1 of my fave scenes


take the cuffs off of him n o w
hey, it was for his own protection.
p l e a s e

Lizzington Week Day 1!! 

This is my pick for Fave Scene. Before I explain, a little background: I got into the Blacklist late. I binge watched s1-3 with my husband over a couple month span just late last year. We totally loved the show and I especially loved Reddington! But I was not a lizzington shipper at first. I was probably more of a daddy-gater honestly, though not entirely, for reasons I won’t go into here. It was in the aftermath of Liz’s fake death (Cape May especially) and into s4 when Lizzington just kinda took over for me. I rewatched s1 with new eyes and I’ve settled on this scene, the surrender scene near the end of s1 as my ‘yes, this is my ship, this is why I ship it’ scene. 

I LOVE this scene for several reasons. The story Red tells to Liz is beautiful and magical, one of those moments that are personal and touching in a way you can’t explain to someone else. But Red does! And then he compares this beautiful, magical moment to the one he is in now. Which at first glance, is a terrible moment for him. The FBI is about to lock him up and throw away the key, his deal no longer valid with them. And an unknown and relentless foe who has been attacking him for years is quickly closing the gap. Things look grim. Yet here he is, on his knees surrendering to Elizabeth Keen, and claiming this moment is like a burst of sunlight that makes everything else worth it. It is this moment that is the culmination of all the special little quotes and scenes we’ve witnessed all throughout s1. His devotion to Liz is obvious from the beginning. He lives to protect her and keep her alive. But I think his feelings slowly changed through this season. It became more complicated than just protecting her. I think he fell in love, whether he’s admitting it at this point or not. But I think what he IS admitting in this scene is that his life is no longer worth living without her. He’s willing to give up his freedom, and whatever he’s experienced and whatever he’s about to experience was worth it to have known her, to have been a part of her life. She’s the burst of sunlight to him. There is no turning back in the darkness now, no choosing to go back to the way things were for him. This is my favorite lizzington moment, the moment when I think Red really gave himself up completely to Elizabeth. Not just surrendering as her captive, but surrendering his future and choosing her no matter the cost to himself. 

Note-this pic was not made by me. I found it online. #notgoodatediting