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Uh top 5 animes??

1. YGO Arc V
2. Code Geass
3. Fullmetal Alchemist (i like both versions)
4. Soul Eater
5. Noragami

edit: oh fuck also Magi should be on this list just let it be known

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actually chris said that it wasnt him running that kai twitter acc

Oh I know exactly what Chris said, but it was the way he said it!

When I saw this tweet, my first thought was: That literally sounds like something Kai would say! Like, I’m picturing:

Damon: Did you blow up that building?!
Kai: Nooooo of course not! Wish I could take credit though, whoever did it was super clever!!
Caroline: *looks at the camera like she’s on The Office*

Next up is the selfies, now maybe these were posted somewhere else first and I just missed it, but “Kai” had access to the actual photos taken on set - these weren’t just screencapped from the episode.

Now Chris also posted this photo later at 6:18pm the same day, with the caption “No comment.”

And finally, “Kai” tweeted about Chris encouraging people to follow him:

AND CHRIS REPLIED 1 SINGLE MINUTE LATER. Y’know, 1 minute, approximately the time it takes to log out of one twitter account and into another.

And again, the way he says this just feels like a joke to me! He seriously doesn’t run it guys, don’t trust anything he says… *wink wink*

Chapter 19 Replies: Part 1

Okay so I didn’t get involved (too much) in the reactions to the last chapter, and I swore to myself that I would only post the rest of the story on tumblr if the comment section didn’t turn into a flaming heap of “Robo Roen” and “Fuck yeah Klaney”, so I appreciate that! And I’ll post book three… eventually. And for those of you who haven’t realized, yet, lazysunigor/roen is my (very) opinionated husband, so this has been entertaining LOL. Anywho, my replies will probably be biased because I am not really a Klein fan, or Laney fan, or a Klaney fan, aside from them being pretty pixels. Which has made this whole story totally insufferable for me.

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So here are my extremely out of order replies:

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I was reading one of you analyzes and someone mentioned jimin fainting? I'm really new in the fandom and was wondering when that happened?

that happened in 2015 during one of their fanmeetings in osaka , i think this moment had left a really big impact on their relationship as a whole, and was one of the reasons why people started thinking that Osaka means something very special to them , which is something jiminpoppins pointed out .

so in 150819 jimin fell off stage/fainted during their fan meeting hosted in Osaka_japan , due to a quick drop in his blood pressure… so jungkook replaced him that day/sang most of his parts ,and  there’s a fancam of that during their “i need you” performance in which  jungkook was doing jimin’s parts , and he looked really sad, his voice was shaky as hell and his nose was very red , he was indeed crying just before going on stage, you can watch that here that actually says a lot about how much jimin means to him , of course all  the other members looked sad as well but jungkook was particularly  more effected by jimin’s absence than all of them , that might as well has helped him really realise and accept his feelings for jimin ,how much he really really loves him , cares about him and most importantly needs him

the next day 050820 , jimin recovered so he performed with them , and during jungkook’s part in “for you” , he was supposed to walk past the members but that day he stopped next to jimin and sang his line for him , his line was:[It smells like you, The road that I walk on, I plug my earphone to my status, My true feelings lie beyond there] which left jimin smiling every now and then during that whole performance throwing glances at jungkook .. here


Happy national bean day birthday, @laiteevee ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


I couldn’t read these tags on that post I made and not draw that scene.

Also, of course the TARDIS wardrobe must have things like binders and stuff. Why wouldn’t it. It has everything.

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jungkook: oh, the smell’s nice. it’s soap fragrance.

taehyung: yeah, i like those things. those that smell good.

jungkook: it’s my style. thanks hyung. imma use it well.

taehyung: yeah. i told you i’m gonna give something meaningful.

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Are you on pixiv? Because if so, great, cute! If not, it looks like someone has reposted =( member(.)php?id=20933763

Thank you so, so much for checking in with me! :D No worries, that’s my pixiv! No art theft there ^ ^

It really means a lot to me that you’re looking out for me, thank you so much! ;A; So don’t think this is me being annoyed, not at all, but just to clarify for future reference so there’s no confusion:

My Tumblr blog on computer:

If you click the link on my bio, the links are listed there too! These lead to my Twitter:

both of which lead to my Pixiv (which I am slow to update oops):

All of these links point to each other! That’s how you can tell it’s actually me and not an imposter ^ ^ These are my only current art blogs, and the only places that should have my art at the moment. Everything else is likely art theft.

I do not have an art facebook, but I do have an abandoned cosplay facebook page with the same name that I use to occasionally ask people to take down my stolen art ^ ^;

But please, if you’re ever uncertain it never hurts to ask! So thank you so much once again! m(_ _)m

thank you everyone who wrote me messages abt the phil reblog i love y’all lots <333


When I went back in search of our neighborhood street, the street had aged so much. You could feel that the time had passed. i can’t go back to my youth, or to this street. They are both the same. Time will always flow. Everything will pass by. That might be why youth is beautiful. It shines, blindingly bright, for just an instant. But you can never go back to it. 1988. This is the end of our Ssangmundong story. Longing for that time and longing for that street isn’t because I miss the younger version of myself. In that place, where we won’t be able to gather like that again, I regret being unable to say my final farewell. To the things that are already gone, to a time that has already passed, I want to say a belated farewell. 
                                   Goodbye, my youth. Goodbye, Ssangmundong.

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a request: draw Ford holding your hands 💚(◡‿◡)💚 Or Anyone's hands, really. Just show how the fingers are perfectly enveloped w/ Ford's six fingers... you get me

i get rly tremble-y when im nervous so it is 100% possible that i’d just fall to my knees

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You'll probably get to this so feel free not to answer, but in your Inferno: Yuri no Ice AU (all your AUs are amazing btw thank you so much for sharing them with us) has Yuuri ever taken so much damage that his medal/Life was in serious danger? I feel like since he has the most Life out of everyone, he'd be kind of reckless with his wellbeing, especially since you mentioned he tends to shield the others with his body.

I’ll definitely get to this more in the comics and supplementary posts! :D But yes, Yuuri is definitely reckless, especially when he feels challenged and gets stubborn, and of course if one of his family is in danger. Victor really hates it and they’ve gotten into more than a few spats over it because whenever Victor says “Don’t do the thing, it’s too dangerous,” Yuuri sees it as a challenge to Do the Thing + You’re not the Boss of Me and Does the Thing. The way the Blades are set up, Yuuri is also one of the senior and founding members so he’ll really go out of the way to take on the most dangerous missions and protect the others.

Yeah i know i should do more detailed organized Inferno HC posts and I’ll get to them, but i have so much pent up let me spew a few once in a while ^ ^;;