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The Magnificent Seven

tumblr should love this movie.

First, it takes a classic movie that is favorite of angry old men - I mean, the original had Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson - and puts our creepy multiethnic sjw fingers all over the reboot.

Native American characters being played by Native Americans.

Asian characters being played by Asians.

A Mexican character being played by an actual Mexican. ( Manuel Garcia-Rulfo should get half a dozen pilot offers from the networks based on this one movie alone.)

Now Martin Sensmeier is Tlingit, not Cherokee, but it’s a huge step up from Johnny Depp. And  Byung-hun Lee is Korean, not Chinese, but at least he’s not a white guy with a tan. (See edit at end of post.)

It’s so much more historically accurate to have a black, an asian, an hispanic, a native american, and three white guys than a pale white western. And they aren’t perfect. There is lots of casual racism, which is accurate for the time. They’re alcoholic. They insult each other in a variety of languages. They have PTSD. They’re assholes to each other, but they have each others’ backs too.

Also, the movie starts by a beautiful man being killed to fuel the female character’s revenge arc. Yay for womanpain!

Finally, it’s an amazing movie. Really. I love westerns, but this is just a great movie. Everybody puts in amazing performances. The cinematography is beautiful. It would get Oscar noms for the acting if it wasn’t a genre movie. Hell, Denzel might get one. The Academy loves Denzel. D’Onofrio might pull a supporting actor nom, too. The problem the other actors face is that there are so many of them that it prevents any of them from having enough screen time to put together a convincing nomination reel.

Go see it. You won’t regret it.

Editing the original post to say: 

I got a reply from @horrorhouses that said:  Except billy rocks wasn’t Chinese and nowhere in the film does billy say he is? Fuqua even calls billy Korean in an interview. 

And then she provided me with a link to the interview.

So, I would like to apologize for getting that wrong. I can identify three possible sources of the mistake. 1) The characters might have referred to him as Chinese in the movie and I didn’t realize they were being racist. I’d have to go watch the movie again to verify this because I don’t really know. 2) The history I have been taught has only included Chinese immigrants coming over to the USA in that era, which is also racist, and I need to learn more. 3) My own assumption was that he was Chinese and that’s racist of me. Also not realizing the characters were racist in this regard (if that happened) when I recognized the racism in so many other senses, is also racist. So regardless of how it happened, I apologize for being racist. I apologize for the offense I caused. That it wasn’t intentional is no excuse. It was still racist. And I promise to try to do better in the future. I really am sorry for the offensive statement.


Angie’s Tips and Tricks for Live2D Models

I’ve gotten some questions about editing these things so I’ll do my best to give some pointers on how to make these. First things first we will need:

  • A basic understanding of Photoshop and loading Live2D models. You will need to know how to do shading/highlights and how to use layers because I’m not going to go into that here.
  • The Live2D viewer as well as the Live2D Fates Assets. The original link I got them from appears to have died so I’m unsure of where to get them if you don’t already have them. I won’t reupload as they were taken down by the original poster.

Tips under the cut! I’m no expert at editing these, so there may be things I’m wrong about so I’m merely speaking from experience.

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something different for a change! author’s comments were “a scummy atsushi-kun is good, but i think a pure white atsushi-kun would be nice too." 

moe atsushi is good…..

events take place right after episode 13b (accident?)

link to comic (by __yone115) (translation below)

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