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Submission: Here’s some cute! During fieldwork this morning I caught a little second year (as of Jan. 1, that is) red-headed woodpecker. By the time he’s gone through another molt cycle, his head will be a full glossy red!

Oh, wow. What a unique stage to see him in! He looks so unenthused. 

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A Story of A Child (1)

Hundreds of years after the Great War, there was born a red eyed, red souled child. Mind you, red eyed children are not rare statistically, despite the common harmful stereotype of them being “monster spawns” and the medical issues of red eyes being more sensitive to light. This child wouldn’t be so peculiar, but they were the child of a very successful businessman and a model.

This birth was regarded a “Mistake”.

The child had beautiful features and a doll-like face. Many wished they were not red-eyed, saying it was an unfortunate event, and that the couple might “have better luck next time”.

The child listened to all complaints towards them and absorbed them silently.

They were home schooled and kept away from the other kids. Truth to be told, they were comfortable inside their own bubble, as social interactions wear them down to their bones. Even when their parents did not even hug them, or smile at them, they still have their toys. Their stuffed bear would always smile and hug them at any times. They didn’t mind any of it. 

The couple tried and tried again for another child. They had married for the sake of preserving their image, and having their only child be an unpopular, red eyed child was humiliating. They decided to divorce, leaving to find better spouses.

No one told the child about the split. They woke up in the morning in a van riding towards an orphanage, reading about their parents’ divorce in the local newspaper. 

Both denied custody of them.

Their stuffed bear was nowhere to be found, perhaps it was left behind. Perhaps no one really bothered to take the time to pick up the child’s favorite toy. 

They just wanted the child out of their sight.


“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”

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My five favourite paint schemes in this year’s Red Bull Air Race:

#1 - Mika Brageot
#2 - Nicolas Ivanoff
#3 - Petr Kopfstein
#4 - Martin Šonka
#5 - Pete McLeod

On a side note, I loved the black and yellow painting on the Breitling Team airplanes. While I really like the option for Brageot’s plane, I was a bit disappointed with Le Vot’s new electric green look. Apparently he joked about it saying that the airplane is now green because frogs are green.

List of Idols that are minors

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oftd featuring. tezri propie

I just realized one thing, when Reiju said that they were separated 13 years, now Sanji is 21 yrs, which mean he got away from his family since he was 8 yrs.

But the past opened for Sanji is when he was a boy, working on Orbit Cruise in East Blue, that time, he was 9 yrs.

Now we got a blank history of Sanji, 1 year, from 8 to 9, how could he cross the Red Line, went from North Blue to East Blue.

anonymous asked:

(to mun: I love your headcanons very much! I have a question though, if they met leaf until after the two beat the league, then when exactly did red leave for mt silver?)

Thank you, Nonnie!                    ( CONTEXT )

Red was exactly 11 YEARS AND 1 DAY OLD when he started his Pokémon Journey in KANTO, and he didn’t acquire the title of Champion until a little after his 12TH BIRTHDAY.
( For reference, GREEN started the same day as Red and acquired the title of Champion exactly a month and a half before him. )

But Red doesn’t begin his journey in JOHTO until he is 13 YEARS OLD. There is a one-year grace period between Red ( 11 ) in Kanto and Red ( 13 ) in Johto. It is within that length of time that Red and Green meet FUGURI / BLUE.
( For clarification, FUGURI is based on LEAF, the female player option in FRLG. However, she is referred to as “Blue” due to matching color-names of Red Green Blue. Fuguri takes small inspiration from BLUE in POKéMON SPECIAL, but she is the gameverse protag and is not associated with PokéSpe’s plot. )

Once Red reaches Johto, he spends another FULL YEAR until he beats the Indigo League with Johto’s badges. At this point, Red is 14 YEARS OLD, and it has been THREE YEARS since the beginning of his Kanto Journey.
It is exactly at this point when the JOHTO PROTAG ( Gold / Kris ) begins their respective journey and the events of GSC / HGSS start.

Immediately after Red ( 14 ) defeats the Indigo League is when he takes on MT. SILVER. It takes Red TWO MONTHS TOTAL to successfully climb Mt. Silver; however, the FIRST month was spent struggling and using Escape Ropes to return to the POKé CENTER, because Mt. Silver is a difficult place. The SECOND month is the full successful climb, so Red treks for ONE STRAIGHT MONTH from the base to the top of Mt. Silver.

When you struggle so much and try so hard to reach a certain goal, you become ATTACHED to that goal. Because of the difficulty that Mt. Silver imposed on Red and how important it was to him that he reached that goal, he was VERY HESITANT to leave once he reached the top. He loved the VIEW, the QUIET ATMOSPHERE, and the knowledge that he was one of the few people to ever REACH that peak.

Red spends another TWO AND A HALF WEEKS at the top of Mt. Silver, simply enjoying the glory of reaching another goal. Red does not stay on Mt. Silver to escape anyone or anything; he stays on Mt. Silver because it REMINDS HIM OF HIS JOURNEY. After he leaves, he frequently flies back to the peak for the sake of reminiscing on his success.

It is during one of those visits that the JOHTO PROTAG reaches the top and finds Red. By the time Red is battled on Mt. Silver, he is 15 YEARS OLD. This blog’s timeline suggests that the events of GSC / HGSS last approximately a year and a half. It also suggests that Red is UNAWARE of the severity of the TEAM ROCKET events in Johto, because he has already “beat” Mt. Silver before those events begin. Therefore, he is spending a majority of his time back in Kanto and only OCCASIONALLY returning to Johto and Mt. Silver.


RGY / FRLG BEGINS. Red is 11 when he starts in Kanto. He is 12 when beats the Kanto League. He stays in Kanto until he is 13. Between ages 12 and 13, he meets Fuguri / Blue. He is 13 when he travels to Johto. He is 14 when he beats the Indigo League under Johto regulations. GSC / HGSS BEGINS. Red takes two months to reach the top of Mt. Silver. He goes back to Kanto, but frequently visits Mt. Silver’s peak. He is 15 when the Johto Protagonist finds him and battles him.

I hope that answers your question!