1×14: a little taste

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Can you rec me any good Blackinnon fics? Or Jily with Marlene and Sirius being awesome? :) x

Alright, I’ve got four for you. (Which I am posting publicly because everyone needs to read these.)

1. The Rise and Fall of the Stag and Doe: Heartbreaking Blackinnon in here, okay. You will cry - I am warning you now.

2. A Little Taste: So, this is by the same person as The Rise and Fall, but it’s only eight chapters long so far, so there hasn’t been any heartbreak-worthy things yet, but there most likely will be. There’s a good deal of smut, so yeah. (And Marlene’s not Gryffindor, BUT DON’T MAKE THAT LET YOU STOP READING BECAUSE IT’S A GOOD TWIST).

3. Brimstone: Alright, so this one’s only three chapters long so far, but I’ve fallen in love with it already. It’s perfect and you should read it.

4. 66 Thursdays: Black Tomorrows: I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of this one, but that’s just because I’m really really picky about how I like Blackinnon (and more specifically Marlene) played. It is great writing, though, and this is part one of the trilogy, so there’s loads more to come. (And the more Blackinnon the better!)

I hope that helped. c:

Ravenclaws do, indeed, value knowledge above everything else, this is not untrue. The difference between this statement and the common assumption is that there are many different interpretations of knowledge. Ravenclaws are similar in the way that they all use their heads first, taking everything in and trying to keep it for future reference. The things that cause them to differ is their heart coming into play, deciding what in their inventory matters to them and what hits the mark of their passions. Whether a Ravenclaw likes to push their knowledge or not depends on the individual, but many like to show their intelligence, and will pick the subject which resonates with them the most in order to do this. When they are in their element, they are much more a relaxed and pleasant individual than they may be out of it, as then they may grow defensive in being uncomfortable with something they don’t truly know. Ravenclaw friendship and companionship is much more a boiled down thing than it can be with other houses. While they do indeed love these people dearly, they can have a difficult time showing it simply because such expression is not really something they specialize in. When they can manage such expression they do so best in words, in a poetic and fluid form that let’s you know that they mean it. They are not very defensive in terms of loyalty, as they are independent souls and expect others to be as well, settling within the idea that everyone can take care of themselves. Some can even see such defensiveness as offensive if one were to hold it with them, without understanding that person. Overall, Ravenclaws are very focused on the knowledge of the world and see intelligence as life’s key focus, but they are all individual within their passions, and do not care about your approval of them, so long as you know that they are there. (x)

Marlene McKinnon

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A Little Taste!Bae have you accidentally ingested any gluten since Belle came to town?

Well… not accidentally. Nicholas once dared me to eat a piece of regular cake and I didn’t want to seem like a coward so I did it. I started feeling very sick but I didn’t want to go to my dad’s shop… Papa would first take care of me, then angrily storm over to Mr Tillman’s shop and probably inform him of a sudden increase on the rent.

I ended up going over to Belle’s shop. She closed temporarily so she could be with me while I puked in the bathroom. It wasn’t bad enough to see a doctor, since it had been a very small piece of cake, but it did get pretty nasty. Then she helped me wash up, let me rest in her bed and called dad. 

When he saw I was okay he calmed down a bit, but he still wanted to go over to Mr Tillman’s shop. Belle took him to the living room and talked to him. I couldn’t hear what they discussed but somehow she convinced my dad not to do anything stupid.

She also took off his tie and ruffled his hair, from what I could see when he came back to check on me.

TeenWolf Season 3, Episode 2 “Chaos Rising”
Heather takes Stiles to the basement.

You’re so bad but I want a taste.
A little taste you have, come on over 
Right now, take me down.
I want your poison.

I thought this was just a phase,
but everyday I slip, starting over.
You crawl through my skin, 
and I let you in.

A little taste (oooh) [x4]

Oh how you give me chills,
hold my breath ‘til it kills me.
Come on, tear me apart,
I’ll rest in peace, yeah. 

Don’t stop, I haven’t had enough.
You’re mine, 'til the sun comes up.
I can’t have just one. (one)

A little taste (oooh) [x4]

A little taste
Oooh [x2]

Baby, I’m afraid.
But, I like being frightened.
Baby, what’s the deal with that?

Tiptoe round the idea,
I pose like a convict,
I pretend this isn’t life.

Baby, I just want your lovin' [x2]
A little taste (oooh) [x4]

Baby I just want your lovin’
(A little taste) [x2]

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A brief excerpt

So I’ve been working on an erotica Frederic/mRobin piece for maybe a week now, and last night I wrote a bit that made me really pleased, so I thought I’d share. Despite being from one of my erotic pieces, it’s really quite sweet, and not explicit at all.

Frederick loves watching Robin relax and unravel, probably as much as Robin enjoys working him into a frenzy. It is how they take care of each other, beyond the physical needs of sustenance and sleep - the touch of another human being, the brush of their soul against yours as you both work toward the same goal… Frederick has never experienced it quite like this. When he’s with Robin, the rest of the world seems to melt away. It is all-consuming, and he bends himself to Robin’s pleasure, as he knows Robin does the same for his.