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Locker Room - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,982
Requested by: @sw-eat-ing (Sorry this took me so long, I hope it lives up to your expectations!)
AN: I need Stiles Stilinski lax porn forever ok?

You wiped the sweat off your brow as you ran, you feet pounding the pavement in a steady rhythm. You were out of shape, a semester off of the track team had left you a little soft. You were pushing yourself to get back to normal, already on the 6th lap around the track. Your muscles ached and burned but you kept going, your eyes drifting longingly to the bench with your things on it.

Your brow furrowed as you tried to focus on your breathing, your ponytail swinging behind you as you kept your steady pace. You heard yelling and turned your head to watch the lacrosse team practicing on the field. Your eyes searched for the jersey number you wanted to see, spying number 24 sitting on the bench on the sidelines looking thoroughly bored. You were surprised to see him watching you, and you blushed, smiling shyly. He lifted his hand and wiggled his fingers in your direction.

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Nerd. [Part 1.]

A/N: Warning, this is supposed to be really cliche and crappy so. .  yeah, and Y/L/N means Your Last Name, and credit to whoever made this sexy gif.

Rated: PG

Summary: where Luke is a pretentious Jock, and you are a Nerd.

Word count:1267.

I shoved my new Notebooks in my bag, I was ready for my first day, even though my stomach still twisted sickeningly.

John ran out of his room, his wild brunette hair still tousled like he just woke up, he punched my shoulder as I  winced feeling my arm already starting to bruise, “See ya’ Bitch.” He singsonged like this Monday was beautiful and swung his sleek black backpack over his shoulder, his car keys in hand as he enjoyed his senior year joyfully.

It was my freshmen year, Lucky me.

I pulled my hair into a lazy ponytail, it was boring, to say the least, I was in what I would call my ‘Blending in’ clothing, so not many people approached me, not like anyone really wanted to.

“Y/N! I want to take your picture of your first day of high school, Oh I remember mine!” My mom squealed excitedly, I wanted to groan in annoyance, She was the pretty girl in high school who made friends with basically the whole school at my age, but now she was a single parent raising three children and spending most of her time doing Pinterest DIYs.

“Can it be quick I really need to get to school early,” I looked down at my phone seeing as it was 7:30 in the morning, even though school started at nine I wanted to interduce myself to all the teachers so I could possibly get a better seat, if there was a seating chart.

“Alright! Smile.” my mom pointed her camera at me as I stood in the middle of the living room, messenger bag on my hip that had the batman symbol on it.

I gave my mom a real big fake smile, she grinned back at me, every time someone took my picture I smiled like that, to make it seem like I was happy living another three years in this dreadful home, that never really had any joy.

“Alright, have a good day.” My mom waved her hand dismissing me, already posting the picture on facebook and Instagram, as she didn’t even look up at me anymore.

“Thanks.” I crumbled opening the screen door and walking the few blocks to school.


I entered the school, I feel the tight feeling wrapping itself around my neck, and it felt hard to breathe as I made my way towards my first classroom, luckily only a few teachers and nerds like me were here, My new teacher Miss Pennington was setting up her classroom still, unstacking chairs and making sure everything was clean.

“Miss Pennington?” I said, my voice coming out weaker than I expected.

Her head shot over to me, she was beautiful, to say the least, she was a little overweight but that didn’t matter, her blonde hair was in a proper bun and her eyebrows were styled sweetly as she had minimum makeup capturing her features.

“Yes? You are?” She held out her hand, finishing putting a chair in front of a desk, she had about 7 more desks.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” I smiled shaking her hand, trying to be polite.

“Oh well, you do know school starts in two hours right?” She said in confusion not knowing why one of her students was so early.

“I know.. It’s just that I was wondering If I could read in here, and see if I could get a good seat up close Ma'am, Or do you need any help?” I motioned to the seven unstacked chairs.

“Oh yes that would be very nice of you, and you can pick any seat you want.” My teacher grinned happily, for a History class this was really nice.

“Thank you so much! It’s just that I’m bad around lot’s of people.” I smiled embarrassingly, as I helped her unstack the chairs, putting my messenger bag filled with pencils and notebooks in one of the first desks closest to miss Pennington.

“Oh that’s fine, I know how you feel, I was the exact same way in high school, barely made any friends.” She giggled, I was still shocked she could speak without stuttering in front of the class.

“But..? you talk in front of people every day.” I flushed at the stupid question.

“I just got over it.” She shrugged a bright smile on her lips, we finished unstacking the chairs.

“Do you mind if I read quietly?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes.

“That’s fine Miss Y/L/N, by any chance to you happen to be related to Mister Y/L/N?” She asked, I swallowed the lump in my throat and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind my ear, and nodded.

“You both have very different personality’s.” the teacher nodded, looking towards her desk, the anxiety came back, a number of detention slips John had came home with, or bad grades, or maybe even his vulgar tongue?

“Here’s your textbook for this year, I really hope this year is going to be uneventful?” She gave me a pointed look as if warning me, thinks went from zero to ten real fast, anger boiled in my chest, my brother who I didn’t even particularly like just ruined a nice relationship with a teacher, nice.

I nodded quickly, and sat down in my chair closest to the window in the front row, pulling out another book I got from the library, I usually said “eenie meenie miney mo” and picked a book off the bookshelf as I closed my eyes so I refrained from judging a book by its cover.


“And he was like 'Whaaatt?’ can you believe it?” a guy loudly whispered to his friend three rows behind me, of course, it was just the first class of the year but did they really need to talk so loud?

“Mister Clifford and Mister Hemmings, do you want me to separate you two for the rest of the school year?” She glared at the two boys behind me,

“No..” Another voice muttered, and she went back to teaching.

They were in the back but I could still hear them 'Whispering’, have they ever heard of using their inside voices?

“Mister Clifford! Trade seats with..” Miss Pennington scanned the classroom, and then her eyes trained on me, fuck.

“With Miss Y/L/N.” I turned around 'Mister Clifford’ looked confused on whoever miss Y/L/N was, I stood scared, Clifford had to be a Senior, I was wondering why he was in a freshmen History class.

I dragged my messenger back towards the back keeping my head down until I saw the empty desk still scooched close to his friend’s chair.

I took a seat carefully as Miss Pennington began to continue on the basics, I could barely hear her, great.

I started to scooch the chair away from 'Hemmings.“ Not looking at him, but he grabbed onto my chair and quietly scooted it back towards where it originally was.

I looked up at him in surprise, he had blonde hair and blue eyes, his eyebrows shaped bushily but somehow perfectly, He leaned towards me as I looked away, "Don’t even try, I’m stuck with you the rest of year Nerd, I’m gonna need to copy your homework.” His voice demanding and dark, but yet arousing, I never thought I’d use those words but it was true.

“You can’t do that.” I stuttered out in a whisper using my hand to shield my mouth so Miss Pennington couldn’t see me whispering, suddenly 'Hemmings knew how to use his inside voice as he threatened me, making chills roll down on my spine.

“Watch me.”

{Part 2}

Close to You (Smut)

Request: Do a smut please with shawn please. idc what its about

Word Count: 1,816

Close to You

I was sitting on the edge of the white - rather large -  hotel bed, staring out the room. Somehow, this hotel room seemed bigger than the others, or maybe I was just missing home, more than normally today. Little peeks of water drops ran down the window beside me, but I couldn’t hear the rain.

Suddenly, Shawn’s cold fingers caressed my cheek. He let his arms slide around my waist, hugging me from behind, as he dropped down on the bed as well.

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So I used to work at Sephora and I always see tips on here that ARE COMPLETELY wrong!!!
Let me help you please bc I lift so much from there

1) THE CAMERAS AREN’T DUMMY, but no one watches them. The managers desks are facing the other wall, and they’re always so busy. There has been one time where I walked into the back and there was one of the managers looking at the camera, and she wasn’t even looking at the monitor. She was doing her paperwork and ran out of room on the desk. I’m not saying be cocky and don’t find blind spots, but if you’re stealthy and you can slip shit in your bag in the cameras view.
2) SA’s WEAR EAR PIECES, which I know is pretty basic info, but if you see someone looking at you and talking or pressing their hand to their ear, leave. They are telling everyone to watch you.
3) ONLY PALETTES AND FRAGRANCE HAVE TAGS, I’m not kidding. That’s it. Most of the KVD eye quads don’t even have tags because they’re small. Clairsonic/Foreo/hair tools such as straighteners or blow dryers will most likely be tagged, but as for other products, go crazy.
4) DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE BOXES! Again, this is obvious. But you’d be surprised how many times when I was working I would find boxes stuffed in random places! It’s annoying, and it just makes everyone angry and super alert to any other shoplifters. Don’t ruin it for your comrades.
5) THEY CANNOT TOUCH YOU. THEY CANNOT CHASE YOU. They can check your bags, but not your purse. Only your shopping bags.
6) During Black Friday, the towers went off about 6 times and nobody even checked them. We just let it beep. It was too crazy to care. Plus, Sephora makes a SHIT TON of money during the holidays, so they don’t really care.
7) BEING IN PLAIN SIGHT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. bring a partner to block you. I like to stand at the very front of the store, whatever display is up there (usually something like Urban Decay or Too Faced) and look at things while I keep my bag low and slip things in my bag. If they can see your face/head, they don’t think you’re trying to hide from them.

That’s all I can think of for now but feel free to message me 💜💜💜


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Prompt: Can u do a imagine on Negan finding a 15-16 year old who ran away from there abusive family – Via Anon

Ships: None
Words: 1,468
Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, curses, suggestive talk
Category: Fluff/ Angst

A/N: I added two other siblings! Hope you don’t mind!

Negan had been fucking one of his wives when the walkie-talkie had buzzed into life and Dwight had announced that they’d found three kids in food storage. Negan had let out a groan and had promptly drawn out of his panting wife.

Ten minutes later he was down by one of the interrogation rooms. It was nothing classy, just a desk with two chairs. Dwight was stood outside, a crossbow slung over his shoulder. He stood up straight when Negan rounded the corner of the corridor.

“This better be good, D, I was deep in one of the wives when you called.” Negan asked in an almost groggy voice.

“Oh, it is.” Dwight replied in a low voice. “They’re in there.” He jabbed a thumb behind him at the iron door.

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The only one - Chapter 12

Reader x Jimin

Warnings: Violence, Swearing

Words: 1,850

Chapters: 11


The next morning I woke up quite early, Mikey had no idea I slept with him last night. I went to the bathroom and whilst i was there, Mikey had woken up and did his morning routine of going into my room and getting me up. Well obviously it didn’t go as it did usually as I wasn’t in my bed, instead Jungkook was.

“AHHHHH", I heard Mikey’s high pitched screaming coming from my bedroom. I quickly ran out and into the bedroom, to see Mikey at the side of the bed cuddling his blanket, “mommy, that not Minmin”, his eyes began watering as he pouted, “oh no, no..”,I went up to him and picked him up. “I slept with you so that Kookie could sleep”, “Kookie?”, he repeated, to which I nodded. He began squirming my arms, “bed”, he commanded as he pointed at my bed.

The second I placed him on the bed he climbed onto Jungkook, sitting in his stomach and began bouncing up and down and screaming, “KOOKIE UP!”.I was quite shocked at how comfortable he grew towards Jungkook after a couple of hours. I heard Jungkook groan before speaking, “okay, okay I’m up Mike”, Mikey furrowed his brows, realising he’d said Mik, “Mikey not Mik”, he responds crossing his arms, making me smile at how cute he looked. “Oh sorry…”, Jungkook smirked, “MIK”, he said setting of Mikey, he began shooting, but was cut off by Jungkook grabbing him and laying him on the mattress and tickling him. I could help, but to giggle at the two. But also couldn’t stop the rapid beating of my heart.

After finally separating the two, I got them both to go down and eat breakfast. After getting myself and Mikey ready I sat him at the table to eat his banana and wait for Katrina to take him to school today.

The doorbell rang as Mikey was finishing off his banana, “finally, aunt Kiki is here”, “KIKI”, he clapped. “Drink your juice, i’ll to let Kiki in”, I ran my hand through his hair as I walked passed him to get the door, as I was walking Jungkook had finally finished changing and smiled as he went passed into the kitchen. I stopped myself from smiling as i knew Katrina would tease me.

“You took your time…-”,I cut myself off once I saw who it was. He looked a mess, his hair everywhere, his eyes bloodshot from last night. “hey”, he greeted, holding out the flowers. I gave him a small smile and thank you as I took the flowers from him, “(y/n), I just want to say I’m sorry, i-i shouldn’t have-”, “stop Kookie!”, Mikey screamed as he laughed.

Jimin went from apologetic to angry real quick. “You let him sleep over? Why, so you could fuck him again”, he spat through his teeth, “no Jimin”, he ignored me and pushed me to the side to get in. I quickly ran after him into the kitchen. “Don’t touch him”, he says pushing Jungkook away from Mikey who was now sat on a normal chair. “And don’t chime bear by family again”, Jungkook laughed, “family? Really!? With the way you’re treating her the only thing you’re gonna be to her is an ex”, he pushed Jimin back. That set him off as next Jimin threw a punch at Jungkook’s jaw sending him back a little, his punch caused Mikey to scream, “stop!”, he got off the chair pulling at Jimin’s leg, trying to stop them.

“Get off!”, Jimin shouted at Mikey, pushing the three year old, making him fall in the floor, hard. Abd it took that to completely set me off.

“STOP JUST FUCKING STOP!”, I screamed as loud as I could. I also picked a crying Mikey of the floor and held him tight as he continue to cry into my neck. Jungkook and Jimin stared at me, “just go…”, my voice was hushed. “Go on go she did want you-”, “not him Jimin”, I couldn’t look at him, I buried my face into Mikey’s shoulder. “What, no, baby…”, his voice became weaker, “no, I’m sorry please don’t, (y/n), I need you, I need Mikey”, Jimin walked up to us, I backed away, until my back hit the wall near the kitchen door, “don’t do this (y/n)”, “j-just go, or I’ll call the police”. I would never call the police on him, but I couldn’t have him near me as of right now, no matter how much I loved him.

Tears rolled down Jimin cheeks, he pulled at his hair and screamed, kicking one of the table chairs before he stormed away, slamming the door closed. The second he did I slowly slid down the wall clutching in the Mikey and began crying, “hey, hey, it’s okay”, Jungkook said as he came over and pulled me into his side. He combed his fingers through my hair telling me it was going to be okay.

Jungkook had called Katrina from my phone telling her not to come, then rang Mikey’s school. I was now sat in the living room wrapping Mikey in a blanket as he lay on my lap. Jungkook came in with two cups of coffee in his hands and a milk bottle for Mikey. “Thank you”, I said as he handed Mikey’s bottle, “you know, you could’ve gone to work”, “I know, but I did say I’ll be there for you”, reminding me of when I bumped into him after going to the pharmacy. I couldn’t help but smile, i should have given him a chance.

“Okay I’ve got everything”, I said as I put my passport in my bag and then put it inside the van that was taking both me and Jungkook. “Can I go say goodbye to Mikey?”, “No, don’t be stupid”, Jungkook snapped, “oh, erm..”, “(y/n), I’m joking, go on”, he laughed as I called him an idiot and walked to the front door to say goodbye to Mikey and Katrina. “Hey baby, I’m gonna miss you”, I held his face, “me too mommy”,he said as he smiled back, “I love yewww”, he kissed my cheek giggling, making me smile, “I love you too”.

After a tiring flight, we had finally arrived in Japan. We had a car pick the two off us up from the airport and bring us straight to the hotel. The hotel for one was huge and it was luxurious, it probably cost a fortune to stay in one of the rooms for a day.

The room that I was staying in was across the hall from Jungkook’s. It was pretty large and had an amazing view from the balcony.

Right now I was laying on the bed, as the meeting wasn’t for two days, meaning I had two days to roam. It was currently, 6pm in Japan, “may as well start now”, I said to myself. I got up and changed into a pair of black jeans and an oversized hoodie, before going out.

It was dark, outside, but the lights around the town lit it up. It was crowded and noisy, but in a good way, kinda like how you see in the movies. I walked around the town, there were food stalls and shops open, the food smelt amazing, I wanted to buy some, but there would be a communication problem. I could at least try.

I walked up to one of the stands they were selling some sort of bread, “erm…Hi..”, I started off, “could i er…can i…”,I began stuttering, god this is so embarrassing. “Can i-”, I was cut off by someone speaking Japanese. I turned to.see Jungkook stood there speaking to the man, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, along with a bomber jacket. He looked so good in the simplest thing.

I was too busy staring I didn’t realise he was holding two of the bread things in front of my face, “earth to (y/n)”, he said, bringing me back to reality. My face flushed with embarrassment, “oh..erm..Thank you”, I said as I took one of the bread, my voice was quiet. Jungkook on the other hand was laughing as he played and thanked the man.

“Hey don’t be so embarrassed”, I groaned as he pointed it out, “I thought you were quite cute”, I nudged him in his side making him laugh again. “This place is so beautiful”, I looked around my surroundings, it was amazing how a few trees and the night sky could make places look. “Yeah, beautiful”, I heard Jungkook mumble, but he wasn’t staring at our surroundings, instead he was staring at me and I had no idea. “Hey (y/n)?”, I hummed back in response, I was now too busy taking pictures, “do you wanna see something even better?”


The view of the city it was wow, I’ve seen it in pictures, but seeing it in real life, well words couldn’t really explain how I felt looking at it. “Kookie this is just…Wow", I exclaimed, “how, did you find this spot?”.

I continued staring, until I heard no response from Jungkook, “Kookie?”, he hummed and smiled at me, “are you okay”, he nodded before he began to speak. “Yeah,yeah, it’s just that I wasn’t the one who found this place…It was my dad”, “your dad? Where is he know, if you don’t mind me asking”, “he’s hopefully watching over me like he said he would. We would always come to Japan on holiday, I still do, my grandma lives here so we would stay with her, outta the city. But dad always made us get in the car and come here, it made us feel closer you know, like we were the only ones here…”.

His eyes got watery, I looked at him as he watched over the city, this was the side I loved.

I didn’t want to speak and ruin the moment so instead I slowly reached for his hand and squeezed it.

We both made our way back to the hotel, we didn’t speak at all, only a few glances towards each other. There was tension and we both knew.

So once we reached our suites I decided to speak, “Jungkook?”, he turned from opening his door to look at me, “yeah?”.

Before I knew it I was attached to him, my lips against his and my arms around his neck, my hand playing with the hairs on the back of his neck. Jungkook must have been quite shocked as it took him a few seconds to respond. He turned us around so I was now against his door, and began kissing me, whist he opened the door. Once opened he pushed me inside, kicking the door closed. His lips attacked my neck, he began kissing, sucking and licking, “god (y/n)”, he growled as he walked me backwards to the bed.

But before he pushed me down he asked me one thing, “are you sure (y/n)?”.

Thank yew for reading, i apologise it took so long, but i’m going through a lot rn, but i’m still writing when i can. And will be posting scars new chapter on Wednesday after my last mock exam


Shelter from Your Storm (Part 8)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7)

The party broke up shortly after the cake ran out, and the team headed back toward the locker room.

Kurt glanced at his watch. “I think the rest of today is a lost cause,” he said quietly to Jane. “How about we go to your place so you can pack up your stuff, then pick up takeout on the way home?”

Jane hugged Tasha’s coat tight against her chest and tried valiantly not to look as unnerved as she felt. Of course they would have to live together in order to convince INS that they were truly married. She’d considered it, quite logically, when he’d made his proposal. But something about the matter-of-fact way he’d said it had caught her off guard.

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Child of Peace 14 - Distraction

A change of pace and points of view. I hope you like it! (the next chapter will be back to Manon and Dorian)

entire work on ao3

master list of chapters 1-13

At the sound from the hall, Fallon ran to open her door. No one was there. She’d been waiting for Manon or Dorian to come out so she could go see Banshee. The twists and turns from the wyvern cave to their rooms were forgotten last night as she’d been distracted. Not wanting to bother them, she’d been listening for their door since getting out of bed.

She turned to go back inside but noticed a small basket on the floor. Checking the hallway and finding no signs of who left it, she picked it up. The basket held bread, fruit, and all the makings for tea. A huge improvement to the food they’d been eating on the road. The warm, fresh bread alone set her mouth watering. Fallon tore into it, only finding the berry jam after she’d eaten most of the small loaf. She spread it on the remaining few bites, sighing as she chewed.

Much too late, she realized she should probably have checked the food for any poison. In fact, she should be a lot more suspicious of things than she was. You idiot Fallon! And Sorrel left you behind to protect Manon! The bread quickly turned into a lump in her throat as she berated herself for failing in her duties.

But Manon had seemed to trust them. Aven was her grandmother, and Catrin had warmed up to them. Alastair was overwhelmingly friendly. Dorian had taken to him quickly. Well they are both humans, she thought. Even if Fallon’s instincts had been telling her to be cautious, Manon’s opinion carried more weight.

That witchling with the white braids wasn’t very friendly, she thought, reminding herself that not everyone here would be so welcoming. The arrogant witch had touched a nerve in Fallon, referring to Manon as soft. That was the worst insult a Blackbeak could receive. Witches had been beaten for the slightest sign of weakness. And witches had been killed if they were labeled soft. She thought of Lin’s mother. Imogen’s. Her own.

Why so many of us, she wondered, realizing Manon’s mother had died at the hands of the Matron. Just as hers had died at the hands of her grandmother. Why were so many of the Thirteen left without our mothers?

She heard the door across the hall open and close. Fallon shot up and checked again.

But instead of Manon or Dorian, she found Aven.

The little old witch smiled sweetly. “Good morning witchling. Can I help you with something?”

“Oh, no. I thought Manon might be going to check on our wyverns. I’m afraid I didn’t pay attention last night and I’m not sure how to get back.”

Aven chuckled and said, “I can show you the way. I’m headed in that direction. I think those two would like some privacy anyway.”

Fallon smiled hesitantly, noticing the twinkle in the Crochan’s eyes but feeling uncomfortable about what she was insinuating. She knew Manon and Dorian were together. Happily so despite their recent disagreement. But it was still a bit strange to see her wing leader with a man. To Fallon’s knowledge, Manon had never been one to associate frequently with males, human or fae. Or females either for that matter. She assumed it happened even if she wasn’t aware of it. Before they’d been called back to the Ferian Gap, when they’d been sent on missions, witches would be on their own for months at a time. So who knew what she’d done then. But unlike Asterin and Faline, and others in the coven, Manon never spoke of those things, had never left the Omega or Morath for any kind of fun. So, while she liked Dorian very much, and was pleased to see her wing leader happy, Fallon still felt awkward, unsure how to react to it sometimes.

Aven was watching her curiously, then said, “Did you get the food I left? I was just speaking to Manon. We will have a small ceremony for your friend this evening. Will that suit you?”

She nodded and Aven gestured for her to follow, starting down the tunnel. Fallon appreciated that Aven didn’t force her to talk while they made their way to the wyvern cave. She hated trying to make small talk, even with someone as polite as Aven. Faline was the one for that. She could talk to anyone, come up with clever replies to questions, get people to do whatever she wanted. She huffed a little laugh. A skill she perfected on me I think.

She missed her twin deeply. They usually managed to get missions together, only separating a few times over their years as members of the Thirteen. And those times had been difficult for her. Without Faline, Fallon found it harder to keep herself from the darkness. Although it was something that never really went away for her, Faline could distract her, listen to her when she felt like talking about it. Or, just be with her. When Sorrel had ordered her to stay behind, she’d almost objected. If it hadn’t been for Banshee’s lingering injury, she would have. But even so, Fallon wasn’t the type to disobey or cause trouble. Especially if she was the only one disobeying. Faline turned the bad behavior into a game that rarely got them reprimanded. But she’d been smart enough not to push things with their leaders. Asterin was an exception. But Sorrel and Manon didn’t take well to jokes and games. Vesta had always been the buffer, coming after Sorrel in the coven’s hierarchy. And now she’s gone, Fallon thought, idly picking at her nails.

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Chance and Choice (Part 5 of 10)

Summary: Reader has just about given up on love. A gag trip to a psychic reveals the supposed name of her soulmate. Will she ever find him?

Word Count: 1,269

Warnings: language, cheesiness

A/N: This is an AU drabble series I’m trying out. It’s my second thing ever posted. PS - Who the hell is Bucky?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

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So last night I ran a pretty brutal and strange dungeon for my players that very nearly ended in a TPK a couple times. Here are some thoughts:
1) When a room is filled with an obvious light trap ala Indiana Jones, don’t try to weave in and out through the beams because you’ll end up getting killed by darts coated in Wyvern poison.
2) When you get teleported to the bottom of a pitch black pool… Well, I guess just have some ranks in swim and a high constitution score?
3) When a couple of strange, fungoid creatures fly down onto an island you just fought a flesh golem on and the island itself is marbled in fat and sloshing around, and the beings say they’re impressed with how far you’ve come and tempt you with the ability to space travel, just ask some questions about the whole process and try not to interrupt with a “Say no more, fam”

Scribble ran out of room on the rock for ‘drawing’ and stood up, putting down the small crayons and coal he used to draw. Walking over to his older brother, still seeming a bit down but better from before. He sat down next to him and glared at the box once again. Quickly passing his brother some biscuits thinking his brother was hungry. “b0X g1v3s f00D s0Мт1m3s!1″ he said as he smiled like the lil’ innocent boi that he is

(( Scribble is online )) 


part 1/?

these powerpoints will be my only contribution to the until dawn fandom probably

this images are not my own and i provided links to them under the pictures. most of them came from the until dawn wikia page.

also i ran out of room on this post for all of the characters but i’ll be tagging these posts with ‘until dawn powerpoint’ if you want to see them altogether

I Left Because You Came Back

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You stumbled out of the room in shock. You stood in the doorway for just a moment before you turned and ran towards your old room. As you ran, you heard loud crashing sounds coming from the room you just exited. When you got to your room you grabbed a duffel bag and shoved all the clothes you could find into it. After one final glance around the room, you rushed out of the bunker and got in your car.

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U know I have been thinking of lil!jason and Jim gordon. Even if it's in an AU but just jason getting in trouble with police and maybe bc he's homeless kid or he did something and idk but i just want jim gordon to look out for him sometimes

(I. Love. THIS. And this au idea has been side-eyeing me for ages so it is way past time I replied to it. I started out just adding to the au, but then this scene came to me, and I couldn’t resist writing it out. I put part 1 because I have a bad feeling this will turn into a ficlet series.. joy of joys.) 

“Never trust a cop.” Part 1

Jim Gordon sighed and ran a hand through his grey hair with exasperation.

It was late July, and late July in Gotham meant heat-waves that wreaked havoc on the poorly ventilated rooms and terrible air conditioning system at the GCPD. Everyone had their jackets off, sleeves rolled up, and the metallic, clanking fans running as they blew crime reports half-way across the room accompanied by the occasional “shit—!” from a rookie detective or secretary. 

Gordon mopped his forehead with a handkerchief and shoved it back in his pocket as he stalked towards the interrogation room.

‘Well?’ he raised his eyebrows at Montoya expectantly, looking into the room from behind the one-way mirror. ‘Jesus. Did Bullock have to handcuff him? He’s just a kid.’

Montoya gave him a look. ‘That kid nearly bit Bullock’s finger off as we were bringing him in. I tried speaking in Spanish with him to see if he would respond better, but all he did was cuss me out.’ 

Gordon nodded as he opened the door again. ‘Well, fair enough. But we should get Bullock out of there. He’s only antagonising him, making the situation worse.’ 

He walked into the dim, grey-washed interrogation room just as Bullock was beginning to lose his temper, the boy grinning up at him in smug success and spite. 

Smart kid, he knows how to manipulate people, Jim thought and pat the red-faced Bullock on the back. ‘All right, I think we’ve worn out the “good cop”. Time for the “bad” one.’

‘You’d better fess up, kid. Or it’ll be worse than me and the Commish here. It’ll be juvie.’ Bullock snarled and threw one last glare at the boy before slamming the door behind him. 

The boy stuck his tongue out at the door, then watched as the Commissioner calmly sat across from him, observing him from over his thick-rimmed glasses. He looked much like the dozens of other street kids that wandered the dark, crime-infested, cement jungle that was Crime Alley. Grubby, scowling, lean body, curly brown hair that needed a trim, and a complete disregard for authority with a “devil-may-care” attitude to boot. 

‘I’m not telling you jack,’ the boy growled out his threats, holding his chin up. ‘You can never trust a cop. And I’m no snitch.’

But Jim could see the fear that seeped out from his green-flecked, hazel eyes, noticed how he was nervously fidgeting with the handcuffs that bound him to his chair. 

This may be Gotham, and he may be from the most vile, crime-infested area of the inner-city… but he’s still just a kid. 

‘Son,’ he said, measuring his voice, ensuring there was no trace of threat in it. ‘This isn’t pre-school. This isn’t about being a tattletale and snitching on one of your classmates, getting them in trouble with the teacher.’ 

He leaned forward and folded his hands on the table, looking the boy in the eyes, his gaze unrelenting. The boy drew back slightly but did not look away from him. 

‘This is about life and death. This is about people dying if we aren’t able to get the information we need to help them. Do you want to be responsible for their deaths? All because you were too proud to talk to the cops?’

The boy bit his lip and leaned back in the uncomfortable chair, sulking as he pondered the implications, the gravity of the Commissioner’s words. Gordon could tell he was a smart boy, it was something in those eyes. Yes, the anger was the first thing you saw, then the fear and pain lay underneath, but in between, in his very heart you could see the pure wonder and curiosity of a bright child. A child who was fearless, who craved adventure and wanted nothing more than to go out into the world and learn all her secrets. 

And Jim felt his stomach sink as he thought of his own child, how similar Barbara had been when she was younger. How Barbara had actually been given the chance to chase her dreams, to go to school, to college, to use her father’s connections and get a part-time job at the GCPD… 

The kids of Crime Alley had none of that.  

‘Why don’t we start with your name, son,’ Jim said in a quiet voice, giving the boy an encouraging smile, and realising that was a mistake as the boy narrowed his eyes at him. Sympathy would not help him to open up, because it was too easily confused with pity.

Beads of sweat were running down the boy’s face, his breathing was rough, it was hot. He needed a drink, and it didn’t look like this was going anywhere. The kid was either too spooked, or too angry… too stubborn… probably both. Either way, he wasn’t going to talk.

Gordon sighed into the silence and rose, preparing to leave, to get someone to get the poor kid some water and then let him go. They would need to start over, find another witness, rally up a search party to look for the suspect… which meant another long night at the office for Jim Gordon.

But then, the boy spoke.

‘Jason Todd,’ he muttered, and looked up at the Commissioner with those piercing hazel eyes. ‘My name, is Jason Todd.’

[Nº 120] My gods

My gods
shouldn’t need introductions;
they know my name,
and I once knew theirs,
though in my haste
to scrub out
the stigmata and the stains —
of farts and boogers,
and pirate ships,
of choo-choo trains,
and astronaut dreams —
the ink of their
sacred book blurred and bled
through the sheets
of my mother’s bed,
and ran into
all the far corners
of the many rooms
in my father’s house.

At least,
I still have the book.
Now, where is the pen?

Timothy Joko-Veltman
20h03 20.1.17
Portland, OR, USA

Quick! (1/2) [Ft. Reader & Bucky + Avengers]

Summary: When Bucky falls asleep he’s pranked by one of the avengers, he vows to get revenge. However, Bucky’s revenge prank doesn’t go as planned.

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Part 2



The avengers were suddenly to their feet ready for a fight. They were all just hanging out in the living room relaxing up until there heard the alarming noises. Tony was about to ask F.R.I.D.A.Y what was going on, until you ran into the room.

“Quick, you guys got to help me!” You said breathlessly as you ran into the living room.

“What? Why, what’s going on?” Steve asked you.

You were about to respond when suddenly Bucky’s loud voice was heard.


The avengers all turned their attention to you.

“What did you do (Y/N)?” Sam asked you.

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