1×21: retaliation hit

Chicago Fire 1.21

spoilers follow

First off, let’s all have a moment of silence for Hadley.

I felt hell of a lot more sympathetic towards him than most people? The dog food bit was taking it a bit too far, admittedly, but can you blame him for being resentful of Mills–who, apparently, is not just Super Awesome at everything he does, but is also being fast-tracked into promotion by both the Squad leader and the Chief?

(The “lip balm” line wasn’t funny, though. Come on, Hadley! There was so much more to mine there!)

How long do you think Capp is going to stick around?

Bah, Severide. Utterly bored with him and his storylines. (Although it’s a neat bit of continuity to have his fling with Nikki at the beginning of the season come back now to bite him in the ass).

Voight–I have absolutely no idea how he suddenly made the jump from criminal to a recently promoted Super-Respected Member of the Police Force (and also incidentally Antonio’s new boss), but I guess I don’t care. Voight is back to fuck things up for Casey and there shall be Drah-Mah! \o/

I would say more, but then I saw the last few seconds of the promo for next week and this is all I can muster: