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#pokespeweek is a week dedicated to the amazing manga series! It will take place March 7th to March 14th 2017. Pokemon Adventures has been running ever since March 1997, so it’s been around for 20 years!

You can find the rules on how to participate here. I hope many people will be able to participate to celebrate!

#pokespeweek will be tracked so remember to have it within the first 5 tags!!!

Here are the prompts for each day:

  • Day 1|| March 7th || Pokedex Holder
  • Day 2 || March 8th || Non-Pokedex Holder
  • Day 3 || March 9th || Arc
  • Day 4 || March 10th || Battle
  • Day 5 || March 11th || Villain or Villainous Team
  • Day 6 || March 12th || Relationship or Friendship
  • Day 7 || March 13th || Happy or Sad Moment
  • Day 8 || March 14th || Free Day

Happy monster brothers are always good



All currency in in NZD.
Extra characters are +$5
Backgrounds are to be simple at the moment. 

No nsfw
No intense violence/gore/unsavoury situations.
Some blood is ok, but ask me

Payment through paypal is recommended
Pay half upfront, half on completion
Expect 1 week till completion (unless specified) as I’m a student. 

3 slots currently available. 
CONTACT ME: stelleocommissions@gmail.com

Please do a poor student a favour by sharing this
Cheers x


[Saturday 19/09/15] - ‘A day in the life of Thestudyingdinosaur #2′

7:29am - Walking the dog ^^ 

8:08am - I started the morning with Biology & an old English reading exam.

9:15am - I enjoyed my breakfast while I was watching ‘Flikken Maastricht’. 

11:52am - I finally finished my homework of Math from last week, but now i also finished my homework for the upcoming week :)

1:38pm - Till this moment i did some English vocabulary. And while i was eating my lunch i watched the first part of ‘Hollands Next Top Model’. 

4:10pm - A break! I Watched the other half ‘Hollands Next Top Model’. 

4:53pm - Another break, 15 minutes i think. Skype with feathersflyingeverywhere, we talked about Judo & Jiu Jitsu :D 

5:21pm - Time for chemistry, i switched to the other side of my desk, so i could sit on my bed. I worked till 7:00pm and after that i had dinner with my family. 

I discovered a awesome music album with piano music, it’s called Ascend by Shaun Taylor McManus, you have to listen to this! :D I think ‘heartland’ is the most beautiful. 

(Are you interested in more of these? Please let me know ^^) xx