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supersquiddy  asked:

Werid question but how do you get your traditional artwork to look so smooth but also sketchy? If that makes sense.

My main things are (this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought! Srry!)

Loose lines: draw with your whole arm if you can! (drawing anchored to your wrist can lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome.. and no one wants that)

Full lines: try to keep your lines fluid, fast and long (as opposed to short and scratchy lines that make one big line) look for YouTube videos on gesture drawing! Get things down quick and flesh them out later, usually the first thing we mark down will be the most accurate when doing gestures!

Sketch lightly: use heavy lines sparingly! They can really define a sketch but be sparing, there can be too much of a good thing. I always start sketches almost invisibly light to map out the bare bones of my drawings! Then because they’re so light, you don’t have to erase them if you don’t want to!

Shapes: shapes r your friends!! 🌸 use shapes to get the (figurative or literal) skeleton down!! Almost anything can be boiled down to basic shapes!

REFERENCE: IT! IS! OK! TO! REFERENCE! I can’t stress this enough, free reference photo databases are just a google away! Learn that anatomy fam! Even if you’re doing cartoons, it will be so much easier with the anatomical knowledge! Also, I have no problem with learning artists referencing my art when starting out with drawing.. 2 RULES TO REFERENCING PRE-EXISTING ART: 1) don’t claim it’s your art. 2) ask the artist if it’s cool first! Some aren’t okay with it and ya gotta respect it! ❤Also try to get off the crutch of referencing pre-existing art quickly! Referencing art helps you practice, but nothing beats referencing from real, organic life, because that’s where your style will come out.

Simplify: esp. pertaining to expressions, the more you complicate things, the harder it will be for it to read. It will get lost among the busyness. Look at the drawing as a whole as opposed to only paying attention for details. Don’t be concerned with making a masterpiece!! Sketchbooks should be messy!

Get back to basics: anatomy, colour theory and the elements of design!!! they help a whole heck of a lot!!! Never be satisfied with your knowledge of these basic things bc you learned them in like kindergarten,, okay????

A(cting)RT: you can convey a LOT if you have the mindset of telling a story with your sketch!

Cheap: don’t worry abt using fancy shmancy supplies! I get mine from the dollar store (sketchbook, erasers and mechanical pencils! Definitely get good paper if ur using copics or high quality markers but like I literally only sketch traditionally w pencil… ) I find I’m so scared to use expensive sketchbooks that I hardly draw in them and I hate everything I draw. I go through like 1 or more sketchbooks a month so… that would rack up quick if I was using like $20.00 sketchbooks instead of $2.00 ones.

Listen: Listen to music or podcasts or audio books or drawing tutorials if it helps!! It can sometimes even influence the mood of your drawing :0

Sketch often: every day if you can!! It’s a good habit if you want to get better!! And therapeutic!!!

Accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!!: It’s not an insult! It’s someone else’s view! Get critiqued often! And actually listen!! Know the difference between constructive and destructive!! Also join a community! Meet other artist! Collaborate! Art isn’t a competition! ❤

quick round!

Study art history: they’re famous for a reason!

Draw inspiration from everywhere!

When referencing, draw what you see, not what you know!

Think about drawing in 3D, more like it’s sculpting instead of drawing! Everything is made of flat plains and will cast shadows!!

If you’re up to it, challenge yourself! You’ll only get better if you step out of your comfort zone! Try to draw one new thing each sketching session!


Don’t stress!: most important drawing tip! Drawing is supposed to be fun and therapeutic because it doesn’t have to be anything! All art is art and everyone who makes art is an artist, it’s not some exclusive club, we all start somewhere! This is your art journey! Enjoy the ride!

I know you just wanted to know about how I sketch but I couldn’t help myself!!! Sorry! Hope this helps! 🌸
-hanna ❤

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm thinking about becoming a beta reader. Thing is, I'm not known in any of my fandoms. I was wondering, is there anywhere you can sign up to be available as a beta? Thanks!

Thanks for your question, dear!  Beta reading is a great activity to take up in your free time :)  And there are a lot of different kinds of beta reading to try, too!  So first you should consider your options.

There’s one obvious first distinction: reading for original work vs. reading for fanfiction.  Your problem of having no name in your fandoms can be resolved – making an online presence in your fandom (on twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc.) is easy if you’re offering a service like this.  Still, if you find that entry difficult, there are always other outlets…

Fanfiction Beta Sites

  • Fanfiction.net – One of the two most popular fanfiction databases on the internet.  To become a beta reader, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a registered member for at least 1 month or more.
2. Must have published at least 5 stories on the site OR have published entries totaling at least 6,000 words.
3. Must accurately complete both the Profile and Preferences part of your beta profile.

You’ll share a bit about your personality, and what fandoms/genres/ratings you’re comfortable with reading.  Those tags will help readers to filter through the beta reading database and find you.  So make sure to decide what you’re interested in covering first!

  • Archive of Our Own (AO3) – The other most popular fanfiction website; I’m not a member there so I don’t know the exact process of becoming a beta, but I know I’ve never seen a clear-cut beta search forum there.  The link I’ve provided opens up to a search page, though – type in the Tag section, “Beta Wanted,” and sort by recently updated (+ whatever fandoms/ratings you’re interested in).  This should get you started on making connections with other writers.

Original-Work Beta Sites

(Sorted by those I’ve used to those I haven’t – not by quality!)

  • FictionPress – I recommend this first because it’s a sister site to fanfiction.net, so the layout is nearly identical.  The difference is that it’s based on original works, not fanfic, so there’s less of a fandom-barrier to cross.
  • NaNoWriMo forums – National Novel Writing Month (more information here) takes place every November, along with similar NaNo events in April and July.  At the end of these events (and usually months afterward, too), people come away with first drafts in need of critiquing.  This is likely to yield more deep beta reading, if that’s what you’re after – but it can also be as simple as grammar and line edits.
  • Scribophile – I’ve never used this, but I’ve heard great things.  Scribophile is very community-based critiquing network, where you can read for others and also take advantage of their blog and other resources for improving your writing, getting published, and so forth.
  • Critters – I’ve also heard good things about Critters, another critiquing workshop.  This one is specific to science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres, though.  The website is a little cluttered-looking, though, so it’s not my first choice personally.

Hopefully one of these will work for you!  If you have any more questions, be sure to hit me up and I’ll get back to you within the week :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

SANCTUARY SPEECH - “Sanctuary” by Paradise Fears


Sanctuary, the first song I heard by this band, and my favorite song. Each lyric is so beautiful in it’s own way and this song is breathtaking. The song, the speech, the way this song was created & sung all give me hope every time I need it. Whenever I felt horrible,sad, needed optimism, or even happy, I always listen to this song because it represents who I am as a person. It represents life- the good and the bad, and most of all, it shows me that I am the person who writes my own life story. I can chose who I want to be in my life, I can chose what I want to do, and I can chose who I want to be. This song is so beautiful, and I urge you to listen to it whenever


Youtube Link to the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdKu_J5ebMg

so i went to the daycare to take out my Popplio and Ditto that i was breeding a while back for shiny Popplio right because I wanted to breed a harvest Exeggcute with skill swap for SOS chaining cause i’d been having no luck with that. so i take out the one egg thats left and im like chuckling to myself like “hurr durrr imagine if its shiny that’d be so funny” AND LO AND BEHOLD - 
i was so in shock i didnt know what to name him….rest assured he will get a proper name once i stop freaking out

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't have school right now because of the holidays and I have like, 1 month more without school, and I'm super bored. I do nothing all day! Do you have any idea of what I can do?? PS: I love your Instagram and your Studyblr so just just wanted to ad that you're the person that started my obsession with pens and notebooks.

Me too! It can get a little boring but here are a few things you could do (not all are productive but you’ve gotta have some down time right!!):

  • organise all your work/desk - archive old files, put current things in folders
  • clear out your desk of old books, files, etc
  • declutter your digital space - your email, desktop, hard-drives, etcs
  • back up your files, photos, etc - a good task to do every now and then!
  • exercise a bit
  • start a tv show (I could recommend soooo many!!!)
  • learn to meditate
  • clear out your wardrobe - donate any old clothes, etc!
  • practice yoga
  • start doing art
  • create a blog
  • play sims (definitely a simple way to distract yourself for hours on end!)
  • learn a new skill (maybe an instrument or software like Photoshop?)
  • start journalling
  • read an old textbook/research something you enjoyed
  • learn a new language or sign language
  • find a series of books to read
  • met up with some friends
  • visit different museums or galleries
  • volunteer somewhere (maybe a local animal shelter)

Hope that helps! Thank you so much too! That is so cute hehe :-) xxx