Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 6 : El Engano Como la Regla

Teresa flees Mexico after her drug-runner boyfriend is murdered. Settling in Spain, she looks to become the country’s reigning drug smuggler and to avenge her lover’s murder.




Good news for Danganronpa dub fans!

Funimation released their official cast list for both Future and Despair Arc!

They mentioned that they tried their hardest to gather up as much of the DR2 cast as possible, because they knew it’s what fans wanted.

While they were, unfortunately, unable to get everyone back (mostly due to the fact that Funimation’s HQ is in Texas and I’m told a lot of the VAs live out in LA) I do see some returning names, like Bryce Pappenbrook, Johnny Yong Bosch, Patrick Seitz, Natalie Hoover, and Kyle Herbert.

As a matter of fact, it looks like 10 out of 15 of the original DR2 cast are reprising their roles with the exception of Akane, Gundam, Fuyuhiko, Peko, and Ibuki.

I don’t always like English dubs, but I appreciate they went to all this trouble for the fans.


yikes riley is copying maya’s hairstyles now, I hope she doesn’t turn into her or something… if they style their hair the same way they MUST be the same person. OMG does that mean riley likes josh now? ya know, because she’s become maya and wants to make sure josh is a good guy for maya.


(*I get that I’m oversimplifying the Jasper-Lapis consent/relationship dynamic but I don’t have the energy to parse out the nuances of that clusterf*ck)

It’s going to be really interesting to see the sexual assault statistics for the generation that is growing up with Steven Universe.

you are my peach (winwin with light pink hair)
you are my plum (winwin with purple hair)
you are my earth (winwin with dark hair)
you are my sun (winwin with bright pink and yellow hair)


q. If you were given 1 hour to make each other happy, what would you do?

RM: I wouldn’t need an hour. I could make Suga hyung happy in just 3 seconds. Just say something like  『you can rest now, you can go home』. Hyung would like to hear those words the most. then I’ll have to call him an hour later to apologies. 『(in Japanese) It was a lie, I’m sorry~』

SUGA: I would take RM out to eat delicious meat. If you ask him if he wants to eat meat he’s really happy. In fact, we both go out to eat together often. When we are making music in the studio until in the early morning, if we are hungry we would go eat together before going back home. We pay separately right?

RM: no, you buy it (for me) ~ 

SUGA: Actually we don’t really pay separately, just whoever has money at the time. In this sense, we just pay half each most of the time ~

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