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Born in a small fishing village in 1875, Jeanne Weber left her home for Paris when she was just 14-years-old. By 1905, she was married and had three children. She and her husband were both heavy drinkers, living in a dodgy tenement with their children. Only one out of these three children made it to adolescence: two perished.‬ ‪ ‬ ‪

Shortly after the death of her two children, Jeanne was babysitting for her sister-in-law. Whilst looking after the children, 1-year-old Georgette was said to suddenly fall ill and pass away. The doctor failed to notice the small bruises on the toddlers neck. Jeanne came back to babysit again just days later. This time, 2-year-old Suzanne suffered the same fate. The doctor ruled her death as “convulsions.” The next to fall victim to this unrelenting killer was the daughter of her brother, 7-year-old Germaine. Days later, Jeanne’s own son, Marcel, also passed away under similar circumstances. In each instance, red marks were on their necks were ignored. ‬ ‪ ‬‪

Several weeks later, Jeanne invited two of her sisters-in-law to dinner at her home. She told them she would babysit her nephew, 10-year-old Maurice, while they went out shopping. When the two women returned back early, they were aghast to discover Maurice gasping for air on the bed with bruises riddled over his throat. Jeanne was standing above him with a crazed look on her face. Finally, the jig was up…. or was it? Jeanne was charged with eight murders, including three of her own children, and was put on trial. However, the jury believed she was just a grieving mother and acquitted her on all charges.‬ ‪

‬With her blood lust clearly unsatisfied, Jeanne strangled 9-year-old Auguste Bavouzet whilst babysitting him in her new hometown of Villedieu. When the doctor discovered that Jeanne had been babysitting him, he contacted authorities to say he believed that he had been murdered by her. Once again, she was acquitted of all charges. Following this murder, Jeanna disappeared into obscurity but not for long… She got a job at a children’s home in Orgeville. Her employers knew of her past but believed her to be innocent. She hadn’t even been working there for a week when she was caught red-handed, attempting to strangle a child.‬ ‪ ‬‪

Her employers kept this under wraps and quickly fired her. Instead of being arrested once again, she fled back to Paris. Over the forthcoming months, Jeanne fell into sex work and found a new husband. However, after settling in at an inn in Commercy, Jeanne’s husband found her attempting to strangle his own 10-year-old son. She was placed on trial for the third time and this time, she was declared insane and sent to an insane asylum where she manually strangled herself to death in 1918.‬

The Bears & Goodbyes

Didn’t post much about them yesterday since I was tired from working on the aviary.

I did end up getting two frillbacks, named by my brother, Bjorn and Ursula (together, The Bears). Ursula is younger, about a year old and has a white body with red bars on her wing. She looks a little raggedy from stress, and definitely needs some calcium in her diet, I may have to give her a direct dose of calcium. Bjorn is slightly smaller than her, but the breeder was positive about their sexes, he’s red and is anywhere from 1-4 years old, I’d say he’s younger rather than older since birds tend to pair up pretty quickly…of course the breeder did say he lost 9 birds to a mink and has since fixed the issue. The two birds ARE related and some weird mix of siblings and cousins, however, the original pair were quality stock and very likely recent descendants of German imports.

The woman the breeder bought them from had pedigree papers but sadly the breeder didn’t bother to get them…His set up was nice tho. He bred VERY nice looking silkies, and had a ton of other chicken breeds and poultry species, all looked top quality and the enclosures were sterile (including pheasants that looked like @1337banna’s Leo!! I was really tempted).

Yesterday a woman also came to see Coriander and Salsa. I really liked her, she asked plenty of questions and adored the two boys who hopped on her and ate out of her hand. She said she is new to chickens but has 7 free range hens for Salsa and 5 young hens in a separate pen for Cori.

Unexpectedly Pibb went with. When she saw Pibb she fell in love, she LOVED his color so I picked him up and handed him to her so she could see him and he fell asleep in her hands ;0; it was too cute, she absolutely adored him and asked if he was for sale. I thought about it and honestly? Pibb is one of my favorites, but he’s just a bab and I think we still have too many roosters for the hens. While cochins are chill, he and Sweeney had recently been getting into more serious battles, and they only have 4 hens in their flock which is already co-guarded by little-sass-machine Pecan. So I was presented with a perfect home for my boy, and I said she could have him so long as she kept me updated with how he does and she agreed. She loved him so much that she said she’d keep him as a house pet and get him a diaper, and a girlfriend if she and her family couldn’t give him enough company. He road in her lap on the way home. I’m really gonna miss him but I really believe it’s better off for Pibb and our flock this way.

The Originals ending after 5 years is just bullshit, especially when TVD got 8 and that went down hill after season 3 (although season 6 wasn’t all that bad). I can’t believe that the network is just giving up on TO after just 5 seasons, when it still has so much life left, so many other great stories to tell. I’m so grateful and happy to have gotten a spin off to see this 1,000 year old family tell their story, to be introduced to characters like Marcel, Cami, Davina, Freya, etc and to see real relationships flourish while having amazing chemistry develop throughout each season. I will forever love the dynamic between Klaus/Cami, the bond between family and the way each sibling has grown from their TVD days. And I also can’t forget to mention the intriguing villains we have watched on our screens. Goodbye and farewell The Originals, you deserved so much better. 😭


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~Can you do Jb of GOT7 nr.4 please? 😊~

4: “Children can’t be that hard”

“Hobinnie buddy I know” he cooed as the 1 year old wailed “you’re going to make yourself sick” he continued as he rock his son lightly. “Mama” Hobin sobbed out “she went to get the mail from the lobby” Jaebum promised. “She didn’t leave you forever just 10 minutes max” he cooed. “Daddy is as good as mommy” he says as Hobin looked at his father for a moment as the tears stopped briefly. Hobin’s bottom lip twitched as Jaebum sighed bringing the boy close to him. He heard light whining from Hobin.

Hobin managed to cry himself to the point he wanted to sleep before the front door opened. He instantly bursted into tears for you “mama” he cried as you put the mail down and instantly took your boy from his father. “You’re such an actor” Jaebum claims as his son laid in your arms peacefully. “He was calm for like 3 minutes before you came in” he explained as Hobin let out a sigh. “He’s happy with mommy right?” you asked Hobin who nods “mama’s boy” Jaebum mumbles as he watches you head into the living room “Jackson’s daughter loves me but not my son” he continues grabbing the mail.

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He’s dressed like any other gym-lover would be dressed for a morning run, just as the sun comes up in the horizon and clears the mist that lingered in the air, moments before it peaked up and shone a golden light across the buildings around him; a hoodie upon his upper body with a t-shirt beneath it, a pea-green beanie upon his head, black running shorts hanging down his hips and flaring out with each stride he took down the pavement, white socks pulled up to his mid-calves and his bright yellow trainers tied securely to his feet. Hands gripping at the stroller, his little 1-year old girls strapped inside and facing out towards the direction he was running in, tucked up nice and warmly, giggling amongst themselves as Harry went about his usual run. 

And, now that he has two babies joining him so give the missus a break and to have a sleep in, he always stops off at a bakery or a small café on the way home and buys the three of them some smoothies to sip upon during his break as well as a cheese and ham bagel to share between the three of them to soothe the hunger that bubbled and rumbled in their bellies; even though they would arrive home to porridge on the cooker and pancakes cooking in the pans. xx

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There's a lady at my barn who just bought a 1 1/2 year old colt and she's already starting to pony him behind her horse on off property trail rides. Do you think he's too young for that?

No. Ponying is good for them, really. 

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larries are dying so hard rn slabakabaks wtf are they gonna say about all a dat

They’ve made Two Ghosts, a shameless blatant Haylor break up song, about Larrie Love. <3

They insist a 1.5 year old child doesn’t exist.

These people exist only to regale each other under their little isolated rocks about the reality of the world while never having to actually deal with it directly.

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What's the difference between all the kinds of tots??💗

LilTot: 2 - 5 year old regressor
TeenyTot: 0 - 1 year old regressor
BigTot: 9+ year old regressor
PetTot: Pet Regressor
KinTot: Family Regressor
TaterTot: Caregiver
TeeterTot: Caregiver - Regressor switch

~ Mod Cutesy 💕

Respite Take Two

Toddler boys are a no go. Mom and dad decided they could handle it after all. So yay for them. 🖒

Got a call for a 1, 2 and 3 year old. Getting dropped off Monday morning and picked up Saturday afternoon. 😆

Dad is having surgery. Mom is overwhelmed with 6 kids (3f, 3bio). Mild behaviors, but hopefully nothing I can’t handle. Or maybe we’ll get super lucky and stay firmly in the honeymoon stage for the week. Fingers crossed.

Oh and did I mention I’m babysitting K1 and K2 a couple afternoons that week while their fps are doing some trainings? So respite + daycare + babysitting = many children.

Deep breath.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.