1×20: ambition

Two years difference 💙 There is no easy way, there is no secret 💙 It’s gonna take hard work and sacrifice 💙 You will want to give up, you will cry, you will probably think you can’t do it 💙 But you can 💙 Never give up on yourself because you are capable of so much more than you think 💙 DO NOT GIVE UP 💙

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When I was sorted, I expected to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff; so when I was sorted into Slytherin, I was a bit surprised. But then when I thought about it, I think I pinpointed it down to ambition. When ever I thought about what I wanted to do, I wanted to climb as high as I could go. Pro wrestler wasn’t enough, I wanted to make it in WWE. Detective wasn’t enough, I wanted to be an FBI profiler. Unfortunately, due to issues, neither of those are viable options but I’m still reaching.

What’s The Point Of A 5 Year Plan?

You don’t need to jump to a five year plan. Its a good tool to keep in mind but its for a few steps later. Just be aware that in 5 years you will be somewhere… but where depends on how you spend your evening now, and your morning tomorrow. Its literally morning noon and night that you need to take care of first. Before even making a decision, you need a period of quiet and reflection and Truth. You need to assess your results (income, education, relationships, friendships, family-ship, health, well-being, happiness) and see where you’re struggling and why. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves on THAT level. Then, let your true desires come to the surface. Not what you’ve been taught. Just listen to your inner voice that gets shut up so often because we live in a loud world.
Then, you’ll have an idea of what things would make you happy (a second source of passive, steady income, better physique, better grades, more meaningful friendships, a certain personality trait you’d like, owning your first home  etc, etc) Put all these things in a list.  And so you have an idea of what you want your path to be like.
Then these aren’t things you’ve decided externally. You’re just listening to the desires that are within you. It’s natural to want these things. Then because they are natural, the fulfillment of the desire is inevitable.
So you will have a list of goals. Realize what is the biggest hardest one? That’s number one. That’s what you visualize ALREADY having done. Go after the biggest goal, the one you’re not even sure how it will happen. You will raise your awareness, vibration, perception and attitude to such a high level that in trying to reach goal one, you will pick up goals 5, 4, 3, and 2 on the way up! With less effort than you think.
It’s even easy to have a pessimistic or cynical attitude to self helping yourself. Someone may think that well I have to take action to produce a result. But it isn’t as black and white. What mentality you’re taking the action from actually decides the outcome. So this is why people try to change their thinking, think better, positive, adopt a wealth mindset or better attitude. And its hard to make any lasting change because you’ve thought one way for 10, 20, 30 years. But it can be done. And you will get it done.