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Part 1 of my 50+ Followers Gift!

I recolored the base game backwards hat in 35 solids and 3 sort of multi colors ( it’s just white and the little hat bulb is a different color) for my 50 followers gift! I hope you all enjoy!

- This is a base game item.

- Recolored in a custom palette by yours truly.

TOU- Please don’t claim these as your own recolors <3

download (No Adfly) / simfileshare

Credits, Mesh by EA

Send “Who Are You?” and my muse will reply with one of the following:

#1-50. Pronouns [we, I, she, he, ect] are free to change. Optimal for vigilantes.

  1. Concerned… Third party? 
  2. Honestly, I haven’t decided yet. 
  3. Considering [___], I’d say I’m the guy who just took your job. 
  4. I’m here to help you. 
  5. Just say we’re in the same business, fixing problems. 
  6. I’m the guy who still has time to save [name].
  7. Tell [name] I’m the guy that just put him out of business. 
  8. I’m like you, I give people second chances. 
  9. One of the only people who know you’re innocent. 
  10. Detective [name]. *NOTE: they stole a badge and are impersonating*
  11. One of these days I’ll have to come up with a good answer for that one.
  12. You can call me… [name].
  13. Who I am doesn’t matter right now. What matters is, I know who you are.  
  14. My name is [name]. Your mother sent me. 
  15. If you find out, let me know. *NOTE: Could be about someone else*
  16. My name is [name] and I help people out of tough situations. 
  17. *silently continues what they were doing*
  18. The guy who shot Detective [name] and stole his badge. 
  19. Your ride home. 
  20. *about someone else* The guy who helped me save your life tonight. 
  21. I’m the guy who stopped you two jokers from killing each other. 
  22. We help people, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. 
  23. Just a guy who needed a ride. 
  24. I find it hard to answer that, even to myself. 
  25. I’m the partner of the man in your backseat. 
  26. As far as you’re concerned, [name], we don’t exist. 
  27. *snippily* [first name].
  28. Let’s just say that ultimately, you and I work for the same entity. 
  29. I could ask you the same thing. 
  30. That’s not important. 
  31. Right now, an easy target. 
  32. Tonight, hostage negotiator. 
  33. [A] Concerned third party. 
  34. Someone who knows what this is about. 
  35. Right now, your only option. 
  36. We’re merely a couple of concerned dog owners, [name]. 
  37. As of this moment, [name], we are your judge and jury. 
  38. Not important.
  39. The night watch. 
  40. Concerned citizen. 
  41. I’m the guy that’s gonna catch you when you fall. 
  42. Never Mind. 
  43. A concerned frequent flyer. 
  44. You can call me [name]. And this is my partner [name]. 
  45. I may be the only person here who thinks you’re innocent. 
  46. Security advisors… Of a sort. 
  47. Right now I’m the getaway driver. 
  48. Ordinarily I’d be the chick kicking your amateur hour ass. 
  49. The frigging Dalai Lama.

arthurcurr  asked:

do you have any recommendations which comics to read with Luke Cage and Danny Rand?

Well, Hellooooo…..

Dude, I’m so glad you asked. But You might want to sit down for this, get comfortable, because it could take a while…


So when it comes to Luke Cage and Danny Rand, you’ll have to make a decision whether you are willing to entertain the inherent ridiculousness that is Bronze Age Comics. Which is to say, Comics that still had a lot of the silly idealism and cliches of the Silver Age Comics, but trying really hard to make itself gritty and edgy. Oooh, so hip with the young people in 1975!

If you decide that you are game to venture back into archives of how Danny and Luke got their start, then I have some recommendations: 

☑ Power Man vol 1, #48 (1977) - “First of Iron – Heart of Stone!”

Behold! The infamous First Meeting of Luke Cage and Danny Rand! This story is also the first time Luke will interact with the Daughters of the Dragon, and it somewhat sets the foundation for his and Rand’s future friendship. (But he starts out by beating on poor Danny, oops!)

☑ Power Man vol 1, #49 (1978) - “Seagate is a Lonely Place to Die!”

After Luke has finally calmed down from punching all his future friends, he enlists their help to overcome the man who blackmailed him into such violence in the first place. This book is the original unaccredited team up of the Heroes for Hire foursome. It also is the moment that Luke clears his name and no longer must hide his identity

☑ Power Man And Iron Fist vol 1, #50 (1978) - “Freedom!”

So, following the success of Danny and Luke’s team up, the writers at Marvel decided to change Luke’s standalone title from “Power Man” to “Power Man and Iron Fist” and begin chronicling the two buddies as a crime-fighting duo. This issue lays the groundwork of their partnership and also delves into Luke’s origin story. (p.s. this is also the issue where Luke and Claire Temple break up, omg! )

These are all great issues that give context to the following years and years of companionship shared between Luke and Danny. There are other stand out moments in the ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ original title, but I can guarantee the books won’t be easy to locate. 

Some other iconic issues:

Power Man and Iron Fist vol 1, #81 - #82 (1982) - “The Road to Halwan”

This is a ridiculous story arc, but it is so in character for Luke and Danny that I had to include it. It involves some the great ‘everyday life’ aspects of being in business as a hero with your best bud, plus assassins, plus Luke and Danny disguised as part of a harem. Seriously, just… it’s great, ok?  

Power Man and Iron Fist vol 1, #99 - #100 (1984) - “Soul Games!”

Danny and Luke face off against Ward Meachum, and Master Khan. This was a milestone issue, so the whole gang is present for this event, and it’s pretty epic

Power Man and Iron Fist vol 1, #125 (1985) - “Hardball”

This is the final issue of Power Man and Iron Fist, and in it, Danny is presumed dead while Luke is accused of being his murderer. There is a rare moment of emotion in this book as Misty and Luke both experience the loss of their dear friend. The book itself ends in a way I don’t really find satisfying, and then it is literally a decade before you see Danny and Luke together in a book again. 

Moving into more modern comics, I have a mishmash of recommendations that will build an understanding of Danny and Luke’s friendship, both as cohorts of some of our favorite people (Daredevil, Captain America, Spider Man, etc) and when they were at their most tested. Which of course means the inclusion of one Jessica Jones. 

Let’s start with….

Daredevil vol 2, #38, #59, #60

After the title “Power Man and Iron Fist” finally came to a close in the late 1980s, opportunities to see Danny and Luke work together became kind of rare. So these reccommendations are simply random issues of Daredevil in which Luke and Danny play supporting roles to the main hero. Evenso, I consider them badass and the art utterly beautiful. 

Secret War #1 (2004) - “Book One”

At the beginning of the Secret War (Not to be confused with Secret Wars) story arc, Jess is newly pregnant with Luke’s child and only just moved into his apartment. I don’t think we’ve even seen her interact with Danny Rand up to this point, but when Luke is blown to hell by an attack, the two most important people in his life come together…. and it’s not all broship and rainbows, let’s just say that. This issue doesn’t necessarily feature a lot of Rand and Cage, but it shows how much Danny cares for Luke, the lengths he’ll go to in order to ensure his safety

The Pulse vol 1,  #6 and #9 (2005) - “The Secret War”

The Secret War Storyline continues for Luke and Danny in Pulse, which rehashes the events of Secret War #1 and holds the real ‘meat and potatoes’ of the turmoil surrounding Luke’s injuries and Danny’s desire to protect him. While Jessica is trying to get a hold of Matt Murdock and dealing with a whole series of crisis, Danny hides Luke’s still healing body away from everyone (Jessica included). I’ve cited books #6 and #9 because those are the books that feature Danny. The time in between is basically a chronicle of Jessica’s frantic/angry search for answers and her missing lover. Issue #9 features their reunion, some real talk between Jess and Danny, and a very important moment of understanding that will shape all three characters over the years.

The Immortal Iron Fist vol 1, #2, #5 - #6, #12 - #14, #16 (2006 - 2007)

Immortal Iron Fist is a great book for character development of Danny. Luke makes occasional appears, in which his purpose is literally always to save Rand’s stupid ass from trouble. I like it though, it’s like a more modern version of what we saw in older Power Man and Iron Fist comics. And the art is great! (p.s. #16 is a fairly important series of moments in Danny’s life, including his fresh partnership with Luke as an employee of Rand Industries. ) 

New Avengers vol 1, #22 - #23 (2006)

Civil War, as I’m sure you know, divided the entire Marvel Universe and sent a great many heroes into hiding. Right in the middle of it was Luke and Danny, both supporting Captain America as members of his ‘Secret Avengers.’ Danny, at this time, is posing as Daredevil (something he will eventually suffer for greatly) to confuse authorities who have apprehended Matt Murdock as the supposed vigilante. These books are important in how they portray Luke as a hero who is unwilling to compromise the civil liberties of the people he protects, and in how both he and Danny face down the coming storm.

Civil War vol 1, #2 - #5 (2007) 

More Civil War Storyline information. This book overlaps with New Avengers vol 1 in that it details the actions of Cap’s Secret Avengers group. Still posing as Daredevil, Danny is captured by Tony Stark in issue #5, which kind of ends his and Luke’s time together on that team. I actually hate these books, and most of Civil War, for what it did to the characters I love, but I feel it’s important to point out just what Danny and Luke were doing at this very tumultuous time.

New Avengers vol 2 (2010 - 2011)

HELLO MOTHERLOAD. This book, ugghhh. You’ll note I didn’t put a specific issue. Why? Because they’re all great! The New Avengers is the infamous book where Cap makes Luke leader of the Avengers, Tony sells Luke the Avengers Mansion for one dollar (that he borrows off Danny!), and they all become a family/team again! The book does focus more on Luke’s relationship with his now wife, Jessica, but there are golden moments of Luke and Danny being their typical selves. Just…. Read it all! 

Which brings us to current events, the universe reboot by Marvel, and what Danny and Luke are up to now. Which, of course, means…

Power Man and Iron Fist vol 2!!!! (2016)

This book is currently only three issues in, but it captures the tone of Luke and Danny’s friendship quite well. The art is by Sandford Greene and I just love where it’s going, there really is no losing with this book!! If you don’t want to be arsed in hunting down all the previous books I’ve mentioned, then my recommendation to you is to just start reading THIS. It’ll help you understand the PowerFist friendship about as well as anything! 

So! As for my knowledge of these two heroes and how they relate to one another, that about covers it! I have a few amazing Iron Fists that follow me, and if they have any volumes or books to add, then I would welcome their input. 

Just don’t Mention Shadowlands to me because I hate that little buttface, Victor Alverez. #NotMyPowerMan

Anyhow, I hope this helps you in your interest with these amazing heroes. Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

– Red

A Gladiator’s Rise to 50 Followers

Hello everyone. I’d just like to give a big thank you for 50 followers. I’d just like to give a sincere thank you, again, for the following. (#cultofgladiator)

I’ve been hiding something from everyone all this time. Something that I feel I must admit to you all.

Are you ready?

I am only a half-knight.

Bisexual Harry Potter

* Having weird dreams about Cedric Diggory, and it doesn’t mean anything because he’s dead and maybe Harry’s brain is just trying to cope

* Caring so much for Ginny but Harry feels like a different person now, he doesn’t know the boy who had such a comfortable relationship with her

* Getting drunk with Hermione after a fight with Ginny and confessing that he thinks he might be attracted to guys (”But m’not gay, Mione!”)

* Hermione getting into teacher mode while pissed and giving Harry a really passionate lecture about the many forms of sexuality and something called a Kinsey scale

* Going into work late the next day and staring, bewildered, at a short notice on his desk declaring that his new Auror partner is Draco bloody Malfoy

* Making Gin a nice dinner the following week and stuttering out that he’s bisexual - she knocks the wine over running to hug him

* “Casually” mentioning to his new Auror partner that he’s recently out of a relationship, but on good terms and hey, would you like to get a drink sometime?


Juno Temple Gif Pack [1/?]

the following 50 hq gifs have been made by me, uglyb0i, for roleplaying purposes. please do not repostuse in crackship gifsuse in gif hunts, or edit in any other way. I repeat, they are made only for roleplaying purposes. none have watermarks, so like or reblog if you’re going to use them.

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Week 1 overview: Not a great start

Each Sunday during the hiatus we’ll be posting a summary of the prior week’s “talk activity” - any appearance or interview in which questions were posed by the media - for Darren, Chris, and a handful of recent primary cast members. We’ll look at what they’re being asked about & how they react, as well as other factors like length, unusual responses or behaviors, and overall “feel” of the interaction.

Note: For a variety of reasons, we will not be including coverage of Lea Michele unless it’s clearly of importance to the purpose of the DCE.

*In Week 1, Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, Chord Overstreet, and Kevin McHale were silent.

*Jane Lynch attended the Fox upfronts, where she gave one interview, during which she was not asked about being a lesbian and/or playing a straight character.

*TVFanatic released their chat with Chris Colfer from the set of Hot In Cleveland. Although he was there to portray a heterosexual guy only *pretending* to be gay, he was not asked any personal questions during the 2 minute, 49 second interview. He spoke on three different aspects of his career.

*Darren Criss played 3 songs and did interviews at the Fox upfronts. The only one that has surfaced so far features E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, who succeeded in not prying into Darren’s private life in a clip lasting 1:50.

*The following day he sat down with Fox’s Wendy Williams. We all know what happened there, but for those not playing along at home…

Length of interview: 7 minutes, 26 seconds

Number of questions asked about DC on a personal level (3):

= 1 useless query every 2 minutes, 42 seconds

Things that could have been asked, but weren’t…

- What was it like playing for all those people at the Fox event yesterday?
- What are your plans for the summer?
- When can we expect new original music?

Equally irrelevant would-be statement that we need somebody to .GIF ASAP, please: “On the show your hair is straight, but it’s curly in real life?” [Darren’s OTT reaction]

Behavior of note: Darren spoke w/ passion about viewing Blaine and Kurt not as gay kids, but as people who like each other, so they should be together. Full stop.

To recap -

Percentage of interviews mentioning subject’s sexuality for the non-Darren Glee cast so far this hiatus: 0%

Percentage of the same thing for DC: 50%

Until next week…