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We all know that lately Disney has this thing for having the main female lead bribe/make a deal with the main male lead to help her.

But some things I like about how it’s done in Frozen is that;
1. Kristoff was never a jerk, just an introvert (learn the difference).
2. It’s not a bribe, she’s even paying him with supplies.
2. She fully realizes when she fucks up and is willing to do it alone.

“And I understand if you don’t wanna help me anymore.“

After that, it became Kristoff’s own choice to help Anna. And that makes this so much more meaningful. Kristoff isn’t following Anna around, because he didn’t have a choice. He had a choice and he chose to protect Anna.

Music on the wind 1 -- Drabble

OK. SO. After what I wrote last night, I decided I wanna write more with Ipo and Idk I guess I put the spotlight on Link because he’s the ultimate wingman lbr. 

Anyway enjoy this. No idea when I’ll have the next part done ‘D

Link gave one last sweeping glance to Sidon, who was enthusiastically waving him farewell as he descended down the stairway to the Great Zora Bridge. He smiled in return and eagerly waved back to the Zora prince before continuing on his way. It was nice to see the Zora people out now in the few weeks since Ruta had been calmed. Several of the guards were smiling and nodding at him as he passed and the children giggled and scampered around him.

He passed by Ledo, who was diligently repairing the luminous column on the bridge. Dunma and her father, Rivan, were standing watch at the main entry and both Zora nodded to Link in acknowledgement. It was a nice, cool morning and the sun was still climbing over the mountains directly behind Link, to the north. A gentle wind followed Link as he paced himself along the path of the Great Bridge.

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To celebrate the imminent approach of Season 2, I want to make a little contribution to the excitement with my favourite scene from Season 1.

Lets hope this tiny and broody gays stay as cute and adorable and safe and alive for a long, long time.

- Lena

The Korrasami cycle
  • Me, seeing Korrasami in Season 1-2: Well... I can crack ship it why not.
  • Me, seeing Korraami in Season 3-4: NO THEY DID NOT GO THERE. HOLY SHIT YES...
  • Me, three months later: Okay, I think I'm done--
  • Turtleduck date night: HEY THERE!
  • Me: nvm...
  • Me, a month after TdDN: Okay, I think I'll move on --
  • Tlok comics: BUT WAIT THERES MORE!

I fixed it to fit tumblr’s limit so hopefully it’s readable this time. Anyway more under the cut.

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Lmao people like to say shit about bisexuals leaving them for someone else because they’re greedy and can’t choose a side but really you just can’t admit that someone didn’t want to be with you for very real reasons and therefore you decided to defend yourself by going after the easiest part to dismantle about their identity, which is their bisexuality because everyone was bagging on them anyway.

And as lesbian/gay people you’ve obviously never had the validity of your sexuality questioned or undermined by a more solid and authoritative group, so you wouldn’t know what that’s like or how detrimental it can be….hmmm

ME: I have many important things to do today. Let’s get productive!

Ben Affleck: *logs on social media*

Ben Affleck: *posts teaser video of Deathstroke turning up in the DCEU*


Me (and the rest of the internet): *lurks on social medias and finds that Joe Manganiello is 1) IN LONDON WITH HIS WIFE SOFIA 2) HAS THAT HAIRCUT 3) FOLLOWED ZACK SNYDER ON TWITTER 4) SOFIA FOLLOWED BEN AFFLECK ON TWITTER

Me: *realises it’s after midnight and everything still needs to get done*


Make Him Mad (Kyugsoo)~ [Part 2] [Smut]


Arriving home, Kyungsoo immediately dragged me into the house, locked the door and in moments, he had my back against the door.

“Babe, we were just joking around.” I told him. Before anyting else left my mouth, his already claimed it. The kiss wasn’t gentle. He was being rough and somehow, I was getting turned on.

“Joking or not, I still want you. Now.” he growled. His hands started to roam my body, pressing his body on mine. One hand slipped under my shirt and slid up until they rested on my covered breasts. A hard squeeze was given and I moaned.

He smirked into the kiss, knowing exactly how he’s making me feel. In a flash, he has my shirt off and on the floor. Picking me up, he started to carry us to our room.

I was thrown on the bed and he took the time in between to remove his shirt before climbing on top of me. Our kiss was resumed as he slowly slid his hands down towards my jeans, unbuckling the button and taking them off.

“You wore my favorite set today?” he observed the black lingerie set I had on.

My face turned red when he unhooked my bra and attacked my bed breast with his mouth. His tongue swirling around the nipple while his other hand was fondling the other.

When he was satisfied of the marks he left behind, his hands slid down my legs and pulled off my underwear at an agonizing pace.

“Hurry up.” I whined. He looked up at me.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” he asked before roughing rubbing my clit in circles.

Pleasure ran through my body and I moaned once more. I wasn’t given a warning before two fingers plunged inside me and kept a normal pace.
I was reaching my climax when he pulled his fingers away and sat up.

“On your knees.“ was his command. While I was doing that, his pulled off his pants and boxers. A slap landed on my ass before he slammed his hardened length into me. His name escape my mouth.

He pulled out until the tip and slammed back in, keeping a rough pace as his name kept leaving my mouth like a chant. His hands were gripping my hips tightly as he kept thrusting. I knew they’d leave marks the next morning.

I was getting close to my climax yet again and he knew it.

"Cum. Cum for me.” he groaned. All it took was one more thrust for me to be gone. My eyes shut as I came. He came right after, riding it out until he was done. When he pulled out, I collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. He fell right next to me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he chuckled deeply.


I’m not good at smuts! OMG HELP ME. I hope this was ehh…Feel free to leave requests!

[Part 1]


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Ludwig double checked his hat and coat, making sure the covering was convincing, but not obvious, as usual. he had managed to get some decently fitting clothing that looked rather nice, a much better fitting dress shirt and slacks, though there was still the tail problem that they had to figure out on their own. He checked his watch before calling to Luise again. "Are you read to go? The appointment is at 1 o'clock, and I'm hoping to get this interview done well before that."

Luise came out of the bathroom, finishing putting the back on an earring. “Yes, yes, I’m coming.” she was moving a little slowly, her growing belly making a difference. She wasn’t to big yet, although it was fairly obvious that she was pregnant. It had been a bit obvious when they arrived. A month after arriving in England it was even more so. Luise wasn’t sure how many babies she was carrying, but with the rate she was growing she was certain there was more than one.

Arthur had finally managed to find them a doctor that would work with them on the pregnancy–or at least was good for the interview. He was well known for maintaining privacy and had worked with both human and Inu pregnancies. Hopefully he would be able to handle a hybrid mix. Pushing the worries from her thoughts she picked up her purse and smiled at him. “I’m ready.”

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How is everybody getting fucked by the Amiibo thing? not that I don't believe nintendo would fuck over their customers, cuz they totally would, but I'm lost on what's happening with the Amiibos. All I know is everyone is upset over this new wave of them.

Nintendo has fucked up by: 

1. Continuing store exclusives, mostly in the US.

2. Consistently under-stocking stores and manufacturing artificial scarcity of certain characters.

3. And just fucking not making enough and also “not making more of certain types after the initial run”.

Every place that has done Wave 4 Pre-orders has:

1. Fucked it up for the people in-store, causing the customers to blame the clerks, when it isn’t their faults most of the time.

2. Screwed up orders.  “Oh you wanted Ness? I ordered you a fucking rock instead.  OOPSY-DOODLE! NESS IS SOLD OUT NOW! ENJOY THE ROCK!”

3. Put up “Pre-orders” at bullshit times (3am, etc)

4. Not expected the true demand of the figures and consistently have their systems crash due to the swarm of people and pretending “Well we don’t know the true demand of these collectibles” when this is the fourth fucking time it’s happened.

While the scalpers sell them for around 5 to 10 times their worth on average, sometimes more.

So yes, everyone has fucked up consistently.  We’re on WAVE 4!  And they all said “we understand the demand this time!” …and this was the worst launch yet.

Nintendo and Retailers essentially said to everyone…

“Wanted to collect the Wave 4 figures in America?  Good fucking luck, assholes!  They’re already gone!  Hope you enjoy paying $50-$100 for one Amiibo!  Not like we care, we arn’t getting any of that money anyway!  DERPDAFROPDADOO!”

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oh my god.... the fake dating au is the best you've ever written to behonest. i'm barely survived after that last chapter thank you very much

This wasn’t, technically, a request for more, but I was clearly not done, so let’s get moving, my bros and hoes (and others). 

All the previous chapters/installments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89, and 10

(You can also read the whole thing over on my AO3)

Summary: There’s some kind of bet that Beca and Chloe are going to end up together, and, with CR’s wedding on the horizon, our favorite duo decides to make some moolah by pretending to date. Also known as: that fake dating tripe that we’re all trash for. 

It took a lot for Chloe to be destabilized. As much as she liked to float and jump and skip, at the core of it, she was solid. Always steady. If this all were a song, she would be the beat, because it was constant - because unlike the melodies and harmonies, it stayed in one place and refused to be knocked by outside intrusions. 

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*rants to herself* I’m not getting involved in this fandom. I’m done with fandoms...

but lets hope that the booktubers will stop watching after season 1. so done with them. although, something tells me that they are getting paid to watch and review the show. I mean if that’s the case then fine, but I don’t want them anywhere near the cast. Don’t ever interview them again. It’s fake.