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Are you interested in watching Adventure Time, but intimidated by the thought of watching 252 episodes? Have you watched the series before, but want to watch again without any filler episodes (unless it’s Bubbline, of course)? This is for you!

After seeing a request in the ATimers tag, I have compiled a list of all the Adventure Time episodes that contain major plot, important backstory, major characterization, and/or Bubbline moments. I have also included optional episodes that I think will increase your understanding/enjoyment of the show (I put the reason next to it; if it says something about being an arc, backstory, characterization, etc., be warned that not watching may make the major plot points of the show a bit more confusing for you). 

I condensed the show down to 128 of the 10-minute episodes (69 episodes if you don’t watch any of the optional episodes). Optional episodes are in italics. Episodes with Bubbline moments, characterization of Marcy/Princess Bubblegum (PB), or major backstory/plot related to Marcy/PB are in bold. Anything with a an asterisk (*) can be watched at any time (order doesn’t matter, though you may still want to watch it in the same season). 

I hope this helps someone out since I spent three hours putting it together! Without further ado… 

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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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Happy 20th Pokemon!

My Collection organized for the occasion :)

I have a video I uploaded to my youtube that I’ll also post.

negasoncteenagewarhead  asked:

Hanzo's s/o gets to bed after a long day. He strokes s/o's hair and realizes it's short.

This was the first night in a long time that Hanzo was in bed before you. He was pulled out of his slumber as he felt the mattress dip under your weight. He turned to face you and wrap an arm around you. He didn’t even think about the action, it came instinctively to him at this point. Hanzo pulled your body against his to replace the heat he lost when you took your share of the blanket.

You snuggled against his chest while his hand ran up your back, a soothing motion for both of you. When he brought his hand up to run it through your hair he suddenly froze. You chewed your lip as you awaited his critique. Whether he liked it or not hardly mattered now. But it would be an added bonus if he did.

“You cut your hair,” he said, statement rather than question. He finally moved once again to repeatedly run his long fingers through your now short hair, lingering at the end before letting gravity gradually pull your hair from his fingers.

“Yeah,” you muttered after a tense moment of silence, “Do you hate it?”

Silence once again filled the room as he continued playing with your hair.

“I love it,” he whispered, “But I must ask…Why cut it?”

You were thankful for the darkness because a deep blush lit up your face.

“Dunno,” you answered with a shrug, “I just fancied a change.”

“You know, in my culture the cutting of one’s hair signifies a new beginning. The start of a new chapter. And I am blessed that you include me in this chapter.”

You burrowed into his chest, letting out a small chuckle.

“It’s just hair, Han. But I’m glad you like it.”

“I adore it,” he replied, pressing a kiss to your head, “I adore everything about you.”

20 Seconds of Bravery Ch 1

   Ok so I finally rewrote this whole first chapter and after finishing V’s route in the game I had to get this story rolling. Thank you all for your patience.       


     Twenty seconds of bravery, that’s all it can take to change your life. At least that’s what my mom always told me. I never thought it would actually apply to my life but then I meant Jihyn. I wish I could say that it was a typical boy meets girl story but it wasn’t. Being with Jihyn turned my life up side down but I wouldn’t change any of it. I guess I should probably stop rambling and just start at the beginning.

      It was a normal Saturday morning. The sun spilled across my pillow as I rolled over to turn off the alarm. I got up, took a quick shower and fed the cats. Most people would probably have plans with friends or family on a Saturday but not me. I always followed the same routines on my days off. Right now it was time to leave to for the grocery store. I walked out my door and noticed that it was a little chilly so I stepped back in and grabbed a jacket. As I walked down the street I noticed that the trees and plants had small buds on them. Winter was finally over and spring was coming. My mom always said that spring was a time for great changes. I arrived at the store and walked in to see the greeter Pat. It didn’t take me long to grab the essentials and then I headed down the can isle. While looking at the cans I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw a man with mint blue hair and dark sunglasses. “Excuse me but could you tell me what isle coffee and tea is in? I’m not used to this store.” I wasn’t used to people approaching me and I got nervous.

“You could look at the signs above the isle. It’s kinda why they’re there. I mean it’s not like your blind.” I said with a nervous laugh. He also laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“Well I’m about half way there. In fact this isn’t even my normal grocery. I must have got turned about on my way, so here I am. It’s also why I’m wearing sunglasses indoors.” My cheeks turned red when he said that he was actually blind.

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were just a douche.” I said quietly. He laughed and then I noticed the camera around his neck. “But if you have poor eye sight why do you have a camera?” I asked. His cheeks turned a little red and he spoke softly.

“That’s a really long story.” I felt bad again for being nosy but before I could apologize the man was taking a picture of me. Now I was just pissed.

“Wow ok ya creep. I’m leaving.” I left my cart and stormed out of the store. I’ve had guys hit on me before but I’ve never had them be that creepy. I ran for a whole three blocks before I stopped to catch my breathe. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I turned around I was the man who took my picture was trying to catch his breathe.

“Please just let me explain. I’m sorry for suddenly taking your picture but please just hear me out.” I gave him an angry look and his face turned serious but soft. I know that I should be storming away but something in my gut was telling me to hear him out.

“I’m listening.” I said, keeping my guard up. He smiled and he seemed relieved.

“Let me at least walk you back to the store so that you can pay for your things. On the way there I’ll tell you about me and why I took your picture. If you still think I’m just a creep then I’ll leave you alone and you’ll never see me again.” With any other person I would have ran back to my apartment and hid. But there was something about this guy got to me and I was curious to see what it was.

“Alright, deal. You have to answer all my questions though, and if I feel like your lying I’ll pepper spray you.” He laughed and put his hands in the air.

“Fair enough. Let me start off by introducing myself. I’m Jihyn Kim, but you can call me V.” He stuck his hand out and I shook it with caution.

“My name is MC. So what do you do for a living when you’re not taking pictures of strangers?” I asked as we began our walk back.

“I’m in charge of a small charity group called RFA.” He said moving his cane in front of him. I’ve always been interested in charity work so this made me more curious.

“What kind of charity work do you do?” I asked quietly. He stopped walking and looked at me with his head cocked. “If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine. I’ve just always been interested in charity work.” He smiled and shook his head.

“No I’m more than happy to talk about it. I’m just not used to people asking about it, most people just ask about my photos.” He paused for a moment. “There are only seven of us in the group. We hold wide extensive parties and gather donations for those in needs. The parties are usually pretty big so it takes about a year to plan but we smaller ones around holiday times.”

“So it’s just a bunch of rich people trying to make them selves look good?” He looked a little hurt when I said that. “I don’t mean offense. It’s just that I’ve worked for many companies and that’s what they all seem to do. I would hope that your group isn’t like that.”

“It’s alright I understand why you would think that. We always make sure to have a variety of guest from all walks of life. Just like our members, from a college student to a CEO. One year we even invited a mummy.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “You think that’s good then you would of loved long cat.”

“Ok you’ve convinced me that you guys aren’t faking it. You seem weird but in a good way.” Now V was laughing.

“I never thought weird would be considered a good thing, but trust me my friend Luciel is much more strange.”

“I doubt that. Does he take pictures of strangers in supermarkets too?” V let out a small chuckle and shook his head.

“I’m never going to live that down am I?” I shook my head and he smiled. “Well them maybe I am more strange than Luciel.” Before I could say anything V had stopped walking. I looked and noticed that we were back in front of the store. “So am I still a creep or am I allowed to accompany you back into the store?” I twisted the strap on my bag nervously. All of my instincts were telling me to say no and to stay in my comfort zone. But there was this fluttering feeling in my chest that I just couldn’t shake.

“Twenty seconds of bravery.” I mumbled but V heard.

“What?” He asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I clutched my bag strap and looked at V.

“Sorry! I mean um…You never told me why you took my picture so I guess I have no choice but to do my shopping with you.” I laughed nervously but V just smiled and it seemed so bright, almost like a ray of sunshine. When we walked back inside the store Pat ran up to me and grabbed my hands.

“Oh my goodness MC are you alright. Ethan said that he saw you bolt out of the isle with out buying your groceries. Did you have another attack?” She finally took notice of V standing next to me. She leaned closer to me and whispered to me. “Is this man the reason you left? I’ve never seen him with you before. Is this you’re new boyfriend?” She gave me a sly smile and my face turned red.

“No no no Pat! It’s not like that! You see I was shopping and then realized that I left my wallet at home so I panicked and freaked out this man so he followed me. So long story short I’m going to make him dinner for causing so much trouble.” They both looked at me shocked and I tried my best to collect myself. Pat looked back and forth between me and V.

“Alright dear just let us know if you need anything. Ethan put your cart over by the office.” I thanked her and then walked over to it with V. It was quite until V finally spoke.

“So now I’m joining you for dinner?” I almost crashed that cart at his words but he seemed somewhat amused. I honestly didn’t know what to say. I’ve never had anyone at my home. I’ve never even cooked dinner for more than myself.

“I’m sorry I honestly don’t know what came over me. She called you my boyfriend and I just panicked.” I laughed shyly. “To be honest it was really strange of me to say it. I’ve never invited anyone into my home. In fact this whole day has thrown me out of my comfort zone.” I began to twist the strap of my bag again and V seemed to pick up on my anxiety.

“Oh I had no idea that I had caused you guys so much stress. If you didn’t mean it then you don’t have to cook me dinner. You seem like such a nice innocent person. I’d hate to cause you anymore trouble. It was nice to meet you.” He began to turn away and my chest felt heavy. I didn’t know what it was about I just couldn’t shake this feeling that I was meant to meet V. I had always gotten nervous around people but something about V made me excited about it. Just what was this feeling? I thought to myself as I reached out to stop V. I meant to grab his sleeve but ended up grabbing his hand. He turned around and looked surprised. My face turned bright red and I let go of his hand.

“I’m so sorry! That was incredibly forward of me. I was just trying to stop you from leaving and I just meant to grab your sleeve but I missed and ended up grabbing your hand. I’m just going to stop talking now.” I was beyond mortified at myself. I couldn’t even look V in the eyes and my face was bright red. Then I heard V laugh which at first only intensified my embarrassment, then I looked up. V had taken off his sunglasses and I saw that his eyes were a beautiful bright blue. They seemed to look happy in that moment. I don’t know why but I was totally memorized by those eyes.

“Calm down. It’s more than alright. I was a little surprised at your sudden actions but I’m not mad or anything. I should apologize for laughing though. You just got so flustered and cute, I couldn’t help but laugh.” I was not used to this stuff at all. He wasn’t making fun of me and he called me cute. This day was really starting to make my head spin.

“You really are strange V.” I said smiling.

“I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you. I’m curious though, why did you stop me from leaving? I wasn’t trying to make you feel guilty or anything. I really don’t want to be anymore trouble for you.” His face seemed a little sad when he said this and it felt like I got hit in the chest.

“You’re not causing trouble. I said I was going to make you dinner so I will. Just expect lots of nervous outburst like what you just witnessed.” I said laughing a little. He smiled and it seemed so warm to me.

“Alright, if you insist. So what are you going to make?”

“Well what would you like? I can cook just about anything. So tell me what you’d like and I’ll do my best.” I watched him as he gave it some thought then his face lit up.

“How about pancakes?” He asked while being some what shy. I was kinda surprised that he wanted pancakes, but I was also happy because they were my favorite thing to make.

“I can defiantly do that. I make pancakes a lot so I already have most of the stuff for them at my place. Do you want any special toppings for them?” I asked excitedly.

“How about strawberries and chocolate?” He said. Now I was surprised again. I almost always put strawberries and chocolate on my pancakes.

“Ok now it’s like you’re reading my mind. That’s what I like to put on my pancakes.” We headed over to the fruit section as V laughed.

“Well when I was younger my best friend Jumin learned to make pancakes and hes been trying to perfect his recipe ever since. Which makes me his official taste tester.”

“That sounds better than the job I have now.” I said laughing. “I’ve always like pancakes ever since my mom showed me how to make them. When I make them it reminds me of my good times with her.” I realized that I was turning sentimental so I changed the conversation before V could say anything. “So what’s your friend Jumin like?” I quickly asked.

“He’s very logical and efficient. Most people think he’s very cold when they first meet him but he’s actually very nice once you get to know him. I may be a bit biased though since I’ve know him since we were kids.”

“I think that great though. Having such a long friendship means lots of memories. You guys can probably tell each other anything.” I’ve never had a friend like that so it sounded nice but V’s face seemed to be a little sad when I said this.

“That’s the idea but it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. He’s always so busy since he took over his fathers company.” Then something dawned in my head. Could he be talking about Jumin Han who ran C&R? There was only one way to find out.

“Just out of curiosity are you talking about Jumin Han of C&R?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Yes I am. Why do you ask?” I could tell he was curious.

“No reason. I did some web designing from his company not to long ago. I never actually go to meet him but I met his assistant. She seemed really nice.”

“Oh so you’re the web designer who he praised so highly. I remember him talking about you. I like what he loved most how how you didn’t question his use of his cat.” I was blushing but I was used to people praising my work. That’s why I’m good at what I do.

“It was a strange request but she is a beautiful cat so I made it work. I have two cats so I understood his love for her. He actually offered me a job but I turned it down.”

“Yeah he was pretty disappointed about that. He’s not used to being told no. I think he actually got drunk that night. You must be an impressive person to leave a mark on Jumin Han like that.” He said laughing. By now we had everything we needed for the pancakes along with all my other groceries. As I stood in line to pay for everything V and I made small talk. He told me about the types photos he took and his inspiration for them. He talked about the sun and how it gave life to everything including darkness. It was weird hearing him say that because my mom used to say something similar. Maybe that’s why I felt so drawn to V, he reminded me of my mother. Once everything was bagged we walked out of the store and said our goodbyes. It took about five minutes for me to realize that we never decided on a time nor did I give V my address. I turned around walked in the direction I saw V leave. Once I got past the store I saw V’s mint hair walking towards me.

“V! Over here!” I yelled grabbing his attention.

“Good, I found you. I realized that I left without getting any of your contact information.” He said handing me his phone. It was rather bulky but it was still a smart phone. I put in all of my contact information and handed him back his phone.

“We also never set a time.” I said, glancing at my watch. “Does five o'clock work for you?” He smiled and nodded his head.

“Five sounds perfect.”

“Then it’s a date!” I immediately covered my mouth with my hand. “Ya know not like a date date. Just two new friends having dinner.” I said, trying to laugh it off, “I’ll see you at five.” As soon as V nodded I turned around, embarrassed as hell, and headed towards my apartment.

When I opened my door I was greeted by my cat Yeti. He rubbed against my legs as I took my jacket off. “Sorry I’m so late. Today has been a weird day. I actually invited someone over. Can you believe that? I find myself both excited and terrified.” I carried the bags to my small kitchen and set them on the table. Yeti followed me in there and began to paw at the food bowls. As I refilled them my second cat, Azul, walked in. “I have no idea what to do you guys. What if I burn the pancakes or what if he just doesn’t like them? His best friend is Jumin freaking Han. What if he thinks the apartment is shabby? I should probably clean and vacuum real good since you two shed so much.” I realized that I was once again talking to my cats like they understood me. “He’ll probably just think I’m crazy if I keep talking to you guys.” I looked over at the clock and saw that it was already 1:30. That seemed like plenty of time to clean and shower before V got here. I felt my phone in my pocket buzz and looked to see a new text message. I opened my phone and saw that it was from V. When I read it I got that weird fluttering feeling in my chest again. I was going against every instinct in my head but it also felt right. Maybe this is what my mom always talked about, the warmth of people. All I really knew for sure was that for the first time in a long time, I was excited about something.  

I combined Carmilla series season 1 ep. 20 (x) 'Sock Puppets and European History’ audio with The Carmilla Movie Teaser Trailer (x) and added Max Richter ‘November’ music. This is the result. 
(just a creampuff who edited the video, the material does not belong to me)


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Block Blue (I was listening to Block B whilst building…)

  • §81,120
  • 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
  • 30 x 20 Lot

CC Free - Packs Used Shown Above

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I was kinda stuck on what to make for you guys but I’ve been playing a mobile game called Bit City all week…and well one of the little houses inspired me to make this! I ran out of space for photos… but you can totally download it to see 

I was going to try CC but I couldn’t for the life of me make the plugin work…I tried though ^^ I hope I get it sorted eventually. 

Thank you so much everyone for following me!! I love all of you and I’m really happy that people actually enjoy my simmies :’) I really hope you enjoy this x