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“Worries” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1,355

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon: Could you please write an imagine with Daryl where the reader is 19 and they’re in love but he feels insecure about the age difference between them?

Warnings: Fluff, slight smut (barely)

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You wake up in bed, Daryl’s bare chest pressed up against your back, heat radiating between the two of your bodies in the cold air. His arm is around you, holding you tightly as he sleeps. You smile and scoot yourself closer, happy to be in his arms.

You try to go back to sleep, but the sunlight coming through the window made that impossible. Not wanting to wake Daryl up, you try and slowly lift his arm off of you, but fail as every little movement made his body twitch- he is a light sleeper. You try and stay there as long as possible, but the need to pee eventually overruns your want to not wake him up. You try to be as gentle as possible as you squirm out of his grasp and slide out of bed.

“Don’t go.” Daryl mumbles, half asleep.

“I’ll be back, give me a minute.” You kiss his forehead. You exit the room and walk down the hallway, entering the bathroom. Something nice about Alexandria is having running water to be able to flush a toilet and brush your teeth. Personal hygiene has come to be a luxury in this world, so it was like heaven to be able to have this.

You pee and brush your teeth quickly before getting back in bed with Daryl. He immediately pulls you back into the position that you were in before you got up. You can feel his erection pushing into your back, making you laugh.

“Better get rid of that thing before you go on that run of yours today.” You teased, making Daryl groan.

“Unless ya wanna help me, I’ll just wait for it to go away on its own.”

“Mm, Daryl, if you wanted me to help out, all you had to do was ask.” You smirk, rubbing your butt up against him. He stifles a moan, grabbing your hips to guide you. “But unfortunately, I promised Rick I’d watch Judith this morning. Sorry.” You get up.

“You’re such a tease.” Daryl groans as he watches you slid your pants on.

“You love me.”

“Ya lucky that I do.” He smiles up at you. You lean down and give him a kiss before leaving and heading over to Rick’s place.

You and Daryl started dating back at the prison. You had been in their group since the start, and there had always been this thing between the two of you going unspoken. At first, he was being overly protective of you, acting more of a big brother figure than anything. You were only fifteen at the time and both of your parents had died from turning into walkers. For some reason, he felt like it was his need to protect you. He didn’t trust Shane to do it. It then turned into more of a friendship once you got to the farm, and you two could talk about anything with each other. He was your rock, and you were his.

You had turned eighteen at the prison, and you had feelings for Daryl that you didn’t think you ever would. Not to mention, Daryl was starting to see you differently as well. He finally stopped thinking of you as a little girl.

There was a lot of sexual tension between the two of you, but both of you were hesitant to make any moves. Neither of you knew exactly how the other felt and you didn’t want to risk your friendship over anything. But, one night, the two of you were sharing a cell together because you had a nightmare. The threat of the governor was all too real and that fear was leaking into your dreams. You ran into Daryl’s cell at some hour in the night and lied down next to him. He didn’t even need to ask you what wrong- he immediately knew. You were cuddled up next to him, feeling safe in his arms, and somehow that gave you the spark of confidence you needed. You pressed your lips to his, him immediately kissing you back. Ever since that night, you two had been together. You love him more than you could ever imagine.

You smile as you reminisce about your past with him, walking into Rick’s house to see Carl feeding Judith breakfast.

“Hey.” You wave, walking over to him so you could take over feeding duties.

“Thanks for watching her.” Rick came into sight. “I was going to have Carol do it but she had something to do, I don’t know.”

“It’s no problem, I don’t mind hanging out with this cutie.” You smile at Judith.

“Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, and I should be back by tonight. If we ain’t, go find Carl and tell him to watch Judith so you can come find us. We’ll just be in the next town over getting more medical supplies.” Rick grabs his gun, ready to head out the door.

“Okay, be safe. And tell Daryl that I love him.” Rick and Carl both leave the house, leaving you alone to take care of the little girl.

The day goes by rather quickly and before you know it, Rick is back at the house, relieving you of your babysitting duties.

“Be careful, Y/N, Daryl’s in a mood.” Rick warned you before you left his house.

“Why?” You frown.

“Glenn was makin’ some comments that upset him. You talk to him about it yourself.”

You walk back over to your house, and find Daryl sitting on the couch staring blankly at the wall. You open the door, taking off your shoes before you go sit next to him. He relaxes when he sees you but something is still obviously bothering him.

“What’s going on?” You ask him, putting your hand on his knee.

“I just, I don’ know, I’m gettin’ old.” He frowns.

“You’re not old, Daryl.” You laugh, not believing that he’s even upset about that.

“Old to be datin’ a nineteen year old, yeah.”

You frown at hearing this. He’s never even once voiced his concern about the age difference between the two of you. Yeah, it was a pretty big difference, but you didn’t really think it mattered. The two of you were in love, nothing else mattered.

“Age has nothing to do with anything when it comes to relationships.” You frown, making him face you. He had been avoiding looking at you the entire time.

“I don’ want you to leave me for someone younger. Someone who aint double your age. Shit, Y/N, you’re closer to Carl’s age than you are mine.”

“If this is about whatever Glenn was telling you today-“

“It’s not.” Daryl cut you off. “It’s somethin’ I been thinking about for a while.”

“Daryl,” you sigh. “I’m never going to leave you for anyone. I promise. I don’t care about the age difference between us. You make me incredibly happy, happier than anyone else could. I love you.”

“I love you too,” He smiles. You love seeing him smile, you don’t get to see it often enough. “I’m sorry for freakin’ out. Just been bothering me for a while.”

“It shouldn’t. And you should have told me sooner. I would have rather not heard that from Rick.”

“Yeah, I think Rick’s kinda annoyed at me. I yelled at Glenn for givin’ me shit.” Daryl admits.

“You gotta have known that Glenn was joking, though.”

“I did, but like I said, just been botherin’ me for a while.”

You don’t respond, you just start kissing him. He pulls you up onto his lap, putting his hands underneath your shirt as your hands grasp his hair. You start grinding your hips over his lower area, feeling it harden underneath you.

“Now, I do believe I owe you back for this morning.” You pull away from the kiss.

“Eh, maybe tomorrow.” Daryl teases.

“Oh shut up and kiss me.”

Part Two HERE

I really don’t want people to feel discouraged by Just Hold On dropping a little in the Spotify streams charts. So…

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#8 Cheerleader,  OMI – total streams: 707,234,284 – streams per day: 946,766

#11 Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson – total streams: 664,821,129 – streams per day: 941,672

#12 Can’t Feel My Face, The Weeknd – total streams: 647,831,513 – streams per day: 1,355,296

#13 Hello, Adele – total streams: 631,422,977 – streams per day: 1,496,262

I stopped there, but JHO has a higher rate than most of the songs after the number 13 spot. Our number is HUGE. It’s literally AMAZING. We just need to keep pushing because we can totally do it! Change your VPN to the UK and continue to stream!

Fridays (Jimin Smut/Fluff)

Word Count: 1,355 Words

You loved him. He was your little ball of sunshine even when he was an asshole to you. He would hold you tight, sometimes never letting you go to work. Your boss hasn’t asked why you always seem to take off Fridays off a lot. He would spend the whole day with you, just holding you close to him like a kid would hold their teddy bear.

Being with him for so long, you two gone far in intimacy and he was a different person, a man of only sexual desires that you had to fulfill. He was commanding, demanding and had absolute control.

“Kitten~” His sleepy voice rang in your ears when you sat up on the bed. He touched your shoulder, kissing the skin before resting his chin on it.

“Morning, Jiminie.” He played with your hair, twisting strands around his fingers and  knotting up your hair. You let him, knowing your hair was still a mess without or with his ‘help’. He sat up, shifting beside you and holding your hand.

“I think you’re forgetting something.”

“And what is that?”

“This.” He tilted your head by your chin and kissed you. Usually you would use the ‘bad breath’ excuse but he would just get on top of you and kiss you anyways.

He pulled away, smiling and you finally stood up. He was still holding your hand when you got up, pulling you back from going to the bathroom.

“Stay in with me, kitten.”

“Jimin, not this Friday too.”

“It’s the only day I get off besides the weekend.”

“We still have the weekend?”

“Please stay home.” He pouted like a child, in your head he still was one. You still pulled your hand away to which he just followed you into the bathroom.

“J-Jimin, what the hell! Go back to bed.”

“Not until you say you’ll stay home with me.”

“I guess you’ll be following me all day.”


“When I said you’ll be following me all day, I didn’t mean it literally.”

“It’s too late for that, you should’ve said something before we left.”

“You jumped into my car, I wasn’t going to kick you on the street.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything.”

“Well you’re just going to have to help me then.” You were a student teacher for a 1st grade class and their actual teacher is away today.


“You could teach them a bit about music and dance. I’m being teaching the main stuff and you could organize stuff from me because you decided to follow me to work.”

“It would be fun if we were home, you know?”

“Oh, it’s time to pick up the kids.” They lined up outside until the bell rang, which rang and you beckoned Jimin to follow you again.

“Come on, guys.” You smiled at them, and they followed you to the classroom. They say in their assigned seats except these two boys.

“Alex, I know you’re sitting Liam’s spot. Switch back, please.”

“Yes, Miss Y/N.”

“Now, good morning class.”

“Good morning, Miss Y/N.” They chorused , that was your favourite part. You explain to them what they would do today and hoped nobody would ask about your lovely Jimin who was still in the rocking chair, playing with his thumbs.

“Miss, who is the old man?”

“I’m not old, little girl.”

“He’s a special guest I brought for you, he’s going to teach you guys Dance and Music just for today.”

“Morning, kids. I’m Jimin.”

“Hello, Mr. Jimin.”

“Now that we have introductions out of the way, let’s start our first lesson.” You started with language arts, reading them a storybook.


“Can I go to the bathroom, please?”

“Jimin, can you please take him?” He looked at you, dumbfounded and you silently begged him. He took the little boy and you told the class to write a few things about the book that they liked.

You sat at your desk, marking and reading over some of the other work they did last week.

“Miss Y/N?”

“Yes, Alice.” You walked over to her, helping her with her question and Jimin walked in. He got close to your ear, his lips basically brushing against them.

“Can’t I leave? That kid is a menace.”

“Jimin, hush and you said you would teach them.”

“I could make an excuse.” He whispered while you walked back to your desk. You went back to your desk and waited for the kids to finish.

“Okay, does anyone want to share? Yes, Shawn.”

“I like the characters because they were all different and interesting.”

“Good, anyone else?”

“Me! Me!”

“Okay, Alex, go ahead.”

“I like the way Miss Y/N read the book.”

“Alex, that’s very sweet but what is your thoughts on the book?”

“I like the pictures.”

“Okay, thank you Alex.” You told everyone to read their books for the rest of the period to lunch and went back to reading next to Jimin.

“That little kid.”

“What, Alex? Isn’t he adorable?”

“It sounds like he has a crush on you.”

“Jimin, he’s 6. Are you jealous~?”

“N-No, I’m clearly cuter.”

“And jealous~” You punched his cheek a little before he slapped your hand off and heard the bell rang. The kids ran outside for recess.

“I’ve dreamt about this, Y/N.”


“It’s 30 minutes, right?”

“Jimin.” He kissed your neck, sucking lightly on the skin. He left no hickeys but you could feel his marks on your skin. He quickly unbuttoned your blouse and unzipped your pencil skirt.

“Are you going to be good for daddy, kitten?”

“Yes, daddy.” He pulled down your skirt quickly and bent you over the desk. He played with your thong, rubbing the material against your wet pussy.

“Dirty little slut, is it proper to come in a thong? Answer me, kitten.” He spanked you, your answer being screamed out in pleasure. He squatted, and buried his face in your pussy. His tongue did an assault on you before his fingers pounded you.

He started with one finger, two fingers, three fingers then his whole hand was inside you.


“Take it, you fucking slut.”

“G-God.” You try to hold in you climax, knowing what would happen but you couldn’t contain yourself. You came, his tongue licking you clean and he flipped you over. His fingers plunged into your mouth, your fingers licking your juices clean.

“What do I always tell you?”

“N-Not to cum without Daddy’s permission.” His fingers pounding into you again, you pushed up on the desk.

“If you want to cum, you’re going to keep cumming until I tell you to fucking stop. Got it, kitten?”

“Ooh, yes-daddy.” He made you cum again and again, so much so you thought you were going to faint from the overstimulation.

“Bend over.”

You flipped over, your ass in his view and he slid himself inside you. He grabbed your hair and began to pound you against the desk.

“Fuck, kitten. You’re so fucking tight.”

“A-ahhh.” The desk shook when he thrusted deep inside you, you moaning out his name. He pulled on your hair tighter, your moans becoming louder.

He picked up, and sat in the chair. He moved your hips to make you feel him deeper. You would scream out, the sound of your skin slapping against each other not enough to overpower the sound of your moans.

“Cum like the dirty little fucking slut you are, kitten.”

“J-Jimin!” You reached your high yet again, his cock following not too long after. You got up, putting your clothes back on and going into the bathroom on the side of the classroom.

“Kitten, are you alright?” He kissed your forehead and helped you fix your ‘sex hair’ and he wiped off yours and his sweat.

“How am I supposed to walk the rest of the day?”

“I’ll just carry you everywhere.” You were going to respond when the kids all came back. They looked pretty eager to do dance and music now.

“We’re going to have fun today, guys. I’m sure I did.”

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Hello! :D Are there any AU fanfics where Magnus is a fashion designer??

I’ll make a list below! Also, the last fic in this list is one where Magnus is studying fashion design and not exactly a fashion designer, but I put it in anyways. Hope this helped!

Magnus Bane, fashion designer and owner of the most wanted fashion magazine is looking for a new photographer. Alec Lightwood, internet sensation for his photography blog is looking to take his work to another level. What happens when both worlds collide? can they make it work and reach what they want? All Human.

Sequel to ‘Prestigious’. One-Shot. Four years have gone by for the photographer Alexander Lightwood. Now the time has come to take another step with certain fashion designer and magazine owner.

*EARLY SUBMISSION FOR MALEC WEEK ON TUMBLR* Day Three: Isabelle gets sick and can’t make an interview that could be the turning point for her fashion career. Alec offers to go in her place, to meet the famous fashion designer Magnus Bane at Java Jones and put forward the questions given to him by Isabelle. Alec knows nothing about fashion but can Magnus change his mind?

“He reminds me of a cat, almost.” Isabelle raised her eyebrows at this.

“A feline?” She smirks.

“Please don’t.”

“So what’s he like, then?” She asked impatiently. Alec thought back to his first encounter with the strange man, how he felt as if intimidation and fascination to him combined to a new level and made him a little weak at the knees.

Mail Keeps Coming to the Wrong Address AU Contains fashion designer! Magnus and university student! Alec.

Human AU . Alec works two jobs, lives in a crappy apartment and is a disappointment to everyone around him. Magnus is the hottest fashion designer in New York who can’t seem to forget the blue eyes sales man. Yes its cheesy and cliche and full of fluff 

This is based after the characters from The Mortal Instruments have finished High School, Alec is a English teacher at the local High School. Magnus is a fashion designer and runs a magazine named ‘Glitter and Glamor’. Alec has a huge crush on Magnus but Magnus never takes much notice of Alec, can Alec get Magnus to see him or will they never be together? I DON’T OWN TMI!

Magnus has always relied on his instinct, but picking up pretty hitchhikers is just asking for trouble.
Part 1 of Maybe We’re A Love Story

AU. Magnus is a successful fashion designer and he has it all. The fame, fortune, talent, beauty. What could go wrong? Oh, that sexy yet so average blue-eyed boy working at a coffee shop. Alec doesn’t have the best life, he was raised in a violent orphanage and is now re-contemplating suicide. How will Magnus handle this? More importantly, how will Alec?

Magnus Bane is the top fashion designer in all of the United States, but despite all of this, he still doesn’t know his photographer until barging into his office one day. He’s struck immediatly to the bone with this blue eyed, black haired man and sets off to win his affection. But when a rival company tries to unseat Magnus’s fame, they target his blue eyed weak point. M for Yaoi

Alexander Lightwood is newly retired from his service in Afghanistan after being impaired by a roadside bomb. Also recently out of the closet, Alec struggles to come to terms with his “new” self, both mentally and physically. Then comes Magnus Bane; loud, out and proud, covered with glitter from head to toe and just happens to be the owner of the prestigious store chain “MB”, and a photographer as well. After Magnus is asked to do a photo shoot to raise money and awareness for those living with prosthetics, their two worlds come crashing together. Alexander finds himself accidentally catching the attention of Magnus Bane…
Not that he’s complaining.

Alec Lightwood is ready to spend the rest of his life teaching and living at a hidden boarding school. Magnus Bane, world famous fashion designer, once had all he needed; a dream career, someone to love, a happy family… but then came the loss… a loss he hopes to fill with model Camille Belcourt. But what happens when two worlds collide? Malec AU with the Blackthorn kids 

Malec fic. Alec is a freshman with a music scholarship. Magnus is a sophomore majoring in fashion design. And they seem to keep bumping into each other. Apparently, they are meant to be together. But will the secrets of Alecs past threaten everything? M rated for later chapters.

#355: ‘Keep In Touch’ (PART 1)

Author’s Note: This wasn’t originally meant to be split into two parts, but I have a little bit left of the talk between Darcy and her momma left to write, but I’m going to be useless tomorrow if I don’t head to sleep now. I figured this will get you started and I didn’t want to not post something. I’ll finish that up and post the rest later today after class. 

How Long Will I Love You: Keep In Touch (PART 1)- One Shot #355
+past one shots
No visuals.
Song: Bright- Echosmith

A rivulet of ice cream was running down her hand and her bare toes were grazing the sun-warmed grass. She wanted to be thirteen again. It smelled like summer and she’s in a sundress with red nail polish swiped across her toes. Her lips tasted like raspberry ripple and the sun was going down on their last night together quite like this.

“You’ve got a little…” The pad of his thumb swiped across her lower lip to catch the drips clinging to the plush skin. “Got it.” Elliott swiped his tongue across his own melting scoop of ice cream from the shop in Notting Hill they’d frequented since they were kids. It would be the last time for awhile.

Darcy smirked, and Elliott had known her long enough to know something else was about to go down. She scraped her finger into the remains of her ice cream and reached over to smear across his nose. “So do you.”

“Ahh! C’mon now,” he laughed. “Is it in my hair too?”

“No,” Darcy promised, stretching her legs out on the soft blanket spread over their square of park space. “What? Have I still got some on my face?” She ducked away from him and hurriedly swiped her fingers over her face.

“Nothing,” Elliott said quickly, looking down at his lap, legs twisted and folded. “We got old.”

“Yeah, you old man. I can already see the greys coming on!” She reached over again to ruffle his hair. He seized her wrist, wrapping his fingers around it, trying to one-handedly hold her at a distance.

“No,” he laughed, splaying his toes out in the cool grass. “I mean, we were like…kids, when we met. You still had your braces.”

Darcy paled, releasing a long-winded breath from between her lips. “Don’t remind me,” she said, dryly.


“Go ahead and say it,” she giggled. “No boobs. And then puberty hit me like a train and, boom.” She motioned to her chest.  “It was a scary time, I’m surprised you stuck around,” she teased.

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