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Our first Justice Democrat: Cori Bush – Justice Democrats – Medium
By Justice Democrats

Not too long ago, we introduced you to Cori Bush, a registered nurse and Ferguson activist. We asked you to join us in asking her to run for Congress. You, from every corner of the nation, answered the call and told Cori you would back her.

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce Cori is running to represent MO-1 in Congress!

Cori embodies the kind of leadership St. Louis needs.

She knows the pain of working families because she has lived it. She understands the needs of society’s most downtrodden, because she serves them every day as a nurse. When Ferguson burned, she answered the call and stood tall on the front lines against police violence. She’s the perfect person to represent St. Louis because she is St. Louis.

She’s yours.

But Cori isn’t just our first official candidate. She’s yours. At the start of our nomination drive, you recommended Cori in droves. Over and over again during our vetting process, we were impressed with the passion people have for Cori; and after getting to know her, we firmly agree that it’s a passion well-placed.

While Cori’s just the first of the many candidates we will be running in the 2018 midterm elections, she’s a strong representation of what’s to come:

She puts people first — As a nurse, she’s been a first-hand witness to community health struggles: “We have patients who don’t even realize they are getting better because they are so stressed about how they will be able to get the resources in the future.“

She believes in her community — Cori believes in fighting to create thousands of jobs in St. Louis, not fighting to save 1 job in DC. That’s why she’s committed to bringing renewable energy jobs to St. Louis, even if the refining and fossil fuel industry attacks her for it.

She’s not afraid to speak the truth — Cori believes the role of government is to support, not control. That’s why she wants to break the school-to-prison pipeline, create educational standards on-par with other nations, pass Medicare For All and make the federal income tax fairer for the middle-class.

She’s struggled and lived the real American experience — While taking care of two young children, working and going to nursing school, she lived out of her car. You won’t find a DC politician of any part who’s faced the stigma of homelessness. Because she knows first-hand how expensive being poor is, you can trust Cori to protect social support programs, remove barriers to housing and increase funding for job training.

Cori, like all of our candidates, will challenge the status quo of American politics. They’ll be attacked as unprepared by Establishment Democrats and soft by Republicans — but so what? We will be defined by ourselves, our actions and our commitment to the people.


oh my fucking god. in my ask about anti-asian discrimination in college apps I had a whole section about the effects on the community and I didn’t even mention the xenophobia 

idk about other east asians but a lot of the Sino parents here fucking hate new Chinese immigrants for 3 main reasons:

1. They have an edge in admissions. A college would rather admit an international Asian than an american-born one because the international kid will count towards the diversity stats that schools love to plaster all over their websites. So schools fill their Asian slots with international students.

2. They’re seen as “ruining” what little trust and honor that the diaspora community has built with admissions officers. Things like massive cheating rings and parents who abandon their kids in the US for college apps and mainlanders who nearly killed people because they assumed they could just bribe the campus police aren’t helping.

it’s so fucking wild like the pressure of affirmative action has created enough anxiety to take a bunch of yellow immigrants from a country that’s widely blamed for the White Working Class’s suffering and entice them to enthusiastically support fascism on the off chance it’ll reduce the amount of chinese weirdos in the college admissions pool and give their kids a better shot at Harvard

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anonymous asked:

Initially I was hesitant about Sh!ro wearing eyeliner hc because on one hand finally an Asian with obvious monolids that's not exaggerated in a cartoon but on the other yeah screw the gender binary until I remembered that the west has a problem with feminizing Asian men little did I know antis would erase that worry for me by calling Sh1ro white passing or she1th yaoi or brog@nes

Most people in this fandom claim to advocate for POC but then they go and call Asian characters “pale”… A+ Activism.

I’ve seen someone call the crew racist because “not all Asians have monolids” even though it was established in the first episode of Season 1 that Shiro is Japanese.

OP then replied by saying “Well the team is full of white ppl what did you expect” (the post is here: x)

So let’s take a closer look at this. Here we have the producers:

And this is the animation team for V/ld (here’s Studio Mir’s official website: x)

You’d think you can trust east-Asian people to draw east-Asian characters. But of course the White American Teenagers™ in this fandom are experts on racism and everyone else has to adopt their views… smh

Because two Asian characters who know each other well just have to be related.

And them calling romantic Sheith “Yaoi” just proves that they do, in fact, think that mlm relationships between Asian men are a fetish, and then accuse others of having that mindset. Like they don’t even entertain the idea that some people just aren’t fucking racist.

Steve’s Reasons

In Captain America Civil War I have issues with how Steve Rogers position was framed.

There’s two different framing’s for his motivation in the movie. 

Framing 1 a moral good (Aka the Bullshit framing)

Steve Rogers, national icon, and American hero is willing to fight 117 governments for the sake of individual rights, and his right to protect people. He does not trust corrupt politicians like the WSC to control his actions, and believes it is his right to operate internationally without oversight. 

Framing 2 a personal need (Aka the only framing I accept)

Steve Rogers, the man out of time, has just lost the last connection to a world that died while he was asleep. He is completely lost in the new century, and is clinging to a newly discovered James ‘Bucky’ Barnes as the only link to his past. 

Due to his mental state, Steve prioritizes Bucky’s needs over the needs of the world, and worked to save his best friend, out of a desperate desire to hang onto his own past. In order to do this he opposed the Accords.

This is understandable, however it is not a good defense for his actions, what Steve did in fighting 117 countries was wrong. His reasons are understandable, but ultimately irrelevant in the face of the consequences of his actions. 

hello -

if you decide to read on you’ll encounter racism, sexism, misogyny, poverty, and injustice. if you do not decided to read on, i will never judge you or hate you for it. we each have to decide how much we can bear.

there are sure to be a lot of triggering things in here, but i don’t know how best to tag them. if anyone has any suggestions, i’d welcome them.

thank you!

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Advice for Studying Abroad in France

This is mostly targeted towards Americans (as I’m an American who studied abroad in France though much of this advice can be universal)

Two years ago, I had the best semester of my life studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, Fr. I’ve compiled a list of things I learned throughout the whole trip and hopefully they will help you out, whether you’ll be there for a week or a year. Hold on tight because this post is a long one.

Preparing for your trip

Prescriptions: Call your health insurance company and get approved for an advance of a 90 day supply of whatever prescriptions you’re on. Odds are you will not be able to easily refill abroad so it’s best to take a long-term supply with you. 

Banking: Now that the days of travelers checks are over, you’ll need to figure out how you will be handling your money while abroad. Swiping a credit or debit card in another currency will result in a currency exchange fee for every swipe and every ATM withdrawal will not only have the exchange fee, but also the fee for using an ATM that is not affiliated with your bank. Certain banks have international locations/affiliates, find out who has locations in the area you will be in and talk to a bank representative about setting up a simple account so you can avoid losing money unnecessarily. 
Bank of America has an agreement with BNP and Barclays, HSBC say’s it’s “banking globally” but it’s mostly business banking and not for individual accounts. 

Applying for your visa: If you’re in a position like me, the closest consulate is 9 and a half hours away so getting everything right is critical. Bring a ridiculous number of copies of all the documents they require, the consulate will not print or photocopy anything for you but they will recycle extras so better to be on the safe side. Paperclip all you papers together and put them in a manila envelope so nothing falls out. Double, no triple check you have everything because the consulate gets busy in the summer as people prepare for trips and it’s hard to get a second chance. 

Process Documents ASAP: If your trip is anything like mine, you will have to be accepted into your study abroad school, present the acceptance and a processing fee to Campus France so that you can be allowed to pay for your visa. It’s dumb and annoying and I’m sorry but there’s no way around it. Because there’s so much document processing, start the process immediately. If you don’t even have a passport, the whole thing will take two to three months to get the passport, CampusFrance and visa. 

Course Credit Approval: If you are responsible for the choice of courses and their transfer credit equivalents, do this before you go abroad instead of after. Getting transcripts is a hassle, don’t make it worse by risking the chance that your school won’t even accept some of the credits. 

Choosing your classes: Keep in mind that when studying abroad, the emphasis is on the abroad. Don’t try to give yourself the same courseload you would back at home. Employers and Universities are fully aware that studying abroad is less about the studying and they don’t care. Give yourself a schedule that will allow you plenty of free time to explore and travel because that’s what this is all about anyway, being able to live in a totally new environment and not being scared to step out of your comfort zone.

Packing your bags

Pack light and leave room: Fashion in France is way different than in the United States in the sense that they have the tendency to own a few good items that can be worn different ways rather than having many lower quality items. Pack a bag that’s too large, that way you’ll have room for the things you buy abroad and won’t have to face a midnight purge the night before your flight home. Bring a few staple items, enough for about 10 days. Leave the t-shirts and leggings behind. A chef who moved from San Francisco to Paris said it best when it comes to Parisian clothing 

“I knew I was Parisian not when I arrived in Paris, or when I got annoyed with tourists, no, it was when I changed out of my pyjamas into ironed, creased pants and a shirt just so I could take my trash out”

 Here are some things you should make sure to include in your luggage:

  • 1-2 active outfits for days when you get the chance to hike, play sports or even long travel days
  • 1 nice outfit:  a good dress/shirt and slacks if you’re a dude. This is in the event that a nice dinner or event is organized for you
  • 1 pair of nice shoes to go with that nice outfit you brought
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 2-3 pairs of jeans. Shorts aren’t too common in France, bring a couple pairs of jeans, you’ll notice people wear them even in the summer as it doesn’t get nearly as hot in France as it does in some parts of the USA. 
  • A few shirts/blouses
  • A scarf or two-the French love scarves, even the boys
  • 1-2 cardigans/jackets
  • 1 pair of crappy flip flops for the beach if you’re near one and for walking around a hostel/showering in a hostel
  • 1 pair of boots if you’ll be there in the winter/rainy season

This isn’t a complete list, but I think it’s a good start. Obviously you tweak it as much as you need depending on your style. 

Clothes aren’t the only thing you’ll bring, make sure you also have these items in your luggage

  • a journal, even if you don’t journal, start. It’s so much fun to read through old travel journals and relive some of those fun memories
  • adaptors for your electronics. You probably won’t need more than 2
  • travel-size toiletries for traveling while you’re abroad-or if you have a 6 hour layover in Munich and you’ve already been flying for 15 hours and desperately want to brush your teeth.
  • 1 box of compact tampons-the variety kind or whatever size you need. Most tampons in France are non-applicator and idk about you but that’s just uncomfortable. Just take them out of the box and put them in a bag or scatter them around your luggage to save space. Better yet, if you’re on birth control, certain types allow you to skip your period so if that’s a route you want to take, contact your doctor and see if that’s a safe option for you.
  • deodorant: Most deodorant in Europe is the spray on kind and is usually just deodorant and not antiperspirant, this is one of the few toiletries that I would advise bringing. You can buy toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc while you’re there so don’t worry about packing those.
  • a planner. It will safe your life when organizing trips.
  • A scan-proof wallet/purse. This is for protection against pickpockets with scanners. They don’t need to steal your card anymore, they can discreetly hold up a device that takes your information through your wallet or purse unless you have one that prevents this. 
  • A luggage scale. On your way home you’re going to be tired and distressed from packing and leaving all these cool places and people behind. Don’t add to your stress by having an overweight bag, have a scale and use it to keep your weights under 50 lbs. 
  • A gift for your host family. It should be somewhat representative of your hometown/region. I’m from Kansas so I brought my host mom a wine glass and tea towel that had sunflowers on it (little did I know Provence was also known for sunflowers but w/e). 
  • One book or magazine in your native language. If you are doing the trip as a means of learning/improving a foreign language you will be exhausted by the end of the day. It’s insane how tiring immersion is for the first few weeks. One treat you can give yourself is having one book or magazine in your native language. I can’t tell you how many times I read about Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress but I can tell you it was nice to have just a moment of English at the end of a long day.

Once you are abroad…

Prepare to be treated unfairly. You’re the American, to them, you represent all of America which means you represent a country where a candidate named “Deez nutz” pulled and Donald Trump is a presidential nominee. Always be polite, and take everything with a grain of salt. 

Stay away from Americans: It is so easy to stick with other Americans during your trip. It’s comforting and familiar but that’s not what you’re there for. Challenge yourself to be totally immersed by associating with French people. 

It’s hard to make Friends in France: They have different views about friendship. In the United States, we make friends quickly but they can be dropped quickly too. In France, friendship takes a long time to form but once it is formed, it lasts forever. Don’t be discouraged if it seems like people you thought were good friends seem distant from you. It’s not being rude, it’s just how they treat friendship.

Don’t buy water at a restaurant. It’s not free. Be French, drink wine. 

Public restrooms don’t exist. Sure, there are some little box things in tourist areas where you can pay a euro to pee but those are weird and gross. Just learn to hold it because you can’t just walk into a grocery store or restaurant and expect to find a restroom. If it’s an emergency, American fast food restaurants are your best bet though you may have to pay like 10 cents to use those. 

Save money for experiences. Sure going out is fun but I promise it’s not the end of the world if you skip a night or two of clubbing so you can save money for a nice meal. A nice, expensive meal is way more memorable than a night where you don’t remember what happened from 1:00 AM-4:00 AM.

Going out abroad

Go out with a group of people. I repeat, GO OUT WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE. Never go out alone. You are vulnerable, you are the friendly, trusting American. People will take advantage of that. Stick with your group the entire night. If you’re a boy, make sure you see any girls you were with go into their apartments before you leave for yours. 

French men are fiends. The general idea is that American girls are easy. They will hound you in a club, another reason why you need to always be with a group.

No doesn’t really mean no. That whole “fiend” thing? I’m serious about that. No doesn’t mean no to French men, it just means try again. The chase is what they’re about. They’ll follow you around the bar all night unless someone else steps in. I’m being serious, one time, a guy followed me out of a bar, down a street that was packed full of people and to my group of friends. He didn’t believe that I had a boyfriend/probs didn’t care until one of the guys I was with lied to him and told him he was my boyfriend, and that wasn’t even enough. I had to make out with this friend in front of my French admirer and even then, it took him about 5 more minutes to leave. The lesson here is, don’t even respond to them. They’ll tell you you’re beautiful, they’ll start a seemingly innocent conversation but there’s always a motive and they’re very determined. 

Don’t be the loud, drunk American. We have a very drunk friendly culture here in America. If someone has had too much, we’ll help them out, we’ll call an uber or set them up on the couch to sleep it off. Be sure to be responsible while you drink and don’t expect strangers to help you out. They’ll leave you in a bush across the street (this happened to one of my classmates). 

Be SUPER careful about drugs. Maybe you like to smoke, maybe you’re a fan of clubbing with your friend Molly. Before you get crazy, be aware of the laws. Some places are insanely strict about drugs while others are more lax. The last thing you want is to get caught and face a judge that hates Americans. Also, if you’re buying from anyone, don’t. Not unless you know them extremely well and have no reason not to trust them. While I was visiting Amsterdam there was a problem with dealers giving people heroin and saying it was Molly. 

Traveling while abroad

Take buses and trains. Sure flights are quicker but they’re more expensive. Trains and buses are great ways to travel in Europe and they’re way cheap. 

Hit up the grocery stores. Don’t put yourself in a position to have to eat out for every meal, that really adds up. Pick a night or two during your little excursion to eat out and use grocery stores for the rest.

Ask locals where to eat. TripAdvisor is good but it’s heavily influenced by American reviews and tourist locations. Ask people in the bus/train stations, people working at your hostel or even someone on the street where to go to get a good meal. People love showing off their country and will be happy to recommend a bomb place. 

Print two copies of tickets if you can. This means any bus/train tickets you order online or even museum/sightseeing tickets. Don’t be like me and leave your Parc Guel ticket in the hostel and have to sit on a bench for an hour while your friends see an amazing work of art. 

Only bring a backpack when traveling. Wheeling luggage through metros is a hassle and makes you a target for pickpocketing. 

Don’t think you have to go where everyone else is going. If you’re comfortable traveling alone, do it. Some of my best times abroad were the days I just said “fuck it“ and hopped on a bus to another city. Be extra careful though and only do this if you feel comfortable.

If anyone looks sketchy, they are. Hindsight is 20/20 and you don’t want to find out too late that the shady looking girl on the metro just swiped your wallet. We’re not used to pickpockets in the US so you have to be extra careful while abroad. Don’t cause a scene-speaking loudly in English on the metro, carry a fanny pack and wear socks+berks. We know what tourists look like, don’t bring attention to yourself by looking/acting like one because you will be targeted. 

Keep your important things in a place where pick pockets can’t get them. That means also separating things. Spread the important things out so that if a pick pocket does get something, they won’t get everything.

Make an effort to know how to say a few things in the language of the country you are going to (if you don’t already speak that language). People from the Czech Republic know that not everyone speaks Czech but it’s a nice gesture if you give them a little dobry den before you ask for help, they’ll probably be even more helpful to you if you do!

Coming Home

That luggage scale I told you to pack will save your life.

Put all your heavy items in your carry-on since it does not have weight restrictions. That way you can fit more things in your checked luggage and keep it under weight.

Wrap breakable things up in clothes and make sure they are tightly packed in your suitcase. If you’re extra worried they’ll break and they are things you can bring onto the plane (i.e. not liquids) then put them in your carry-on if you can. 

Leave behind anything you don’t care about to make room for the stuff you bought abroad. You can give them to your school if they’re things you bought just for the trip and now some other future student can use them. If you have a terrible host mom like I did, just leave them in her house so she can deal with them.

American customs takes forever, I know you’re ready to be home but just anticipate standing in line and rechecking your bag.

Once you’re home, people will want to hear all about your trip and I know you’re excited to tell the stories. You have about a month or so to just word-vomit on people. After that, no one cares and would actually prefer it if you kept your mouth shut. Stories beginning with “Well, when I was in France…” Get really old for people who haven’t been able to study abroad. If you can’t keep your mouth shut, find other people who are recently back from abroad because you’ll understand each others pain in just wanting to word vomit every single story.

That’s all I can think of for now. Add on any of your own and message me any questions you might have! I’m happy to help :)


-Stoki Week 2016 - 

A brand-new fandom event hosted by @holidaystoking

We wanted a way to bring fresh, new content into the fandom and honoring our favorite Captain’s birthday with a week-long celebration of our favorite ship seemed like the perfect way! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

General Information:

  • Because there is no direct exchange involved, NSFW/Explicit content is okay. 
  • Please make sure you include some kind of summary and all appropriate tags/warnings if you’re posting fic.
  • All work should focus on the Steve/Loki pairing.
  • Start posting your contributions on Monday, July 4th.
  • All content will be reblogged right here at HolidayStoking. We’ll be using a queue, so if you don’t see your post right away, don’t worry!
  • We will only be following #holidaystoking and #stokiweek2016 so if you haven’t used at least one of these, we cannot see your post.
  • If you can’t get a post up exactly on the day that’s listed, don’t worry. This is about having fun and creating new content, no one else is effected by the timeliness of your posting so there are no strict deadlines.
  • As long as your post appears by 12AM, August 1st, your creation will be included in the masterlist we’ll be putting up. We’ll keep reblogging any “late” contributions, though. They’ll be available right here and organized by day/theme.

The Themes:

  • Monday, July 4th - Day 1: Viking Age or 1940s Setting
  • Tuesday, July 5th - Day 2: Alternate Universe or Cross-Over
  • Wednesday, July 6th - Day 3: Modern Day or Non-Powered Setting
  • Thursday, July 7th - Day 4: Five + One
  • Friday, July 8th - Day 5: “Trust my rage.” or “I can do this all day.”
  • Saturday, July 9th - Day 6: The Trickster or Always Honest
  • Sunday, July 10th - Day 7: Ice

What can you contribute?

Anything you want! Our fandom is small but mighty and filled with creative people. Contribute whatever you feel comfortable contributing! Here are a few ideas:

  • Fan Fic
  • Gif Sets
  • Graphics and Photo Manipulations
  • Art
  • Headcanons and Meta
  • Mixtapes
  • Fanvids

Happy Stoking!


the west wing + 10 plots in order of preference: #1: The MS Disclosure (seasons 2 & 3)

“Whereas, in his conduct of the Office of the President of the United States Josiah Bartlet has engaged in a course of deceitful and dishonest conduct designed to impede and deny the disclosure of vital matters of public concern, the United States Congress hereby condemns him for acting in a manner contrary to his trust as President to the great prejudice of the cause of justice and to the manifest injury of the American people.”


This is a general reminder, since I’ve seen a few posts where people get upset/excited for level of actor/character involvement based on IMBD: 


IMDB can be edited by anybody willing to make the effort. It’s not officially vetted. It’s not coming directly from the production. 


So if it says Character You Love Who Is Important In The Book is in only one episode - do not fear. That just means that whomever added that actor/character only said they were in one. 

If it says Character That Has a Pretty Small Part in the Book is in all 10 episodes despite it being announced they are a guest, take it with a grain of salt. Whomever added that actor/character was REALLY HOPEFUL they’d be in all the episodes. 

Also remember - this is a series, with multiple seasons planned. It’s not a mini/limited series. Season 1 covers roughly 1/3 of the book according to @neil-gaiman​. So if The Character You Love Most[*] hasn’t been announced yet - do not worry. They got this. 

The show is still filming, only about half-way through Season 1 from what Bryan Fuller said at the Saturn Awards. It doesn’t even air until 2017. IMDB CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

[*] Sam we all know I mean Sam I want to know who is playing Sam I need the speech I NEED THE SPEECH.

Call-Out Post For Real-Time Fandub
  • @awkwardgravityfallsscreencaps - somehow knows every line in every episode of Gravity Falls. I don’t trust him.
  • @pleading-eyes - Predates almost every other cast member, because of her presence in episode 1. Old people suck.
  • @chongoblog - takes photos of clouds just because they look phallic. while driving
  • @knittinggiantbeanies- says ignorant things about Merman Americans
  • @mabelsguidetolife - Told me she couldn’t sound like Kristen Schaal, then did this. Can’t be trusted.
  • @ghostanjo - uses the word “swag”. block, unfollow, report. (please don’t actually)
  • @just-watch-me-hachiko​ - “Blonde hair, blue eyes… Hitler would love you” (please note: Sammi is Jewish and this is not a real call-out post.)
  • @weirdmageddon - Born in New Jersey. Currently lives in Florida. Enough said.
  • @shelbeanie- lives in a phone. That can’t be safe or legal.
  • @ask-mister-mystery- Never shows up.
  • @gumballfallsfan - HOW THE HECK YOU DOING THAT MAGIC WITH EDITING? YOU SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO CHANGE WHAT THE WATER TOWER SAYS. I’m an editor for a living and I use the same programs as you and am like twice your age what are you doing
  • @popelickva - Makes call-out posts for his friends.
  • PicartoTVDogan - lmao could you imagine? A call-out post for Dogan?

anonymous asked:

Do you really feel that Officer Wilson, killed Michael Brown in some kind of racial anger? Had the police officer been black, would it have been different? Law enforcement is a privilege in the United States. We have to trust that they are using their best judgment and the officer felt he was protecting himself and doing his job. The riots for Brown are hypocritical, people are looting for African American equality?

Go educate yourself on (1) our country, and especially the south’s, deep seeded history with systemic and institutional racism - and then (2) go and educate yourself about connections between over-policing & overuse of police force in black neighborhoods, and, hell, (3) while you’re at it look at the Fergusun stop and arrest rate graphic that’s been floating around that reveals an established pattern of racial profiling within the Ferguson police department.

Bother to do these 3 things before coming in my inbox with ignorant, loaded and racist questions & implausible hypotheticals

Kumiko still says Reina’s name like she is overwhelmed with love and affection, but why? (Plus other things I’ve noticed)

First, I’m just going to say that I am a firm believer in kumirei and I love their dynamic together, however, I am looking at this in a purely spectator perspective, aka I promise there is no bias and this is rather just something I–among others– have noticed ever since the highly regarded episode 8. So, let’s begin with this discussion, shall we, come on, join us! 

1. Why is it that Kumiko says Reina’s name to this day with such enticement, appeal, love, and warm shock like the day of the mountain hike together? If I was a non-shipper and even as a shipper, I would understand why on the first time she was like this, because I know well that in Japan, using first names alone is something extremely intimate and personal. Now, take in consideration that Kumiko and Reina have only just  started to patch things up with each other and whatnot since I think two or three (maybe?) episodes before 8, right? So to be using the first name so soon when they haven’t even had a whole lot of time to get back on track with each other, would definitely, in the Japanese mindset, be startling and overwhelming like it was to Kumiko. Pair that along with her distant personality and her being touched right before in the persona/intimate gesture that Reina delivered, YEAH, I would act like that regardless of gender or my own sexuality. For episode 8 alone, I could understand the argument that it was just an intimate but platonic moment. 

1B. HOWEVER, this feeling for Kumiko did not stop after episode 8. For the next three episodes, (if we are to include episode 11′s preview, which she still appears to be having the same effect whenever she speaks of Reina) she still has that fawning over noise in her voice when she says Reina’s name. Like every time she is about to say Reina’s name she is brought back to that “dream-like” moment and is breathless from Reina’s touch and demeanor, just the fact that she was there under those sparkling stars with her, all of the events that conspired in the height of episode 8, they all play in her mind, making her shy and perhaps a happiness she doesn’t even realize yet, but, bottom line is, whatever makes her still speak with that awestruck love tone that I’m sure if it were a boy and girl would not be considered a platonic tone in the slightest, she CONTINUES to do so, even with more intensity I would say in it with each episode. (Add: I think she also has been trying to use Reina’s name more frequently *that is a bad word to describe what I’m trying to convey, sorry!*, albeit its probably a subconscious matter rather than a conscious one, but this is definitely more debatable 

I’ve had one crush before, and I remember that after anything we did that one might consider a “special, private moment” I would always think back, (usually subconsciously because you can’t talk and do stuff while thinking longingly of the past) about that feeling that I felt, and my heart would do this weird little flutter down, like it was following the path of a lightning strike straight through my memories, and when I would be talking to her, my voice would do this weird falter when I said her name, I would have a huge, goofy smile on the entire time that I swear would hurt after she left to go somewhere else, and when I laughed, it was really compulsive and wavered a bit and my fingers would feel like there was no blood going to them, This is obviously a personal reaction but I’m positive other people have had similar reactions like I or Kumiko, in this case, have exhibited towards the one they held romantic affinity towards. 

So what I;m trying to say is that, why would she still be in this state if she didn’t regard Reina as anything than just a new-founded friend? 
1C. Moreover, she doesn’t say Shuichi’s name like that, and yes, of course they have known each other since childhood so that would be kind of weird for sure regardless, if she were to always speak his name in the same fashion of Reina, but! I might consider the fact that they had a falling out with each other in middle school, so in some sense, by the show’s progression alone, almost leaves them in the same, maybe even worse position than Kumiko and Reina’s relationship (platonic and/or romantic) Yet, techically, Kumiko has started saying her name in that manner. If Shuichi and Kumiko start to rebuild their relationship, which would be grand and cool, I mean we’ve all had that happen, I still think that honestly, she would be saying his name in a normal, platonic fashion, maybe with not as much poison anymore XD but just like she would treat Hazuki’s or Midori’s name. 

-Which also isn’t said like Reina’s name. Especially with Hazuki, Hazuki outright started using first names with Kumiko and Kumiko was a little shocked about it but she also used Hazuki’s first name too (I think she tagged it with chan/ san though, I forgot, either way) 

IF and only if the reason Kumiko says Reina’s name all the time like that is because she isn’t use to saying first names with someone new she met (distant persosnailty+ Shuichi I would say wouldn’t count because he’s like the only one we know that is her friend who she has addressed with the first name because they’ve known each other like family)  then why doesn’t she go Hazuki like she does Reina. For me, it has to be because of the experiences associated with the name and the feelings that push a person’s behavior, consciously and subconsciously. 

2A. I understand that in the novel, it isn’t Reina and Kumiko that get together, at least as of now, but I also have read that they have cut out a lot of the shuichi anf kumiko hints in the anime version, as well as intensify the prexisting moments between Kumiko and Reina. Yes, yes, yes, it’s all just queer-baiting though right?  In most cases yes it could be, especially after episode 10, however, I think it is too early to make the decision. It feels like it has a high chance of being bait, but there are some things, like the attention to detail with any kumirei scene that just, feels above baiting? Baiting to me is usually comedic in subtext or nature or one sided, take A Certain Scientific Railgun, love the show, but it is clearly yuri bait in the first half of the first season. 

Why would Kyoani spend SO MUCH into making their scenes and adding in scenes if they were planning to just have it as yuri bait. Like, those scenes could be there, but it didn’t need to go that deep and thought out through EACH episode if they were only using it as bait. I think that is a logical assumption most would have, even with a tease *not bait, there’s a difference between heterosexual and homosexual portrayal, as an active lover of both love stories, I know this is true because one is accepted and the other is seen as a stage, or is frowned upon, hush-hush*. 

While I’m not condoning homosexual baiting as a marketing strategy, I do know that, that is what yuri bait is used for. Okay? But, then, it should just be a little scene here and there and with a better focus on the love story of Kumiko and Shuchi. The whole overarching problem with this peculiar yuri bait method is that this so called yuri bait has taken the whole chunk of the romance part of Hibike. And, So, what it becomes is no longer bait, but foreshadowing. Honestly I could be the most homophobic person in the world and I would still claim that anime-wise any ship other thaan Kumiko and Reina is absurd and makes no sense. What I think they messed up on, if in fact they wanted to use bait as a strategy, was to cut it SHORT. 

So now what you have is a misconception that can ruin a show. Regardless, regardless of the genders of the couple. Imagine your favorite heterosexual pairing (Mine would be Robin/Starfire, literally my childhood OTP) having all the development that would point to a future romance, be, and quite suddenly, forced out of the way for a ship that has no anchoring, like it was just drawn out of a hat? It would be like, “wait, what?” Who honestly, would be okay with that. Let alone with a person who is much older than said person from your OTP and apparently has a wife and kids? (Hibike novel, read this somewhere)

Now, take in to consideration the LGBT and how we are usually pushed into the back of mind in terms of media and society and heteronormativity , which is to easily be as explained as: Two girls or two guys have intimate relationships, hug a lot, blush, flirt and everything (etc) yet is seen as friends but if it was or is a heterosexual relationship, everyone says they like each other or suspect it without much of a second guess, at least there’s more people who would willingly view it like that.  And this tactic is really damaging. Sure, I’m American who was taught a different set of morals in regards to homosexuality, and Japanese people view it as something that’s okay as long as it is a stage. But, that doens’t make it right, This is not an American appeal, this is a people appeal because that’s what its doing, effecting PEOPLE. Yes, there are lesbians and gay people and teens in Japan, they just don’t get the opportunity to be as vocal as an American teen might get to be, (media, friends, etc, it’s still fricken TOUGH trust me, its just world society) I DON’T CARE IF IT’S 100,000,000 people effected or 1 in Japan or elsewhere, it’s still a number greater than 0. 

I’ve been talking for so long and I could honeslty talk about so many other things that I think makes everything weird in this romantic struggle, but In the end all I can do is make my voice be heard and hope for change. 

However, guys, remember, HIBIKE IS NOT A ROMANCE, thus even if we all love potential romances, this isn’t a romance show. Therefore, if you are going to hate an entire show simply because of a  romantic flaw or personal disagreement to whatever ship becomes canon or hinted canon, then that’s really not the right thing to do. I hate yuri baiting, I really do,its sick, wrong and damaging, rather people want to accept the fact or not (heck, some people of the LGBT fandom won’t feel anything at all, it is, after all, just a show,)  but there are many other things that make this show amazing, fun, and nerve-racking. I personally will or am frustrated if it is in fact just yuri baiting, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to go swear off the show and drop it? If I operated like that then I would not be able to enjoy a lot of things because the sad truth is, is that in this time in society, homosexuality relationships aren’t fully accepted, its getting better, but it’s not there yet. And even, pray the one day homosexual relationships are basically viewed as normal in world society or most societies, (I believe the day will come) there will never be as much homosexual love stories as heterosexual ones because they will always be the most common in society, not because it’s “natural” but because it’s what is more prevalent. Guys, we came from somewhere, and it wasn’t from our two moms or two dads.  

Another thing, it really isn’t okay to go blaming heterosexuals for our misgivings and misrepresentations, a lot might disagree but I just don’t think it’s the case. Sometimes people joke around and go “GOD DAMN IT STRAIGHTS” and what not, I regret to say I’ve done it too, and I’m sorry, but always, at the end of the day, I know by far it isn’t because of heterosexuals. (How can you even say that when there are many, many heterosexual people today just as frustrated about yuri baiting and lack of representation of the LGBT+ community?) It’s more because of the supernatural traditions and power of society. The backwards thinking dating centuries ago. 

I’m African American and my family can tell you personally of their father’s and own time dealing with lack of representation of their race and when there was finally representation, it was background character or a comedic clown/gangster fellow. It’s gotten way better since then, but there are also new stereotypes for African american characters. “Sassy black girl” “drug dealer” :”missing father/poor” etc. This is literally the same progression that lgbt is starting, and one day, both will meet at a level compared to what use to be “common” and “accepted” it’s a fight for everyone, and it’s a fight we can’t give up on. 

I personally think we get too caught up in romance when romance isn’t even the driving force of the show. I love the romance in Hibike and yes I’m a shipper rooting for a kumirei ending, I hope for no yuri baiting, but if it happens, I think we all need to realize, that yes, representation is important in media, and we are slowly getting more accurate portrayals. of them, 

The last thing I want to say is that I believe that despite the problems of LGBT representation, the way the whole kumirei scenario is going on tumblr lately, I think we need a reminder that a better story, one with no yuri bait, yaoi bait or any other type of LGBT+ baiting, is about to or is unfolding in front of you. In your life, there is nothing writing your story and telling you to act only in a baiting manner like television. YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF A GREAT, BIG GAY, LESBIAN, BI, STRAIGHT, ASEXUAL,, AROMANTIC, TRANSGENDER, NONBINARY, EVERYTHING  ABOVE AND BETWEEN THAT IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TO YOU. 


hibike! euphonium will be the last thing on your mind when you are having your own mountain hike under the stars with the one you love.

Just enjoy your life and even with the hardships we all face regardless, look forward to the seeds of tomorrow and never go sifting through the ashes of yesterday, because you will certainly not find anything growing there, no matter how hard you look. 

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1. What, if anything, distinguishes the struggles of Native Americans from the problems that other minority groups in the United States face?

CTB: The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other nations across the US have treaties with the US government. We were the first people of the land and we have a treaty trust obligation with the US government and the Native American peoples. We are also sovereign nations within a nation. 

CIE: We have inherent title to the entire hemisphere. So when Europeans came, in order to gain title, they had to treat with the native nations that were still here. No one created created reservations, we reserved prior existing rights to our homeland.