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Humans are Weird: Seasons

I was thinking about how Earth is probably one of the rare planets with seasonal climates, due to its wonky tilted axis. So Earth has a crazy variety of climates and weather patterns, and humans have just learned how to deal, much to the confusion of everybody else. 

This was turning into a headcanon about how humans are bizarrely prepared for anything, and then I had a thought- Space Cruises

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Antonine Gate

Sbeitla, tunisia

139 CE

The arch is leading into the open courtyard of the Forum with its three openings ans was built on 139 according to an inscription on the entrance archway. It is clearly among the finest arches of any site in Tunisia, and adds a dramatic effect to the arrival to the Forum.
Note that it was never finished, to which the rough surface of the four columns in front testifies.

Tumblr pet bird census 2017 - results;

Thankyou all for participating in this.
All together there are 1,203 birds in the count.

Below, they are seperated into species and sub-species in descending order.

348 Budgies

224 Cockatiels 

216 Chickens

- 18 Rhode Island reds
- 6 Silky
- 2 Black Sumatra
- 4 American Bantams
- 3 Belgian Bearded D'Uccle Bantams
- 1 Buckeye
- 2 Buff Orphingtons
- 1 Brahma
- 2 Marans
- 1 Isa Brown
- 1 Sussex
- 6 Isa Brown/Sussex mix
- 1 Golden Laced Wyndotte
- 165 Other

99 Conures
- 69 Green Cheeked  
- 10 Sun 
- 3 Blue Crowned 
- 1 Lilac Crowned 
- 6 Nanday
- 3 Jenday
- 1 Red Throated
- 3 Yellow Sided
- 1 Nanday/Sun Hybrid
- 1 Peach-Fronted

41 Finch
- 11 Society,
- 24 Zebra,
- 2 Green Singer,
- 1 Gouldian,
- 4 Other

40 Lovebirds
- 18 Peachface
- 1 Black Masked
- 8 Fischer
- 13 Other

38 dove
- 17 Diamond
- 13 Ringneck
- 7 Other 

26 Indian Ringnecks      

24 African Greys 
- 16 Congo
- 4 Timneh
- 4 Other

21 Quail
- 20 Button 
- 1 Chinese Dwarf

18 parrotlet

11 Quaker

11 Canaries

10 Amazon

- 1 Orange winged
- 1 Red Crowned
- 1 White Fronted
- 1 Red Lored
- 4 Blue Fronted
- 1 Yellow Naped
- 1 Other

8 Pigeons
- 2 Fancy 
- 2 Mixed breed
- 1 Rock 
- 1 Classic Old Frill
- 3 Other 

8 Cockatoos
- 1 Sulphur Crested
- 1 Lesser Sulphur Crested
- 1 Blue Eyed
- 2 Goffins
- 2 Umbrella
- 1 Moluccan
- 1 Other 

6 Sengal

6 Macaw

- 2 Hahns
- 2 Severe
- 2 Blue & Gold
- 1 Other

5 Ducks
- 1 Muscovy
- 4 Other

5 Meyers Parrot

4 Canary-wing Parakeet

4 Caique

- 1 Black Beaded
- 1 White Bellied
- 2 Other 

4 Bourke Parrots

3 Guinea Fowl

3 Rainbow Lorikeet

3 Eclectus

3 Kakariki

4 Poinus
- 2 Blue Headed
- 1 Bronze winged 
- 1 White Capped Maxamillion Poinus mix

2 Jardine Parrots 

2 Moustache Parakeet 

2 Lineolated parakeets

1 Indian Ringneck/Moustache Parrrot Hybrid

1 Red-bellied parrot

1 Pheasant

1 port Lincoln parrot

Some reblogs and tags were deemed invalid as there wasn’t enough information including breeds or types of birds for me to add your information to the count.


Arch of Domitian and Frontinus street

Hierapolis, Phrygia, Turkey

84 or 86 CE

The Frontinus Gate was the monumental entrance to the Roman city of Hierapolis (western Turkey). It is flanked by two round towers and dates to 84 or 86 CE on the basis of a dedication to Domitian on the gate’s façade. It was originally two stories high. The gate led into a colonnaded street known as Frontinus Street which was the centre of the city during Roman times. 

Frontinus Street was the main street that ran through the inner part of the city. It was 14m wide, paved, and equipped with a sidewalk. At the center runs a large drain covered by monolithic slabs. The street opens up along the two sides. Lining the streets are houses, deposits and shops, unified by a travertine Doric façade. The street is, for its architectural characteristics, organically conceived in one unitary project with the Gate of Frontinus that constitutes the monumental entrance of the Roman City. The Gate has three fornixes, was constructed of squared travertine blocks and was flanked by two circular towers. A monumental inscription in marble on the façade was dedicated by the proconsul of Asia, Sextus Julius Frontinus,to the Emperor Domitian allowed the construction of the Gate and the street to be dated back to the end of the 1st century CE.

Ren and Nora as teachers

Okay so in my new Fic “FADE Legacy” Ren and Nora are both going to be teachers, Ren is a history teacher and Nora is a combat instructor.

I’m just trying to get a feel for how they’d approach their jobs.

  • Ren I can see as being a genuinely brilliant teacher. He knows the facts, he understands the facts, he’s approachable and he can get the students hooked on the material….especially when it pertains to battles he and Nora were there for (Because Ren never misses a chance to let the world know how amazing his wife is)
  • Nora rambles like Oobleck (Sweet fuck can she ramble, see Vol.1) she can match Port story for story, she’s the most supportive teacher a student could ever ask for, she occasionally brings popcorn to lessons and makes a spectacle out of commentating on sparring matches as if they were tournament fights, she thinks homework is a sin. She makes studying Pyrrha Nikos a required part of her class.

About a year ago, DigitalFoundry did an analysis of Quake 1 and its console ports. After looking at many other old games over the last 12 months, they’ve returned for Round 2.

Note pour moi même, ne pas avoir mangé et avoir un pote barman c’est pas une bonne combinaison

Note to myself, to have not eaten and to have a barman friend is not a good combination