1 year old stats

The Rundown. 12 months.

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(At the pediatrician’s this week. Rocking the 7th generation disposable because that’s all we could find in your diaper bag. oops)

Stats: At 12 months you weigh 21 pounds, 15 oz. (70%), 30 inches tall (80%) & have an 18 inch head (55%).

You grew 9 inches and gained 13 and a half pounds in a year’s time! All the walking you’ve been doing for the last two months has started to slim down your super chub and I’m honestly going to miss those one million fat baby rolls.

Teeth: Our pediatrician couldn’t believe how many teeth you have! I honestly can’t keep up with how many you have right now because new ones keep popping through, but as of last week you had 5 full bottom teeth, 4 full top teeth, all 4 molars halfway through and 3-4 more regular teeth halfway through.

You’ve been a real champ with the teething thing although it does make you cranky at times. We haven’t had to deal with rashes, fevers, or any of the bad teething symptoms and you’re usually soothed with a frozen teething ring and ¼ a dropper of baby motrin.

We do have to make you an appointment with a DENTIST soon. (crazy!) Your pediatrician also recommended that we wean you completely off your bottle in the next month as you have an increased risk of decay due to the number of teeth you have.

We brush your teeth twice a day now with a little pink toothbrush & water, and you like to do it yourself while mimicking mama and dada.

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Feeding: You eat whatever we eat (as long as it’s not spicy!) and you get really offended if we eat without offering some to you. Soups, veggies, fruits, pasta, chicken, fish, eggs, you name it. I have yet to find something you do not like.  Favorites include frozen blueberries, sourdough rolls, salmon, mac n cheese, and your Nana Debbie’s collards. You do prefer savory foods to sweet ones.

You’ve been feeding yourself with your fingers for months, but for the past month or so you’re really into trying to feed yourself with a spoon. You’ll put it in your bowl, scoop some out and put it in your mouth. The food usually only makes it in about half of the time, but you  concentrate hard on eating like a big girl.

Talking:  You’ve started saying daddy a lot instead of dada but decided sometime last month to completely stop saying mama. WHY OH WHY? I try to get you to say it constantly but you’ve decided to hold out on me.  You also say Papa, Dot Dot, Bye Bye, Ba Ba (and point to your bottle or sippy cup). You call any object on a person’s head a hat  (sunglasses, headbands, etc). Whenever you see or hear a dog you say “Woof woof”. You’ve also started to say “Up” when you want us to pick you up.

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Awesome stuff you’re doing now

You do a great job mimicking us - this is especially apparent with musical instruments. We can get you to clang cymbals, pat drums, strum a guitar, and if you’re in the mood, you will even play the triangle (Sidenote: Wasn’t the triangle the WORST instrument ever to get stuck with during musical class? Ugh. I always felt jipped while staring longingly at the kids with keyboards)

Daddy has taught you how to snap and while you can’t actually make the noise, you do a perfect job of putting your thumb and middle finger together and mimicking the action.

We have to admit that sometimes we get you to perform your “Cute baby tricks” for friends and family.  You currently have two : When we say “Where’s your belly?” you stick it out, arch backwards and rub it with both hands  like a potbellied old man (never fails to get people to laugh). And when we ask “Where’s my nose?” you will walk up and point right to it. We’re working on learning where eyes, mouth, and ears are.

You’re starting to learn how things works and how to use them. When we hold you at the front door, you lean down and try to open the door handle. When I give you your shoes, many times you will sit down and hold them down at your feet. You also try to pull shirts and coats down over your head. You’ve been watching us go in and out of the baby gates and have made many attempts to try to figure out how to open them yourself.

You point at things you want, especially food if you don’t think we’re are not feeding you fast enough. This has been immensely helpful in understanding your wants. Now you can show us if you want help to get your baby doll down, or get up on the couch, or need us to retrieve your ba ba (sippy cup) from the table.

You’re favorite thing ever right now is to kiss EVERYTHING. You wake up kissing, you go to bed kissing. You’ve learned how to give real kisses where you pucker your lips and follow through. You kiss our hands, our faces, our feet, the couch, the animals, the window, your reflection, your stuffed animals and you even tried to kiss the door stop at the pediatrician’s office. You especially love to hug and kiss other children. You are so gentle with your cousin Thomas, if he cries, you always try to pat his head and give him a kiss. You’re still working on blowing kisses. You’ll put your hand up to your mouth and make kissy noises but haven’t figured out the last step of actually “blowing” it yet.

You really love our dogs and cat. You pet them all and give them little bites of your lunch. You like to squat down and lay your head on their bodies and say “Mmmm Mmmm” which is your lovey noise.

You still coo, my little Dovie. But as it used to be a very involuntary thing for you (something you did while sleeping) it is now your noise of happiness. When we snuggle you close, when you give a big hug, when you nuzzle your face in the pillow or lay your head on my chest. You give that same sweet coo that I’ve been listening to since the day you were born. The sound has changed very little over the course of this year. Of all the new things you are doing, it this old habit that I find to be the most awesome thing of all.