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The collection of all the alpha kid word clouds

Lexical density roughly measures word diversity by comparing content words to the total number of words. Most distinct word is considered by which words appear more frequently and by how much they appear in their friends’ words as well.

Jane’s dialog has a lexical density of 18.4 %, which is fairly high, and a cursing rate of 0.21%, about 1 in 500 words, which is moderately low. Her most distinctive word (high frequency word that is less common in other’s speech) is Jake.

Jake’s dialog’s lexical density is 15.7%, which is moderate. This density is lower than expected probably because lexical density does not measure the rarity of words. His cursing rate is 0.42%, about 1 in 250 words, which is moderate. His most distinctive word is Jane

Roxy’s dialog has a lexical density is 16%, which is moderate. Her cursing rate is 1.9%, about 1 in 50 words, which means she is a genuine potty mouth. This puts her in the top ten characters who swear the most, after Mituna, Gamzee, Caliborn, Dave, Eridan, Meenah, and Sollux, Her most distinctive word is either shit is Jane.

Dirk’s dialog’s lexical density is 22%, which is high for a character with enough dialog, and his cursing rate is 1.7 %, about 1 in 59 words, which means he is also a potty mouth, standing at 9th place on the list of characters who swear the most. His most distinctive word is either shit or now, which is less apparent in the cloud.

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