1 month this time's going on so fast

Ten things to do in 2017:

1. Take it a day at a time. You don’t have to know what you’re doing the next day or even the next hour. I’ve learned that the more you think in the future, the shorter the day seems and the months fly past you and you’re left feeling discontent and unsatisfied. It’s almost like everything has been in a blur, and you find yourself saying, “the year went by so fast”, even though you haven’t accomplished much. So do everything in the moment of ‘now’, and cherish each minute like it’s the last minute you have.

2. Let it go. You know nothing is going to change, because you can’t change people unless they truly want to and you can’t change the past either, and the sooner you realize this, you will spend more time being happy than in a constant battle with your mind and your heart. They need to rest too.

3. Take risks. If you never take any, the moment that turned out for the worst could have turned out for the best. This works vice-versa as well, but either way, you will learn from these experiences. You won’t forget how rapidly your heart was beating in these moments and how electric you felt. It will be worth it in the end, trust me.

4. Call up that person that you didn’t spend enough time getting to know, simply because you were too distracted with somebody else or just didn’t feel like you’d become something more than acquaintances. Greet strangers and embrace the idea of diversity. Ask questions about different cultures, morals, ideas, beliefs; educate yourself as much as you can.

5. Go ahead and wear that outfit you keep telling yourself that it doesn’t look good on you. You bought it because you liked it, yes? So, show it to the whole damn world. If you do it with a smile and confidently squared shoulders—even better. You are beautiful.

6. Instead of procrastinating and wallowing in self-pity, get up and do something. Sitting around is not going to do much but make you feel horrible, and you’ll create scenarios that may not even exist or be as big in your head that will cause matters to become worse. You want this to be your year of explosive progress? Set goals and strive to achieve them. You want to look back at the end of the year and say, “I did good”.

7. Spend more time with your family or friends. Build a support system so strong, that you will never feel lonely. In fact, this support system will lead you to feeling content even when you are alone, because you won’t feel the constant need to either be with someone or have somebody who loves you, because you know you’ll have people who love you and the more love you surround yourself with, the easier it becomes to love yourself too.

8. Be kind always and be angry when you need to be. Stand up for the ideas that you believe in and don’t back down from them just because you have a different opinion. Learn to love the sound of your voice when it bounces off the walls of a classroom full of people, because your voice has the power to change a million minds. Remember, you are allowed to feel whatever it is you feel.

9. Go on more road trips or just take a few minutes to be outside by yourself. Inhale and exhale the air around you. Watch the stars, the sunset, the sunrise, the birds flying in the sky, the cars passing by. Walk in the rain sometimes without an umbrella, instead of running. Let the sunlight soak your skin more often. God, isn’t the world itself beautiful?

10. Be faithful. This is the year you hoped to be better. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving that, because you are limitless as long as you believe yourself to be.

—  Ten things to do in 2017

I’m so excited about tour I can’t wait to see my baby Taylor live for the 1st time ever after waiting and dreaming about it for almost 10 years I’m for sure that I’ll be crying when I hear her beautiful voice, and thinking that I might be able to experience that makes me so happy at the same time it would be hard because I was supposed to see Taylor at the 1989 tour with my dad who was the only who supported my craziness about Taylor everything was planned so we could attend but out of nowhere we found that he had cancer and 1 month later he passed away everything happened so fast and all the plans to go to the tour were gone because of money issues :( but right now I’m so excited and I know he’ll smile from heaven when he sees that my dreams are coming true :’)

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 17

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I’M SO SORRY! This took me way too long! I’ve kinda hit writers block as well as running low on time to write. I think I’m getting out of the writers block slowly, and once I do, I’ll be posting parts super fast! I only have a few parts left and I’m still shooting to have no more then 20!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 5,800+
Genre: dramaaa

Part 1 - Part 16 - Part 18

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Chaerin and Nari refused to let Seijin go to the dinner in hell all alone, so they all went back inside to get ready. Seijin warned them that this place that they were going to was super expensive and that they needed to look like they were wearing something expensive, too.

She begged the two of them to not speak a word of this to the guys since she didn’t want Seokjin finding out. If Seokjin found out, she was afraid that he would just make things worse for her. She was so close to being out of her predicament with Irene, and the didn’t want anything to mess that up.

Once the three of them arrived at their destination, they all automatically were filled with dread. Irene was the first person that they saw when they walked in, as if she had been waiting to personally greet them.

“Seijin!” Irene said in a fake excited tone. Seijin sent a fake smile back as Irene hugged her, “So glad that you could make it!”

Chaerin rolled her eyes as Irene pointed them toward her table. It was filled with a bunch of rich people that oozed narcissistic. The three of them took seats near one of the ends of the table, thankful that the only other seat open was on the other side of the table.

Unfortunately, Jongin was too close to them for Chaerin and Seijin’s liking as he greeted them with a fake smile.

The night felt slow and painful as everyone ordered their food and waited forever to eat it. It didn’t help that the table didn’t have many conversations going on other than the ones that Irene would initiate.

Despite the lack of anything happening, Seijin was insanely uncomfortable. Chaerin could feel her anxiety from across the table.

Just as the girls thought the night had finally ended with nothing bad happening to them, Irene requested to switch seats with the guy sitting next to Chaerin. Chaerin could feel a shiver run through her body as Irene lowered herself into the seat next to her.

“I felt bad that I invited you three, but yet we didn’t get to talk,” she stuck out her lip, “I thought you might appreciate it if I came to talk to everyone.”

Seijin’s fake smile was back as she politely nodded, but shoveled some food into her mouth. Irene’s face twisted in disgust for a few seconds before her eyes landed on Nari. Nari didn’t know Irene other than what she had heard from the guys, so she hoped that Irene didn’t know her.

Unfortunately, Irene knew exactly who she was.

“Nari, dear. I don’t believe that we’ve properly met,” her voice was insanely fake and it made Chaerin lose her appetite, “I’m Cho Irene.”

Nari nodded in response before smiling nervously, “I’m Lee Nari.”

Their conversation fell flat since Irene didn’t know much about Nari past her name and her date. Her eyes began to shift to Chaerin as a result, and Chaerin could feel the jealous stares that Irene was sending her. Chaerin turned to look at Irene with the fakest smile she’d ever put on her face.

“I’m not even going to try with you,” Irene laughed, “I’m just glad that you’re with Jungkook if I’m honest.”

Chaerin’s eyes widened at Irene’s words, but she wasn’t done.

“As long as he’s not marrying someone he actually loves, I don’t care. And don’t think that I don’t know about your little arrangement.”

Seijin’s eyes moved over to Chaerin as Chaerin blinked several times. Irene thinks that we’re not in love… a smile formed on her face at that thought. So as long as she doesn’t know that our relationship is real, she’s going to be happy with it?

“I’m glad that he not only succumbed to hiring you to marry him,” Irene chucked, “but he didn’t even get someone that was pretty.”

She couldn’t let those words get to her as she just rolled her eyes. She didn’t even satisfy her with a reply as Irene continued on.

“Someone like him would never love someone like you, anyway,” Irene sighed, “Poor Jungkook. If he had just said yes to my proposal, none of this would have happened.”

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my list of awesome person (i’m going to use he she her him random only because idk if the person want the gender show :3 and i’m lazy coff coff)

@chronictale one of my best friend.  he is  just one of the most awesome person i meet not only his art:  he is a very good person for talk and we have like all in common.  he like  my favorite violinist,  he like the video  i link to him and we like the same comics and more we are mirror XD …this is a little scary sometime hahaha no he is awesome. and isn’t a  joke. so yeah pretty mirror XD …. XD   oh and before i forgot   his au is amazing but for now is slow down waiting news :3

@camilieroart   he is the best ship partner i’ve :3  and i call him lili eh eh :3  i can’t tell to much because he is a little jealous but he is adorable blush all time i talk with him XD…  near much near he is going to start his au so  let’s wait and his doodle are so funny just care he become angry if someone try to date me XD

@ravnicawatchwolf  is my uncle  yes we can say that XD.  he create nx design so if you want be angry with someone  XD you know who  assault hahah.   i like this guys can make awesome gif and  is much popular  in some game to  and sorry for all that anon ask they send you for my deck XD but that is what i’m ! we meet under a endertale page  with a pun war XD like 5 day of pun XD. well your nightmare is here for you eheh eh 

@xxmileikaivanaxx  is milei !!!! is impossible don’t know her and @deusn one of the most  nice guys i meet eh eh … this duo is the most cute on tumblr and i havent see enough fan art with this two ehj eh.  well  milei is the queen of the hug with a awesome au!!  and deusn is the knight !! one of the most  awesome o.c on tumblr for me ….well i love to much undyne sorry deusn XD

@z-artblog  and  now is my z bro time !  eh eh  he is a awesome artist  and not only! he have a beautiful sincere personality people   don’t like that but for me is one of the most respectable thing of him! but if we talk about his art…well i can’t my mouth fall XD  is  so good !!! not only the background but the draw to ! gif of background all is amazing !!!!!!!!!

@lazycb  i meet him only 1 month ago?  day more or not and we are friend !!! he say i answer your ask but i can only do a fast traditional art but is going to don’t be so great…*thunder* she make a  museum paint o.O something like ….you can remove your eyes now! i’m going to comment all his draw XD 

@lazy-cocoei my child :3  she is over busy this day  and  she grow  happy birthday again little bean  eh eh.. i love cheer her because  she have a great talent and well is a smoll bean so i’ve much time for cheer her :3…gj little child 

@mysterydog133 like lazy she is my puppy XD ahha idk why i do this XD….. she have a big talent and because she is young i think she is going to be one of the best artist! i’m so proud of all that draw ..why proud she is my puppy and she have an awesome au ! you should check it @undermind122  i want link the cocoei one to but she havent start it yet :p  soo good luck to all

…..my hand hurt and i’m  at 1/5 of all name sooo i do 10 name or near 10 name for time!

Thanks ladies for the supportive comments. It really means a lot to me. I don’t often delve into that phase of my life here, I think I feel like because my family court experience ended with me getting my kid back and our life getting better, I feel awkward trying to verbalize what bio moms you might be in a foster care relationship with could be feeling.

@bujnik thank you for the very thoughtful question. These are some things I wished the person taking care of my child had/n’t done:

-I wish she had deferred to my opinion on things that seemed little to her but were important to me. Clothing, for example. She felt like when I complained about clothes, I was being ungrateful for the effort she’d put into scrambling to get baby clothes. But to me how she dressed M represented something larger. I felt like she was dressing M the way she’d dressed me and my siblings, which made me feel like M was to her the other child she’d long tried to have. New moms buy tiny clothes with their first baby. Seasoned parents know how fast babies grow and buy big. But I was a new mom and I really wanted the teeny tiny onesies. That was the fourth baby she was taking care of, but my first baby, and maybe the only baby I’ll ever have.

-I wish she hadn’t done things that to me felt like she was making M grow up faster. Stroller selection, for example. I thought a newborn should be in a snap & go. She doesn’t like clunky strollers and didn’t know how to fold it so she got an umbrella stroller. It reclined all the way, it wasn’t unsafe. But I felt like that was a stroller for a 1-year-old, not a 1-month-old. I already felt like I was losing so much time with M, and anything that made M seem older made me feel like time was moving too fast for me to ever catch up.

-I wish she hadn’t shown me pictures of/ told me about all the random people spending time with M. She was trying to be nice and wanted me to know M was adored by an entire community. But to me it felt like how come your third cousin can take her for a walk, and I can’t; how come my brother’s roommate got to rock her to sleep, and I can’t.

-I was happy that my mom always answered when I called. On the rare time that she didn’t, my mind started swirling thinking something horrible had happened to M and I couldn’t focus on anything until I knew she was okay. I hated it when my mom would complain to me about being tired. I know taking care of a newborn is exhausting. But I would’ve traded anything to get to be exhausted from taking care of M.

-After rehab, there were 2 (3?) months when I could be at their house all day but had to sleep somewhere else at night. Then for another bit of time I could live with them but couldn’t be alone with M. She’d throw around her “supervising” power whenever she was irritated at me about anything. Right or wrong, I felt like she’s the one who needed to be supervised, not me. I wish she’d never taken advantage of the power she held over me.

-I wish she had listened to me about things like feeding schedules and sleep training. Or even put one percent of effort into trying. Maybe the way I wanted her to do things was not the way she’d done things in the past. But this wasn’t the same as how things had been for her in the past, i.e. this was not her child. When me and M moved out and I could finally start doing things my way, it was challenging to change some of the habits my mom had instilled.

-She said I was a great mom, but I felt like she took on an air of righteousness, like she thought she was the pinnacle of parenting because she was handed my baby. I wish she’d understood that the line between good and bad parenting can be very blurry. It’s easy to deem addicts unfit because drugs are simple to test for. Other things, like emotional abuse, are more subjective and not simple to test for. I wish she hadn’t interpreted her role in the situation as validation of parenting style, caregiving choices, and of herself as a superior human being.

In terms of maintaining the relationship with an incarcerated parent, these are some things I do for M’s dad:

-every year for her birthday I order her one of those personalized books and in the inscription say it’s from both of us. I color xerox the pages and send them to him so when we visit he can talk to her about the adventures she’s having in the book

-sometimes on a random weekend day I’ll take a photo of everything she’s doing like a pic of her eating breakfast, a pic of her in her car seat, a pic of her on the swings, a pic of her having a tantrum, a pic of her sleeping, etc then send them to him in order, so he can vicariously experience the little details of a day in her daily life which allows him to know her better and see what her life is like other than the usual generic smiling pictures I often send

-when she was younger I’d print out articles on child development and send them to him. I used to babysit so I have experience with kids but he doesn’t, and this would teach him what to expect at visits, let him know how she was progressing, etc. Now I send copies of the written portion from her parent teacher conferences.

-M is safe, happy, and healthy because of what happened. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a huge hole in her life from his absence. I think of some of the positive things he would be doing with her if he were here, things I wouldn’t be inclined to do on my own, and make an effort to do them with her. Gardening is one of them. That was his hobby and something I wasn’t interested in but I’ve started doing with M until he’s here to do it with her himself.

-as she’s gotten older there are personality traits I’ve noticed that she inherited from him. It’s hard for me to really understand her perfectionism for example, because I’m not like that, but he is. I asked him how he wished someone had helped him with that when we was a kid, and at a visit he talked to M about it, better than I could have, in ways she related to.

-I try to nurture their shared interests. He’s a great artist, so is she. She sends him unicorn drawings and he sends her drawings of her at a princess castle, etc.

-sometimes when I’m annoyed with him I have a tendency to write off his parenting ideas, like oh he has no clue about anything, I’m the real parent, I’m the one who’s here every day, etc. But it’s only luck that I’m here and he’s not. We were both arrested. He had a prior record so he got a seven year mandatory minimum sentence; I did not have a prior record so I got probation. I try to remember that I’m not better than he is; I’m just luckier. He wishes he could be here with her. One day he will be here with her. She’s just as much his child as she is mine.

Hebrews 10:23
Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering; for He who promised is faithful.
As we enter a new month, may God give us the strength to hold fast to the hope that we confess and not give up.
It is so important that we keep believing, that the One who has made every promise to us is forever faithful. Though we may go through times of uncertainty and discouragement, those times do not change the truth of who God really is.
Commit this month into the hands of your loving God and Father, may your heart be filled with hope and peace for our God is the ultimate promise keeper. 1 Corinthians 1:20 - For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through Him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. So, don’t give up…for our God is faithful to keep His promises!


(This was back in July)
Left: Pudding unwell with G.I. stasis
Right: Pudding recovered 5 hours later :P

For those that have followed the buns for a while, you’ll know Pudding is susceptible to getting stasis due to a sensitive tummy, and multiple veterinary checks over the course of last year never found anything serious. So it’s just something that happens on average every 1-2 months, and we treat her with a dose of oral ranitidine (zantac) on prescription and occasionally feed her Critical Care if it’s not caught early enough.
It always works and she bounces back very fast!! :)

I’m still amazed how during the first time she had stasis I was in hysterics and sobbing with worry, compared to now after many times of her going through it. These days when I notice her being unwell I just calmly give her the medicine and just make sure to check on her every so often while continuing work. Being calm really helps with giving her the treatment so much easier, too!

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Your progress is so amazing wow how tf did you do it!?!

Well, to be honest i fucked up. First i fucked up my mind so starved and starved until my stomach got a puncture from all that not eating and drinking lots of diet coke. Really, please dont drink diet coke or stuff like that while you fast. I had to go under a surgery, and after that doctors put me on first liquid (for 2 weeks), and then soft foods diet (for 1 and a half months), i lost 12 kg. during those times, and then they gave me some other diets with light foods in it, so the stitches on my stomach wouldnt come unstitched. Its almost been a year since then, but i still cant drink soda, actually its forbidden by doctors for a life time for me, and i cant eat heavy stuff without getting nauseous. I was already down 8 kg. from my sw when this happened, so thats 20 kg. After that, i have been doing just what everybody does, drinking water and green tea a lot, walking everywhere possible, eating 500 calories a day at most.

But please dont forget actually you need 1200 calories a day and that wont make you gain weight, my restricting is extrem because i have diseases that makes my metobolism go slow and makes me gain weight. Please take care of yourself, listen to your body and eat healthy if you are trying to lose weight <3

Korotan A : Prologue and Chapter 1

(Everyone! Do you all remember when I said I would translate the novel from Korotan A with my French edition ? It was more than a year barely a few months ago! Time sure fly fast ! Korotan D have been published quite recently, so why not go back to the first volume?

…I wanted to translate this novel about learning English, but it’s actually my own skills that needs improvements. So, a big thank you at @blazardragon for correcting my many mistakes! )

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Hey concept: Castiel, the youngest of five((Lucifer, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and him)) in a hunter home. He's sad cause even though they're one of the only hunters he knows with an actual house it's still hell. Lucifer wants to run away cause he thinks hunting's unethical, Michael is dad's perfect son, Uriel is so mean to everyone else and Gabriel just spends all of his time getting high. Dad's always gone and with the rising tension Lucifer might be heading out and not coming back. (1/?)

And then it’ll be even worse cause then it’s two sadistic hunters and a stoner and dad showing up like once a month. ((At this point in time Luc is 20, Mike is 19, uri is 18, Gabe is 17 and cas is a lot younger, he’s only 14.)) Then a new boy shows up and for the first time Cas is kind of, not bothered by the shit going on at home? Cause Dean Winchester is in his math class and is obviously a hunters kid so they become fast friends. 4 months later Dean moves away, but they keep in touch (2/?)  

with landlines. Time skip, everyone but cas (18) has moved out and he’s considering scrapping hunting all together and going to community college ir something. Then, he gets a call from none other than his best friend saying he’ll be in the same town in a couple weeks. So of course he stays. And we’ll,,,,, he and Dean haven’t seen each other in almost five years. Dean’s filled out. Cas has gotten taller. It takes a while but eventually they figure out their shit and of course,,, fuck. (3/3)          

Ummmmm I love it.

Buff college bros fucking is honestly god’s gift to the earth. :’)

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hi sorry to bother! i was wondering if you knew a good way to get over a plateau? i've been stuck for a while and i'm getting really frustrated bc i'm supposed to go on vacation to a beach in a month. thanks!

Yes!! My mom and her friend have lost like almost 200lbs together, on no carb diet. They complain about getting stuck all the time. SO my mom fixes it by fasting for a day, to kind of reset her body. And her friend eats whatever she wants for a day lmao she just goes all-out crazy for 1 day, also kind of resetting her body.

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What are some coping mechanisms that you use when Leon is being difficult or fussy? Were any passed from your own mum or your mother-in-law? What advice would you share with expecting/first time mothers? Also, congratulations on Leon turning two. Time flies by so fast!

Leon started having toddler-style tantrums about seven or eight months ago so I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, but am definitely still working it out.

• to avoid a tantrum I try to go out after Leo has 1) slept, and 2) been fed. If he’s tired and hungry he’s way more likely to lose his patience.
• distraction is key! There are many times when I want Leon to do something but he has another idea and it ends up with him lying face-down on the pavement in protest. That’s when I scan the scene for trucks or other interesting things and start saying “hey Leo, look, a digger!” And nine times out of ten it puts him in a better mood.
• when he’s in a full-blown tantrum I try to stay calm and show him that I’m sympathising with his emotions by saying things like “I know, baby, it’s hard.” If he starts being naughty then I firmly tell him “no” and briefly explain why he can’t do whatever it is he’s doing. I try to avoid threats/ultimatums like the counting down method because they don’t come naturally to me, and I don’t think they work (never worked on me as a kid).

Most importantly, I always remind myself that being a toddler is hard. Sure, you get everything done for you, but you’re also totally powerless and your dreams are so much bigger than your capabilities. Plus, your language is pretty limited as a toddler and sometimes the only way to express yourself is by having a mini breakdown. I think it’s much easier as a parent to cope with the toddler years when you have that basic understanding about your child. 🙂

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Why do you go through your legacy so fast! You just started gen 2! No hate or anything. I just want to know!

Hiya, I think more people would probably be confused as to why I’m going through my legacy so fast, so here’s my explanation:
I’m running this legacy on a queue and I started the game during my summer vacation, so I used to have a lot of free time. I also started this blog about a month after I actually started playing with the Wilson family. I created Amanda halfway through July, but my blog didn’t go up until late August. I played through gen 1 as fast as I could because I just could not deal with 5 children. I started playing with gen 2 while my gen 1 queue was still running. I think I have enough content for gen 2 to last another month in my queue, I just wanted to put up the poll so I can start planning some story lines.
I actually only play the Sims on sundays, because it’s currently my only free day, so my legacy is already going slower than before.
One last note: I just like playing with the Wilsons so that’s another thingy.

50 Things I Learned at 16

1.) You are not defective.
2.) It’s okay not to get along with everyone, even if that person happens to be family.
3.) Other people can’t fix you, even if they say they can.
4.) Months go by really fast when you make the most out of everyday.
5.) You have the power to change anyone’s life, even with the simplest things, what seems insignificant to you could mean everything to them.
6.) You are beautiful, even on your worst days.
7.) Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.
8.) You can change your thoughts at any time.
9.) Love is infectious, so spread it like there is no tomorrow.
10.) Things are allowed to be private.
11.) Your weirdness builds friendships, people will love you for you
12.) It’s okay to move at a slower pace.
13.) Some days you’ll feel like you have no talents but you will always have accomplished more than it seems.
14.) People will come and go a lot, but you’ll always have yourself.
15.) You’ll be okay after a good sleep.
16.) Always make sure you’re happy with yourself.
17.) Take time to understand the way you feel.
18.) Music is beneficial and it always will be.
19.) It’s okay to dance, even though you suck at it.
20.) You will be successful, success isn’t something anyone can truly measure.
21.) Weight is not, and will never be everything.
22.) Your scars will fade but you can’t give it the power to trigger negative emotions.
23.) Sometimes people say things they don’t mean.
24.) Someone always loves you unconditionally even when you feel like you have no one.
25.) Why not speak your mind? Things never change if you don’t.
26.) Your friends love you even if some days you aren’t their top priority.
27.) It’s okay to skip class if you aren’t feeling mentally capable that day.
28.) Too much of one thing can be dangerous, even love.
29.) You can be your own role model.
30.) Experimenting is fine, habits are not.
31.) Never treat yourself the way someone who hurt you once did.
32.) Sometimes laughing so hard you cry just feels good, even though you look weird.
33.) You can find inspiration everywhere.
34.) Try not to let today change tomorrow.
35.) Some songs will always remind you of situations or people.
36.) You can relate to books more often than not.
37.) Lying is never okay, even to help a friend.
38.) Calling someone ugly doesn’t make you any prettier.
39.) You won’t always get what you want.
40.) It’s okay to ask for help.
41.) Someone will always understand you.
42.) One bad grade won’t kill you.
43.) Don’t let your anxiety ruin memories.
44.) Nobody can determine your worth, not even someone you love.
45.) Poetry is effective if you apply yourself, use it to your advantage.
46.) Don’t let your mind wander so much into the past that you get bummed.
47.) No one can ever tell you that something you love is stupid.
48.) You are not your parents, nor do you have to have their beliefs.
49.) 6 months from now, you will know new things, love new people, your life will be totally different. Don’t live in the security of today.
50.) As long as you accept yourself, other peoples perceptions of you will seem so small.

October Goals

Hello Beauties!

So I needed to revamp my goals for October but here we go!

1. Complete @evolutionofacosfitter ‘s Torture King, Fall Fitblr challenge.

2. NO FAST FOOD. (other than my espresso at dunkin in the morning, until I figure out my at home recipe)

3. Work out 4 days a week!

4. Order lunch at work ONLY 2 times this month

5. Weigh in weekly, take measurements at beginning and end of month

6. Hit 1 perfect week on apple watch (7 days straight of hitting all goals)

7. Take the pups for daily walks!

I will add to this later.

First born child~ Iwatobi

Haru: He tried so hard to hold the baby firm yet tenderly. She was so small, still asleep after all the ruckus of his love going into labor. The baby had a little tuft of hair, dark like his own and it stuck out in every direction it was a little weird but mostly cute. It was strange that it felt like he could imagine her whole life with his own eyes, in these short moments of first seeing her after 9 months of waiting for her to even come into the world. He thought about teaching her to swim, he hoped she connect with the water like he had in his own life. “I will keep you safe.”

Makoto: Makoto would speak quietly to this little creature he called his child. So proud of his S.O. for working so hard to bring this angel into the world, so happy for such a miracle to grace his life. His heart would swell with love and pride for both of these special people in his life, he would feel so blessed for such things to happen to him. The baby would be calm in his strong arms, and really it was the safest place in the world for them, in their father’s loving grasp. “I can’t wait to get to know you more little one.”

Nagisa: Nagisa would be bouncing with joy the whole time, so excited for their child to finally be with him after 9 long months of waiting and growing. He’d be so excited holding them, he’d be waiting to be a dad wanting to help this child learn and grow and become their own person and achieve their dreams like he had in his life. He was so happy when the baby came out healthy and his S.O. was doing fine as well, he couldn’t help but smile as the baby looked like their parents, they were a couple of good looking folks of COURSE that baby would be a looker as well! “No matter what I will always love you.”

Rei: 9 months of gestation, 8 hours of sleep, 3 hours of labor, 1 beautiful miracle brought into his life. It seemed like such a long time away when he first learned he was going to be a father, and yet the time passed so fast without Rei even realizing it. It was a weird feeling, to suddenly be depended on by such a small being. Rei worried a little that he wouldn’t be able to be the best dad that his S.O. kept telling him he would be, he wondered if he could live up to the expectations his family -his beautiful family- now had for him. But he also couldn’t help the feeling of peace in his heart either, holding his child’s hand, so small yet so strong like he knew everything would be okay for them, for his baby. “I promise I’ll do my best for you.”

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CUZOFRP DOES A GUIDE : how to indie

yoyoyoyo Chloe up in here just trying to give a little guide for those of you dying to get into indie! Now, let me take a second to DISCLAIM: if you have no RPed at all, this guide will probably not be very helpful. I can do another guide on the basics, but this will be explaining the differences to indie and an rpg (which, I’m gonna be honest, there aren’t a lot). 

I’ve done indie rp about 3 years, and haven’t for a few months so sorry if things aren’t completely up to date with trends. But FIRST NOTE: trends change so fast in indie.

If you have questions, concerns, or like something further explained, please feel free to come to me! Now let’s get to it!

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On Your Period

Request: Hi!! Could you please write about how up10tion would care for you while you’re on your period? :DDDD

Heyyy~ Sure I can :D I always see this request for nearly every male group! I think this period scenario is a must have for every boy group ^.^

Jinhoo knows your personality when your on your period, your quite irrational, so no matter if you pick a fight with him for some reason, he’ll let it go and won’t argue back.

Kuhn & Wooshin, wouldn't know exactly what to do but to their simple knowledge they’ll know that warm temperature stuff would lesson your cramps, so they’ll make you a lot of tea or warm water every time you say your in pain cause they don’t know that else to do.

Kogyeol would run out and grab you some stuff ready for the whole day his gonna spend with you. For example he’ll grab some chocolates and rent some movies so you guys can just spend the whole day cuddled up with him.

Wei: If you ever did ask for Wei to go grab you some tampons/pads or anything, he’ll be more then willing to go and get it for you and a few extra stuff too.

Bitto: Without the need of you saying anything about cravings, he’ll already be on his way to get whatever you want already, he just knows you that well.

Sunyoul would lay you down and give you a comforting massage or a rub so you can just relax yourself and enjoy it because he knows how tired you are every time the time of the month comes.

Kyujin: you would be his number 1 choice, like if you guys were going out on a date or anything he’ll let you decide everything that day and won’t argue back, as long as you were happy.

Hwanhee would know that you have mood swings on those days, so he’ll try his best to make you laugh and smile and forget about anything else and just focus on him.

Xiao: When he knows your having cramps he’ll go to the closest pharmacy and buy you Advil or something and return to you as fast as he can.

- V