1 november 1976

[S]o often we say ‘I love you if’, y'know, 'I love you when’, 'I love you but’ and that’s not real love. Love is 'I love you even if you kick me in the head and stab me in the back, I love you’ or I love you, just unconditionally.
—  George Harrison on “Learning How To Love You,” promotional interview for Thirty-Three & 1/3, broadcast 22 November 1976 [x]
Oh, ‘Beautiful Girl’, for me I can see all around beautiful girls in one way, ones who look good, and sometimes you see ones who don’t particularly look good but have such beauty within them, and when you get a combination of both then it’s fantastic. Beauty to me is something which comes from within and is not limited to the physical body, although that is helpful. (laughs) […] It’s really just something that’s coming out of the heart.
—  George Harrison on the song “Beautiful Girl” in a promotional interview for “Thirty-Three & 1/3”, broadcast 22 November 1976

Visionary comic book creator, Jack “King” Kirby, was born on this day, August 28, in 1917. Jack Kirby created (or co-created) over 300 comic book characters including Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Iron Man, The New Gods, Mister Miracle, OMAC, Devil Dinosaur, The Demon, Destroyer Duck, and many, many more.

Which Jack Kirby creation or co-creation is your favorite?

These comics (and many more) are part of the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa Special Collections

Super Powers v.2 #1 (September 1985), cover by Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston

OMAC v.1 #5 (June 1975), cover by Jack Kirby

Destroyer Duck v.1 (1982), cover by Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four v.1 #82 (January 1969), cover by Jack Kirby 

Black Panther v.1 #2 (March 1977), cover by Jack Kirby

2001: A Space Oddyssey #3 (February 1977), cover by Jack Kirby

Challengers of the Unknown #77 (January 1971), cover by Jack Kirby

New Gods #1 (March 1971), cover by Jack Kirby

Captain America v.1 #203 (November 1976), cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

The Demon v.1 #11 (August 1973), cover by Jack Kirby