1/4 doll

Phoenix is still here! Did you missed her?
I received some gorgeous clothes from @kalcia.workshop and I thought I should take a picture.
I made her some bags from leather to go with the outfit. The antlers are also made by me but they are not for her but my incoming soony.
List of items;
Model; minifee mirwen tan

Shirt,skirt,corset,socks, dragonfly necklace; Kalcia
-Antlers, boots, bags, other accessories; me
-Face up; me
-Alpaca wig; me
-Eyes; mehiart

I painted Golden Goddess and started brushing out yarn to make her hair. I put the brushed out fluff on her head to see if the colors went together as well as I imagined, and it looked so good that I tied it on and took a picture 😁

Her lip color isn’t as bright as the original, but close enough. I didn’t want to go out and buy yet more paint, so I made it work with what I had. I think her lips need to be bigger but I’m too nervous to mess with them more because they’re about as even as I can get. Same for her eyebrows. I miraculously managed to swipe them on with long strokes in generally the right place and am loathe to muck around.

You know, I think I should go all out and try to give her a manicure too.



10 swatches  │ Some of them can be used for common decoration, even you’re not K-pop fans~ o(∩_∩)o  



Ombre Wall by Me / Bed / Rug

Pillow 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / Doll / Bear by @grilledcheese-aspiration

Thanks to all amazing CC creators ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

Hope you all enjoy it ^^ Feel free to tell me if there is any bug~

Please tag me #icedxlemonade or @icedxlemonade if you take pics of it, so I wanna see your nice pic & reblog~


¼ scale bedroom furniture set commission by Mara

Guess who arrived today

I’ve been keeping it quiet, but I (finally) bought my first BJD last month!

[FYI: Mystic Kids MSD (¼) Francis nude: 2-part Torso, normal skin (in case anyone got here through the second photo, looking for a nude reference)]

My exams come first, but I can’t wait to give him a faceup and some body blush he’s so pretty… :3

I mean look:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… Sorry I can’t stop *o*

His strings are a bit thight and I need to get used to his joints but that’s okay. I’ll probably name him Kaede or Faolán (the first one is an actual Japanese name ofc, and the second one is fantasy-esque and they both sound nice and I can’t decide :’) )