

One day a journalist is going to tell Izuku that people think he’s going to be the next All Might and Izuku starts tearing up and another journalist is going to chime in with “No way, he’s going to be the first Deku!” and Izuku is going to start sobbing on live television while a building he just rescued people from continues to burn down in the background.

unbeta’d jurosei for @amadkat skdkdjjsks pls forgiv e me i love yo u <33

sorry if this is bad lmAo


kosei’s eyes opened slowly, taking their time to adjust to the soft light of the rising sun while the rest of his body woke up too. he let put a soft yawn, rolling over in his bed and picking up his phone. clicking it on, he sat up in bed, legs crossed as he skimmed through his many notifications, most from sen sending him texts about awase being stupid. he grinned as he skimmed through them, always getting a kick out of reading about his best friend telling him stories about his boyfriend.

a strong pair of arms wrapping around his waist eased him from his focus, and kosei laughed at the ticklish feeling of jurota’s fur brushing against his collarbone as soft kisses were littered on his neck.

“good morning, jurota, my love.” kosei hummed, turning his head to place a quick kiss to the side of juroda’s head. he received a sleepy grumble in response, followed by more butterfly kisses being littered on his neck. kosei merely smiled, turning back towards his phone and curling his arm around juroda’s head loosely, resting his hand on top of it.


“gah, where are my– oh, here they are!” kosei smiled. he slid his keys into his pocket, making his way towards the front door.

it was 7:30 now, and kosei was scrambling to get to his agency on time, as he had an early mission he needed to be debriefed for before he was sent off.

“jurota! i’m leaving!” he called out into the hall, pulling on his hero costume boots. kosei hummed as he laced them up, looking down at his watch every few seconds, getting more and more worried.

“shit, i don’t want to be late.” he muttered, he sraightened up, jumping when he saw jurota standing in front of him, a soft smile on his face.

“gah! you scared me!” kosei squeaked, and jurota laughed, placing a hand on top of kosei’s head gently.

“sorry, love. did you forget anything?” jurota asked, and kosei hummed thoughtfully, patting himself down and spinning in a circle before perking up.

“ah, yeah, i did!” he exclaimed. he leaned forward, pressing his lips onto the other man’s sweetly. jurota jerked in surprise, but kissed back nonetheless, his hand sliding from kosei’s head to his neck, pulling him closer.

they broke apart after a few moments, kosei smiling cheekily as he watched jurota’s face flush a warm red. he tilted his head when he saw jurota pull his other hand from his pocket, opening it to reveal kosei’s hero license in his hand.

“i was talking about this, but thanks.” jurota said, a flustered undertone to his voice. kosei stared at the card in his hand before a light laugh escaped him.

“i should’ve known.” he said amusedly, taking the card from his husband. “thank you!”

“mm. now get going, before you’re late.” jurota smiled. kosei perked up at that, nodding vigourously. he unlocked the door, holding it open with one hand as he looked back at jurota.

“bye! i love you!” he exclaimed. he pressed his hand to his mouth, smiling as he blew his kiss towards jurota, solidifying his air into a small heart shape. he giggled at jurota’s flustered expression before closing the door, already excited to get back home later that day as he walked towards the train station.

Headcanon that they actually do sell Eraserhead merchandise, even though Aizawa isn’t all too happy about it. But underground hero or not, he has gathered at least a little fanbase, and there are being toy googles looking like his or scarfs similar to his “weapon” being sold.

Aizawa may or may not come to terms with that merchandise a little bit more when one day, he and his class are going shopping and when he turns around - having let the kids out of his sight only for a few seconds - he is greeted with the sight of twenty children wearing yellow Eraserhead-goggles and scarfs and posing, reciting things like “No good hero is a one trick phony” or “Logical ruse, guys!”

Aizawa nearly freaking loses it, very uncharacteristically for him, when he gets to witness the kids putting one pair of goggles on Toshinori’s head and the retired hero merrily joining in on their “cosplay”.

He does take pictures of those clowns pretending to be him, though all the while swearing that Mic will not get to see those.

(Mic, of course, somehow ends up seeing them.)

I really, really want Class 1-A to do a blanket fort.

Perhaps it starts just because someone dragged too many cozy blankets into the living room. Perhaps it starts because two or more of the children couldn’t sleep and huddled together for comfort. Or perhaps none of them could sleep because of nightmares, a thunderstorm, or after watching a horror movie.

One way or the other, they end up in the living room, tons of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals strewn out between them, and it doesn’t take too long for someone to come up with the idea of a blanket fort.

The more enthusiastic kids like Mina, Kirishima; Kaminari and Tooru are the ones to start building and hiding. Bakugou joins in because, heck, those idiots don’t even know how to build a fort, he can do that so much better. Uraraka is all for it and drags Izuku and Iida with her. Shouto joins, liking the thought of a warm, cozy nest to sleep in. Tokoyami wouldn’t confess it, but it’s exactly the same train of thought that bring him under the blankets, too.

Kouda is completely content with sitting in the middle of the fort, his rabbit securely on his lap and a stuffed animal next to him while the others build a rather impressive fort around him.

When Toshinori walks into the living room, on his way to the kitchen, he almost stumbles into the fort that takes up most of the living room space. He freezes mid-motion as everyone calls out Watch out!

“Now, what’s all of this?” He asks, baffled as he takes in the walls of blankets and pillows, covered with a big blanket for a ceiling.

“It’s our fort!” Mina’s head pops up between a few pillows, expression shining with excitement.

“Ah, yes. Of course. It’s rather impressive,” the fort shields everyone rather well from his gaze, and Toshinori has to bite back a laugh as he asks, “Is… everyone in there?”

“Uh, yes,” that’s Izuku’s voice that comes from somewhere in the middle of the room.

“I think we lost Mineta somewhere between a few pillows,” Sero comments good naturedly.

“Actually, we buried him,” Jirou mutters.

Iida’s gesturing almost topples a wall over as he exclaims, “Everyone! Go look for him! Really now…”

“Sensei, come join us!” Kirishima pops up next to Mina’ waving so much that Bakugou emerges, too, swatting him over the head to stop him. “Ow!”

“Is there enough space for me in there?”


“Pleeeease, Sensei!”

Toshinori relents, crawling under and into the fort carefully. He’s too tall and lanky for this, has to basically lie on his stomach in order to fit, but since the ground is also covered in pillows, that’s not even that uncomfortable.

And honestly, uncomfortable or not, it’s so worth it just because his students greet him loudly and happily, basically snuggling up to him once he has settled down.

Once Aizawa walks into the dorms, back from his job as an underground hero, there is nothing to be seen from his students or his colleague. Only the blanket meets his eye once he turns the corner.

Aizawa stops, blinks, let’s that sink in for a moment, before, “How many hours did you all spend on this?”

There is some shuffling, before one edge of the “ceiling” gets lifted and a pair of eyes blinks at him.

“Welcome back, Sensei,” Tsuyu greets him kindly. “We did our homework first, promise.”

“Hm,” Aizawa frowns, not sure if that is enough of a reassurance.  

“It’s just that we couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

If he wanted or not, Aizawa’s reservation towards this child’s work vanishes at that, and he sighs. “Toshinori?”

“Ah, yes?” Tsuyu scoots over as the retired hero appears next to her.

“You better tell me that my sleeping bag is somewhere in there with you.”

“I actually saw it somewhere around here…,” more shuffling, and the blond grunts triumphantly, “Ha! Thank you, Tooru. You’re sleeping bag is here, Aizawa-kun.”

“Well, nothing for it then,” Aizawa crouches, carefully examining the thick walls of blankets. “Is there a door to this thing?”

“Oooh, is Aizawa-sensei joining us, too?!” Kirishima exclaims. “Sweet!”

“It’s getting fucking cramped in here, guys,” Bakugou grumbles.

“Just make yourself a bit smaller, man.”

“Yeah, you could deflate your ego a bit,” Kaminari suggests. “Lots of space would come from that.”

“You fucking little…!”

“Yikes! Help! Get him off me!”

“Guys! You will topple the whole fort, stop that!”

By the time Aizawa has been granted entrance to the fort, he is already regretting his decision to join in on this – there won’t be any escape if people start exploding stuff or electrocuting each other, and he is tired to use his quirk.

“Don’t worry,” Toshinori seems to read his mind. The blond looks utterly too childlike for a grown man, lying on his stomach and making himself comfortable amidst stuffed animals. “They will calm down soon enough.”

“If you say so,” Aizawa huffs, but relaxes enough to climb into his sleeping bag and try to get some sleep.

And really, it doesn’t take too long for the bickering to calm down, yawns to be heard and really, and shortly after Aizawa feels someone flop down next to him, half snuggling up to him.

Cracking one eye open, he regards his students – especially Mina, who is basically falling asleep on his arm – with a calculating look before he huffs and goes back to sleep.

He has to confess – this fort is really good work from these kids.