1 year anniversay

SoraMafu vs. MafuTsuki

Mafumafu : “today is 1 year anniversay of soramafu first collab!! But today there something with us! For example is that!! That’s isn’t a song or music but something (๑°ω°๑)”
Soraru : “that is true”

Amatsuki : “It’s 2 years and 5 months with me!!!!!!!! It’s 933 days!!!!!!!!!”
Mafumafu : “i laughed so bad wwwwww. It’s soon 2,5 years, let’s do collab”

May 20th Meet Up Deets

Hi Everyone!

So far we have 10 confirmed people and 4 maybe people attending the 1 Year Anniversay Meet Up. There might be more people coming as well who just havent rsvp’d yet, but this is awesome!

We’re planning on meeting on the fifth floor terrace of the Southbank Centre at 2pm this Saturday 20th May. Itsy and I (Hazel) will be in Samwell T-shirts and there will be a stuffed shark on the table so you can spot us.

If you wanna bring baked goodies that would be great but no pressure.

We shall play some games including our custom Check Please Cards Against Humanity deck, and Check Please Cluedo:)

We also may go for pizza afterwards if we still wanna stay hanging out.

Message @itsybittle or @hazelwickpepperweb if you need more details or have any questions.

Hope to see you on Saturday!



So today is my tumblr anniversay. It’s been 1 year since I’ve made tumblr and it was the best decision I ever made. I have 816 followers and I love each one of yous. I have no idea why you guys decided to follow me since I am so awkward and weird but I just wanted to say thank you and that I appreciate all of yous and that I love you.<3

I’ve also met some fantastic people on here so here are some things I want to say about them:

Deborah: Where do I start? I love you so much I have know you for like 6-7         months and I consider you one of my best friends. We have fangirled,cried and I would love to meet you but distance is a bitch as we always say. Lol.<3

Nathaline: You are amazing. You make flawless things and we have so many things in common. You are the Klaus to my Caroline and we literally fangirl over everything. I’m glad I met you. :) <3

Vildan: You are flawless. I love you so much and your blog and the things you make are so quality even though you deny it. ;) You are my fellow stelena shipper and I can fangirl with you about anything.<3

Emily: Where do I start with you? We have met on omegle and it was one of the funniest chat I ever had on omegle. You are the Peeta to my Gale. You are flawless and we fangirl over the most awkward things. Your blog is so quality and like HDUIGHUIDFHGUJKGKL. ILOVEYOU.<3

Amandy: We also met on omegle and you are flawless. I love you so much and your blog is quality. We troll people on omegle ‘cause we are weird like that and because we are awesome bitches. jokejoke. Anyways,I’m so glad I met you because we have so many funny convos.<33

Also last but not least my older sister Emma who I have to thank for telling me about tumblr and for making me sign up. Thanks to her I have met all those flawless people. Thank you,sis! <33

So to finish this off I just want to say a big thank you for making my tumblr experience fantastic.<3 I love you all!

Hey guys ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ A few days ago I reached 1.5k and I’m so happy like I would have never thought I would reach this number ಥ‿ಥ Also on the 20th of May I had my 1 year anniversay of being here on tumblr and I want to thank all my followers and the people I follow for making this past year an awesome year. I meet really nice people and I’m glad I can talk with them. I hope you all stick with me a bit longer (*´・v・)
If I forgot someone or if your name isn’t on the graphic it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, you are all very important to me! (*^▽^*) Also if I’ve spelled your url wrong please tell me and I fix it right away! ^^
Thank you all for making my dash beautiful every day! <3
Have an awesome weekend!


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