1×14: a little taste

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Can you rec me any good Blackinnon fics? Or Jily with Marlene and Sirius being awesome? :) x

Alright, I’ve got four for you. (Which I am posting publicly because everyone needs to read these.)

1. The Rise and Fall of the Stag and Doe: Heartbreaking Blackinnon in here, okay. You will cry - I am warning you now.

2. A Little Taste: So, this is by the same person as The Rise and Fall, but it’s only eight chapters long so far, so there hasn’t been any heartbreak-worthy things yet, but there most likely will be. There’s a good deal of smut, so yeah. (And Marlene’s not Gryffindor, BUT DON’T MAKE THAT LET YOU STOP READING BECAUSE IT’S A GOOD TWIST).

3. Brimstone: Alright, so this one’s only three chapters long so far, but I’ve fallen in love with it already. It’s perfect and you should read it.

4. 66 Thursdays: Black Tomorrows: I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of this one, but that’s just because I’m really really picky about how I like Blackinnon (and more specifically Marlene) played. It is great writing, though, and this is part one of the trilogy, so there’s loads more to come. (And the more Blackinnon the better!)

I hope that helped. c:

A Little Taste || Scott & Ruby

[Meeting up with another girl was a bad idea in general, but doing it at a party full of people who knew him including Behati seemed almost suicidal, but for some reason Scott still found himself walking toward the room he’d learned was Jacob’s from one of his friends. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure no one else was following him before he headed up the stairs slowly, trying to look as conspicuous as he good; he’d always been good at that. Then again he hadn’t done anything wrong… yet. After he walked down the hall he checked back to see if someone was following him again before he slowly slipped inside, shutting the door and locking it behind him.] Rubes?


Sneak peek of the next chapter of A Little Taste:

“Good show, love.”


“What show?” She said under her breath. “If I’m nice to you they will hang you up by your knees.”


“Promise?” He smirked, crossing his arms and staring at her dead on.


“Stop looking at me.”


“Why should I?”


Marlene flinched, and let out a hard sigh. “You are infuriating.”


“Yeah, but you like it.”


“I’m going to murder you.”


“Nah,” He said dropping his voice, his lips rubbing together. “You’d miss me.”


Marlene lowered her head to the desk. “What did I do to deserve this?…Do you have any idea how hard this will be?”


“Nice choice of words, love.”


“I’m actually being serious.”




She held up her hand to cut him off. “Hold the joke.”


“What’s up your arse today?”


“I know we have a thing.” Marlene admitted quietly, “But it would probably be in the worst interest for both of us if I wasn’t polite to you.”


Sirius said, “When are you ever?”


“Fine.” She snapped, rolling back up to a sitting position. Then she glared at him like even the existence of his presence set her teeth on edge before saying in an elevated tone. “Be a jackass.“

“ "I don’t know, maybe like the time you, Sirius and Remus came with Mary, Dorcas and Lily to a muggle carnival. And instead of getting a seat, you jumped on the side of the ferris wheel and hung there until Lily agreed to date you.” “ (X)

Lily knew right when she got the owl about going to some carnival in a town near James’ house that somehow the Marauders would mess things up. But still, she managed to be surprised when it actually happened. 

It was coming toward the end of the day, and as they approached their last ride, Lily was relieved. They’d gone through the whole day without anything happening - other than Sirius having some Muggle girl now clinging to his arm, but that was considered normal with him. As the Ferris Wheel came to a stop, James and Remus moved to get into a seat. The man working put down the safety bar and the ride started moving. 

She watched as they moved up, and saw James’ smirk come into place. A second before she could ask Sirius what he was going to do, James had jumped onto the side of the Ferris Wheel, dangling like a child would from monkey bars. Lily’s heart rate sped up, but she decided it was only because she was a decent human being that didn’t want another human to die. 

As the ride came to a halting stop and Muggles around them screamed and gasped, James casually called, "Lily Evans, go out with me!" 

Her fists clenched at her sides. Of course - of course that was what this was all about. Lily turned to Sirius. "Make him stop." 

Sirius simply shrugged, amusement clear on his face. "No can do, Evans. You know Prongs. He’ll stop at nothing." 

Making a frustrated noise, she turned back to look at James, who was hanging by one hand now. "Just one date, Evans! How bad can it be?" 

"Fine, fine! Just get back in the seat!” she called back. With a grin on his face, James easily put his other hand up on the bar and swung himself back into the seat. 

And that was the cause of Lily and James’ first date. 

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A Little Taste!Bae have you accidentally ingested any gluten since Belle came to town?

Well… not accidentally. Nicholas once dared me to eat a piece of regular cake and I didn’t want to seem like a coward so I did it. I started feeling very sick but I didn’t want to go to my dad’s shop… Papa would first take care of me, then angrily storm over to Mr Tillman’s shop and probably inform him of a sudden increase on the rent.

I ended up going over to Belle’s shop. She closed temporarily so she could be with me while I puked in the bathroom. It wasn’t bad enough to see a doctor, since it had been a very small piece of cake, but it did get pretty nasty. Then she helped me wash up, let me rest in her bed and called dad. 

When he saw I was okay he calmed down a bit, but he still wanted to go over to Mr Tillman’s shop. Belle took him to the living room and talked to him. I couldn’t hear what they discussed but somehow she convinced my dad not to do anything stupid.

She also took off his tie and ruffled his hair, from what I could see when he came back to check on me.

“The coast is clear.”

“Ah huh.” She muttered.

Sirius laughed gently glancing at her tense posture. “We have to get down now.”


“Which means you have to move.”

Marlene groaned.

“Think of it this way, look at the tree when you go down.”

“I like climbing trees. I used to do it when I was little.”

“Then what’s the problem?” He asked.

Marlene gulped. “I’m afraid of landing wrong. I hate heights. At least on a broom I can control it. What’s going to stop me from breaking my leg when I have to jump to the bottom?”

“I’ll go down first, follow me.”

“What about-”

“Just do it, McKinnon.” Sirius said shortly, before shifting over and moving down the branches.

Marlene would have smacked him if she weren’t terrified she’d lose her balance and fall. She didn’t want to do as he asked. What was the point in moving down the tree if she was terrified of getting off of it? But she did what he told her to do, with only a small amount of resentment. Once she reached the last branch, she was fifteen feet off the ground and glued to the trunk of the tree.

“Now what?”

“Let go.”

“Are you mad?! Why would I do that?”

Sirius grumbled, “Marlene!”

“Fine!” She closed her eyes and despite every voice and her telling her to do the opposite, she let go of the tree and fell backwards.

Marlene let out a short scream, right before Sirius’s caught her. Her blue eyes snapped open in shock, when she saw his grey eyes peering down at her.

“I told you.” He said simply, studying her carefully.

Marlene could do nothing but look at him in shock not just because he actually caught her, but because she had put her trust in him and he had proved deserving of it.

“We…we should get back to the castle. It's…it’s getting late.” She muttered, still clutching the front of his shirt.

Sirius nodded, a stunned expression locked on his face. “Yeah, we should.”

Unable to think of anything practical to say, she asked, “Do you really not know how to swim?”


“Well, maybe I’ll teach you.”

He didn’t grin or smirk, but the tiniest smile crossed his face, his face tipped towards hers. “You don’t mind?”

“It’s only a minor inconvenience…” She said in a low voice.

Marlene never had to remind herself that Sirius wasn’t right for her before. She never had to stop herself from picturing him as more than a good shag. But now she did. In that moment she had to force herself to recall all of the horrible things that could happen if she continued to feel the way she was feeling right then.

Sirius on the other hand was having a hard time processing what he was feeling. All he knew it wasn’t something he had ever felt before and no idea what to do with it. Why was there this light, tight clenching in his chest? Why hadn’t he put her down yet? He didn’t know, he didn’t have the slightest clue. His own intentions escaped him, and it began to terrify him.

Leaning up, Marlene slowly rose to kiss him.

They’d kissed countless times. So it should have meant nothing. It should have sped up and grew into their usual shag fest, but it didn’t. Her lips brushed against his tentatively and the instant the warmth of her lips spread to his, his eyes shuddered to close. They moved slowly, their tongues intertwining as he cradled her closely to him. Her hands went to cup his face, not possessively or aggressively, but gingerly and ardently.

Sirius slowly shifted her down to her feet but didn’t break the kiss, his hands went to cradle her face, a gesture that was completely foreign to him, but seemed to come out of nowhere.

Her heart was stammering in her chest, her entire body going soft and tingling. Marlene melted into him, and completely forgot about everything in that moment. They were both lost in one another, neither with the intention to stop or any inclination how to do so.

This time it wasn’t Marlene who pulled away, but Sirius, his breathing unsure and his gaze on her blazing. “We should go.”

Her lips swollen and pink, she nodded her hands dropping from his face to his shoulders. “You’re right.”

“I’ll walk you.”

She blinked in confusion. “Oh…Okay.”

The first words out of her mouth should have been an explanation of why that was a horrible idea and how they could be seen and how that would lead to everything going to hell.

But she said none of those things. Instead, both of them walked back to the castle, their hands tucked into their pockets silently, occasionally catching each other’s eye and immediately glancing away.


A Little Taste

(First step in their relationship)

TeenWolf Season 3, Episode 2 “Chaos Rising”
Heather takes Stiles to the basement.

You’re so bad but I want a taste.
A little taste you have, come on over 
Right now, take me down.
I want your poison.

I thought this was just a phase,
but everyday I slip, starting over.
You crawl through my skin, 
and I let you in.

A little taste (oooh) [x4]

Oh how you give me chills,
hold my breath ‘til it kills me.
Come on, tear me apart,
I’ll rest in peace, yeah. 

Don’t stop, I haven’t had enough.
You’re mine, 'til the sun comes up.
I can’t have just one. (one)

A little taste (oooh) [x4]

A little taste
Oooh [x2]

Baby, I’m afraid.
But, I like being frightened.
Baby, what’s the deal with that?

Tiptoe round the idea,
I pose like a convict,
I pretend this isn’t life.

Baby, I just want your lovin' [x2]
A little taste (oooh) [x4]

Baby I just want your lovin’
(A little taste) [x2]

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“This is my wall, McKinnon.”

Marlene jumped and nearly crawled out of her skin when she saw that less than a foot away, crumpled on the floor was none other than Sirius Black. “What the hell, Sirius?!”

“As I said,” He muttered, his voice strangely forced. “This is my wall.”

She dropped down and looked wildly over him. “What the hell…I heard you got into a fight, but you look like a train ran you over.”

-A Little Taste: Chapter Twelve: Crossfire

Bitter enemies, fit them perfectly, but as Sirius’s lips dug into her neck, sucking and teasing her, all rationality left her. Sirius told himself time and time again that this time, would be the last and then a few days would go by and here they would be.

A Little Taste by siriusuntiltheveryend