1 year anniversary


I come with exciting news! Tomorrow (or Today if you’re in Japan) is the 1 year anniversary of Disney’s Tsum Tsum! With that Disney Store Japan is releasing a Limited Edition 40 pack set which will include amazing first time characters like Sally, Alien, Buzz, Woody, Jack Skellington, Zero, Flounder, Ariel, and Sebastian! Only 1,500 of these sets will be sold, so if you’ve got friends in Japan who can help you get one or live in Japan, this set will go on sale at 10:00am October 18th!

It retails for $21,600 yen ($202.12 us).


Pack 1 year with sistaroundpsds; resources for you. Thanks to all of you who are with us this whole time, thank you for every compliment, strength, caring and constructive criticism. I hope the sistar has more and more years, not just for posting resources but also we keep a friendly relationship that is the main point in social network, make friends. We thank you very sweetly, thank you so much for everything!


  • 5 Psds.
  • 3 Sharpens.
  • 10,000 Gradients.
  • 49 Textures.
  • 100 Icons for dash.
  • 253 Photos HQ. 
  • 1580 Fonts. 
  • +105 Styles of brushes.
  • 5,000 Photos instagram.

To get the pack follow these instructions: Follow tumblr SISTAROUNDPSDS and send on ask ’ Pack Happy

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I always knew my followers were crazy about this blog, but I had no idea they were going Bananas (Wit)! Thank you all for following me for the past year, everyone! Oh, and one more thing…

Wake up, Beat Scratch! You’re having a nightmare!

Can you find your pony in the full-size version?

Before searching the picture, read the alphabetized list first. When you’ve confirmed your character’s inclusion, look for the Bananas Wit whose coloration corresponds with him or her. The ponies represented here are:


The Abbess, Ace Sleeves, Addy and Angel Wing, AeroSalt, Ahmme Ghoul, Antiquity Clayworth, the Apple Twins, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Applejack (Ronin), Applejack (Sweet), Aqua Marine, Artemis Frost, Ash (in Equestria), Autumn Zephyr, Banana Dreams, Banana Pie, Banana Split, Batpony/Bruce Mane, Beat Scratch and Fus, Bermuda Tuna, Blazsword, Blender, Blue Flame, Bo Diddly, Bouncy Boba, Bubble Berry, Bubblepop, Bumble Buzz, Bunny and Bear


Carlos Brony, Cecil Heartstrings, Cherry Okapi, Cherry Soda, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Treats, Coffee Talk, Collective Thoughts, Cosmic Nova, Crayon, Cross Stitch, Cruel “Bandy” Joke, Crystal Clear, Curlycue V. Lovelace, Dahlia Von Ripper, Daring Star, Dean (Superwhooves), Derpy (Science), DewDusts, Discorded Celestia, Dr. Centipone, Dr. Radical, Dweeby


Edgar Allen Poeny, Electro Beats, Electro Bolt, Ella Elixir, Emotionly Maud Pie, Enderpony, the Equestrian Paranormal Society, Faint Note, Fanny “Finnegan” Pack, Fin, FlutterPsycho, Frost Shard, Frosty Mint, Fullforce


Galactic Gazer, Gamer, Geoff (of One), Ginger Snap, Green Breeze, Guyra, Hallo and Elder, Highlighter, Ink Heart, Inkie Heart, Ion Spark, Johnny Lightem, Killion Lightfeather, King Sombra, Kora Lionheart


Lathos the Scribe, Lehr Flux, Lemonaden, Leo Lion, Licky Lick, Lightning Feather, Little Emerald, Little Lulu, Lola Cloudmaker, Lovely Pages, Lovey Dovey, Lucky Hooves, Luminance “Lumey” and Blacklight “Light,” Mae, Mary Scarf, Minx, Misfit, Miss Romancedy, Monday Mornings, Mysticwings, Mytho


Nako, Nebula, Nerdy, Nightraxx, Nox, Nurse Nimble, Nut Job, Ocean Spray, Odd Ends, Opalescence Pearl, Peachy Pit, Pearly Whites, Penpoint, Peony, Phantom/the Pony of the Opera, Pinkamena and Jack Trotter, Pipsqueak (Teenage), PitterPatter, PiX, Poké, Poorly Drawn Pony, Prince Preppie, Princess Celestia (Letters to), Princess Luna (Bagel), Princess Luna (on the Moon), Princess Scribble, Princess Winter Snow, Rain Runner, Rainbow Dash (’s Mailbag), Rainbow Melody, Rapier, Razor and Igniter, Red Fire, Redbeiry, Reina, Ren (the Alien Pony), Richard Molrah, Rotten “Rot” Grave, Ruby Sleet


Saint Colarix, Sally, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scar Patch, Scribbles Styal, Seaborn Shire, Secret Tale, Sera, Serial Liking Pony, Shade, Shining Star, Shining Star and Skyla, Silver Pallette, Sockz Sowing, SoloFire, Southern Petal, Starlight Marie Gear, Steel Strings, StormStone, Storyteller, Straight Razor, Strawberry Sweet, Stud Muffin, the Subconscious Ponies, Sullen, Summer Splash, SuperMare/Clara Kent, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Paw, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach


The Time Mistress, Time Twister and Doctor Pater, Timid-Apple, Tinker Glide, Tracy Flash, Tuxedo Blend, Twilight Sparkle (Nerdy/Otaku), Twilight Sparkle (Psychotic), Twilight Sparkle (Time Traveler), UG, Vector Dust, Viola, Violin Sunrise, Winged Cross, Writingmare, YouTube Pony, Yuta and Wuta, Zeus

Humans of Seoul is proud to announce our 1 year anniversary. Thank you so much to our dedicated followers and readers. Make sure to continue to follow us into our next chapter!

Humans of Seoul이 드디어 1주년을 맞이하였습니다. 여러분의, 여러분에 의한, 여러분을 위한 목소리, 계속 지켜봐 주세요.

It is April 5, 2015 and my blog is officially 1 year old!~ :D When I reblogged my first graphic I never would have imagined meeting so many amazing new people and being apart of the IGot7 fandom. If one year ago, you told me that I will be making gifs about 7 idiots I would have probably laughed and thought you were insane lol. But here I am now, making gifs and such about a group that I didn’t intend to completely fall in love with. 

There are so many blogs that I would like to thank for keeping my blog running everyday with their beautiful posts because tbh, my blog is like 99% reblogs LOL <33 Thank you to all my followers for all your love and support. Thank you for following me and sticking with me for however long you’ve been following me for. I love you all <33 So, enough with this greasy stuff and on to the follow forever~

Bold - Extra special :)  ♥

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As this blog’s 1-year anniversary closes, I present to you the cast of 2014! Along with my characters, this poster also features the few followers that have been, are being, and will be assimilated used as secondary characters here. To all of Ask Bananas Wit’s family, friends, foes, favorites, and fixtures following it, thank you for developing its subject’s character and being a part of his life so far!

Local characters: Bananas “Amble Wit” Wit (1940s), Bananas “Bad Wit” Wit, Bananas “Firstwit” Wit (1900s), Bananas “Hot Wit” Wit (1950s), Bananas “Poorwit” Wit (1910s), Bananas “Soul Wit” Wit (1970s), Bananas “Sparkle Wit” Wit (1980s), Bananas “Witsend” Wit (1990s), Bananas “Witshine” Wit (1960s), Bananas “Wittersweet” Wit (1930s), Bananas “Witty” Wit (1920s), Bananas Wit, Berry Isthmus, Dr. Fawn Neighcob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Guardgale, and Wonder Wit.

Out-of-town characters: Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Banana Dreams, Banana Pie, Banana Split, Bo Diddly (and Wallace), Bubble Berry, Bumble Buzz, Bunny and Bear, Edgar Allen Poeny, the Equestrian Paranormal Society, King Sombra(’s muzzle), Lathos the Scribe, Peachy Pit, Peony, Poké, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scribbles Styal, Shining Star and Skyla, SoloFire, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Paw, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach, the Tinkerer, and Vector Dust.

By the way, if your pony isn’t included here and you haven’t seen this picture or this GIF yet, go check ‘em out; he or she might be represented there!

Special thanks go to Hallo and Elder for commissioning the artist of these super pictures to draw the heroic version of Bananas Wit (known as Wonder Wit).


【Five nights at freddy's】
☆1-year anniversary(Aug, 8th)☆
(sorry, I’m late)

Congratulations on the 1-year anniversary!
I was able to meet many people because there was FNAF. I love this game forever‼︎
I will come to like other anime and games and so on from now on. But, I’ll never forget FNAF!
(Bad English)

It's been 1 year I met Tom for the 1st time today guys !

One year ago exactly -on the blessed day of wednesday, 22nd of May 2013- I had the pleasure to meet Mr Thomas William Perfect Hiddleston in Paris ! A dream come true that I will never forget. Since this day, I fortunately had the pleasure to meet (I’m putting ‘meet’ because it means I got to talk to him) him another time earlier this year at the stage door for Coriolanus. I also got the chance to see him few other times. But this 1st time was the best memory of them all, mostly because we were alone, and I really got to talk him a bit and he signed me an autograph, and we took some pics. It was simply amazing. I will never forget this blessed day, so thank you Mr Hiddleston -even if you certainly don’t remember me.