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Happy 20th Pokemon!

My Collection organized for the occasion :)

I have a video I uploaded to my youtube that I’ll also post.

OTP Challenge

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Rules: List 5 OTPs from different fandoms and tag 10 people.

These are in no specific order!

1. Shinichi x Ran - Detective Conan

2. Syaoran x Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura

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3. Ranma x Akane - Ranma ½

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4. Seishirou x Subaru - Tokyo Babylon and X

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5. Akira x Utako - 20 mensho ni onegai!! and CLAMP gakuen tanteidan

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Sundays are best spend doing fun projects, or relaxing and stretching your body with fun, easy workouts. Here’s a little sneak peak into my latest Stretch & Tone workout routines.
1. One leg bicycle x 20 reps on each leg
2. Crab leg swing to plank leg extended hip stretch x 10 reps on each leg
3. Swiss ball combo x 5 sets

It’s going to be a short but sweet little session. If that leaves you hungry for more, then do the full routine with more exercises in the ZGYM (at ZuzkaLight.com) see you there! 😜♥️ have great rest of the weekend.
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Collection:The AMICA Library
Creator Name:Unknown
Creator Name-CRT:Artist not recorded
View:Full ViewCreation Start Date:
Creation End Date:999
Creation Date:late 10th century
Creation Place:Southern India Tamilnadu
Object Type:Sculpture
Materials and Techniques:granulite; Green schist
Dimensions:161.92 x 74 x 53.2 cm (63 ¾ x 29 1/8 x 20 15/16 in.)
AMICA Contributor:Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Owner Location:Boston, Massachusetts, USA