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A Note to Fanfic Readers

With all the talk of mass migrations from Livejournal to DW and other platforms, it occurred to me that now is the time to go through your fanfic bookmarks, find ANY AND ALL that link to a livejournal, and archive the fic you find there, because it may not be there much longer. (This especially pertains to kinkmemes, where the stories aren’t under the ownership of the community’s mods and thus aren’t routinely archived elsewhere.) 

If the fic is already gone, you can:

1. Plug the URL into the wayback machine at archive.org or into Google and see if you can find an archived/cached version.
2. See if the username has a mirror on Dreamwidth, an account on Tumblr or another social media platform, or a profile on Archive Of Our Own
3. Search AO3 for the title of the fic (I’d also specify fandom to narrow results)
4. Google the title and author to see if it’s archived on other platforms like fanfiction.net. Remember to put the title in quotes so Google treats it as one term rather than a random string of keywords.

If the fic is not gone, you can:

1. Contact the author and ask if they have it archived anywhere other than LJ because you’d like to update your bookmark. (It wouldn’t hurt to open by giving them some nice comments on their story :D) It would also be polite to ask before you privately archive the story, assuring them it will not be distributed elsewhere if you do. 
2. Save the file as an HTML to your hard drive, print it as a PDF, or copy-paste it (including author name and link info) into a document.
3. Get a free account at evernote.com, which has a system where you can clip the full text (and images) of a webpage to their cloud storage and it will save a bookmark as well. I have a tutorial about Evernote here. (Note that evernote’s future itself is uncertain right now.)

Remember to be respectful of the author – do not archive their work anywhere public, offer it to others, or make it available for download. That’s not your job and may be against their wishes. You are archiving the fic for private enjoyment. Nobody takes fic down for no reason, and if they’ve deleted it then you need to respect that they don’t want them publicly visible. 

How To Back Up Your Blog (2017)

Hi all! With the spate of accidental blog deletions recently, I thought I’d write up a little post about a Python program by @discoinferno that I used to back up my blog!

My entire blog, all 57,649 posts at the time of backup, are now stored on my computer’s hard drive. 40 gigabytes of blog! It took about 8 hours to download, and I feel so much safer having it all saved.

Obviously I haven’t gone through the entire file to make sure all the photos and such are there, but I have gone through and spot checked, and it all looks great.

If you want to use the program I used, here is what you do:

1) Go here.

2) Click the green “Clone or download” button.

3) Click “Download ZIP,” and put the .zip file wherever is convenient for you. I put it in Documents, but you can put it in your default Downloads folder if that’s easier.

4) Unzip the file. In Windows, you can just right click and select “Extract all” from the menu. If that doesn’t appear, you may need a program like WinRar, which is free and downloadable online.

5) In the unzipped folder, tumblr-utils-master, there will be a folder with the same name. Double click on that and take a look at the files. You are going to click on the file called “tumblr_backup_for_beginners.md” and tell Windows to open it in Microsoft Word or whatever word processor you use.

6) The instructions in that file are amusing and easy to understand, and they will walk you through the rest of the process! Just follow them exactly, and you should be all set!

Additional notes before running the program:


2) You’re going to want to go into your power settings and change the settings that make your computer turn off the screen, go to screensaver, or sleep after certain amounts of time. You don’t want to have to restart this process two hours in, trust me lol

3) Make sure you have enough space on your hard disk for your entire blog. I don’t know what happens if you don’t? I assume the program just stops, which is a lot of wasted time.

Good luck!

EDIT: This does not back up videos unless you download another package. Check out the “tumblr_backup.md” file for more info.


Big News Everyone!

Rapid Pixel Adventures is about to turn 1 year old!

On June 11th we will have @rapidpixeladventure’s birthday bash!

We are accepting fan art and the ask box will be open for commands all week long!

Reblog this so new readers can start: HERE to read the whole series!
For new readers: “It’s an interactive animated webcomic about a tiny ball of clay that comes to life in a vast and uncaring fantasy world. Readers can use the ask box to submit commands for the protagonist to perform and work together to solve puzzles. Lost civilizations, hordes of strange monsters and ancient arcane mysteries await you and your team-mates!” 

Together we have made more than 350 pages in a year! That is amazing and I love all of my amazing fans!

30 days of super simple spells day 19

A modern key

A techno amulet for the modern age.


  • A blank USB key
  • Internet
  • A way to make the USB key into a necklace.

1. Plug in USB key.

2. Make three blank folders titled as so


3. In the first folder you will place images, texts, anything that you feel will power the amulet. so signs of power ,sigils, galaxy pics where ever you feel that the magical spark will come from. text files  with things you find to be just pure energy and mp3s with songs you find pump you up are also encouraged..  

The second folder will contain one thing, the program of the amulet, you are going to write out a .txt file and then switch the font over to wingdings or something to make sure its unreadable ( we want this to create a sigilized effect)

The final folder will contain the finale here is where we place the trappings of the amulet. like the first folder you can add anything you want just so long as it reflects the intention of the amulet pictures of certain gods inline with your intent, pictures, mp3s, poems, stories, pdfs of books about the intent (for love a Jane Austen novel, protection a pdf of an instructional book on self defense or spells of protection, for courage a biography of famous generals. There is no limit to this stuff.)

4. Place all the folders in a new folder titled “ FIAT_VOLUNTAS_MEA” this translates to “ my will be done” from Latin, it ties the amulet together to create a link between the folders and power the amulet.

5. Decorate and carry the amulet with you.

Note guess what is inside a usb key, a circuit board microchip. Guess what that is made of, silicon. Guess what else is silicate material, most of the planet including quartz, that fun thing in your radios, watches, smartphones computers and hung around a lot of your witchy necks or carried in your pockets. the idea of charging a usb key isn’t so different from charging  crystal, except that I feel it’s more hands on (at least in the manner I’ve presented). 

College! Shawn - Drunken Visit

Title: Drunken Visit (College!Shawn)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader 

This takes place before my first College!Shawn oneshot (READ IT HERE)

WARNINGS: suggestive content (regarding substances), mild swearing

Request:  087: “Sh…they’re asleep.” with shawn!!!! + an AU prompt I found: “We’re neighbours in this university dorm, and we’ve never met, so you come to my room totally plastered, and begin doing headstands and holy shit don’t hurt yourself!”

A/N: I’m still so about that College Art History Tutor!Shawn headcanon, so enjoy :)



You groaned in annoyance, shutting your laptop closed. No way were you going to get any work done on a Friday night at the busiest dorms. Students kept running up and down the stairs, animated chattering in the hallways, and what could be a group of juniors getting ‘turnt’ during their pre-game before whatever frat party they were going to grace their presence with.

You were sociable enough, it was just Art History. And your professor was going to fail you if you don’t turn in a good essay. Or worse, he’ll make you go back to Shawn for more tutoring next semester (two weeks in and you’ve already gone mad). Also, that boy would never live down the fact that you failed History of The Arts 1.

You plugged in your earphones before climbing into bed, deciding that sleep was the next best option. At least if you were well rested, you could do the essay real early in the morning and then you’ll have the rest of the weekend to yourself.



Your eyes snapped open, fear instantly taking over your body. Instantly, you took out your earphones and shuffled in your bed for your phone. You didn’t have a roommate, so who the hell was making noises in your room at—

3:00 in the morning, the fluorescent screen shone at your face.

“What the f—” you heard the stranger exclaim before a loud thud filled the room.

“Who are you?!” you whisper-shouted, shining the flashlight in the direction of the thud.

“Ugh, get that out of m’face!” the intruder whined.

You squinted through the sleep to see Shawn, your tutor, laying flat on the ground. You guessed that he slipped on your rug, considering the fact that it was bunched up by his boot-clad feet.

Mendes?” your brows furrowed.

“(Y/L/N)?” Shawn looked equally confused, eyes less-focused than usual. He struggled to sit up. “What are you doing here?”

Yep, definitely drunk.

“This is my room.” you gave him a pointed look. “What are you doing here? At 3 AM? On my floor?”

“Wait—” Shawn groaned, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “Slow down. T'many questions at once.”

“You’re plastered.” a laugh escaped your lips.

You knew that Shawn was quite popular on campus, what with his incredible musical talents and busy social life. You just haven’t got the chance to see Drunk Shawn in action, is all. And he was the opposite of Sober Shawn, who was all outgoing grins and non-stop banter. Witty and ribbing. This Shawn, on the other hand, was sloppy and a little grumpy.

You were never gonna let this go.

“I am very sober, thank you v’much.” Shawn slurred.

“Right.” you snorted.

“Don’t believe me?! I’ll do a headstand to prove it!” Shawn’s eyebrows shot up, almost as if he was daring you to fight. You watched him attempt to stand up on his own two feet, which only caused him two more slips on your rug before finally finding the balance to sway on the balls of his feet.

Sh…they’re asleep, you idiot!” you whispered loudly.

“Who?” his eyes widened. “Ghosts?!”

“No, smartass.” you rolled your eyes, stopping the ridiculous 6′2″ giant’s hunt as he scanned the room in panic. “My dorm mates. Duh. You’re so drunk.”

“I am not!” he protested. “Seriously, I’ll prove it t’ya.”

Before you could react, Shawn was crouching on the ground, somewhat attempting to lay his two palms flat on the ground. He straightened his arms, and you pretended not to notice the way the muscles in his arms rippled  underneath his pretty button up as he flexed. You also pretended not to notice the bit of defined lines across his lower-stomach peeking through his shirt as he began attempting to lift his heavy legs off the ground.

“See?” you hear him grunt through heavy breathing.

“Holy shit, don’t hurt yourself!” your eyes widened as his long legs began wobbling, Shawn’s hindered strength giving out.

You tried catching his legs to try and soften the definite blow, but your smaller frame proved to be no match for his thicker legs. The both of you landed on the floor with another loud thud, a sharp “oomf” leaving Shawn’s mouth.

“You’re lucky it’s a Friday night and everyone is as drunk as you.” you sighed, shoving his legs off of your midriff. Getting up, you began collecting one of your pillows and a spare blanket, dragging them to the door. “And that I’m nice enough to let you stay the night.”

“In your room?” Shawn’s eyes widened, suddenly nervous. You guessed that Drunk Shawn also got scared a lot easier.

“No,” you rolled your eyes, holding up Shawn’s sleeping gear for the night. “Outside, on the couch. I technically still don’t know you.”

“Fair ‘nuff.” Shawn shrugged, taking the pillow and blanket. He opens the door, mumbling something that sounded like “good night, (y/n) my fair knight”.

This kid was drunk off his ass. You were definitely going to have some fun teasing him with this tomorrow…and the rest of your academic career.

“And maybe refrain from causing more unnecessary loud noises!” you called out in a whisper, now standing in the doorway to watch him make his bed, or at least what he thought was a bed. He put the pillow on the centre of the couch and proceeded to sit on it, his head resting on the wall behind the couch instead.

You were definitely going to wash that later.

“You’re just mad ‘cause you don’t have a social life.” you hear him mutter somewhat coherently in reply as he sank deeper in his seat.

“Give me more sass and I’ll take that blanket back.” you threatened.

“No! Not the blanket.” he exclaims with his eyes already closed. He reaches for the blanket next to him in panic, but he doesn’t even remember to put it over his body before dozing off into light snores.

You sighed again before pushing yourself off the door frame. You walk over to the couch in the common room, grabbing the blanket next to Shawn.

“M’blanket,” you hear him mumble as he tugged on it.

“Shut up, Shawn.” you rolled your eyes, tugging harder.

He lets go, and you manage to cover most of his gigantic body. He hums a little in his sleep once his body is covered, dark eyelashes fluttering slightly against the tops of his flushed (and drunken) cheeks.

You debate for a second on whether or not you should try for the pillow, but then decided against it once considering the compromising position you’d be in if he wakes up to your hand right next to his ass.

You chuckle a little at the thought, then turn to walk back to your dorm room.

“Thanks, (Y/L/N).” you hear Shawn mutter from the couch.

“You’re welcome, Mendes.” you smile to yourself before closing the door.


Sim Request - Griffin Decker

A punk sim for @linds-sims! I hope you like him!


Gallery | ID: STARGIRL4984 | Simfileshare

Note: I only dressed him for everyday, so you will have to decide his other outfits.

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Thank you to all the creators!