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The Star-Democrat, Easton, Maryland, January 5, 1951

In 2000 we shall be able to fly around the world in a day.

Google says: The average commercial jet liner travels about 550 mph, and the Earth is around 26,000 miles in circumference. If a commercial plane could make the trip without refueling, it would take over 47 hours. A large commercial jetliner has a range of about 5,000 miles, so it would need to land and refuel several times.


seventeen loves carats so much i am so happy that i am in this fandom i love my existence i love their existence i love y'all’s existence !! 😭 seventeen, you’ll always be the best in our eyes, there is no such thing as “not doing well enough” for us! even if you just breathe, Carats will think that you are amazing! ㅎㅎ i love you svt !! so much
i love all of you too, thank you for existing & reblogging my shit LOL hmu anytime 🐳❤
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I just checked my email and noticed that my account turned 1 yesterday! I can’t believe I missed my own accounts birthday!

Thank you everyone who has made my first year here so enjoyable! 

I hope for many great posts and reblogs to come.

Thanks to all my mutuals! You guys are awesome!

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We also had a conversation about starting a family, for a while now I have said that I think we should start trying next year and Joel was okay either way really. But after my weekend away I said to Joel that I really enjoyed going away with my family in the weekend, and all our other small holidays we have had lately and I’m not quite ready for that to all change.

We talked about how we are both still so young and are too selfish to think about someone else that completely relies on us. For now, we want time to continue to strengthen this great relationship with have.

A friend asked me (she’s met, engaged, married and trying for a baby all in 4 years.. he’s 21) if we get bored in our relationship. She thinks getting married and having children will stop them from ‘settling’ in to a boring life 😒

We are thinking next year in November (for our 9 year anniversary) we will do a 3-4 weeks road trip of the South Island. So that’ll be our next adventure. My brain is def thinking of all the incredible places in the world I would love for us to see 😍😍

I think one of my favorite things, looking back at the finale, is the ultimate fate of Bill Cipher. Not only was he completely and utterly destroyed by Stan, but he also:

  • Had his statue form chucked down a hole and ended up in a remote part of Oregon rather than a heavily populated area
  • Had to enlist random nerds from around the world in his plan to gain form again
  • The nerds quickly became sidetracked by an enormous jigsaw puzzle that took weeks to finish
  • When the nerds finally found him, the first person to shake his hand was a baby, who was too much young to make any sort of deal with a demon
  • Bill was quickly apprehended by the local authorities for trespassing and had to spend the night in jail
  • Said authorities also managed to lose track of Bill’s hat
  • Finally found a home at Confusion Hill, where he was promptly stapled to a tree and will remain there, alone and hatless, until the heat death of the universe

Really, this is the best outcome I could have ever hoped for with a villain this terrible. I would say his fate in our dimension is poetic justice or irony of some kind, but then where would the “Jason Ritter’s puzzle reaction” meme fit into all this?

1 year of Lemonade

Best reviewed album of 2016
Highest metacritic score of 2016 (92)
Biggest female debut of 2016
2nd most acclaimed album in history
Rolling Stone’s Best Album of the Year
Formations is Rolling Stone’s Best Song of the Year
Formation is Time Magazine’s Best song of the Year
First artist to reach No.1 position with her first six studio album
First female artist to chart 12 or more songs on the Hot 100 at the same time
Every single from Lemonade has been in the top 30 of iTunes worldwide at least once
Formation has become the most awarded song in history, surpassing Michael Jackson’s thriller
Formation is Beyoncé’s most awarded song
Formation is the most awarded song of 2016
Lemonade is the most awarded album of 2016
8 Video Music Awards (11 nominations)
4 Emmy nominations
5 BET Awards
4 Soul Train Awards including Album of the Year
1 AICE Award
1 American Music Award
1 Clio Awards
1 Video Music Awards Japan
1 Teens Choice Award
1 UK Video Music Award
1 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
2 Kinsale Shark Awards
5 NAACP Image Awards
1 Peabody award
2 Grammy Awards, 9 Nominations
Lemonade sold more than 1 million copies in 2 weeks
Beyoncé is the first female artist to receive a 5 star review by Rolling Stones
Lemonade is the first album by a female artist to garner 100 million streams in the US in one week
Lemonade sold 663,000 copies in the first week
The Formation World Tour is the highest grossing tour of 2016
100% sold out stadium tour
Formation was the most-mentioned song on Instagram
Sorry was the 14th most-mentioned song on Instagram
Lemonade was the most talked about album on Tumblr

and the list goes on…


A figure-skater turned hockey player leaves Georgia to attend college up north, where he deals with bros, boys, and baking.  

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bruno mars? peter gene hernandez? born october 8th 1985? my lil dad? lil father? lil man? whom i love with his whole 3'2 tall ass? whom i would die for? n take a 24k gold bullet for? every day? For 24 days? Every day week month year and century?