1 spadina cresent


Why I Love 1 Spadina Crescent: Murder, eyeballs and Amelia Earhart  

Haunting Checklist

  1. Creepy gothic looking exterior? Check. 
  2. Mysterious murder? Check. 
  3. Housed a bunch of eyeballs at one point? Check. 
  4. Former military hospital? Check. 

So far 1 Spadina Crest. is looking pretty good for a potential haunting. However, one of Toronto’s most famous ghost websites has never actually received reports of a haunting in this building. It wasn’t until a supposed “Ghost Hunter” fell to her death that rumours of the building being haunted took full force. 

Who is haunting 1 Spadina Crest. 

The military hospital + Amelia Earhart

There are many reasons this building could be haunted. The first is the fact it was once a military hospital during WWI. No doubt the building saw a number of deaths and tragedies during its years as a hospital, not to mention the woman behind one of the world’s greatest mysteries, Amelia Earhart, was a nurse here. So could the building be haunted by patients who died in the facility?

The unsolved murder of David Buller

The U of T building was also the site of a brutal murder in 2001. Fine Arts lecturer David Buller was stabbed to death in his office and to this day his murder has yet to be solved. Therefore, could the building be haunted by his ghost as he waits for murder to be solved?

It is also believed his mysterious murder is what led a woman to scour the property back in 2009. Sadly, the woman fell to her death after jumping the roof tops. Could her tragic and untimely death have led to a recent haunting?  

As Lindsay Lohan would say, “I’m tired of Rumours starting”

Even though there have been numerous rumours of the building be haunted there has been no reported paranormal activity. No odd sounds, flickering lights or anything of the sort. It looks as though people have just spread stories about the building being haunted by one of the three tragedies that have occurred on the property. 

P.S. The building also housed the Eyeball Bank of Ontario, which is creepier than any haunting.