1(f) royal air force

The second English Electric P.1 built, the prototype Lightning, which first flew on 18 July 1955. Though never fitted with reheat, and restricted to Mach 1.51, this thirsty lady could drain the tanks in 55 minutes.

A SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 of No. 41 Squadron, RAF, is serviced as a U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle from the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing taxis during Operation Desert Shield, 23 January, 1991.  An unsung workhorse and success story, the Jaguar proved a capable and resilient little aircraft, one surviving a hit from a Sam-7 or similar to the port engine during the conflict. In all they flew some 600 sorties without loss, destroying 15 Iraqi ships, before turning their attention to the silkworm missile and SAM sites as well as artillery batteries along the Kuwaiti coast, which threatened coalition warships. 


Been a while since the F-111 has been on the site! With that said, enjoy this clip of the final “dump and burn” ever at the 2010 Williamtown Airshow.