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Returned (Part 1)- Derek Hale

A/N: Again i’m sorry about these taking so long and i’m sorry that this is another story that has multiple parts!! But i hope you all like it and keep sending in requests!

Requested by anonymous:  Hi could you please do a derekxreader where the reader is stiles’ slightly older sister and she’s dropped out of college (I’ll let you decide why xD) and has come back home and is working part time at the police station and then when she’s investigating something she gets bitten and then Derek helps her through it?c: thank you!

You drummed your fingers on the steering wheel of your car, you had finally decided to drop out of college and come home. At first your dad hadn’t wanted you too but you managed to persuade him it was for the best, you knew he was struggling paying for your bills and you wanted to help him out. You hadn’t told your brother Stiles you were coming home but you knew that he was struggling with all this supernatural stuff. You and Stiles had always been close and he called you all the time to talk about the supernatural stuff going on.

You sucked in your breath and opened the car door, it was late at night and you hoped someone would be in. You walked up the drive and knocked loudly on the door, whilst you waited you nervously played with the sleeves of your jumper. Suddenly the door swung open and your brother was stood there in his pyjamas with a toothbrush hanging out his mouth.

“y/n” He stammered in shock, letting the toothbrush fall out of his mouth in the process.

“Stiles” You beamed, walked in and pulled him into a tight hug.

The next morning

You woke up on the sofa with Stiles’ head resting on your shoulder. You had stayed up all night just chatting and you must have fallen asleep. You smiled to yourself and cautiously moved his head so that you could get up and you lightly tiptoed into the kitchen where you found your dad fast asleep with his head placed gently on his arms. You made your way over to the fridge and quietly swung it open, you sighed when you realized there was absolutely no food in

“y/n” you heard your dad softly say as he rose from his spot on the table

“Dad” you smiled back and went over to hug him

“I forgot you were coming home” He said as he rested his chin on the top of your head

“Well then I bet it’s a lovely surprise” You said pulling out of the embrace

You both stood and smiled at each other for a moment when Stiles appeared in the doorway

“Morning sleeping beauty” You teased and ruffled his already messy hair

His hand swatted yours away and you both laughed

“I’m going to go get some food” You started “wanna come” you asked Stiles

“Sure just give me 5 minutes” He replied before bounding upstairs to get dressed

Soon enough Stiles was ready and sat on the end stair as he pulled on his shoes and then the both of you headed out to your car.

“So you still have that crap jeep” You joked as you started the engine

“Very funny” Stiles replies sarcastically

As you pulled up into the car park the place was practically deserted apart from 2 other cars and a couple of kids’ bikes. Both of you headed inside and you grabbed yourself a basket on the way in, you trailed round a few aisles and had gathered a few items when you got to the cleaning aisle. Stiles was somewhere looking at whatever had taken his fancy and it was just you and a tall dark haired man. From the side he seemed about the same age as you, however his stubble could have made him seem older, He was just stood scanning the shelf containing washing powder. You strolled passed him but stopped a few feet from him, he looked absolutely lost which made you smile ever so slightly.

“You okay?” You asked politely

He took a moment to register you had spoken but then he turned to you

“Oh-um fine” He said

“You don’t look it” You laughed and he gave you a small smile

“Why are there so many different types?” He asked sounding frustrated and motioning his head towards the washing powders.

You laughed and reached forward, grabbing a box and handing it to him

“Use 2 scoops of that” You said giggling as he looked it over

You picked up what you had needed and headed for the end of the aisle

“Thank you” He called from behind you

“Don’t mention it” You smiled and made your way around a few more aisles until Stiles came crashing into you

“Watch it” You said shoving him off of you playfully “Let’s go” You pulled him with you to the checkouts and you started unloading your basket when you caught a glimpse of the same guy from earlier on the checkout across from you. You looked up and caught eyes with him, you smiled at him but he didn’t return it. You shrugged it off and continued to unload the basket.

“Oh my God” You heard Stiles mutter under his breath

“What?” You whispered back

“Derek” He said and motioned his head towards the older guy at the other checkout

“What grumpy, unfriendly, sourwolf Derek?” You asked in a harsh whisper

“Yes y/n” Stiles answered “grumpy, unfriendly, sourwolf Derek”

“Are you sure?” You continued, Stiles had told you all about him but you didn’t think this guy particularly matched his description

“Yes y/n” Stiles sounded slightly more agitated “I’m sure”

“Really?” You said in disbelief “He’s kinda cute” You shrugged which made Stiles thump you lightly on the shoulder

You giggled quietly and glanced over to Derek, he had his back turned which for some reason made you feel a wave of relief.

“Oh my God” You heard Stiles utter again

“What now?” You asked sounding slightly more irritated than before

“He can hear” Stiles mumbled

“Well done Stiles” You responded “most humans can hear” You cut yourself off because you realized what Stiles had meant, he was using his supernatural hearing. You mentally slapped yourself for sounding so stupid. He still had his back turned and was unloading the last few items, he was probably smiling to himself about the whole situation which made you feel even more stupid.

You and Stiles didn’t talk until you were paying and on your way out. You had to pass Derek to exit the shop and to make matters worse he was heading for the door at the exact same time as you. He turned round and made direct eye contact with Stiles and looked smugly at you whilst walking to the doors. You just wanted to get out of the shop and although you hadn’t met Derek before you could sense all the awkwardness and embarrassment in the air. When you and Stiles were out of the doors you hurried over to the car and began placing the bags in the boot; you looked over to see Derek doing the same. You were done loading up the car and so you made your way to the driver’s side, you were just going to sit down when you heard a shout from across the car park

“Thank you” He called

“What for” you asked a small but genuine smile crept onto your face

“The washing powder” He stated “and the compliment” and then he got into his car and drove away.