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A Note to Fanfic Readers

With all the talk of mass migrations from Livejournal to DW and other platforms, it occurred to me that now is the time to go through your fanfic bookmarks, find ANY AND ALL that link to a livejournal, and archive the fic you find there, because it may not be there much longer. (This especially pertains to kinkmemes, where the stories aren’t under the ownership of the community’s mods and thus aren’t routinely archived elsewhere.) 

If the fic is already gone, you can:

1. Plug the URL into the wayback machine at archive.org or into Google and see if you can find an archived/cached version.
2. See if the username has a mirror on Dreamwidth, an account on Tumblr or another social media platform, or a profile on Archive Of Our Own
3. Search AO3 for the title of the fic (I’d also specify fandom to narrow results)
4. Google the title and author to see if it’s archived on other platforms like fanfiction.net. Remember to put the title in quotes so Google treats it as one term rather than a random string of keywords.

If the fic is not gone, you can:

1. Contact the author and ask if they have it archived anywhere other than LJ because you’d like to update your bookmark. (It wouldn’t hurt to open by giving them some nice comments on their story :D) It would also be polite to ask before you privately archive the story, assuring them it will not be distributed elsewhere if you do. 
2. Save the file as an HTML to your hard drive, print it as a PDF, or copy-paste it (including author name and link info) into a document.
3. Get a free account at evernote.com, which has a system where you can clip the full text (and images) of a webpage to their cloud storage and it will save a bookmark as well. I have a tutorial about Evernote here. (Note that evernote’s future itself is uncertain right now.)

Remember to be respectful of the author – do not archive their work anywhere public, offer it to others, or make it available for download. That’s not your job and may be against their wishes. You are archiving the fic for private enjoyment. Nobody takes fic down for no reason, and if they’ve deleted it then you need to respect that they don’t want them publicly visible. 


Going through this hell we call life, least I look good doing it 🍉🌻


Sim Request - Griffin Decker

A punk sim for @linds-sims! I hope you like him!


Gallery | ID: STARGIRL4984

Note: I only dressed him for everyday, so you will have to decide his other outfits.

CC List

Eyes |  Skins 1 2 | Shirt | Pants | Beard | Plugs | Tattoos 1 2 | Hair

Thank you to all the creators!





John: 1. Plug your nose. 2. Say Sneep Snoop

Virgil: Try saying ‘boopedeedoop’ in a really deep, manly voice

Scott: Try and say bubbles in the angriest voice you can

Kayo: the last one will work I promise you

50 years ago today, we lost the crew of Apollo 1 during a plugs-out test on the launch pad. 

From left to right: Edward H. White II, command module pilot; Virgil I. Grissom, mission commander; and Roger B. Chaffee, lunar module pilot.  


So new rules for me rn for self training…

1. 24/7 plug again

2. kiss toilet after using it, seat up, even public bathrooms….

3. (submit ideas? I wanna work on being submissive by myself until bf feels comfortable perhaps one day taking on role of my dom)