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a mix for when you want to shoot up some assholes, or just drive through the city like the boss you are

1. How We Roll Don Omar | 2. Get Low Dillion Francis & DJ Snake | 3. Blanco (Spanish Explicit) Pitbull | 4. Fast Lane Bad Meets Evil | 5. POWER Kanye West | 6. R.I.C.O. (feat. Drake) Meek Mill | 7. Rollin’ on 20’s Lil’ Flip | 8. Desabafo / Deixa Eu Dizer Marcelo D2 & Claudia | 9. When We Were Young Dillon Francis | 10. Pick Up The Phone Tyrese | 11. Turn Down For What DJ Snake & Lil Jon | 12. Friendz Chacka | 13. This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan


20 Zootopia Headcanons

I don’t really post to tumblr at all, but I can’t really put this anywhere else and I am drowning in this ship really, just..absolutely drowning. These are just tiny little things I’ve dwelled on.

1. Judy can’t cook–Nick can, like a fucking boss, and Judy can maybe cook eggs but she is sorely out of the loop when it comes to the variety of foods there are out there.

2. I like to think that Nick’s tail has a mind of it’s own, and curls around Judy at every chance it gets without him really noticing. Judy loves it.

3. Judy and Nick’s relationship will probably do a reaaaaally slow evolution over years of partnership. It just kind of happens. Nobody knows when.

4. Clawhauser is the number 1 shipper of NickxJudy. Bogo is begrudgingly the number 2–but only because he gets super protective of Judy in this low-key kinda way.

5. Finnick loves Judy. They hang out and talk about Nick all the time. Nick hates it. (but not really).

6. Judy’s neighbors like Nick a lot. When he’s over they interrupt all the time to talk to him through the wall and make fun of Judy. Judy is mildly unimpressed.

7. I feel like Nick would be a bigger hit with kids than Judy is after the initial “she’s a hero!” boom dies down. Both are loved by kids either way, but Nick is “cooler.”

8. When they cuddle, Judy’s ears kinda bend to leave room for Nicks head. Nick likes how they kinda sway against the back of his head. 

9. Nick semi-knowingly chases Judy’s suitors away. He at first thinks it’s because they’re all scumbags. When one of the suitors chased away is legit great guy Nick realizes he’s a sack of shit tries to not get jealous as much.

10. Judy unknowingly chases Nick’s suitresses away. Nick wasn’t really interested in the first place, but that’s part of his charm. None of them thought they could match Judy. Judy’s secretly happy everytime and she never figures out why until after relationship established.

11. Half of the time Nick is caught by surprise by Judy/her comments (particularly ones that pertain to him). She never notices what that means.

12. Judy is super open with her affection, but she is super slow with comprehending her feelings. Nick is super fast at comprehending, but very careful with hiding it (and no matter what anyone says, its not 100% painful. only like, during the 30% of the time hes alone).

13. I imagine Judy confesses to Nick not really understanding her feelings and Nick has to like, explain it to her and its super embarrassing for him because “really? that can’t be true, love is like…” and he tries to explain that what shes feeling is friendship but the deeper the conversation gets the more she comprehends and its like “oh jesus, Nick, I love you. Can you just, not talk down about yourself like that?”

14. Judy’s parents freak the fuck out. It takes a while, but they get it. Nick doesn’t hate them for it. Judy kind of does.

15. Nick’s parents are dead. Judy secretly visits his mom’s grave and talks to her a lot. (SEE BELOW)

16. After establishing a relationship, there was a period in time where Judy acted really fucking weird because she did not know what she was doing and she was afraid of messing it up. She did not calm down for quite a long time. Visiting Nick’s mom’s grave and sitting there and talking for 4 hours helped a lot. (SEE BELOW)

17. Nick is super smart. Very fast at paperwork without much effort even if he does hate it. He fills in the gaps for Judy. 

18. Judy is the muscle of the pair. Nick isn’t weak, he also graduated top of the class and can definitely hold his own, but Judy is fucking BUFF. Nick is, at most, toned. 

19. They don’t hold paws much. Kissing is restricted to alone moments–it doesn’t really come to mind unless they are alone. They are those type of animals. Nick likes cuddling more than Judy does. But both love it immensely.

20. Carrots is the best nickname. But only if Nick says it. Both would be willing to rip heads off of anyone who makes that mistake more than once. Nick only says Judy’s name in intimate or serious moments. Nick is only vaguely aware he does it. It makes Judy tingle.


EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that Nick’s mom is indeed alive! Which is fine! I’m new to tumblr so I totally neglected the fact that I could edit this! So I will edit the following headcanons: 

15. Judy secretly visits Nick’s mom to tell her about Nick’s progress because ofc his mom would like to know!!!!! Nick finds out later, and is really happy about it but still teases Judy about it. Judy feels mildly guilty for going behind his back, but Nick assures her it’s fine.

16. After establishing a relationship, there was a period in time where Judy acted really fucking weird because she did not know what she was doing and she was afraid of messing it up. She did not calm down for quite a long time. Visiting Nick’s mom talking for 4 hours helped a lot. It was also super awkward. But super loving.

Thank you to all those who have informed me of this fact!! (I also fixed??? my tags)