1 year wedding anniversary

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I can’t believe you guys know exactly when the anniversary is xD; i can’t remember it myself

Masterlist <3

AJ Styles 

Good Girl Gone Bad - AJ Styles x Reader  (SMUT)

Overview: Reader is a good student but is concerned when her teacher Mr Styles calls her to stay behind. 

Do You Trust Me? - AJ Styles x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader and Aj are having their regular love making sessions but AJ wants to change it up abit.

Did I Say You Should Stop - AJ Styles x Reader x Charlotte (SMUT)

Overview: Reader has been very naughty so daddy AJ punishes her with the help of a unexpected friend

Kenny Omega 

Is There Anything Else I Can Do For You? - Kenny Omega x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader is a waitress at a restaurant, Kenny catches her eye, she decides to face him but makes an awkward encounter. 

Hes Out Of My League - Kenny Omega x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader is best friends with Marty, he wants to take her out clubbing for the first time in a long time, but she’s nervous as she has a crush on Kenny, so Marty advises her to strut her stuff and get him.

Truth or Dare - Kenny Omega x Reader x Marty Scurll (SMUT)

Overview: Kenny and Marty invited Reader over to hangout, things get super interesting when they play a game of Truth or Dare.

50 Shades Of Kenny Omega: Reversed - Kenny Omega x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader and Kenny are in long term relationship and reader decides to surprise Kenny with some 50 Shades style sex, what he doesn’t know is that she’s in charge or so she thinks.

You’re So Good With Your Hands - Kenny Omega x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Kenny just finished his match with Okada and you being the head of medical attention see to him, things get intimate when you start gently massaging him.

Forbidden Love - Kenny Omega x Reader (Mentions of sex, swearing and angst) 

Overview: Kenny and Reader have been having frequent sexual encounters until one night he decides shes too young. 

Forbidden Love: Sequel - Kenny Omega x Reader (SMUT) NEW!

Following months of not speaking to Kenny after that gut wrenching night, she finally sees him with a new girl.

The DM - Kenny Omega x Reader (Slight SMUT) 

Overview: Reader hasn’t seen her boyfriend Kenny for months, with hours to spare he sends her a cheeky pic to keep her occupied. 

You Asked For This - Kenny Omega x Reader (swearing, SMUT) NEW!

With only 10 minutes to spare the reader teases Kenny into giving her what she wants. 

Pete Dunne 

Lets Do This Again Sometime - Tyler Bate x Reader x Pete Dunne  (SMUT)

Overview: Reader is close with Pete and Tyler, she has a crush on both and just wants to be dominated by them, one night they make her wish come true. 

Do You Need Help There? - Pete Dunne x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader is the Usos innocent little sister who has a huge thing for Pete Dunne, he one day finds her in the locker room and has his way with her.

Mr Dunne - Pete Dunne x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader is a college student who majors in biology, she happens to have a massive thing for her teacher Mr Dunne, one day he asks her to stay behind, it then leads to a sexual encounter.

Pony - Pete Dunne x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Reader wants to thigh ride her boyfriend Pete Dunne.

Pete Dunne Drabble - Pete Dunne x Reader (SMUT)

Overview: Pete likes to tease and punish his girlfriend just until she cant take no more. 

The Fire In Her Soul - Pete Dunne x Reader (Mentions of Sex, swearing, daddy kink)

Overview: After spotting Reader in the club and taking quite a liking to her, Pete had to have her for himself and nothing could stop him. 

Dean Ambrose 

50 Shades of Dean Ambrose - Dean Ambrose x Reader (SMUT) NEW!

Overview: A 50 Shades style Dean Ambrose smut fic, with it being the readers first time. 

Short Imagines 

Marty Scurll x Reader - Make Up Sex

Dash Wilder x Reader - 1 Year Anniversary 

Kenny Omega x Reader - Wedding Proposal 

Tama Tonga - Make Up Sex 

Finn Balor - 1 Year Anniversary 

Marty Scurll - Drunk Sex

Kota Ibushi x Reader - Hate Sex 

Seth Rollins - Wedding Proposal 

Seth Rollins - Hate Sex 

CS FF: Man Flu

Summary: It’s Killian and Emma’s first wedding anniversary, but Killian is sick and has no clue what day it is.  To make matters worse, he is driving Emma crazy as she takes care of him.

Rating: PG

Note: So many men are big babies when they get sick (apologies to any men who may be reading this), so I thought the same could be true for our former pirate.  This goes back and forth between Emma and Killian’s POV.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Man Flu: Part 1/1…

~Emma’s POV~

Today is our first wedding anniversary.  This first year of marriage to Killian has been the happiest of my life.  

Minus the last three days, that is.  When I said the vows in sickness and health, I never imagined this.  

I squeeze my eyes closed as the ringing once again fills my ears. Why did I give Killian that damn bell?!  He’s been ringing it incessantly for the last two days.  I thought it would be an improvement over him bellowing my name every five minutes, but I was sorely mistaken.  

Three days ago, Killian came down with a cold. The usual: scratchy throat, cough, runny/stuffy nose.  But you would have thought the man had contracted the plague.  He hasn’t left our bed and complains about every little symptom.  Here’s a man who has lost his hand, been hit by a car, been stabbed, nearly drowned, been tortured, and actually died.  I’m sure in his more than 200 years he’s endured even more than that.  But somehow the common cold brings him to his knees.  

There’s a name for this.  Man flu.  Basically, men act like babies when they become even slightly sick.  Apparently, my brave, strong, resilient pirate isn’t immune to such an affliction.  And now I must also suffer.

The bell rings again, followed by a pitiful moan of “Emma”.

“Coming,” I grumble, as I head up the stairs.

I find him in our bed, the comforter pulled up around his neck.  Tissues are strewn everywhere. His hair is sticking up in all directions and his nose is red.  His blue eyes are watery.

I come to stand before him, hands on my hips.  "You rang?“

"Love, do you think perhaps you could close the curtains?  I’m afraid the sunlight is hurting my sensitive eyes.”

I bite my lip, but nod.  "Sure.“

I walk over to the window and pull the curtains closed.

"Not quite that much.  I enjoy a bit of light.”

I feel my fists clench as I pull the curtains open a little, nearly pulling them off the rod with my vice-like grip.  

“Better?” I ask.

“Perfect,” he says, offering me a weak smile.  "Thank you.“

"Can I get you anything else before I go?” I ask.

“You’re leaving?” he croaks.  

I sigh. “Killian, I’ve been waiting on you for three days. I have a job, you know.  I’m surprised this town hasn’t been destroyed by monsters yet.”

“My apologies for being so much trouble,” he mumbles.

I roll my eyes.  I know what he’s doing and it won’t work.  

“Look, you have your cell phone right there.  If you need me, just call and I’ll be back in no time at all.”

“I don’t want to be a bother,” he mutters. “I’m sure I can fend for myself in my weakened state. After all, I’ve cared for myself most of my life.”

I roll my eyes again and walk over to him, placing a kiss on his lips against my better judgment.  I don’t really want to risk getting sick, but a kiss usually placates him for a bit.

“You’ll be fine.  I told you.  It’s just a cold.”

“I beg to differ.  I feel as if I am on my deathbed.  It must be scurvy.”

“For the thousandth time, it is not scurvy.”

“With all due respect, love, you aren’t a doctor.”

“True, but I do know how to google.”


“Look stuff up on the, as you would say, computer box.”

“Oh. Proceed.”

“And you have none of the symptoms of scurvy.  It’s also very rare in modern times, mostly occurring in poor countries due to malnutrition.  What you have is the common cold.”

“There’s hardly anything common about it.  I don’t see why I can’t be given some medicine to cure this infernal disease.”

“Because there’s no cure for the common cold, which, by the way, is not a disease.  You just have to ride it out.  You can relieve the symptoms like we have been doing with over-the-counter drugs, but there’s not much else you can do.”

“I suppose I’ll just suffer then.”

I wait for him to acknowledge our anniversary, but he’s so delirious from the meds and distracted by his constant whining, that I am pretty sure he doesn’t have any idea what day it is.  

I try to hide my disappointment, as I hook my thumb in the direction of the door.  "Ok, I’m going to go now.  Call me if you need me.“

"Goodbye, love,” he says as I exit the room.

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1 year ago today we got married, my how time flies! It’s been a busy year filled with some surprises, some trials, and lots of hard work. With some serious conversations, some not so serious conversations, lots of laughs, and a lot of supporting each other. My wife is everything I could of hoped for and more. She is strong, hard working, so patient, selfless, and of course the most beautiful person I know. She loves me even when I don’t love myself.
Love you Ashley!
I can’t wait to see what we’ve accomplished by next July. 💛

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Wow I'm following you since idk when only now i realised you are married? That is adorable that means there is hope for me? Also hi I love your blog and pictures

(That is a picture of use that I commissioned from the lovely @vampalaurels for our anniversary)

I am definitely married! We just had our 1 year wedding anniversary, though we’ve been together for almost 7. 

If there is hope for me, there is hope for anyone tbh. I feel like lesbian dating is like a mess of awkward badness exacerbated by low population density (all the other wlw are already dating each other or they’re far away) and then you find a person and it all clicks. 

*waves* HIIIIII! Feel free to say hi off anon if you ever wish to chat. Thank you so so much for the kind words!

Ran into my first boyfriend ever on tinder. We hadn’t ended on bad terms, we were just 14 & 15 but we hadn’t talked it years and he was cute so I swiped right.

A few days later we went out on a date and now fast forward, we’re a month away from our 1 year wedding anniversary. I guess you could say things turned out okay.

Today, Daniel and I realized we are just a few days from what my bestie calls our -1 year wedding anniversary. 369 days until we are married.

This got me to thinking about how I haven’t been using this account for what I intended and how lazy I’ve become with my fitness. I haven’t been caring.

So I’m going start trying. I was thinking of how lovely a run would be, seeing as I have a 5k in September and I feel as if I can’t even jog to the corner. I was also thinking of @fitchris25’s goal charts that she used. They reminded me of the incentive charts I have for my students and I thought these goal charts would be a great tool to reflect on, especially when I don’t get enough sleep during the school year. I can change the goals each month for what I need to focus on. I think I’ll start small, I.e. Jog/walk 10,000+ steps a day, drink X amount of water a day, X amount of sleep each night, etc. I think it’ll help me at my summer job too. 😊 I’m most excited because I love office supplies! 👍🏼

Russell Wilson Rocks the Kids’ Choice Sports Carpet With Ciara’s Son Future Zahir

 (Photo: Getty Images)

Russell Wilson made the Kids Choice Sports Awards a family affair!

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback – who is hosting the Nickelodeon sports awards show, which airs on Sunday – brought along his stepson, Future Zahir, on the orange carpet in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Wilson and little Future – the 3-year-old son of Wilson’s wife, Ciara, and her ex, rapper Future – could not have looked cuter during their boys’ night out, holding hands to smile for the camera and even throwing up some peace signs!

 (Photo: Getty Images)

WATCH: Ciara and Russell Wilson Celebrate 1-Year Wedding Anniversary With Adorable Video

Future Jr. isn’t just a red carpet pro – he’s also a new big brother! Ciara and Wilson welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sienna, back in April. Their baby girl recently made her social media debut as the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary @DangeRussWilson! 1 Year Down… #ForeverTogether ❤️

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on Jul 6, 2017 at 1:24pm PDT

During his evening with his stepson, Wilson also stopped to chat with fellow new dad Michael Phelps, perhaps sharing some parenting tips!

(Photo: Getty Images)

RELATED: Ciara and Russell Wilson Celebrate Future Jr’s 3rd Birthday – See the Adorable Pics!

ET caught up with Phelps on Wednesday night at the ESPY Awards, where he gushed over his 1-year-old son, Boomer, and opened up about enjoying each of his baby boy’s “milestones.”

Check out the video below to see more!

The Kids Choice Sports Awards air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Phelps Opens Up About Meeting Wife Nicole at the ESPYs & His Epic Shark Week Challenge!

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DAY 2127

Jalsa, Mumbai             Feb 10/11, 2014              Mon/Tue 1:46 am

Anat ’s wedding anniversary to day .. wishing you years and years of happiness and love from us all. Keep well and keep up with the tigress …

Basant Panchami has long gone by - Feb 4th, but its flavour and its sense and its relevance in our lives remain. It is the time for the official winter to end, to bring in fresh colour, exuberance and celebration …  the ‘basant panchami’ signifies the color yellow, and so does it reflect in our clothing and demeanour ..

The world is filled with unsatisfied souls. Souls that could have benefitted more had they been conscious of knowing what to say when. To know that, words once spoken are impossible to retrieve. To know that it takes a lot more to design and gather and collaborate against those you wish ill or disgrace. To know too that each moment spent in finding harsh and damaging words for the other, is a lot more damaging than the effect they had been designed, in the first place. Defiance and retaliation is not my forte .. I actually have none. So do I find myself disadvantaged in situations of defence, or ply back .. ply back not pay back … pay back would be on a different level altogether ..? No … the answer is a strong and emphatic NO ..

 Giving is one of the most satisfying elements to possess. Give and ye shall receive ! Yes .. I receive a great deal more, for this ..

Love to all .. my friends and my extended family ..live long and live well ..

Amitabh Bachchan


The countdown to our 1-year wedding anniversary starts now!👰 💒💘🎉